SwaSan TS… Our Little Cupid.. Part 18… by Kakali

Hilooo Ev1. The 3rd last part is here. Enjoy and forgive me for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Now let’s move inside the story.

Note: Romance and me are the both two poles which can never attract. I’m just a big ‘0’ in describing about romance. 😀

Here we go,

“Kaha Tha na, you forgot your whole being when you are with me!” He said straightly staring at her eyes as she dropped her eye lashes. She looked so serene, breathtakingly serene.

There was a sudden knock which broke their beautiful moment.

“Let me check.” Swara said immediately making herself free from his tight grip.

“Ammu! Kya huwa beta. Why are you crying?” After opening the door she got the heartbreaking view where her beta was standing alone and weeping continuously. Not wasting a single second she lifted her up. Ammu snuggled her hands around her neck and continued weeping.

“Princess what happened?” This time it was Sanskar who came towards them. Seeing his daughter crying was something that he never wanted to. What actually happened that she was crying?

Not getting any answer, Swara took her to bed and wanted to make her sit but Ammu stayed at her warms. It was bothering them a lot. Sanskar took her in his arms trying to calm her down and she did.

“Drink this beta!” Swara said making her drink dew sips of water and finally those hiccups Stopped.

“Now tell me princess. You are papa’s strong girl na. Tell us why are you crying?” Sanskar asked as Swara wiped her face which was tear stained now. Her beautiful, cute, big doe eyes were puffy and red. How much she had cried. Swara’s eyes automatically welled up.

“Papa. Mumma…..!” Ammu started saying.

“Haan beta!”

“Papa…. I wanted to stay with you both but Laksh Mama and Ragini Maasi weren’t letting me come. They said that they would drop me in the morning…as it is night now..!” She sniffed and continued “But I wanted to sleep with Mumma and you.” Her nose flowed more mixing with tears. :p

“Shh! Don’t cry Ammu. You know na, Mumma can’t see you crying!” Swara felt so angry on Laksh and Ragini all of a sudden. How dare they made her beta cry? She hugged her tightly and Ammu cuddle in her embrace.

“Princess!” Sanskar called out her after few minutes.

“Haanji papa!” Their lips curled up for a small smile listening to her.

“Are you fine?” he asked caressing her hairs.

“Yes!” She broke the hug and looked at her Mumma. Wiping her tears off she placed a kiss in her cheek obviously followed by doing the same with Sanskar.

“Welcome to our home Mumma!” Her million dollar smile was back. Everything looked beautiful when she smile.

“That’s like my princess!” A tight group hug from trio indicating a new start of life. A infinite journey of life, love and care.

“I’m sleepy now. Can we sleep?” Ammu’s eyes twinkled with ultimate joy as now she could sleep with her parents. In her Mumma’s embrace. She could cuddle peacefully. Finally………. Finally everything was settled. If only they knew what was coming up.

“Thank you Anjuuu!” Ammu didn’t forget to send a prayer of gratitude to Anjuu. They peacefully drifted off where SwaSan were beside her…… Their princess/beta Ammu. A bliss.


Next Morning was another blissful day of their new life. As usual Ammu woke up first and got the wonderful sight of her life. She was sleeping with her Mumma and Papa. It was indeed looked like dream come true.

Swara woke up and went to bathroom to get ready while Ammu and Sanskar stayed on the bed giggling and laughing in some topics. She came out wearing a light yellow coloured Saree, looking Devine. Sanskar kept on staring her as she combs her wet hair.

“Stop staring Sanskar and get up!” She said without turning at them and Sanskar wondered how she got to know that he was staring. Strange. Huh! Who cared! “Meri Ankhe,meri marzi!” He blabbered slowly, making sure that Ammu could not hear.

“Mumma you will get me ready today. Haina?” Ammu was very fast. She was very very excited. Swara smiled and took her to bathroom. Made her brush, bath and then made her ready.

