SwaSan TS… Our Little Cupid.. Part 19 (2nd last part)..by Kakali. (Sehi kehte hai kuch loog akshar duwaaon ki tarah milkar kishmat badal dete hai)

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Here we go,

“Doctor. Please…. Please do something.She was well till morning, but don’t know what happened. Please!” Sanskar and Laksh rushed inside the hospital with Swara. He pleaded to them as they took her to OT.

“Everything will be all right. Tu fikar mat kar!” Placing his hand on his shoulder Laksh tried to console him.

“Wo thik toh ho jayegi na?” Sanskar again asked as Laksh hugged him.

“Haa! This is normal in pregnancy. And you know that!” Laksh broke the hug and made him sit there. “You sit here. Ammu and Ragini is on the way! I will come back after completing the formalities.” Sanskar nodded wiping his tears.

Laksh was about the leave when Ammu and Ragini came. “Papa!” She called out running towards him.

“Ammu you okk princess?” Sanskar asked seeing her crying vigorously.

“I’m.. I’m… Sorry Papa..!” She cried more, hugging her papa. 

“Don’t cry Ammu. You know na your Mumma doesn’t like seeing you crying. And why are you saying sorry? Kuch nei huwa Swara ko! Shhh!” He tightened the grip around her.

“Mumma is going through soo much pain just because of me. It wouldn’t have happened if I wouldn’t have demanded a chotu baby from her. I’m sorry papa!” She again bursted out crying but this time making Sanskar smile.

“Nei rote princess. Shhh!” He looked at both RagLak and they passed him a sheepish smile. He couldn’t help out but recalling that day when Ammu demanded something very precious from her Mumma-Papa.



It had been almost half of the year since SwaSan got married. As expected things were going well. They took their relation to the next level, mingling their souls with each other.

Ammu was growing naughty day by day with her non stop patar patar. Meanwhile Ragini gave birth a baby girl. Every one of them was happy in their own life.

Ammu was the one who was more than excited to play with Ragya, RagLak baby which was named by both of them. The name was loved by all, because it was the combination of two names Ragini and Lakshya.

Then the hilarious day came that shocked SwaSan.

“Why Ammu is so silent today? Kuch huwa kya?” Swara asked to Sanskar, seeing their daughter so chup chap, which was very very rare. Because we do all know she is a new/child version of radio station. Her patar patar was unending. So the mare thought started disturbing them. What could be the reason?

“I don’t know Swara. I guess something might have happened in school. We will ask her at home!” He whispered back, watching Ammu sitting on the back seat being gum sum. Her aura was sending gloomy gloomy vibes.

“Princess, what about stopping here and enjoying ice cream?” He asked in order to cheer her up.

“I don’t want anything papa!” She answers, folding her hands across her chest. Swara’s jaw dropped seeing her big pout.

“Then shall I buy some strawberry muffins? Your favorite?” He again asked but got nothing in answer.

On reaching home, Sanskar was about to lift her up from car but she refused and walked inside the house, ignoring them.

“Something is wrong!” Both murmured following her.

Keeping her world famous pout Ammu took seat on the sofa as Sanskar sitted beside her and Swara went to bring water.

“Princess now please tell me what happened? Will you not share with your papa?” The atmosphere turned serious when she stayed quiet.

“Paani!” Swara served them.

“Ammu beta. Baat kya hai? Kisine kuch kaha…..!” She was cut off by Ammu.

“I want something!” She said…..Finally… Giving relief to her parents.

“Yeah tell me!” Sanskar took a sip from his glass but…….. “I want a small baby!” Water fizzed through his lips, splitting on the carpet as his eyes went wide,  almost ready to pooped out from socket.

Swara’s lips couldn’t touch the glass as her hands were stopped in the middle, rooting her on the spot. Sanskar, in the slow motion looked at her. He gulped hard watching the transformation of her face, turning from red to crimson red. It became more reddened as her eyes caught him staring at her.

“I also want my small baby sister just like Ragya!” Their thoughts were interrupted by her sobbing sound.

Placing the glass on the table, Swara immediately turned around cupping her face. Sanskar wiped his face, still unable to digest what his princess said. Suddenly. So damn suddenly. He couldn’t understand why a part of his soul felt so happy. All of a sudden. Shrugging his thoughts aside, he concentrated on Ammu who was weeping hard, followed by hiccups. :p

“Mumma I also want a baby!” Her sobs turned into cry as Swara embraced her tightly, close to her heart.

