SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid..!..Part 5..by Kakali

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Sanskar was pacing in his room thinking about Swara and that boy who was hugging her. He was quite restless not being able to figure out what’s wrong with himself. Wish he could bang his head, of course not his, but that moron boy.

“Stop thinking about all this shits Sanskar! Otherwise that day isn’t far when you will find yourself at mental asylum.” He greeted his tooth making various kind of faces when his mind chuckled at him.

“Who might be that boy? Was that Laksh?” He frowned fisting his palm.

“Grrrrrrr Sanskar! For God sake, shut the windows of your mind for sometime!” His brain again warned him while Sanskar sighs. He couldn’t help out thinking about Swara! There was something, something about her, which was bothering him like heaven.

“Sanskar sir! Ammaya beta has called you!” Robin said gaining his full attention. “Yeah! M coming.” He answered back making a way out of his room.

@Ammaya’s Room.

Ammu was sitting in her bed all quiet. Sanskar walked into her room “Princess you called me?” He asked moving towards her.

“Haan Papa!” She said adjusting herself in his lap.

“Is everything all right Princess?” He asked taking her comfortably in his embrace.

“Hmmm Papa!” She just hummed hugging him tightly.

“What’s wrong beta? Are you all right?” He got tensed seeing her silent which was very very rare as she was a patar patar ki dukan(talkative).

She tightened her grip over him and whispered “I’m missing Mumma!” Her words knocked him with a realisation. Yeah, that’s true! It’s been 3 days since they met Swara. Everyday Ammu asked Sanskar when we will meet Mumma?, he used to give lame excuses saying he was busy and not getting enough time to visit her house. Being his understanding princess Ammu never questioned him back. Today morning even she asked him whether he had time or not but the reply was same “We will soon visit Princess! But right now I’m little busy. You understand na?” She again nodded shrugging her all urge to meet her Mumma!

Sanskar was himself fighting with his inner turmoil, he was confuse actually what he was doing. So to avoid all the foreign feelings he decided to avoid Swara! But in all this process he failed to notice how badly Ammu was affected. What was her mistake in it? She kept on asking him but he, like a fool refused his princess, his daughter who was his world and the result was Ammu became silent. She wasn’t chirpy as she used to be. Neither she talked much nor she demanded him anything from few days.

“When will we meet her Papa? I miss her sooo much.” She said hiding her face in his chest, breaking the chains of his thoughts.

“We will soon meet her Princess.” He said kissing her forehead lovingly stroking her hairs.

“I’m sleepy now.” She said nothing more and fall asleep instantly. He made her sleep, covering her with comforter.”I’m sorry beta! I’m really sorry.” He said wiping the tears off from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly he felt rage building in his body seeing his bubbly daughter’s state. Both were happy in their small world. But from the day SHE entered in their life, it became a mess. SHE unwantedly became a part of their small world. God damn! Why? She was just a ordinary girl who was called Mumma by Ammu. That’s all, she was not any special person. Not at all. “Sanskar your brain need to be updated! It’s an old version now! Things have changed, and sometime change is needed in life.” His brain mocked but later said calmly.

“Nothing is new here! Everything is as same as before. Me and my world, my Ammu! And we don’t need anyone else. We are happy being with each other.” He murmured cursing his brain.

“Come on Sanskar! Time to change now. Life has given you an another chance. Grab it, otherwise………..!!” His brain uttered those words but cut off by Sanskar’s anger filled words ” Stop your craps! It’s enough. You have said enough. Not more now. I know what is right for me.” He said closing his eyes tightly.

“Good night beta!” He said pecking her hair while getting a wish back “Good night Papa!” He smiled gazing his princess. He stayed there for few more time thinking about his past. How his wife left him and their 1 year baby. It pained him. He felt suffocated but every time Swara’s smiling face flashed in front his eyes, he felt peace, solace. Reason was still unknown to him. Soon he also dozed off in the sitting position.

@ Swara’s Residence.

Sleep was far away from Swara’s eyes. It wasn’t not a new thing to her but from few days something changed with her. Every time she wanted to think something but her every thought ended up in either Ammu or Sanskar. She had no problem, thinking about Ammu. But Sanskar!! Why he? Why he was disturbing her. It’s been 3 days since she meet them both. She was missing Ammu and Sanskar too. She was having no mood to accept the fact that she missed him but also she couldn’t lie to herself. SHE MISSED BOTH OF THEM TRULY.

