SwaSan TS.. Our Little Cupid.. Part 11..by Kakali

Hilooo Ev1. Thnk u sooo much for love and affection towards this story. So here I’m with the next part. Hope you all like it. Sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Now let’s move inside the story,

New life starts from today’s episode. ?

Here we go,

After the confession both didn’t feel like parting from each other. The feeling being in each others embrace was way too heavenly and peaceful.

“Swara!” Sanskar called out her. Both were sitting with the help of wardrobe, leaning against it. Her head was placed on his chest,right above the heart.

“Haan Sanskar!” She responded back looking up to meet his dark brown eyes who never tired of staring her. And the moment got froze yet again.

“Swaraaa!” His voice was husky as he tucked her hairs behind her ears. Indeed it gave her butterflies in her stomach.

“Swaraaa!” He again called her but she was busy in her world.

“Hmm. Sanskar!” She felt his hot breath near her ear.

“Someone will come. We should…..!!” He couldn’t complete his words as Swara opened her eyes abruptly and got up in a fraction of second.

“Woo.main..!” She stammered composing herself and it was so hard for Sanskar to stop his laughter. She looked so cute with her embarrassing and flushed face.

“Aweee!! You look so cute Swara! Look at your red cheeks!” The crimson colour of red spread across her cheek and he couldn’t help out pulling them.

“Baas karo Sanskar!” The act of his made her more beautiful as she blushed furiously. And the slight smile she was having, gosh it fluttered his heart.❤

“I love your smile Swara!” He made her look at him. But to disturb this moment our chetain ki khala entered.

“Papa!” Ammuuu walked in the room while calling her papa who was quite busy in his dreamland with of course his lady love.

“Papaaa!!” No getting any reply she called out again.

“Ufff!! What happened to Papa? And Mumma…why both are staring at each other?” Her mind immediately threw this question as she stood there tapping her fore finger on her chin.

“Mumma!” This time she tried calling Swara but alas! Dono pyar ke maree!?

“Are they playing any game? That too without me?” The sudden realization made her eyes wide.

“Papaaaaa!!!” At last she had to pull his T-shirt calling him with her small yet loud voice.

“Haa.. Haaa!” So here they came out of their loveland.

“Idhar dekho papa. M here!” Both were looking here and there but not at her, she was a small baby so to grab their view she again had to pull his shirt.

“Arey princess you? When did you come?” That was such an embarrassing moment. Only they knew how they were feeling.

“When you both were busy in playing without me!” Her huge frown made both of them chuckle and embarrassed at the same time.

“Godi mei loo” Ammuuu indicated Sanskar to lift her up and he did.

“We weren’t playing princess , just aise hi… Hmm…” He was short of words. It was hard for him to explain.

“Don’t lie papa! I have seen you both playing all alone.” Oh, God! He had to think something to divert the topic otherwise, he knew his daughter.

“Ammu beta! Sacchi we weren’t playing. Woo. Tohhh…baas!” Swara, who was biting her inner cheeks in tension intrruptes them.

“You also don’t lie Mumma!”

“Accha come here!” Swara tried to take Ammuuu in her lap but when Ammu turned her face, it shocked both of them. Mainly Swara.

“Papa! Bhuk lagi hai.” She hugged him not wanting to see Swara.

“Amm.uuu!!” Swara didn’t take much time to understand that she was hurt. Why not? After all she behaved with that little angel so badly. Whatever it was, for their good or bad but the fact she hurt her. Even though she didn’t mean but it hurt Ammu. In the year of 4, no child can be this much mature like Ammu. Well, she learnt it from her little life. But no matter how much she was understanding, Swara’s behavior hurt her.

What was her mistake? Nope, She had no mistake in calling a woman as Mumma. She did as her heart said, there might be some reason behind her this act. Of course,she could find motherly love in Swara’s embrace and so she called her with the ever peaceful word MUMMA! No doubt Swara had to bear the circumstances now. ?

“Ammu beta! Look at me!” But she wasn’t interested in.

