SwaSan TS… Our Little Cupid.. Part 16… by Kakali

Hilooo Ev1. Here we go with an another part. Before moving into it, I would like to clear one thing that the LAST CHAPTER  wasn’t the end of the story. It was the end chapter of Swara’s past life. Finally she is free from her past. Finally.

Wait wait wait….. Before reading the chapter tell me one thing. Ammu is a girl whom I have never introduced to all with pic. Isn’t it? You people might have definitely imagined someone in her place. Tell me tell me who is she? Whom you all have thought as Ammu? I would love to know her.

Now let’s move inside the story.

Here we go,

Two months had been passed since everything got settled in SwaSanMuu’s life. During these time many things had changed. Like- Our little Ammu had started going school. She had started studying and enjoying with her new friends. At first she was scared thinking of new surroundings and changes but when her Mumma and Papa was with her, she could do anything.

With the passage of time she was learning everything slowly slowly. But one thing was noticeable and that was Ammu baby had become stubborn. She needed her Mumma beside her all the time. And yeah, she used to demand Allu Parantha while studying. It was her demand and Swara never denied fulfilling them.

Besides Swara and Sanskar’s love for each other and for their princess/beta had increased million a times. Swara had recently discovered how naughty Sanskar was! She could never imagine ‘Mr. Khadus’ or ‘Mr. Rabbit Ear Maheswari’ can be this much crazy. Over all things were going quite well.


“Don’t worry Sanskar, we can manage. See we still have two hours in our hand.” Swara said being busy in decorating the house. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you all. Actually today is Ammu’s happy wala 5th B-Day. SwaSan had been decorating the house since morning. Ammu went to school as some tests were going on and she really couldn’t miss it. At last Swara convinced her and Beta had to give in.

“Uffo! I know. But still if something is left out. I don’t want princess to get sad.” He looked around and seemed everything was perfect. But papa is always papa.

“Sanskar! Look at me!” She made him look at her. He arched his eye brow in order to ask what?

“Tension mat loo! She will love it.” She gently pressed her palm on his, cupping his one cheek.

His eyes get softened as he kissed her palm which was kept on his cheek. “Thank you!” Murmuring the word.

“I know!” A small pull and she landed on his chest. He wrapped his hands around her and stayed there in a hugging position, feeling the silence and their vivid heart beat. It felt soo good being in each other’s embrace.This was the place where Swara and Sanskar belonged.

The beautiful moment was disturbed by a phone call. After parting from the hug Swara started talking to Ragini who was on the way with Laksh. They both were super excited too. Why not after all it was four but big Ammu’s B-Day.

“Accha Swara. How about if I use some more balloons on the floor. I mean you see!” He asked scratching his eye brows.

“Sanskarrrr! Hardly this little space has left to keep our feet and you want to use more balloons. Oh God!” She pointed out all over the place that was filled with balloons. It seemed there was a tsunami of it.

“Phir bhi!” He smiled sheepishly.

“Pagal.” She smiled back.

After almost 20 minutes Ragini reached their home with Laksh. She looked very tired and it made Swara tense.

“Ragini. Are you ok? Why are huffing like this?” Swara made her sit carefully passing a glass of water.

“Laksh! What is this? Will you mind telling me what’s wrong. For God sake she is pregnant of 5 month. How m supposed make you understand to take care of her.” Swara snapped seeing her sister’s condition. Ragini was literally taking deep and rapid breaths, forehead was filled with sweat.

“Swara. M fine.” Ragini interrupted seeing Laksh fuming.

“Your sister is crazy. How many times I have said that we will leave after some time but no! Madam was adamant to come as soon as she finished her lunch. She cared least to listen my advice!” Laksh snapped back making both of them silent.

“This is not good for the baby!” Swara glared at Ragini.

“You should take some rest!” Sanskar joined them after listening to them.

“I’m fine! I… Will…!” Ragini started saying but seeing Laksh angry she stayed quiet.

“Yeah! I should!” She said and Laksh helped her out taking to guest room.

