Thank u so much for soo many over whelming comments like I am on cloud nine right now therefore I was not able to wait any more!!!
Now coming back to the story let’s start the other part hope u’ll like it plzz ignore the grammatical mistakes….
The episode starts from Swara hugging Khushi tightly.
Sanskar coughed to bring them from their dream world
Swara and Khushi frowned hearing him.
Khushi: papa! U dishturb my moment with my cutie
Now Sanskar frowned and Swara giggled..
Sanskar: so what? U both were ignoring me and I was feeling bad (pout)
Swara (such a drama queen he is)
Khushi: (ran towards Sanskar ) awww my cute she papa I love u shooo much !!!
Sansjkar: (kissed her both cheeks)love ui too my proincess chalo now let’s sleep I will go and change my dress until u talk with ur cutieee..
Khushi: otay papa
(Sanskar went towards the dressing room but turned and look toward swara who was like busy in her own world staring at the floor aimlessly)
Sanskar sighs and went from there.
He came after some time and saw the most beautiful scene Swara was lying on bed and Khushi was side hugging her by from her belly and Swara was reading stories and Khushi was cutely asking questions whenever she finds something difficult to understand
Then he saw Khushi yawning and said
Sanskar: chalo princess now sleep enough of ur bed time stories
(both got startled for a minute and then take a deep breath and look towards him like they will gona eat him the very next moment
Sanskar chuckled seeing their scared faces..
Swara closed the book and kept it on the side table. She got up and took a pillow and started moving towards the couch. Sanskar was trying to figure out that where Swara was going in the meantime Khushi spoke.
Khushi: cutieee whele are u thoing ? (cutie where are u going?)
Swara turned and look towards Sanskar who was also giving her a questioning look > then swara moved her gaze towards Khushi and said
Swara: sweety u sleep on the bed with ur papa and I will sleep on the couch okay.
Khushi: u married papa na my friend shays that married people shleeps on 1 bed then whele ale u thoing??? My all fliends sfleep with theil mom and dad and I don’t even have my mom and u too ale thoing. (u married papa na my friend says that married people sleeps on 1 bed then where are u going??? My all friends sleeps with their mom and dad and I don’t even have my mom and u too are going )
Tears started flowing from khushi’s eyes
Sanskar’s face went pale hearing her. How much he try to fulfill her ever wish but the fact is he can’t replace a mother’s role in her life. Sanskar become teary eyed and a lone tear escaped his eyes
Swara left the pillow immediately and hugged Khushi tightly
Swara: shh Khushi bacha what happened (Khushi still sobbing) I am sorry see i am holding my ears for that ( while holding her ears)
(Khushi looked at her with her big kitten like eyes)
Swara: I am soo sorry my bacha okay if u want I will sleep with u but promise me u will never cry from now on
Khushi: promishe (promise)
Swara: pinky promise (showing her baby finger)
Khushi: (while giggling and rapping her small baby finger around hers) pinky promishe!!! Hehehe
Swara hugged her while unable to control his tears more Sanskar silently left the room.
(Swara ‘s POV while hugging Khushi)
God Swara what are u doing yaar in u pain how can u forget this little soul how is carving for love and she is the only one who gave u those feelings which u can never get and how can u forget that Sanskar married u only becoz of Khushi warna who will marry a girl like me)
She came out of her thoughts when she felt Khushi departing herself from the hug Swara quickly wiped her tears
Khushi: cutie whele ish papa?
Swara looked and didn’t find Sanskar she thought to check the bathroom she stood and went towards the bathroom but Sanskar was also not there. Swara smiled sadly and spoke
Swara: sweety u sleep papa will come then tomorrow I will give u 2 big chocolates
Khushi: sachhhiii
Swara: muchhiii my jaan!!!
Swara took her pillow and went towards the bed and lie on the bed khushi jumped from other side of the bed and hugged Swara quickly and closed her eyes after kissing her cheeks quickly.
Swara too turned and rapped her hand around Khushi and went to sleep…..
There Sanskar was standing while holding the railings of the terrace watching aimlessly at the sky
What a life right no matter how much wealthy and powerful u r u can never go against God’s wishes.
Today I have everything a big mansion like house, a car wealth property but my life is missing without my love …
How happy I use to be during our school and college days I had a best family a best oif bestest friend swara and after graduation my love my life Kavita …
We started dating after our marriage was fixed but I noticed swara moving apart although she was the one to convince me for this relation but kavita’s love made me forget everything.
We married in another city as it was kavita’s wish swara didn’t came there too I was hell angry but when we returned from our honeymoon I got to know why Swara was not able to attend my wedding and was drawn in guilt and sadness took over me that I was not there for the one on her most difficult phase of her life where she was the one who use to soothe my pain but kavita’s love and madness made me forget that guilt and sadness also. We were living a happy and contented life but after 2 months of our marriage I got to know Swara left to abroad for further studies I was sad that she went even without meeting me but the very next day I got the biggest happiness of my life. Kavita told me that she was 1 week pregnant I was on cloud nine hearing the news.
That was the best feeling of my life. The thought that someone will refer me as dad made me squeal in happiness and after long wait of 9 months my Khushi was born, my angel, my life and my happiness …
1year after my Khushi was born when a bomb feel on us, we got to know that Kavita is suffering from last stage of blood cancer. I was soo broken hearing this. The mere thought that living life without Kavita made me go mad. I tried every possible way to save her by getting her treated with almost all the renowned doctors of INDIA and other countries as well but all efforts went in vain.
After 2 months Kavita left me taking a promise that I will take care of Khushi like a princess and will give her the love of both mother and father. I has been four years since she died and I have been a single parent she is my life but after today’s incident I think I failed to fulfill the promise I made towards Kavita. I failed to give her the happiness which she deserved.
(my chain of thoughts were broken when I felt a hand on my shoulder)
Then I realized that I was crying, I quickly wiped my tears and tuned around only to see my support system my mother standing there teary eyed seeing my condition
I just hugged her tightly now I realized what Khushi might be missing THE MOTHER’S WARMTH,…..
AP = Annapurna Maheshwari, Sanskar mother..
AP: what happened beta why are u standing her.
Sanskar took a deep breath and told everything happened between Swara and Khushi
Sanskar: mom I don’t know what to do..
AP: beta I understand ur condition but first plzzz take care of Swara as well she has faced a lot in her life give her some space and time , let her spent more and more time with Khushi she need time to get set in this environment because she even lost the thought of getting married
U might have not noticed but I have noticed the love care and affection Swara had towards Khushi , she is a wonderful girl. I don’t know but I am feeling like this is the best decision of ur life (after kissing and patting his head she went back to her room)
Sanskar who was lost in thoughts sighs and went towards his room…..
To beee continueddd!!
Phewwwww done with this part I think its long enough and hope it is not boring and if u feel I am dragging the story the plzzz tell me I will try to make changes in it…
And plllllzzz I don’t know when I will be posting the next part but plz don’t be angry I will try my level best to post next part soon!!!
And if u feel it worth reading then plzz comment!!
Thank u soo much!!
Take care!!
Love u all!!
Allah Hafiz….

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