“Uthiye pati dev!” Swara and Ammu walked out their room, saying Sanksar to wake up. He made various kind of faces and dragged himself to bathroom. Since when he became a lazy bug? Hmm! Sochna Padega. :O

Swara was cooking breakfast when he joined them in dining table. Today even Robin and others were also sited on the table, waiting for the new bahu to make breakfast ready.

All waited impatiently getting the delicious aroma of yummy food. Later Swara served everyone by her own hands. It was so tasty and she could guess, seeing everyone enjoying the food. But complement is needed na. So here it comes.

“It….unnm. is ama…zing…. Mumma!” Ammu said while her mouth was filled with food. She could not resist eating more and so did the others.

The smile Sanskar passed after tasting the sweet, almost made her blush. What was the need to pass her flying kiss when all were present there? What if someone saw him? He was having the definition of teasing. Pagal.

“Today I’ll not go to school. M tired!” Ammu said comfortably setting herself on sofa. Even SwaSan didn’t say anything as they knew she was tired of recent celebrations. Let that little angel take rest.

They attend few rituals in Swara’s apartment. Ragini and Laksh were running from Swara, Ummmm actually avoiding eye contact with her as she was continuously glaring them. Sanskar enjoyed that while Ammu was little gussa on RagLak but after getting chocolates, she forgot what was meaning of gussa. Indeed kalyug ke bacche. ?


Time was passing like this. Days were turning into weeks and it didn’t take much time to turn into months. Everything was going well. Ammuu was growing dhire dhire. SwaSan’s closeness was increasing more. Sanskar didn’t waste a single chance to romance with her. Even though they hadn’t taken their relation to next level but they enjoyed being with each other. Loving and romancing meant a world to them. It didn’t matter whether they were in kitchen or bedroom. In short being with each other was so enough for them.

In the middle of their journey, Sanskar faced a broke down during Kavita’s barsi(Death Anniversary) but when Swara was with him, he could manage himself more well. She stood beside him, soothing him, letting him cry, letting him heart out in front of her. She managed Ammu too as she was also somehow miserable. No matter what, Kavita was her Maa. The Maa, for whom she could come into this beautiful creation of all mighty, met her Mumma and Papa.

Swara wholeheartedly accepted their broke down. She was thankful to Kavita for letting her come into their life and she will be always greatful to her. She respected her and promised to be with them forever. She would try her best to fulfil her missing part in their life. And she did and there was no doubt.

After making Ammu sleep in her room Swara came to their room. She found Sanskar already sleeping or you can say pretending to sleep because she knew him…..His every sence…The corner of his eyes were still moist. She laid beside him, gazing his face.

Decreasing the distance between them, she lovingly started caressing his hairs. Sanskar couldn’t help out but drag her close to him, hiding in her embrace. He was literally trembling while tightening the grip around her. She could understand how he still blamed himself for whatever happened with Kavita.

“I’m with you Sanskar! Everything is all right.” Her few mere words soothed him. His grip loosened as she felt her neck getting wet. She didn’t stop but let him cry. It was needed for him to stop blaming himself. Past was past, neither we should forget it nor we should let it affect our present. No one could deny what destiny had written for us. Life goes on so do we.

He slept cuddling in her embrace as her words showed its affect. He became calm. Swara felt ticklish when he placed a kiss in the crook of her neck nuzzling into her.

The next morning, her old Sanskar was back. She missed him so much during last days when he became so silent. Wasn’t even talking properly. It hurt her seeing him like that but she could understand his state of mind too.

“Good morning!” She wished him. As soon as her eyes were opened, she found him looking at her. He had his beautiful smile that was missing from many days. She carved to see him smiling.

“Good morning my senior princess!” God! How badly she missed him calling her by that name. She shut her eyes close as he pecked her forehead murmuring “Thank you!”

Sanskar was almost above her as she hugged him tightly. “I missed you!” Her voice cracked, eyes turned moist.

He looked on shock seeing her crying. Then the realisation hit him. From last few days how he was ignoring her making himself busy in office, Coming late from work, not giving proper time to her, not opening up his heart he stayed quiet. He forgot to notice how badly his behaviour was hurting her.