Swara kept on staring both of them with moist eyes. Abruptly wiping the drop of tear from the corner of her eyes she looked at Sanskar who was already looking at her.

“Sanskar! We should leave to pick up Ammu.” She said plastering a small smile.

“We will! But before that……” He made her sit on the sofa. “Yeh Loo!” Swara gripped the glass with her shivering hand and bring close to her lips. She gulped a little looking down as if she feared that………….! But before she could think more, Sanskar hugged her in sitting position.

“Sanskar….. Woo…. main!” She wanted to say but words betrayed her from coming out of her throat.

“Tumhari Ankahi Baaton Ko Samajhna Atta Hai Mujhe Swara!” He dragged her more close to him and she reciprocated the hug without saying anything.

Sanskar could read her eyes, he could understand her inner turmoil, he knew what she might have felt seeing RagLak. Swara too wondered how can someone know her so well, but how could she forgot that ‘someone’ is not someone but ‘her Sanskar’. She needed no words to convey her agony, her pain but he got to know before her itself. She need not to express her emotions. He knew her inside out.

When Swara saw RagLak, she remembered the days when she was pregnant……. When there was no one for her except Ragini…. When she needed her husband’s support the most,he wasn’t with her. Today while seeing Laksh taking care of Ragini, her eyes turned moist. No matter how much we try to forgot our bad past, it is not easy. So it was not easy for Swara too. She didn’t want to make any one upset by showing her tears but allas! Sanskar knew her pretty well and read her eyes instantly and now she was in his embrace, wrapped up in a comforting hug. It felt heaven.

“Are you all right Swara?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

“More than fine!” She looked up to show her bright smile.

“That’s like my senior princess!” His fingers wiped off her tears and once again both shared a warm hug.


SwaSanMuuu was coming on the way back to home. Ammu was in Swara’s embrace doing her non stop patar patar. Saying about her adventures journey of school with her friends. She was tired hence couldn’t help out doing patar patar.

“Princess chocos diye school mei?” Sanskar smiled asking his princess.

“Haa diye papa! All wished me happy B-Day. Infect Teacher also wished me and gave me crayons with glitter pencil. I will show you at home!” Her eyes twinkled remembering those colourful shining pencils. It was new to her and she loved it.

“Accha!” Swara asked.

“Haa Mumma! O wait, I still have some chocos!” She pulled her backpack near her and took out some chocos. Unwrapping one of them she fed her papa followed by her Mumma. And then two chocos together she took in her mouth. SwaSan giggled hard so did Ammu and enjoyed the ride.


“Waaaaaaa! This is looking beautiful!” She jumped from Sanskar’s arm and ran under looking everywhere. Everywhere balloons balloons and balloons of various colours.

“Did you love it princess!” Sanskar asked with joy.

“I loved it a lot papa!” She jumped in happiness taking few of them in her hand. But her tiny hands were not enough to gather a lot so whenever she took more than three, another used to fall down. She tried many a times but at last gave up and ran to Ragini who was sitting. “How is baby?” She kissed her belly asking.

“Baby is waiting to taste the B-Day cake.” Ragini said kissing her back.

“All right Ammu. Now eat your lunch and then you have to get ready too!” Swara said approaching towards her and Ammu obeyed her Mumma, walking towards her room doing her part time job, which is obviously patar patar. 😀


Time was approaching. People stared coming to wish the B-Day girl. But our princess is still not ready yet. She was soo excited as her Mumma was making her ready.

Swara combed her hair, later used those those small small clips. At last she applied nail paint in her all fingers. She couldn’t understand why Ammu loved Nail paint. That little angel was crazy girl.

(*Baby Ammu❤)

“This is so beautiful Mumma!” Ammu exclaimed with joy seeing the beautiful frock that had her Mumma chose for her. She wore the frock and looked like AN ANGEL who had directly landed on the earth. She looked adorably cute.

“My princess is looking like…….” Sanskar who walked into the room, was loss of words. Why not, after all his princess was princess. No words could define her cuteness.

“Just like an Angel!” She indicated him to lift her up.

“Yes!” He pecked her cheek.

