How r u guys ???? Thank u sooo much for ur support and love towards my story… I never in my dreams thought that u people will like it and I want to clear something plzz I am soo sorry if I hurted anyone but plzz in my story u will not find that mentality here becoz I myself hate it and that’s it .. u will get to know more as the story will proceed and I am not forcing anyone to read becoz everyone has their own POV..
Now enough of my bak bak so here is the next part and I am sorry for getting late….

The episode starts with swara coming out of her thoughts fully drenched in her sweat, breathing hard , eyes red and swollen and hairs all messed up . her head starts spinning . she hold her head from one hand and stand quickly she moved towards the wash basin with half closed eyes and with her shivering hands tried opening the tap but was not able to so she removed her hand from and tried opening the tap and after lots of difficulty she succeed and then she immediately start splashing cold water on her face continuously for 5 minutes but it seems nothing happened.
She hurriedly came out of the washroom and start searching for something like a mad and then she found a bag she open it quickly and start taking out all the clothes but like found nothing and then she checked it in the secret pocket of that bag and found a bottle she stand up and looked around the room for water but found the jug empty. She went to the washroom running and took 2 to 3 tablets and placed her in her mouth and drank water from the wash basin tap.

Then she placed her both hands on the edge of basin and dropped her head down still breathing heavily while her hand was closed in tight fist as if the nails will pierced in her hands after about fifteen minutes her breathing became normal and she immediately went into shower cabin and took cold shower in order to cool down herself. After sometime she came out of bathroom wearing red and white frock with golden boarders looking extremely breathtaking. Her hairs were opened and were coming till her thighs and water was dripping from her hairs. Then she went towards the dressing the dressing table and looked herself in the mirror and then applied eye liner and light pink color lip gloss. Then she wore her mangalsutar and applied vermillon on her head.
She turned around and looked towards Sanskar and khushi who were hugging each other and sleeping peacefully with their mouth slightly open.

She smiles seeing them but her gaze went towards the clock place on the side table of their bed and her eyes went wide.
Swara: (to herself) idiot see the time its 7 what will annu maa and suju maa will think GOD plzz help me…

Saying this she took her duppata and hurriedly left the room. She came running downstairs towards the lounge but to her surprise she found none there. Then she went towards kitchen but no one was there so she thought to check the temple but the temple was also empty..
Swara: thank God no one is awake but how can they sleep this much yaar I never sleep this much (then she suddenly remember something) are han Swara how idiot u are may be everyone will be tired due to wedding na u r soo dumb (hitting her head lightly) chalo then I will prepare breakfast quickly after praying..
Then she closed her eyes and folded her hands and start praying after about 5 to 10 minutes she finished praying and went towards the kitchen.

At kitchen,
Swara: (talking to herself) god plzzz help me what should I make hmmm…
(she start thinking and after few minutes she got an idea)
Swara: yes!! Got it I will make Sanskar’s favorite dish daal bhare parathe (daal filled parathe) and kheer and yes will make pancakes so that no one could suspect me ….
Saying this she started kneading dough then made paratha and then made kheer she then garnished it with almonds and pistachios and then she looked towards watch it was 8 o’clock …
Swara: oh god !! swara its 8 and u still didn’t complete it do it fast yaar..
And she start making pancakes batter and then she was frying it when AP entered kitchen. But she stopped at the door and looked at swara who was frying pancakes , then she looked around and found hot pot and kheer beautifully decorated ..
She smiled and then look towards swara lovingly……………..

To be continuedddd!!!
Precap: AP’s POV

Phewwww done with this chapter …
I know its small but something is better then nothing so thought to post it … actually I have my coachings on Thursday Friday and Saturdays that’s why ,…
Hope u will understand me and sorry once again..
And plzz if u find it worth reading then kindly share ur views and suggestions are most welcome…..
Thank u , love u all !!

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