“Papa chalo! Ragini Maas……! I mean Ragini aunty has served lunch. M hungry.” She insisted on moving Sanskar from his place who was giving helpless look to Swara.

“Amuu! Won’t you talk to me?” Swara knew she had to try hard to melt her and she was ready. She would do anything to get her forgiveness. Moreover she called Ragini as aunty just because she scolded that little soul.

“Nei karna appse baat!” She wasn’t even looking at Swara and it hurt her.

“Papa will you take me or I should go alone. I said na m hungry.” Sanskar tried to say but thought to kept quite as it was his both princess’s matter. Why would he poke his nose? Marna nei hai use.?

“You also come. You have to take medicine na!” Ammu didn’t forgot her Mumma nor did she forgot about her health. For a minute Sanskar was so amused as he himself couldn’t remember about it but his 4 years big papa’s girl remembered. How much she loved her Mumma.

“But..” Both left the room followed by Swara who wiped the corner of her eyes but we can also see the big voltage smile on her face lighting it up. Her Ammu might be angry with her but the concern she showed was more than enough to know how much she cared for her Mumma. STILL.

“It’s good na princess?” Feeding her lunch Sanskar asked.

“Accha hai papa.” She nodded.

“Swara! Eat it! You haven’t eat anything from yesterday. ” Ragini said looking at Swara who was playing with her spoon showing her puppy dog eyes to Ammu.

“I’m not hungry!” She became sad as Ammu was not even saying a word. The patar patar ki dukan was so silent and it’s only because of her. She hurt her beta. Swara was trying every possible way to talk to Ammu but little angel was showing her big frown.

“I will eat later!” She got up from the place as tears started to show up in her eyes.

“Princess don’t you think this is too much? Look Swara is crying!” Sanskar whispered.

Without saying anything Ammu dragged Swara holding her dupatta and made her sit. Obviously Swara smiled with tears.

“Open your mouth!” She ordered and Swara did as she was said by Ammuuu.

“Muh kholiyee!!” Ragini and Sanskar was enjoying their act.

“Sanskar bhai, only you and Ammu can make my Swara smile.” Ragini was overwhelmed seeing their love for Swara. Being a sister she always prayed the best for her, always prayed to get her sister’s smile back. And today while she was smiling,it gave her happiness. Finally there was someone who cared for her sister.

When Sanskar walked out the room after her revelation, he found Ragini in the door way. Later he was informed that Sahil has married again. Once Laksh met him in a meeting from where he found Sahil got married. Laksh and Ragini had no strength to disclose this to Swara so they thought of keeping quiet. When time will come, they will say.
Ragini was sure looking at his eyes how much Sanskar loved Swara. That moment Itself he confessed that he loved Swara.

Ragini was worried thinking of what if Sanskar also end up hurting her sister? Indeed as a sister it was of her concern to know about his feeling. She was so relieved after his confession.

“Won’t you call me Mumma?” Their chains of thoughts were broken when Swara asked cupping her face.

“Please talk to me Ammu! See m holding my ear. M sorry na. Mumma is sorry!” The silence was killing her. She needed to listen Ammu calling her Mumma.

“But you said not to call you Mumma! M doing that only!” She answered back.

“M sorry beta. M really really sorry.” That was enough for Swara, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

“I said you not to call me Mumma, because I can never be your Mumma.” Holding her both palm near her lips, she cried and it totally shocked Sanskar. What she was saying? Few minutes back they confessed, now again what happened? Was she out of her mind?

“Swara do you even have idea what you are saying?” Sanskar’s calm voice came as a big question.

“I know Sanskar. I know what m saying. And this is the truth.” She felt like dying when Ammu wasn’t addressing her Mumma but she also couldn’t avoid her inner turmoil.

“Swara! Tell us what is going in in your mind. You know m with you in your every decision.” Ragini gave her courage to open up her thoughts.

“Swara bolo aakhir baat kya hai?” This time it was Sanskar, who insisted.