“Shh!” All Swara could say before her eyes started welding up. So many emotions gripped inside her heart listening to her murmurings. Having an another baby was something that Swara never dare to thought of.

“My ….friends’…. parents.. also brought a small boy…. two days back…. Every one …has their…. siblings… but I don’t…… Even these days ….Ragya isn’t here! With whom ….I should play?” She somehow managed to say between her sobs.

Sanskar stared both of them for a long moment and saw Swara loosing the colour from her face, it turned pale.

“Shhh!” Swara placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Will you bring a baby Mumma? Don’t worry I will keep her in my stomach just like Ragini maasi!” She looked down at her small belly as Sanskar passed her a glass of water to stop those hiccups. Cute morons!

Her broken words automatically made Swara smile, with her tears. Sanskar watched her lips curling up. For a second he was scared, seeing her loosing her smile but like always Ammu made her Mumma smile. Swara said true ‘My Ammu has the pixie dust of happiness and she knows how to spread it among all.’ Indeed.

“I’m sleepy Mumma!” Ammu said cuddling in her embrace and after dew seconds the snoring sound came, indicating ‘Our kumbhkaran ke dur ke rishtedar has fallen asleep!’?

No doubt Sanskar was not amazed, he knew it was a small part of his princess’s mood swings. This moment she was crying and the next moment you would find her giggling and laughing. She was crazy. A source to their happiness.

“I will change her dress and come!” Swara said walking towards her room. Perhaps she could not match his eyes ?blushing slightly.

“Oki! Till then I will finish the strawberry muffins!” He said excitedly and Swara stared him with confusion.

“What?” She arched her eye brow.

“Yeah!” He shrugged his shoulders. “Those are very tasty!” He added further.

“I’m hungry Mumma!” Swara was baffled when Ammu whispered slowly.

“Princess are you not sleeping?” Sanskar’s teasing voice was enough to let Swara know how her beta was acting to sleep.

“Dramebazz!” She hugged her more tightly, kissing her side of the head. Ufff!

“Why this Nautanki?” She asked breaking the hug.

“I thought you will scold me!” Ammuu answered with a sheepish smile and Swara’s mouth went open and then closed again. A huge sound of laughter broke into the hall. ‘She did have the pixie dust of happiness!’

“How did you know papa?” Ammu asked as they made their way to room to change.

“Of course I saw you with your half opened eyes!” He giggled teasingly.

“I know I know I’m the best papa in this world!” He said proudly cutting off Ammu as she was about to say something.

“I’m hungry!….. I was about to say this papa!” This time Swara giggled with Ammu.

“Nautanki!” He ruffled her hair.

“I’m papa’s girl you see!” Trio laughed hard enjoying the moment.



“Swara are you fine?” Sanskar asked sensing her little disturbed.

“Yes! I’m!” She said avoiding him, turning back.

“You don’t need to run from me!” He pulled her towards him.

“I’m not running Sanskar!” She said sneaking her hands around his torso.

“You are running. And you know you can’t lie! Tumhari Ankahe sab kuch baya karti hai!” His lips touched her hairline.

She stayed silent, realising she could never lie to her Sanskar. He always said ‘Swara your eyes are mirror to your soul!’ and that was true. Damn true.

“Is this because of that incident?” He asked and she hummed.

“I’m scared Sanskar!” She gripped her tee-shirt and dug her face in his chest.

“I know.” He said and Swara looked up.

“You know?”

“Haan!” He tucked her hairs behind her ears.

“This isn’t easy for me too Swara. Take your time. I’m always there for you and will accept your decision!” He gently stroked her cheeks.

“Thank you!” And everything was answered again. Swara & Sanskar needed no words to understand each other.


After Few Days.

“Anjuuu looked so cuteeeeeee! Just like me!” Ammu smiled wide seeing the album that Swara gave her. Actually today she was just going through some of old memories of her dear daughter Anjuuu when Sanskar and Ammu joined her.

“It was the pic when she was 2 and half years old. I still remember how she was hiding the chocolates from me!” Swara showed a pic to both of them.

“It seems she was naughty! Hmm!” Ammu hummed.

