SwaSan TS.. Our Little Cupid.. Part 10..by Kakali

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“I love you Sanskar!” She caressed her mobile screen as her unshaed tears fall off. Swara had no idea when her words left her lip. She was too lost in her thoughts to see that someone was watching over the every bit of her action.

“Swara!!” Her breathing stopped for a second when she heard his whisper from back. A chill passed through her body as she turned around and then the moment was frozen. He looked into her eyes which seemed to be blank but it conveyed deep pain and agony.

Swara found herself paralyzed when she looked at Sanskar, all wounded. His tired and puffy eyes, messy hair and blood strained clothes indicated something bad had definitely happened. Didn’t know why she couldn’t move herself, couldn’t run and engulfed him for a bone crushing hug. Was she that much week and helpless? NO, definitely not. And she knew how strong she was.

“Sanskar!” Her feet touched the ground as she ran towards him. “How.. How… All this.. Happened.. Sanskar?.. Kya huwa tumhe?” This all she could manage to say while tears flowed endlessly.

“Why don’t you say something Sanskar?” It was her next question when he winched in pain as she took his palm in her hand.

Nope, that wasn’t the end. Before he could answer she carefully made him sit in the bed.

All the time Sanskar couldn’t help out admiring her. He was hurt, in fact wounded but the pain flew away when he felt her touch. He had no idea how her touch could manage to sweep away his pain.

“I’m fine Swara!” He wanted to wipe away her peals, he loved her smile not these tears.

“You are not fine… Look how it is bleeding…!” She tried to touch his temple from where blood was oozing. “How this happened Sanskar?” She asked looking at his eyes.

“Woo… Woo..main?” He started to say looking everywhere but Swara.

“Don’t move from here!” She almost ordered him and walked towards the drawer. Taking out the first-aid box, she hurriedly sat in front of him examining him from tip to toe.

“Swara! I’m fine. It’s ok. Please stop crying.” He just wanted to stop her crying.

“Kuch theek nei hai Sanskar. Dekho khudko. Kya halat kar rakhi hai apni.” Dipping the cotton in the detol, she took his palm in her hand.

“Sorry.. Sorry.. Is it hurting too much?” She blew air on the sensitive spot just to sooth away his pain.

“How many times I have told you to take care of yourself. Phir bhi!” She was in no mood of listening as she wiped her tears with the help of back of her palm.

“Now will you tell me, Ye sab aakhir huwa kaise?” She stood in front of him after bandaging his palm with so much ease.

“I was… Angry.. Woo..I meet with an accident as I was driving fast!” He finally said bowing his head down.

Swara stood numb and remembered while he walked out the room. Instead of saying anything she continued her work.

“Yaha dekho Sanskar!” She said with the stern voice and made him look at her.

He felt nothing during that time. The things around him stopped moving as she bandaged his forehead. She was deadly close to him. He couldn’t help out mourning in pain while she applied ointment.

“Swara kuch toh bolo!” Her silent tears made him more restless. She wasn’t saying anything.

“Swara kuch toh bolo!” To stop her activity he had to grip her hand and he did. “Say something!” He requested again.

“What you want me to say Sanskar? What…!” She wanted to scream and let him know what she was going through seeing him in that state. It killed her when after knowing the fact that she was the sole reason of it.

Before she could say Ammuuu interrupted them “Papaa!” Her tiny legs took steps as fast as she could, yeah of course she ran to her papa who was all bandaged.

Throwing her sandals away she climb on the bed to get the better view of her papa.

“Papa ye apko kya huwa?” Swara and Sanskar could see fear in her eyes while saying that.

“Kuch nei princess. Baas thodi si chot lagi hai!” Ammuuu moved towards him and touched his bandage with trembling hand.

“Princess nei rote. See m perfectly fine.” Aww his princess was crying by now. He just hate it. How dare he made his Ammuu cry.

“Look at me princess, m perfectly all right. Your papa is strong na.” He took her in his embrace where she hugged him tight and sobbed. She was almost shaking while crying.

“Shh! Princess..Shhh..!” But she didn’t stop crying. Tightening the grip over him she cuddled in him more. Swara stood there looking both of them. All she could curse herself for this miserable condition of both. Neither she had disclosed about her life nor this would have happened. Everything was so messed up due to her. Why it had to be so complicated? ‘Life’ itself is the definition of complications. Sometimes we have keep patience to get what we wish for. It takes time to solve the puzzle of life.