She tried his number but again it was busy. She had been trying his number from past 1 day but the continuous answer was either busy or switch off. Little did she know something was bothering him but why it was affecting her? She didn’t want to think more but Damn this mind! “Kuch toh huwa hai, kuch ho gaya hai! Do char din se lagta hai Jaiseee.
Sab kuch allag hai, sab kuch naya hai. Kuch toh huwa hai, kuch ho gaya hai!” Her mind whistled singing those few lines gaining some curses from her “Stupid, Idiot, moron! Stop singing that song. You have made DAHI of it!” She rolled her eyes.

“Try to accept it Swara! Life is going to give you another change. Don’t loose it!” Her mind said softly.

“I’m happy being alone. With the memories of my Anju. I don’t need anything else!” She whispered back but a drop of tear escaped from her eyes indicating her hesitance and pain saying it. May be she wasn’t sure about that.

She took out a photo frame from the drawer “I miss you Anjuu! Your Mumma misses you. Please come back to me!” She hugged the photo near her heart and tears flowed endlessly from her eyes. LIKE ALWAYS. Soon some memories flashed making her smile in deep slumber. Of course it was SANSKAR & AMMU’S SMILING FACE.

Next Morning.

Swara’s sleep got disturbed due to run rays who pecked her cheeks lovingly. The time was around 7am. She dragged herself to bathroom and got ready. She was going to meet Sanskar, sorry? I mean Ammu.
After finishing her break fast she gazed the clock and it was 9am now! Taking her cell phone and purse she made a way out of her home.

Her smile was board thinking about Ammu. Of course she would meet her after soo many days but didn’t know why, she was feeling like something was wrong. Unlocking her cell phone she stared her wallpaper which was having Anju’s pic and phewwwwww her all tensions went to pardesh leaving her with a huge smile?. This was the affect of her daughter, her Anjuuu.

@ Maheswari Mansion.

Sanskar was in his study room after making Ammu eat her breakfast. She was so silent, didn’t even compliment on his gazar ka halwa. And the sole reason was Swara! He was pissed of every time thinking about her. More he tried to concentrate on other things, more he got surrounded by her thoughts. “Badtameez dil, badtameez dil, Badtameez dil, maane na mane maaane naaa.! Badtameez dil, badtameez dil, Badtameez dil, maane na..” His heart did bharat natyam on this song. He couldn’t stop his heart doing so, it was out of control. He drank the whole jug of water to calm his heart down who was almost doing Disco Deewane.

“Control Sanskar! control!” He stroke his own chest,taking deep breaths.

Swara entered into Mansion murmuring “Breath in, breath out!”. Hufff!

“Mam! You here! Please welcome. I will call Ammaya beta!” Robin passed a small smile to Swara who was standing at the door way.

“It’s ok Robin! I will manage. Ammu is in her room na?” She asked smiling back.

“Yes Mam!” He nodded and Swara went to Ammu’s room.

She took baby steps like a turtle and stopped near the door to watch what she was doing but allas! Ammu was so quite and was just rolling on the bed from this side to another. God knows her antics. Suddenly she pulled break to her activity and jumped on the bed “Mumma! You here?” Her happiness knew no boundaries while Swara wondered how she got to know about her arrival as she didn’t make any noice.

“Mumma! You here na? I know!” She tried to get off the bed when Swara coughed “Ehem ehmm Amuu! How you got to know,that it’s me? Don’t tell me you have super powers!” She moved towards her.

Sensing her movement Ammu jumped in her lap while Swara stumbled back, balancing both of them somehow “Yeiii! I knew it I knew it Mumma! It’s you only. I missed you!” She hugged her sooooooo tight and Swara also reciprocated with equal love. Both stayed in that same position. After all they missed each other soo much!

“Ammu beta!” Swara called out caressing her hairs.

“Haanji Mumma!” Ammu gripped her more tightly.

“You still didn’t tell me how you got to know it’s me! Even I didn’t make any sound! Then?” She asked waiting for her reply.

“Mumma! I don’t need eyes, I don’t need ears to know that you are near me! My heart can feel your presence!” God! Swara couldn’t help out controlling her tears hearing those heart warming words. Weiii kinni soni kudi hai.