“Just like you!” Sanskar said and she instantly said “Yoo! We are sisters after all!” Her words showed the affect, causing Swara to wipe off her tears. Happy tears.

“Wait. I will bring the album of Ammuu!” Sanskar walked out the room and came back with an album.

“It was when Ammu was probably one year old!” He showed the pic making Ammu giggle once again.

Swara just adored all the clicks.

“Mumma! How old Anjuu was when you clicked this pic?” Ammu asked curiously.

“She was three. I mean before her B-Day. I teased her saying that I forgot about her gift. So she made this kinda pouty face with gloomy expression!” Swara caressed her face as her tears fall off.

“Don’t cry Mumma!” Ammu’s small palm wiped off the tears.

Sanskar embraced her for a hug. Those memories are so heart warming. So peaceful. So beautiful.

“Ehem Ehem! Ammu!” Swara coughed a little to get her attention as she was very busy in admiring the photos.

“Haanji Mumma!” She passed a smile.

“You asked about the…… I mean…. That day…. Baby… Ehem Ehem…. I guess we should bring…. A…. Baby….!” Her head hung down, blushing hard.

“Whatttttt!” Both took some time to understand what she said but later “Hurrahhhhh! Mumma maan gayi. Mumma maan gayi!” Ammu jumped on the bed doing happy dance.

“You are the best Mumma in this world!”  A tight kiss and she ran from the room jumping in happiness. “I will tell this to Ragini maasi. Yeiiiii!”

“Ammu wait!” But she was already gone.

“Swaraaaaaa! Look at me!” Sanskar made her look at him.
She was too shy to look at his eyes.

“Do… You… Seriously… ?” He asked in a mere whisper possibly audible to her.

“Ye..aaa…yeah!” She said.

“I don’t know how to express my happiness. Swara. Swaraaa. Swaraaaa! Thank you soo much. I was waiting for this moment. You don’t know how much happiness you have given me by saying this!” He just hugged her.

“I know!” She hugged him back… Tightly.

“You know?”

“I can read you inside-out Sanskar!” And everything was answered yet again.
Swara & Sanskar needed no words to understand each other.

And that night two souls became one, two souls savoured each other again. With ultimate joy and happiness.
Everything was blissful when SwaSan were together.


Days passed turning it into months. From past few days Swara was continuously feeling dizzy, even she was throwing up. Little did she know the reason but still she wanted to be sure and visited doctor. After test, as the report came; it was sure that she was 2 months pregnant. She pressed her lips to stop the sob. Tears flowed happily. Indicating ‘It was tears of happiness’.

“Thank you doctor!”

“My pleasure Mrs. Maheswari. Take care of yourself!” Doctor greeted.

“Sure!” She nodded.

Swara was finding many ways to say this news to Sanskar and Ammu but every time she tried, her shyness stopped her.

“Swara! Anything happened? Sab thik toh hai?” He asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Ummm. Haa.” She said “Actually no. I have to show you something.” She stammered.


“Report.” She handed over the file to him. He scanned the paper carefully, eyes glistening with pearls. He looked up, “Swara…..Is… That….?” His voice chocked. “Me ….papa ..again?” Damn his voice. It was such a betrayer.

“Yes Sanskar! You are going to be papa. Again. We are going to be parents…. Again!” The next moment she was flying, he just could not help out but twirling her around, being over joyed.

“I love you Swara! Thank you soo sooo much! I….. I… Can’t…..!” He was loss of words.
She tip toed and placed her lips on him. A blissful kiss showing love to each other.

“I love you more!” A wonderful life was waiting for them.

Next day every one got the news. Ammu was doing Dhina Dhin Dha all day long. After all she was going to get her sister/brother. She was beyond happy. Finally…. Finally.

Last time when Swara was pregnant, there was no one with her except Ragini but this time her family was with her,  taking care of her. She felt blessed.
Her mood swings also started after few weeks and Sanskar obliged every of her demand wholeheartedly. Infect Ammu shifted her bed to their room. Well she also wanted to enjoy everything with her Mumma and papa.

Sanskar was not the one who used to wake up for her late night carvings, but Ammu also gave company to her papa waking up at night, making her Mumma’s favourite dishes.

Many a times Swara even scolded Ammu for few mistakes and she cried at first. Of course it was new to her, her Mumma never scolded her. Ever. But Ragini made her understand that it was because of mood swings. Otherwise her Mumma would never scold her.

