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Part 17:

The episode starts from Sanskar sitting in his cabin thinking something deeply.

His thoughts were broken by a peon who knocked the door.

“Come in… ”

“Sir this is the file you asked for..” The peon said.

“Wait When I asked for this file” Sanskar asked confused.

“Sir just few minutes ago you called….. ” Sanskar interrupted him

“Me….  Oh.. Oh yeh yeah I called you… Yeh I only called you hehehe , thank  you, now you can go. ” Sanskar hide his nervousness..

The peon gave him a confused look and went from there.

Sanskar mentally slapped himself and said.

“God Sanskar you are showing yourself as a fool in front of everyone huhh idiot ..”

“But how will I know that what  swara is hiding….  Think Sanskar think..”

Sanskar was rubbing his for head in tension.

“Oh yes! Got it… I will ask maa to discuss this with swara, they both are very close and comfortable with each other…  So it’s done I will talk to maa about this.”

Sanskar happily continue his work.

Later in evening,  Sanskar was finishing his work and was finding  something in his cabinets and drawers. He took out a file from the lowest wrack and sight in relief, but then he noticed something fallen on the ground, he bent and picked that thing, he turned that pic over and it was none other then kavita’s pic.

He took a deep breath and looked at kavita’s pic intently.

A lone tear escaped his eyes. He quickly wiped it off.

Sanskar’s POV:

I miss u so much kavi,  sorry I was so busy that I totally forgot you.  I am sorry I am so bad…  No not bad but worst. You know I wanted to tell you something, our daughter is so happy and content. She consider swara as her everything. You know I feel so bad for swara that she have been through this much and had to made so many sacrifices, but you know I sometimes feels so amazing like I used to feel during my teenage,  happy, carefree, jolly and this is all because God returned me my best friend. I had missed her so much. She bonded with khushi like she is her real mother…

Suddenly the smile vanished from Sanskar’s face.

God what is happening too me.  Even while talking  to kavita I am just blabbering about swara. How can I do this with kavi. Oh God, but what about these feelings, these admirations I have towards swara. The more I try to run from swara the more close I get. The thing which she is doing for me and khushi, her care, her love, her affection towards us, in spite of going through a lot herself, make me fall for her more….
Oh noo what am I even saying oh God..  No I can never fall for her….

Sanskar’s POV ends.

He quickly placed that pic in his cupboard and wrap up his work and left the office early.


At MM,

Sanskar reached MM, and after creating rp and sujata in the hall he straight went towards AP’s room, because he had to clear the whole mess which was driving him crazy.

He knocked the door, and after getting some response he went inside.

“Sanskar, how you came so early?” ap asked astonished.

“Woh maa I need your help,  will you please help me.” Sanskar asked in a pleasing tone.

“Are beta what happened, come sit here (gesturing him to sit beside her) and say what is bothering you and I will definitely help.”

Sanskar went towards her and instead of sitting beside her, he went and sat on the floor keeping his head on AP’s lap. AP start caressing his hairs..

“Now tell what happens??”

“Maa today when we went for Swara’s checkup, doctor was asking some questions from her”

“Okay then.. ”

“Doctor asked swara the reason behind her leaving abroad so abruptly and also why she took pills on the first day after marriage”

AP’s face went pale hearing him. Because she is the only one who knew why swara left or the reason behind her strange behavior.

“She said that she wanted some space but don’t know why I am feeling that there was a very strong reason. ”

“No Sanskar beta, you are just over thinking, she might be saying right only. ” AP said shuttering

“Exactly maa this was the same comment she gave me when I questioned her. ”

AP mentally cursed herself. She was finding words to answer him back.

“Now it is clear that you both are hiding something from me.”

Sanskar said raising his head and looking at AP.

“Nhi beta there is nothing like….”

“Maa..  You won’t lie to me right… Just tell me if you know anything,  it might help me to move forward in our relation. ” Sanskar said holding AP ‘s hand.

AP remained quiet. She was confused,  whether to tell him the truth or not.

“Please maa,  I know you consider her as your daughter, so for her happiness only tell me.” Sanskar said in a pleading tone.

AP couldn’t see his pleading face. She also wanted her both son and daughter to live a happy life. So she finally came up with the decision of telling him the truth.

“Uhmmm, Sanskar woh.?….”

“Yes maa please tell na.. ”

“But promise me you will not judge swara, or came to conclusions without listening me completely.”

“Okay maa I promise, now please tell.”

She took a deep breath.

“Actually SWARA LOVES YOU.. ”

“SWARA WHAT… ” Sanskar couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“Yes Sanskar, swara actually loved you a lot. ”

“Mom this is not the time to joke, we are discussing on a serious topic.”

AP slapped​ her forehead.

“God Why I got such an idiot son…”

Sanskar pouted.

“Sanskar I am not joking and this is the only truth, that swara loves you a lot, like since forever.”

Sanskar’s eyes widened in shocked, his throat went dry and no words came out. He was sitting on the ground like a statue.

“Sankar.. ” Ap nudged him.

“Yeh… ”

“What happens, why are you not saying anything.”

Sanskar gulped.

“Mom I am speechless, I am not getting what to say. But since when??”

“Since childhood.. ”

Sanskar covers his mouth with his both hands in shock.

“Then also when she was encouraging me to meet kavita”

“Yup then also.. ”

“But why she never confessed or showed”

“Because she always wanted your happiness, she never wanted you to marry her out of sympathy, in fact she wanted you to reciprocate her feelings. ”

“Ohh now I am getting it that why she start distancing herself from me.”

“Yes.. ”

“And also why she went abroad, because she was not able to see me with someone else? ”

“Yes exactly … But now she feels that she is not worth you and also you will not be able to love her, because you loved kavita. ”

“Oh.. ” Sanskar became quiet after listening this. He again place his head on her lap and closed his eyes taking a deepp sigh.

After some seconds,

“Maa can I ask you something?”

“Yes beta I am listening. ”

“Maa if like.. I..  I..  feel something for swaa… ra, then am I deceiving kavi. ”

“No beta… ”

“But maa I used to love her. ”

“I know beta.. ”

“And she was my life.. ”

“You yourself are answering your questions Sanskar.”

“He in..  Me?? ”

“Yes you!! See what you said that you USED to love her or she WAS your life. Sanskar she was your past. Now she have no role in your life. Till when she was with you you loved her trusted her and completed all your duties, but now you have no duties towards her, and for the one who is no more in this world you can’t make those suffer who are alive. ”


“Loving your LIFE PARTNER is not wrong Sanskar, but if you will be drowned in your past ignoring your present and future is wrong. ”

“And in case of swara, u know when you people were like 5years old,  me and shomi decided to get you both married but smiling. m got broke when you said yes to marry kavita. ”

“And see swara is just so strong that she didn’t let you feel anything, in fact treating your on daughter as hers’ ”

“Sanskar God has given you a golden chance just don’t let it go in waste..are you listening. ”

“Yes maa I am listening as well as understanding”

“That’s like my bachaa. ” AP said kissing his forehead.

“Thank you soo much maa for knocking some sense in my useless brain. ” Sanskar said hugging AP.

“Nahi..  I just want my both children to be happy. ”

“I understood maa and I will definitely give swara all the love she deserves.” Said Sanskar smiling.

To be continued…

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