“I love you Amuuu!” Swara kissed her while Ammu wiped her tears off “Don’t cry Mumma! You know I love you more!” Her small palms pinched Swara’s cheeks! “Your cheeks are so soft Mumma! Do you use baby cream like me?” She said pulling it more. Swara chucked.

“Waise I don’t mind if you give me a peak……!!” Ammu didn’t let her complete and kissed her left cheek. “I really missed you Mumma!” This cute cutee heavy cuteee girl was sooo mad.

“I missed you too Ammu!” She kissed her both cheeks. Both went silent and enjoyed being with each other. But Ammaya was Ammaya, how could she stop herself from doing patar patar. So her tuntuna started and Swara listened everything very carefully. Sometimes she hardly stop herself from rolling on the floor hearing the description about Chudail aunty(Kavya). This Ammaya was a crazy girl.

“You know Mumma! Doctor uncle said After 5 days they would do my operation! I’m very scared but happy also as I will be able to see you.” Ammaya said caressing her face with her soft palms. Swara could not listen more. Her brain stuck at the word “Operation, after 5 days”. She found herself getting angry, her back straightened urging to hold Sanskar’s collar and ask him why didn’t he inform her? Why didn’t he share this news with her? Why?

Plastering a tight smile she made Ammu sit in the bed “Ammu beta! I have something to talk to your papa. I will be back in a minute. Ok?” She was about to move when Ammu hold her wrist “You won’t leave me na Mumma?” Swara turned around to look at her pale face which was shining with happiness a few minutes ago but now “Never beta!” She answered while Ammu smiled.

Swara greeted her tooth stepping towards Robin “Where is Mr. Maheswari?”

“Sir is in his study room Mam!” He said.

@ Study room.

Swara barged in study and saw him busy in his work. He looked up feeling someone’s gaze and there she was looking at him with fury in her eyes.

Sanskar simply avoided her thinking it was also one of his imaginations which he had been imagining every now and then. He again got busy making Swara boil in anger. “Mr. Maheswari!” She took his name sternly.

He again looked up “Now this imagination starts talking also! Sanskar be careful!” He said to himself and was about to look down at his files when Swara shouted “Mr. Maheswari! I’m talking to you. Can’t you just reply me?” Her voice was filled with anger that Sanskar almost jumped from his place.

“Swara! You here? At this time?” He finally gathered himself and asked looking at her, in return he get a blank look from her “What do you mean by m here? I’m calling you out from 5 minutes and you are asking m here or not?”

“Woo. Wooo actually me. I mean!” He searched for words “Ha! I mean I was busy in my work and didn’t notice you.” Finally he mumbled those words.
“By the way why are you here? Everything all right?” He asked her to change THAT topic. His voice was back to stern mode.

Swara stood there folding her hands across her chest glancing that man.

“Will you mind telling me what made you come here suddenly?” He moved close to her but maintaining the maximum distance between them.

“I came here to meet Ammu. May I know why yoy weren’t picking my calls?” Her voice was also stern just like him.

He looked on not getting words to reply her back. What would he say that he was feeling something for her and to avoid those foreign feelings he avoided her and her calls. “I was busy these days, so didn’t get time!” Such a lame excuse it was. He just didn’t want to think more of her.

“Ammu said me about the operation!” Anger building up inside her as he turned around tightly closing his eyes remembering that day when he went to share this news with her. His palm formed a fist not wanting to think further “So what Swara?” His calm voice echoed in the empty room.

“You owe me an explanation Mr. Maheswari!” She was hardly controlling her anger.

He took a deep breath trying to cool himself down as the word Mr. Maheswari was bothering him. Why she wasn’t addressing him as Sanskar? Keeping his all thoughts aside he turned around facing her “What kind of explanation Ms. Bose?” He was more pagal than her.?

“Explanation about Ammu’s operation, you didn’t even bother once to inform me. You could have said me once. I was trying your phone from last three days to know about youu…. to know about Ammu! And you. You neither attend my call nor call me back! May I know what kind of behaviour is this? How could you do this to me?” She finally blurted out all these questions which she was keeping to herself. She was hurt, indeed thinking why he didn’t let her know such a big thing about Ammu. It affected her a lot.