“Mumma aap mujhe boliye!” Ammu said wiping her tears away. She couldn’t see her Mumma crying.

“I’m your Ammu na. Now tell me!”

“That’s why I can’t be your Mumma. You are my Ammu but I can’t..I can’t be…!” It needed so much strength to say.

“Par kyu Mumma? Don’t you love me?” She cupped her face.

“I love you more than anything Ammu. But I can’t be biased towards you.” Ok, this was something which shocked Sanskar & Ragini to the core.

“Baised? What do you mean by that?” Everyone waited for her answer.

“Why don’t you all understand that neither I can be based towards Anju nor Amu. This is not easy as it seemed to be!” She blurted out.

“Anjuu is my daughter. I can’t give her place to anyone. She..she..is..ny reason..to..live.. Her..memories..are…with..me and that why m able to…live..till..now.” She stood in front of Anjuu’s pic.

“Have you people ever thought, if I can’t love Amuu like the way I do Anjuu? What if I become baise? What if Anjuu’s memories stop me from loving Ammu? I can’t Sanskar. I can’t bear this.” She added further turning to them.

“Ammu is more than a daughter to me. She is my baby but this thought have always stopped me to think further about us. There is a huge difference between called as a mother and being a mother. What will I do if tomorrow I won’t be able to obey my all duty towards Ammu? Have you thought how will I face myself? No, it’s not easy.” No one should have ever imagined which emotion of conflict she was going through.

“But Swara, I know it won’t happen. I believe you!” Sanskar said coming towards her. She was so vulnerable and he just couldn’t bear that.

“You have believe but I don’t have na Sanskar. I can’t believe myself. I have been a failure in every relation. What is the guaranty that this time I won’t fail? Aur…aur… Agrr.. Ammu.. Ko pyar karte karte main Anjuu ko bhul gei toh?”Here came one more reason of her denial.

“Ye sab itna assan nei hai!” She wanted to scream and cry her heart out. It was suffocating her.

“Neither I can choose this nor I can do this. Now you tell me what should I do? I have been trying to figure this out but I just can’t Sanskar. I can’t.” She was so true.

Just for a second if we try to put ourselves in her shoes what will we get? Obviously it won’t be easy. Anjuu was her life, she got her when she lost everything in her life.
Same with Ammu, she couldn’t choose any of them. We can solve this problem giving definitions of love and affection but it is not easy for a mother. Her doubts upon herself wasn’t wrong. She wouldn’t be able to live this time if she fails.Isn’t it?

All got the clear view of what she was thinking of.

“I won’t be able to forgive myself Sanskar. Main…nei…jee..pawungi..!” All were having tears seeing her. Life was so unpredictable. Damn it.

“Mumma! Niche awo!” Ammu called her down and Swara bent.

“You love Anjuu so much na?” Her tiny palms were busy in wiping her tears. “You love me too. Haina?” That little angel herself was crying but she was more concerned about her Mumma.

“I love you both!” And finally a tight hug which they needed the most.

“Mumma can we go to Anjuu’s favourite place?” Ammu asked confusing Swara and Ragini but Sanskar passed a small smile as he knew what his daughter was upto.

“Please Mumma, can we go once!”

“Haaa..Ammu.. Par kyu?”

“You will get to know. Now let’s go. It’s going to be dark now.” She dragged both of them and winked at Ragini. Even though she couldn’t winked,but blinked her both eyes. Ragini nodded with smile. She believed that little angel.


“Mumma you stay here for sometime. We will be back.” All were present at the same beach, Anjuu’s favorite one. Ammu said and left with Sanskar giving time to Swara.

It’s been more than 15 minutes since Swara was sitting there all alone. Nope, not alone. Her daughter’s wonderful memories were with her. She couldn’t get enough of recalling how much they enjoyed. Her tears fall off one after another remembering those beautiful moments she spent with Anjuu. It flashed in front of her. This place had always been giving her peace. She could stay there for hour. She, her daughter and memories.

“Mumma!” Someone called out her, and Swara knew who she was.