He did forget to notice that her smile was lost somewhere. He was so drawn in his own world of sorrow and guilt that he forgot to see how his Swara was waiting for him to come back to her. Waited for him everyday to pass a genuine smile to her but situation and mostly guilt bound him to act not according to his will. Still she didn’t say anything, stood beside him and gave him her support, without any complains. How much his Swara understood him. The last week was miserable for them.

“I’m soo sorry Swara. I’m sooo soooo sorry!” He cupped her face, wiping the few droplets of tears that flowed uncontrollably. She didn’t want to cry either but seeing him back made her cry.

“Swara. Please look at me. I’m extremely sorry for my behaviour! Please don’t cry.” He felt helpless not being able to sooth her.

Mature Content. ?Read at your own risk.

“I missed you so very much San…” Her words left incomplete when Sanskar placed his lips on her eyes wiping the tears with his lips. “I missed you too!” His whisper was clearly audible to them.

Her lips trembled as he licked her cheeks, drinking her tears. “I’m sorry Swara!” He said still cupping her face and she stared at his tensed face, moist eyes.

“I couldn’t understand what happ…..!” His words was cut off by her when she placed her lips on him, draping her arms around his back. The kiss was so urgent, so needed for them at that particular moment. He reciprocated it with equal favour biting her upper lip, making her moan his name. Leaving her lips he nibbled on her ears slowly saying “I’m sorry!”, further continuing leaving few lingering kisses to her jaw.

Her fingers ran through his hairs getting the tickling sensation as his lips pressed against her tender skin, making her feel mushy. His lips became more demanding while placing wet kisses on both the sides of her neck.

“San..s..karr!” Her soft moans added fuel in the passion of fire. Arching her back she gave him more access and her chest slammed against his hard chest. After satisfying from his neck, His lips again found his destination; her lips. Again!

“May I?” He broke the kiss, gazing at her eyes intensely and asked with his husky voice. He waited for his approval sucking her lower lips.

“Make me yours!” She pulled him more close and he loosened the knot of her night dress. Her hands trembled while unbuttoning his T-shirt. His hands moved urgently to made her free from the clutches of her dress.

“Ohh! San.karrrr!” He bit her shoulder leaving a mark of his tooth. Her hands caressed his hard tone chest making him groan her name.

After few minutes both were bare against each other. “You are beautiful!” His hands and mouth worship the every part of her body giving her ultimate pleasure. Marking her as his.

He pulled the white sheet above them as they made love with each other. Worshiping every part of their body. Swara cried out when she felt him inside her, moving gently giving her time to recover. They made love tenderly yet passionately. They almost got burned in the fame of passion as they touched the height of pleasure.

“I love you Swara!” He declared again with his hoarse voice. “I love you too Sanskar!” She said trying to regain her whole being.

“Thank you!” She pecked his chest when he held her close to his heart.

“And I’m sorry!” He wrapped his hands around her delicate bare waist.

“Shhh!” She shushed him, later both slept hugging each other, thanking each other for coming into their lives. It was just a start of their blissful upcoming journey.

(Mature content ends. No one should laugh after reading it. ?)

Meantime Ammu knocked their door as it was already morning. But not getting any reply she went down thinking of her Mumma papa would wake up late today. “Good morning Robin uncle! ”

“Good morning beta!” He served her milk and she went to do her homework after finishing the milk.


After 2 years.

“Anjali!” Ammu all of a sudden said snatching the breath from SwaSan.

Swara stared at her blankly while Sanskar stood rooted on his place.

Everything around them stopped moving.


To be continued…

Note- My hands were shaking while writing the romance part. It took almost 4 hours to complete. As I said romance and me are the both two poles which never attract. I’m so sorry if it was not upto mark. I myself know it is disappointing but I can’t help out. Hence I would love to know how it was. Do share your views.

And I will post the next part in December if today silent readers don’t vote and comment ?.

I can whitemail, it’s my born right. Hihihihi!

And one more thing. On 28th September I completed my 1 year journey as a SwaSan ff writer in TU. Love you all a lit for bearing me. ?


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.<3<3

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