Being her papa’s understanding princess, she understood everything. From that note, she never cried whenever Swara scolded her but used to pass a warm smile and it was enough to melt her Mumma.

When baby showed the movement, kicking Swara; it was Ammu who felt those movements for the first time with Swara followed by Sanskar.

It was a little heaven for them. A small happy family. Every day was filled with thrill. Swara and her mood swings.  Sometimes it was dangerous. Ammu used to roll on the floor seeing her papa’s making round round parantha. Swara strictly forbade him to use any bowl to make the shape round.

Even though he made faces but did everything to make her happy. One day she demanded him to make love with her but denied thinking of that he might hurt her and baby. Later Swara made him understand that it was for baby’s good and she had trust on him. He couldn’t ever hurt her or the baby. That was one of those blissful nights when they worshiped each other’s body.

She stepped in her 9th month with her cute baby bump, making her look beautiful, a complete woman. It felt like she was pregnant a few days ago. True! Time flew with the rocket speed. Even Ammu turned 6 years old between those days. The little princess was growing.

Flashback Ends.


The day came when she felt labor pain and was taken to hospital. Ammu was scared seeing her Mumma crying, seeing her screaming in pain. It horrified her. And today all were waiting for the arrival of the new member.

Sanskar’s trance was broken hearing the crying sound of baby.

“Congrats buddy. You became papa again!” Laksh embraced him for a comforting hug.

“Congrats Mr. Maheswari. You are blessed with a baby girl!” The doctor said.

“Can we meet her?” Sanskar asked wiping his tears with the back of his palm.

“Yeah sure. But let us shift her to general ward!” She passed a smile.

After an hour which seemed like eternity finally Sanskar and Ammu met the angel of their life, ‘Swara’ and the another little angel was sleeping beside her.

It was very hard for Sanskar to stop his tears. He took baby steps and stared at the little angel, averting his gaze he saw Swara who looked exhausted but still the heart warming smile…….. She was happy.

“Can…. Can…. I touch…. Her?” His whole body was shivering as he took her in his arms. Very carefully, with ease. Only he could understand which feeling he was going through. A father’s feeling.

Swara didn’t forgot to see the bright glow in his face…… The same glow when he talked about Ammu watching those pics….. That moment itself she decided to give this happiness to the angel of her life. Indeed Swara knew her Sanskar inside out.

Ammu silently looked at the baby with amazement in her eyes. She stood up on the bed to get a better view of her sister. Her small fingers touched her soft skin. It was more soft than her teddy bear.

“Anjaliiiiii!” A whisper left her lips. Swara stared at her blankly and Sanskar stood rooted on his place.

“Yeshhhh! She is Anjali! My sister!” She clapped her palms and kept on looking at the naanhi jaan.

Swara’s emotions flowed through her eyes. Her happiness knew no boundaries. Closing her eyes tight she saw Anjuu, smiling at her. Bliss.

“Thank you princess!” Sanskar kissed her forehead and Ammu gave a small hug not giving any pressure. She was big girl after all.

“Can I take Anjali?” Swara blinked her eyes, asking the baby. A wide grin covered Sanskar’s face.

She held the baby from his arms and that moment was captured by Laksh.

Ragini hugged her sister. She was happy like no one was.


After days of hospital journey finally Swara was back to home. It felt like decades. Huffff!

She placed Anjuu on the bed as she slept again. Ammu was with her all the day and she also drifted off beside her,  keeping pillow around her.

Swara and Sanskar admired the beautiful view.

“Thank you Swara!” He kissed her lips, pressing their forehead against each other.

“Thank you to you too Sanskar!” Her unshead tears fall off.

“I want to live like this. Always….. Forever. I want to grow old like this.” Her smile went more wide.

“We will grow old together!” He said as both broke into a smile.



Precap- Happily ever after.

“You are the best papa in this world!”


I’m little emotional while writing this chapter. Well no, I’m crying. I neither wanted to write it not post as I know it will end. I don’t want to finish it. ???? Crazy me. But thank you soo much for loving this story. It means a lot. Love you all.

Bdw how was the chapter?  Would love to know your feedback through your valuable votes and comments. Please silent readers drop down your single words. Huh don’t be so naughty. :'(


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God bless you all <3<3.

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