“Princess!” After few minutes she stopped her crying.

“Haanji Papa!” Ufff! Sanskar let out a deep breath listening to her voice. He caressed her hairs with lots of love and tried to break the hug but she wasn’t interested na.

“I got …hick…. scared..hick.. papa!” She mumbled as her best friend hiccup started.

“My princess and scared? Are you not my strong Ammuuu?” He asked with an intention to change the gloomy gloomy surroundings.

“You don’t..hick….need to tell me papa! I know …hick… m papa’s girl.” She get apart from the hug and kissed his hurt area above the bandage.

Aww!! Her words have them utter happiness. Sanskar didn’t forgot to look at Swara who smiled with tears. No doubt that LITTLE CUPID was the source to their happiness. If she was happy, everything seemed to me happy happy. (*Even we are happy if she is happy. Isn’t it?)

“You will get..hick.. well soon papa! Don’t worry …hick… I will take care of you.hick…!” She said and stood in front of him. “I will call Ragini MAASI to serve our lunch!” She said making Sanskar chuckle with amusement and Swara….she left with wide eyes.

“Maaasi…kyuuu…Amuuu…?” Swara had no idea how her bad thoughts were coming true.

“Ragini maasi said me as I call you Mumma. So Mumma’s sister is Maasi.” She answered back with a board smile and.

Swara felt anger building up inside her. “I have already said I’m not your Mumma!” It didn’t take much time to fade Ammu’s billion dollar smile so happened with Sanskar.

“I need water!” Ammu excused herself as she knew her Mumma was angry so was saying all those things. She ran out of room.

“Sanskar! Please make her understand m not her Mumma!” Swara reasoned out gazing at Sanskar who looked quite furious.

“There is nothing wrong if she calls you Mumma!” His voice was calm.

“Everything is wrong Sanskar. Everything….. You are wrong, Our relation is wrong. Ammuuu ka mujhe Mumma bolnaa.. Ye sab galat hai…!” She bursted out not having enough capacity to hold back her emotions.

“What is wrong Swara? Kuch galat nei hai if she calls you Mumma. Why don’t you try to understand?” He knew today was the day, he had to made her realise.

“Galat hai Sanskar. Why don’t YOU try to understand. I’m not her mother. Even m no one’s mother. Please don’t make it more difficult. I beg you to leave from here, to leave from my life. Please Sanskar! Chale jawo yaha se. Mat anna wapis.” She turned around closing her eyes tight. The over flowing emotions were causing pain. It wasn’t easy for her but she had to do. For their good.

“Everything is wrong”… That was enough for him and with a brutal force he pushed her against the wardrobe leaving her shocked.

“Sans..s..kaa..rr!!” Her voiced came out as whisper when her hands locked in his hands on the either side.

“Shhh!!!” He shushed her placing his fingers on her lips.

“Pyar nehi karti mujhse?” Sanskar closed his eyes inhaling her fragrance.

“What… What.. Are you.. Saying Sanskar?” Call it her will or not but the proximity was melting her.

“Maine pucha pyar karti ho ki nehi?” He repeated his words sliding his hands around her waist, pulling her more close to him.

Of course he had listened to her confession few minutes ago. He was not a blind to not see how much she loved him, cared for him. Sometimes we don’t need to express or show how much we love someone. Our actions speak louder than confession. Same with Swara but he needed his answer. He wanted to listened with her own voice and word. And today he would leave no stone to make her realise. Do or Do! Confession or confession.

“Swara!!” He called out her name to bring her back from her world. His hold around her waist got tightened as her knees were giving up.

“Aisa..kuch…nehi..hai Sanskar!” Her breath hitched when his fingers came in touch with her skin.

His eyes never left her eyes “But you know how much I love you. Haina?” His voice was only audible to them.

“Pata hai na? Pyar karta hu tumse!” Their eyes locked with each other, placing a passionate eyelock and no one was interested in breaking it.
The moment was of them.

“Pyar karna galat nehi hai Swara! There is nothing wrong. I love you. You love me. Phir kya problem hai?” He caressed her cheek as she closed her eyes. Tears were inseparable part of her eyes and still it escaped continuously.

“Sanskarrrrr!” She let out a whimper when his fingers were replaced by his lips.

“Meri taraph dekho Swara!” Dragging her more close to him, placing kiss on her eyes he joined their forehead. He waited for her reply but she…..!!!

