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Part 16:

After 1 week,

A new bright morning brought a new hope and enthusiasm in our swasan’s life.

This 1 week passed like a month and many things got changed. Swara’s and khushi’s mother-daughter bond was becoming unbreakable and a thing to adore. Khushi was a light in Swara’s dark life where as Swara was a angel in disguise for khushi whom khushi consider as ideal.

Whereas swasan’s friendship with their nok-jhokes was getting stronger day by day even more then before.

Swara’s love for Sanskar was getting more intense, while our Sanskar was unaware or you can say pretending of being unaware about his growing feeling or something more than friendship wali feelings…. ??

At dinning table,

“Come on beta khushi eat fast your van will be here any minute.” Said swara worriedly,  where as our khushi was all busy in her talks.

“Open your mouth khushi talk after eating your breakfast.” Swara said a bit strictly holding a last piece of morsel in her hand while khushi opened her mouth pouting.

Swara then hurriedly made khushi stand on her chair and set her clothes and hairs she was now tying her shoe lace when they heard a large horn sound.

“God…  See your van came. ”

Swara made khushi wear his bag and hand her water bottle around here neck. She place khushi down while khushi waved everyone bye and was forced to run by swara.

Reaching the door swara bent and kissed her for head then her both cheeks while khushi did the same.

“Take care okay, no fighting , no cheating, no jokes and no irritating your teachers Okay…!!”

“Otay mumma and besht (best) of lut (luck) I know my mumma ish ishtrong (strong).☺☺☺

Swara nodded kissing her cheeks smiling at her daughter’s care. She sent off khushi and came back to dining hall where all were seated having their breakfast.

“Swara beta you eat quickly, today you have your first appointment.” Said AP caressing her hairs and putting roti in Swara’s plate.

“Gi maa…. ” swara smiled feeling blessed.

Later they all finished their bf and swara was sent to get ready by her mother-in-laws.

In swasan’s room ,

Swara was pinning her dupatta when Sanskar entered.

“Ready….. ??” Sanskar asked.

“Yeh just have​ to wear my sandals.” Swara said while taking her bag.

“Okay …”

Swara wore her sandals, stood in front of Sanskar and said.

“I am ready, let’s go…! ”

Sanskar who was busy doing something in his phone looked at swara and a smile appeared on his lips.

“Her modesty is what I always adore since we were youngsters” Sanskar though.

“What happened??  Is my dress not okay…?? Or am I looking like a joker that you are smiling” swara asked frowning. ???

“Uhh..  Nothing you look good, now let’s go we are getting late.” Said Sanskar.

They both went downstairs and took blessings from everyone. They both sat in their car and went towards their destination.

At hospital,

They were waiting for their turn in waiting lounge. Swara was rubbing her hands continuously taking deep breath time to time in order to calm herself. Sanskar was keenly observing her.

“Why are you getting nervous swara.”

“Don’t know Sanskar, I am just getting scared.”

“Ufffooo…. Nothing will happen today you are here only for check-up that’s it, nothing to worry about, everything will be fine.” Sanskar said keeping his hand on her shoulder.

“Hmmmm…. Thank you sanku, I am feeling much better.”

Sanskar smiled and held her hand in his. Swara looked at their hands which were interlocked. Her heart was jumping, being in extreme joy.

Soon their name was called and they both went inside the cabin hand in hand.

At doctor’s cabin,

“Hello Mr. & Mrs Maheshwari.. Please be seated. ”

“Thank you sir. ” said Sanskar while swara smiled nervously.

“How are you swara. ” doctor asked.

“I am fine doctor. ”

“Hmm….. So first I want to ask few questions from you, don’t be nervous or afraid , consider me as your older brother and answer me freely. Okay.. ” doctor said smiling.

“Hmmm yes doctor. ” swara said smiling glancing at Sanskar who nodded his head in assuring manner.

“Great..  So swara,  when is the last time you actually took those pills? ”

Swara gulped but remain quiet.

“I told you swara answer me without hesitation. ”

“First day after my wedding.” Said swara slowly.

“That means…..” Doctor was interrupted by Sanskar.

“Almost 1 month back… ”

“Hmm,  how many??”

“I. …I guess five to six… ” swara said in whisper.

Sanskar eyes widened in shock. While doctor took a deep breath shooking his head.

“May I know the reason, that why you took these many at a time?? ”

“Woh..  I was having a severe headache and was about to get panic attacks.”

“Were you thinking about your disability of being… Ummm… You know what I am talking about. ”

“Ummm… Yessss… ” swara said closing her eyes painfully.

“Okay…  Since when you are having these panic attacks??” Doctor questioned.

“Since I went to abroad…  5 years back!” Said swara

“Why you didn’t got treated there?”

“Because … I just don’t want to see hospital anymore I was soo fed up and also I was very busy there coping up with my studies. ”

“Hmm..  Okay,  I guess this question answer session is enough, I am prescribing some medicine for your headache and panic attacks also Mr.  Maheshwari this is 1 blood test which I am giving should be done and show me the reports before visiting next week.” Doctor said handing him the prescription paper.

“Okay doctor, thank you soo much..”

“And yes swara try your best not to use those poison anymore.”

“Yes doctor.. Thank you… ” swara said with a smile.

“No need of thanking, we are here for this only… ”

Sanskar and the doctor shake their hands and both exits the cabin.

In car,

There was a pin drop silence in the car. No one was daring to make the conversation and the reason was unknown. ??

“Swara I will go to office directly after leaving you at home. ” Sanskar said trying to avoid the awkwardness.

“Hmmm… Okay,  will you not come inside?? ”

“No Yaar.. I am having a meeting. ” said sanskar.

“Hmm okay.. ”

Again silence prevailed between them which Sanskar was hating the most.

“Umm… Swara why am I feeling that there was another reason due to which you ate those pills on that day. ”

Swara was startled by his question. She definitely had another reason but the fact is she can’t confess it. It will ruin their friendship and she definitely don’t want that to happen.

“Uhhh…. Sorry I didn’t heard what you said will u repeat.. ”

“Swara I was saying that I am feeling that there is another reason due to which you ate those pills that day. ” Sanskar said while driving.

“No… No. There was no other reason and… You are just over thinking” Swara said stammering.

“Hmmmm yeh you’re right.” Sanskar said with a smile.

“Got you swara, there is definitely something you are hiding from me and I have to find this out” Sanskar thought.

“Thank god he didn’t ask more questions ” thought swara.

Sanskar dropped swara at MM and went to his office.

To be continued…..


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