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♥♥♥PART: 05♥♥♥
I never thought that my dream will ever come true of seeing swara as my bahu…
Me and shomi (swara’s mother) were best friends, she was daughter of our driver kaka. But we never treated them badly as we considered them as our own family. After our graduation my marriage was fixed with DP and during our marriage rituals one of the his friend Shekhar fall in love with shomi and proposed her for marriage and after lots of drama she agreed and they married just 1 month after my marriage. And after 2 years me and shomi gave birth to Sanskar and swara but Sanskar was 2 months elder then swara . And I use to love swara like my own daughter becoz I always wished to have a daughter and god gave me 2 sons.
Once me and shomi were sitting in our garden talking and looking at our children. At that time both were 4 years old. Swara was making Sanskar eat chocolate from her hands and continuously scolding him in her childish language whereas Sanskar was silently eating the chocolate as his whole chocolate fall down on the grass and Swara was sharing her’s. We both were admiring their bond…
Swara has something unique in her. She is like a magnet which attracts everybody due to her cute antics. Me and shomi decided that we will get them married. But before I could tell this to DP he fixed Sanskar’s marriage with his sister’s daughter Kavita. I was very sad and obviously shomi was also but she never showed and then I also stat noticing changes in Swara also like she stop visiting our house, start ignoring Sanskar and soo on. I can see her eyes becoming teary when she use to see Kavita and Sanskar together but I was helpless. Ten on Sanskar wedding they didn’t come I was very angry on them but when I got to know what happened with my bachaa (ap call swara as bachaa) I felt soo pain and I was sooo sad but see what game destiny played . I think god wanted swara to be blessed with a daughter so he first did kavsan marriage and now finally my swara and Sanskar married. But I hope my dumb son starts loving swara..
(AP’s POV ends)

Her chain of thoughts were broken by swara who bent to take blessing from her but ap immediately hugged her tight
Swara: annu maa what happened is everything okay?
AP broke the hug and kissed her forehead and then slightly hit on her forehead
AP: Bachaa I am soo happy that I can even express in words and I am soo sorry that I was not there when u needed me the most and u too forgot me na didn’t u miss me and when u came then also u didn’t meet me properly
(Swara gets teary eyed seeing her love)
Swara: annu maa I am sorry I … I am soo sorry I don’t know….
AP: are mera bachaa I was just kidding shone… (While folding her hands) I just want to request you plzzz don’t leave my Sanskar plzzz (swara in shock widened her eyes) what? Don’t be shocked.. I know u love Sanskar (swara bows her head down) I may not be your biological mother but I love u enough to read ur eyes …. The pain and sadness was visible when u used to see Kavita and Sanskar together…..
Swara immediately hugged AP and starts sobbing….
AP: are mera bachaa (while patting her head) chalo now stop crying and be strong u r my brave bachaa na (swara nodded childishly while hugging) u both have to heal your wounds together (swara parted) and I hope my idiotic son understand soon…..
Swara giggled while wiping her tears…
Swara: annu maa I prepared the breakfast u just once check it…
AP: achaa so what you made?
Swara: allu bhare parathe , kheer , and pancakes…
AP while giving a teasing smile : ohhh allu bhare parathe and kheer hmmm…
Swara (shyly): I made pancakes also…
AP laughed loudly….
Swara (pouting): annu maaa you are teasing me… jao katti……
AP while controlling her laugh: are no bachaa I was just admiring you be happy always and yeh keep smiling… (Swara smiles) and yeh plzzz go and wake up ur lazy husband while I will call others okay
Swara: gi maa…

Saying this AP went whereas swara also set everything n the table and left towards her room..
At swara’s room:
As she entered she smiled seeing both her life sleeping peacefully she went and sat beside Khushi kissed her forehead and star caressing her hairs and then trace her hand on Sanskar ‘s face but immediately retreat her hands….
Swara: sweety wakeup its 9 come on…
But Khushi didn’t wok but swara noticed little smile on her face nd eyes closed tightly..
She smiled naughtily and start tickling her.. Khushi opened her eyes immediately and start laughing
Swara(while tickling): acha bachuu u were teasing me …
Khushi: hahahaha…. Cutie what ale u doing hehehehhe acha chollly na plzzz cutieee (saying saw she laughed more)
Swara stopped tickling and then both start laughing and hugged eo not noticing 2 pairs of eyes who were witnessing the whole scene i.e. Sanskar (who just woke up) and AP(who came to call them)….
Sanskar coughed to bring them from their world…
Swara and Khushi immediately stopped but again start laughing but Sanskar was lost in swara , her angelic and innocent face always make his heart go flatter, he was feeling soo different so relaxing that he himself was not able to understand why he was feeling soo lively.
Their trances were broken by AP who knocked the door with teary eyed and smile on her face …
Ap came inside and Sanskar immediately went and took blessing while Khushi jumped from the bed and ran to AP
Khushi: grandi (grandmother+dadi) how ale u?
AP: are mera choyu sa baby I am fit and fine u tell …
Khushi while keeping her both hands on her waist and raising her eyebrows: grandi I am not chotuu sa baby I am big wala baby…
Swasan laughed while ap chuckles..
AP: han han mera big wala baby now come for breakfast yours sweety has made soo many things …
Khushi turning towards swara: sachiiii
Swara: muchhi mera bachaa and I made pancakes for you!
Khushi (squealing in happiness): yayyyyyy I will tome (come) aftel blushing(brushing) my teeth….
Saying this she ran to washroom …
Ap and swara also went downstairs leaving Sanskar who was shocked and standing on 1 place