Swara came back to sence when he left his grip and she stumbled back. Her knees were still weak. It shows how badly he affected her.

“You want us to leave you. Right? You want us out of your life. Right?” His palm formed a fist and once again blood came out.

“Sanskar! Khun nikal raha hai!” She gathered up her all courage and rushed towards him.

He shoved her hand away “Let it hurt me Swara! I can manage.” He was hurt but it was not physical pain, it was his heart that was paining the most.

“Sanskar! Let me see. It is bleeding.” She get a hold of his hand. Why the hell he was so adamant to hurt himself. Didn’t he know it hurt her too. Then why?

“You shouldn’t care for me Swara.” He said looking at her face which showed only love and concern for him. Then why she was so adamant to hide her feelings? He thought something in his mind “I know I’m going to hurt you. But it is needed.” He took a deep breath and again shoved away her hand.

“You shouldn’t care even if I die tomorrow!” He said smiling in his mind.

“Sanskarrrrrr!!” and Bhammm!!” He looked at her wide eyes, placing his hand on his left cheek. She slapped him. Gosh, she seriously slapped him. He could never imagine that. Such am awesome slap from his lady love. Awwee!! He grinned like an idiot.

“How dare you Sanskar? How dare you utter all this?” He instantly regretted for his act while he saw her red furious eyes. The mixture of pain made her more vulnerable.

[Do read the lyrics guys! One of my favorite songs as it was for my eternal SwaSan.]

(Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh,
Honthon Ko Siye..
Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Har Aansoo Piye)

Swara pulled him near her through holding his collar, their nose was touching to each other “Don’t you dare Mr. Maheswari!! Don’t you even dare…!!” Her voice was dangerous and he cared least.

“Why? What happened Miss Swara Bose? Did it hurt?” An abrupt smirk masked his face. “Is that hurt to know that I won’t be there with you tomorrow? Or It hurts to know that tomorrow I may not live? Kyu?”

(Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe,
Chaahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye,)

“Shut up Sanskar. Just shut up.”

“Kyu hurt huwa?” His smirk grew wide.

“Haa! It hurts. It hurts damn it. Why don’t you understand.” She left his collar stepping back.

“Why does it even hurt Swara? Why? ” He came forward and cupped her face. He was so sorry for making her cry.

(Har Aansoo Piye
Tere Liyeh Hum Hain Jiye,
Honthon Ko Siye
Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe,
Chahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye)

“It hurts because I LOVE YOU SANSKAR! HAAN PYAR HAI. I LOVE YOU SANSKAR. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!” She broke down confessing her love for him. He engulfed her in his embrace and she hugged him back.

(Zindagi Le Ke Aaye he
Hai Beete Din Ki Kitaab.
Ghere Hain Ab Humein Yaadein Be-Hisab
Bin Poochhe Mile Mujhe Kitne Sare Jawab)

Finally his wait was over. She confessed her love. That moment seemed beautiful beyond the eternity. He loved him, she loved him back. What they needed any more?

(Chaha Tha Kya,
Paya Hai Kya,Humne Dekhiye
Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chaahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye)

“Swara, I’m sorry itna dard dene ke liye. Tumhari khubsurat si badi badi ankhon mei ansu lane ke liye.(I’m sorry for hurting you his much. Sorry for bringing tears in your beautiful doe eyes. I’m sorry)” Both looked at each others eyes after parting from the hug.

(Kya Kahoon Duniyaa Ne Kiya,
Mujh Se Kaisa Bair.
Hukm Tha..?
Main Jiyun Lekin Tere Baghair
Naadaan Hai Woh Kahte Hain Jo Mere Liyeh Tum Ho Ghair,
Kitne Sitam Humpe Sanam Logon Ne Kiye)

“Shhh! Sanskar. Let me leave this moment. Ji lene do ye pal mujhe!” She joined their forehead, forbidding him from talking further.

(Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chahat Ke Diye

“I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR!” Once again they confessed giving peace, solace and happiness to each others heart and soul.


Precap : “Go Mumma! They are waiting for you!” Anjuu said to Swara pointing out at Sanskar & Ammuu who was waiting for her arrival in their life.
“I will always love you Mumma!” Anjuu said as Swara ran from there towards them wiping her tears of happiness.


No doubt m crying. I don’t know till how far I’m successful in writing this part as you expected but I have tried my best. How was it? Would love to know your feedback through your valuable votes and comments.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!
God bless you all. <3<3

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