“I could have never get to know if Ammu didn’t tell me. Why? Do I am not having that single right to know about her? Instead of informing me you chose to keep it as a secret. Do you even know how much worried I was? Tell me Mr. Maheswari how….how…….!!” She was pouring her anger on him but he had enough. Before she could complete Sanskar pulled her towards him holding her arms in a death grip. She didn’t realise the abrupt moment when she was close to him. She neglected the pain she was getting by his tight grip. Her full concentration was on his eyes, furious eyes which turned red. Suddenly she gulped hard seeing him fuming. He leaned closer to her, she trembled as his lips brushed over her ear mumbling into a dangerous whisper “WHO ARE YOU?” Her eyes shoot open. “Who are you to me and Ammu?” His whispers became more deep.
His eyes traveled to her eyes “You are no one to me. No one to Ammu! Stay away from our matters.” He roared losing the girp over her arms.

Swara was frozen but still her eyes keep on gazing his eyes. Something knocked her down! A realisation, yes; she was no one to them. “NO ONE!” she whispered all of a sudden stumbling back.

Not wanting to match up his eyes,she muttered in silently “I’m sorry!”

Sanskar squeezed his eyes shut when she left the room, he did notice her hurt and blank eyes. His fingers run through his hairs in frustration “What have I done?” He screamed banging his fist on the nearby table.

“Swara! Ruko! Swaraaa!” He run after her “Robin! Did you see Swara?” He asked to Rabin who answered “Yes, sir! Mam has gone just now by Taxi!” Sanskar
Took the keys of his BMW and speeded up his car, making a way to her home.

Swara’s Residence.

On reaching her place Sanskar saw her door was lock, it means she went somewhere rather than coming home. He was damn angry on himself. Her hurt eyes haunted him.

It was afternoon then but still Swara didn’t show up, Sanskar’s heart was aching assuming some non-existing things. He wanted to see her safe and sound. But where is she? He waited for 1 hour but when she didn’t show he went on searching her but allas! She was no where to be seen. He regretted for his every single word that he uttered, all he could curse himself.

After few hours he again came back to check on whether she arrived or not. Thank God! She was there.

Swara was exhausted, all the day she was in beach, her favorite place, her daughter Anjuu’s favourite place. His words kept on ringing in her ears making her remember she was no one to them. Waise bhi he said nothing wrong, the way she was behaving was quite weird. Better she remember “I’m just a random girl!” There was a knock that broke the chains of her thoughts. As soon she opened the door someone engulfed her for a breath taking hug “Swara you fine? Are you all right?” She knew pretty well who that man was, of course Sanskar, Mr. Khadoos?. Neither she reciprocated nor she reacted.

“Swara! Where were you?” He shoot the question after parting away from hug but she didn’t reply and he knew the reason. “Swara I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I was just little tensed that why….! I’m sorry!” He asked her forgiveness while she stood silent.

“Swara say something!” He jerked her when she came back to sence “LEAVE ME ALONE” She said removing his hands off her arms. He was right, he hurt her badly that she wasn’t even ready to listen or forgive him. And the blo*dy reason was HE/HIMSELF.

Meanwhile his phone rang and it was from his PRINCESS. “Hello! Ha beta! Yeah, Mumma is with me. Wait!” He put the phone in speaker while Ammu said from another side “Mumma! Where are you? Apne bola tha that you won’t leave me! But phir se you left me alone. You again broke your promise Mumma!” Ammu complained between her hiccups and both SwaSan did know she was crying. Tears slide down through Swara’s cheeks which she didn’t want to wipe off.

Sanskar cut the call crushing his cell phone in his fist and turned around to leave “I came to inform you four days back but you wasn’t at home! I wanted to share this news at first with you only but wasn’t here!” He said and walked off didn’t even turn to look back.

Swara closed the door leaning against the wall, “I MISS YOU ANJUU! YOUR MUMMA NEEDS YOU!” She missed Anju today soo much! After that the room were filled with silent sobs. Wish her daughter was there! Wish God never took her from Swara! Whenever she loved someone, everyone left her alone. She was ALONE.

On the other side Sanskar drove off to his home, he let go all his tears today, no he wouldn’t be wiping them off. His princess was crying, Swara was hurt. He felt helplessly devastated. “Doctor Ammu is ready for operation now!” Sanskar responsed the call. After 5 days her operation will be taking place. Hopefully everything goes well.

@ Ammaya’s room.

Sanskar walked into her room where his princess was sleeping. Tears marks were clearly visible on her cheeks,giving more pain to Sanskar. He was vulnerable.”Good night princess!” He pecked her forehead switching off the lights. Everything seemed so DARK.

Precap- Same as before.


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