“M papa’s girl you see!” She pecked his cheek back.

“Oki! Now chaloo!” She held both SwaSan’s hands with her two mini palms and went down where everyone was waiting for the B-Day girl.

“Here comes our B-Day girl!” Laksh said and all the small small kiddos, I mean her friends clapped their hands.

“Now make a wish and blow the candle!” Ammu did as she was said.

“Happy Birthday to you!” All sang the B-Day song while Ammu cut the cake. Taking a piece in her hand she looked at both her Mumma papa and then her hand. She did that again. Finally she turned around and took another piece and fed both her Mumma papa at the same time.

Sanskar immediately engulfed her for a bear hug. His princess was so smart. His tears drops were noticed by every single person. It was the tears of joy. His little angel was growing. She was becoming big. After continuous 4 years of darkness finally she was able to enjoy the light.

“Nei rote papa!” She wanted to wiped off his tears but due to cake and cream she couldn’t. All the people chuckled hard and Sanskar smiled wide.

“Happy B-Day princess!” He wished feeding her cake.

“My gift?” She asked with hope.

“There it is!” Her eyes followed his eye direction and there her gift was waiting for her.

“You are the best papa in this world.” Her happiness knew no boundaries seeing the four wheeler bicycle. It was the same thing Ammu wanted from the day she saw in market. And today her papa fulfilled her wish. Indeed ‘World’s best papa’.

“Happy B-Day Ammu beta!” Now it was Ragini and Laksh who wished her.

“OMG! Laksh Mama this is soo big!” She took a second to look at the giant teddy bear. Once she said to Ragini that she would buy a big teddy bear and today she was gifted. She was soo sooo Sooooo happy.

It was Swara who was adoring them standing at the same place. She was going through so many emotions at that time. She was happy but emotional too. Recalling those days when she used to celebrate Anjuu’s B-Day, it made her more emotional.

“I’m there with you Mumma! Whenever you remember me, just close your eyes!” Swara closed her eyes and see Anjuu’s smiling face. Indeed she lived in Swara’s heart. She was connected to her Mumma’s soul.

“Anjuuu loves you the most!” Her words echoed all of a sudden and she opened her eyes. Her heart thundered like something was going to happen. She felt herself happy thinking of something that she didn’t know what.

“Mumma!” Ammu called out coming towards her.

“Happy B-Day Ammu!” She fed her daughter.

“My Gift?” Her eyes shined.

“Ummmm! Tell me what my Ammu wants?” She lifted her up asking.

“Ammu wants her Mumma!” She said encircling her hands around her neck.

“But m here na!” Swara was confused and somehow couldn’t understand what she meant.

“I want my Mumma just like them!” She pointed out at her friend’s Parents who were enjoying the dinner together with each other.

“I want you beside me all the time. I want you to stay at our home always. I want to cuddle in your embrace every night. I want you with Papa just like them. Will you be my Mumma?” Everyone looked baffled listening to her words. All went silent. Swara was shocked while Sanskar was left astonished.
Ragini and Laksh passed a smile to each other like they knew it would definitely happen one day.

“Will you be my Mumma?” Once again she asked with hope. Swara averted her gaze and found Sanskar smiling at her beautifully. She looked at RagLak too who was already showing her thumbs up.

“YES!” She said and everyone almost jumped with happiness. Oh God! A daughter, no a LITTLE CUPID proposed her Mumma to be the part of their life. And today she was successful. Officially. The moment was blissfully blessed. It was beautiful. It was peaceful.

Ammu hugged her tightly and so did Swara. “Thank you!” She whispered.

“Anjuu/Amuuu loves you the most!” The reply came and she found both the daughters smiling at her.

“Mumma loves you both the most!” Her smile went more wide living the moment. Sanskar joined them in the hug. BLISS.


Precap- “One more step towards the infinite end!”


Here I finished the another chapter. I hope it was good. The end is near. Very very near. Thank you soo much for being there with me all the time, loving the story.

Bdw how was the chapter? Would love to know your views through your valuable votes and comments. Silent readers do drop down your comments.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all. <3<3

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