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PART :06

The episode starts from where everyone was laughing and gadodia’s were standing at the entrance with teary eyes….
Just then parineeta’s gaze went towards the door …
Parineeta: (folding her hands) Namaste uncle aunty .. why are u standing there come inside na plzz..
This broke everyone’s trance….
Sanskar then realized what he was doing he was shocked + embarrassed on his childish behavior his gaze went towards his parents who were soo happy and then towards swara who was in joyful mood and happy seeing her parents..
Swara ran and hugged shekhar and shopmi together tightly …
Swara: maa baba you here???
Shekhar: we came to see our daughter because we thought she would be missing us but I guess with her new family she don’t even remember us (wiping his fake tears)..
All chuckled at his drama…
Swara: are baba nhi na who to bas i…
Shomi: yeh yeh now don’t make silly excuses and take I side I want to meet everyone….
Swara moved at a side with open mouth and eyes blinking seeing her parents attitude…
Sanskar came forward and took blessings from them
They happily blessed him and he excused himself and went from there leaving confused shemish and sad swara behind…
AP (while covering the situation) aree he must have remembered something leave come lets go swara made a delicious food..
Shemish: yes ofcourse why not!!!
(saying this all moved towards the dining table)
In swasan room:
Sanskar came inside and sat on the edge of the bed holding his head
Sanskar’s POV:
whats happening to u Sanskar….
U were behaving like a teenage boy… but did u see the happiness in everyone’s face especially mom and dad…I saw that after soo many years
(thinking of his teenage life) time passed so quickly na. during my school college days I used to be the biggest prankster and #1 flirt of my class but I tried not to hurt anyone’s sentiments . when Kavita entered my life my life changed she don’t like these things infact hate these things …..
She was a serious type women and I being obsessed in her love changed myself according to her so that I can impress her and a new Sanskar was born who was a workaholic and a little bit stone hearted but I didn’t realized that just to make 1 person happy I hurted soo many people especially my mom dad. I stopped spending time with my family especially mom and after today’s incident I realized how wrong I was doing…
I am cursing myself now for hurting those who loved me , who brought up us in this world educated us and made us big enough to face this world ….
Once again thanks to swara its just becoz of her today I again realized my mistake now that’s enough not any more I will not make my family suffer becoz of me…
God plzz give me strenghth so that I can forget kavitha and move on for those who love me…
(POV Ends)
He went downstairs with a new determination and a sweet smile playing on his lips..
At dining table,
As soon as Sanskar entered dining hall everyone except shemish was surprised+ happy…
Shekhar: are beta where u went soo suddenly
Sanskar(smiles): wo sorry papa I suddenly remembered an imp. Work … sorry for making u wait soo much chalo now lets eat the breakfast made by the GREAT SWARA…
(Everyone’s eyes popped out seeing him talking so freely AGAIN, while AP’S eyes become teary and swara was too shocked to react)
Everyone’s thought was broken by Khushi..
Khushi: PAPA !! today plzz na u make me eat wth ur hands…(pouts cutely)
Sanskar (smiles seeing her antics): hann sweety why not!!!
Swara (widened her eyes ): oh HELLO MR. only I can call her sweety as I kept this name(eyeing him)
Sanskar: So why can’t I call her sweety???
Swara: (while stammering) woh.. who yeh becoz only I can call her that as.. as ..She is my sweety…
Everyone chuckled at her lame excuse..
Sanskar(mimicking her): becoz she is my sweety chalo hato now let me make my sweety eat…
Swara: u… u… idiot maheshwari how dare u to mimic me u monkey…
Sanskar mouth dropped done where as everyone started laughing…
Khushi was now fed up with their lame fighting she stand on the chair keeping her both hands on her waist and
Khushi: BASHHHHH!!
(Swasan widened their eyes where as everyone stopped laughing )
Khushi: why ale u fighting lite kids we also don’t fight lite this uhh! (hitting her forhead)
Swasan nodded their head and mumbled: sorry (holding their ears)
While whole hall burst into laughing including khushi and swasan also smiles seeing evberyone happy they looked at each other and and they got lost in their own world …
Swara was seeing him lovingly she missed this old sanskar soo much while sanskar was still confused about his feelings… his heart was beating so fast as its coming from marathon race…
Their eyelock was broken by DP …
DP: chalo enough of masti we are already late and we have to go to office also..
Swara turned her gaze in embarrassment while Sanskar was dragged by khushi …
They had their breakfast and at the end everyone praised swara and gave her gift. Khushi gave her a card while Sanskar was doing something in his phone or u can say pretending of doing work and avoiding everyone’s gaze as he forgot to buy anything and cursing himself whereas swara was sad as DP gave a questioning look to AP while she assured him through her eyes ..
Sanskar quickly excused himself and after taking blessings from elders and kissing khushi immediately went to office …
Everyone also went to office while swara who was sad was smiling thinking the changes in Sanskar which was far better then a ordinary gift…
Screen freezes on smiling face of swara…..
To be continued….
Thank god done with this chapter with soo much difficulty….
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