Turning back she get the view of her dear daughter who was in her same umbrella cut baby panda printed frock and the two ponnies either side of her head. She was in the same attire when she left Swara forever.

“Anjuu I missed you beta!”She cried as she picked Anjuuu up.

“Mumma! Why are you crying? I don’t like to see you crying. You know na?” Swara recalled the exact words that Ammu said to her.

“Anjuu wooo..Ammu…Sanskar..!”

“I know you love Ammu!” Anjuu said. “Then why don’t you go them them Mumma? She loves you too. You are her Mumma too!” She declared.

“How.. How.. You know..Anjuu?” It was so strange that Anjuu knew everything.

“I know everything Mumma! Did you forget that I live here and can see everything through you!” She pointed at her heart.

“Par Anjuu. How can I do that? Tumhe pata hai na!” Swara said.

“Mumma I understand what you are saying. But you know apki Anjuu yaha hai. Appke dil mei. Then how can you think that you will forget me? It won’t happen Mumma. I believe you.” Swara snapped her eyes open.

“I do Mumma. I believe you. I will stay here, in your heart. Pata hai na apko Anjuu loves you the most.” Oh God, Swara could see Ammu in Anjuu. Both were so same.

“Mumma! Amuu loves you the most.” Anjuu said this time. “We both love you the most.” She grinned making Swara smile with tears.

“You are the best Mumma in this world.” Pecking her cheeks she pointed out towards Sanskar and Ammu who was waiting for her arrival in their life “Go Mumma! They are waiting for you.”

“What about you Anjuu?” She looked at their direction and again looked back at Anjuu.

“I will always stay here Mumma. You know that!” She placed a kiss near her heart.

“Go Mumma!”

“Don’t leave Anjuuu!” Swara requested.

“Never ever Mumma. I’m there. Close your eyes and you will find me!” Anjuu went towards the deep and endless sea while Swara closed her eyes and saw her both of the daughters at the same time. Their smiling face gave her solace. Finally she found her answer. Passing a huge smile to departing figure of Anjuu she walked towards Sanskar and Ammu. Those tears which were flowing were of happiness. Finally the wait was over. Definitely god had planned this for Swara. She lost Anjuu but again got her in form of Ammu. It was his play. This is called destiny. Here we lost someone but we get our special ones too.

“Why did you bring your Mumma here Princess?” Sanskar asked, knowing her answer. But still he asked.

“She can talk to Anjuu. You once said na, you meet Mumma in her favorite place. So I thought she can meet Anjuu too!” Sanskar felt him the most proud of blessed father. His princess was so smart.

“Don’t say anything papa. I know m papa’s girl!” She pecked his cheek and smiled wide looking at Swara who was coming towards them.

“Mumma is coming papa!” She jumped in his lap.

“Swara! Is everything all right?”

“Everything is perfect Sanskar!” Wiping her tears off she lifted up Ammu from her lap “Mumma loves you the most Ammu!” Sanskar broke into a huge smile.

“Anjuu loves you the most Mumma!!” She bitter her tongue “Opps sorry! Ammu loves you the most!” Encircling her both hands in her neck Ammu giggled so hard.

“And Mumma loves you both the most!” A tight kiss followed by a hug.

“What about me then?” Awee Sanskar looked so cute with his pout.

“We both you love na!” Swara and Ammu said at the same time. A final family hug.

“I love my both princesses!” A warm kiss in their forehead by Sanskar.

“Sun set! Wooooaaaaaa! It is so beautiful.” Trio watched the sun set. It was truly a mesmerising view. The sun showered his blessing on them, he blessed them for their upcoming journey. Everything was beautiful…… Life seemed to be beautiful.. BEYOND THE ETERNITY………. ❤

To be continued……


I’m seriously crying and my sister is giving me weird look. This is one of a important chapter of this story. I just hope I could reach upto your expectations. Indeed it was hard for me. But I tried my best. How was it? Would love to know your feedback through your valuable votes and comments. Silent readers do try to drop down your comments.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.<3<3

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