Sanskar’s POV:
GODDD!! Are u serious Sanskar did u heard properly…. SWARA and cooking that too whole breakfast no no no God I can’t believe my ears … swara how can u change this much … the swara I know use to hate kitchen and this….
Every time when I recover from 1 shock u gave me another and every time when I look into ur eyes I just got lost in it… GOD Sanskar what r u thinking…
(Sanskar’s POV ends)
Saying this Sanskar took his clothes and went to change….

At Dining Table:
All were sitting and waiting for Sanskar to come while as usual Khushi was nonstop talking and everyone was smiling seeing her antics but were listening to her carefully..
Then Sanskar came and sat on his chair beside Khushi where as swara and Parineeta went to by the dishes..
Everyone was amazed to see the dishes whereas Sanskar widened his eyes in shock and spoon fell from his hands gaining everyone’s attention and they are amused to see him…
Adarsh: Sanskar close your mouth or else mosquitoes will enter…
(Everyone laughed while Sanskar was giving death glares to adarsh)
DP: what happened beta…
Swara became sad thinking that he didn’t like it…
Sanskar: swara did u made it????
Swara: yes why??
Sanskar: JHOOTIIIII!!!!!! (Liar)
Swara: WHAT?? Why I will lie and I made it sachiii!!!!
Sanskar: swear on God that u made it!!
RP: (AMUSED) Sanskar what happened to u
Swara: wait chachu (while turning towards Sanskar keeping her both hands on waist) han so Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari what were you saying that I should swear on God see (while holding her throst from mid with her fingers) I am saying that I made ittt!!!!
Sanskar: hahahahahahah….(laughing hardly holding his stomach) God swara and cooking hahaha…
Swara : (angry) u … u idiot duffer monkey(everyone widened their eyes )u are making fun of me u wait I will show u
(saying this she took a spoon and threw it towards Sanskar which he douched )
Sanskar(laughing while standing behind chair): aree SHONA I am not making fun of u I was saying the truth kyuooon u didn’t remember ur 1st experience …(saying this he again started laughing)
Swara while giving a sheepish smile : are sanku leave it na …
Sanskar(interrupted) are nhi nhi how can I (while turning towards others who was shocked seeing this Sanskar which they used to see during his college days and bechari Khushi was too shocked to react but he was least interested in seeing their expressions)u know mom dad on my 19th birthday swara came saying (mimicking ) see na sanku I made ur favorite dark chocolate cake for the veryyy 1st time without taking anyone’s help and believe me dad it was looking soo beautiful that my mouth was watering and I was soo excited it was of really dark brown color I thought that there will be lots and lots of dark chocolate so in geed I took a really big piece (saying this he again started laughing)
Swara (pouting sadly): plzz na sankuu it was my 1st time…
DP: Are shona beta wait na let him tell I know u would have made it awesome…
(Swara face fell and she pouts more)
Sanskar(Sanskar while controlling his laugh) and u know when I took the whole piece in my mouth I realized that the color was not due to chocolate but becoz it was fully burnt and u will not believe it this idiot instead of putting caster sugar put salt in the cake (just imagine guysss!!!!!)(saying this he again started laughing)
While the whole hall filled with roars of laughter even Khushi was also laughing like anything and swara was standing at a corner folding her hands till her chest and pouting sadly but adarsh came and pull her cheeks while laughing and then she also started laughing at her stupidity…..
Whereas gadodia family who came to meet swara got teary eyed seeing their daughter laughing so wholeheartedly after 4 years they thanked God and screen freezes on laughing faces of maheshwari’s and smiley-teary faces of gadodia’s.
Thank God!!!

Done with this chapter I hope its long enough and I hope u enjoyed it …I tried making it little bit funny…because from starting everything was going sad & emotional and I hope I am up to ur expectations and plzzz comment if u liked it and if u find it worth reading !!!
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