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Part 15:

“Yes I will!!! ”

“I will definitely continue my treatment for my parents, my daughter and my husband.” Swara said last sentence in whisper yet shy  way.

Sanskar noticed it but he smiled and said:

“That’s like my laraka shona”

“Yeshh..” swara said lifting her head high but then realized what Sanskar said,

“Wait… Wait.. Hey don’t call me that okay I am not laraka anymore” Swara said folding her arms till her chest ?

“Oh so you are finally admitting that you were a laraka before.” Sanskar said smirking ?.

“Oh hello Mr. Bitter gourd when did I say that I am a laraka.” said swara narrowing her eyes.

“Hehehee now only you proved.”

” You….. Na, leave it, and why am I even talking to you it’s totally waste!” Swara said…..??

“Yeah that’s what I am also thinking? ” said Sanskar keeping his index finger  under his chin.

Swara smacked his arms and said giggling .

“Your are no doubt still an idiot.”

While Sanskar sheepishly grins……..?

And they both start laughing at their childishness……?

“Acha…. Okay.. bas I guess it’s enough for today, so…. I will  be informing mom about this and are you okay with next week?” Sanskar questioned.

Swara nodded her head in approval with smile playing on her lips.

“Great!! ” Sanskar exclaimed.


At night after dinner all are sitting in hall drinking tea and gossiping,  teasing each other in between .

“Mumma what will you be when you drow (grow) up?” Khushi asked innocently while everyone one chuckled.

“Sweetie I am already grown up now”

“But you didn’t betome (become) anything?”

“Bachu because I became your mumma na”

“Otay I will tell my teather (teacher) tomorrow  that I will Betome (become) mumma betoz (because) my  mumma betame (became) mumma” Khushi said excitedly.

Everyone  burst into laughter hearing her while khushi was giving them a confused look.

“Why will you become mumma you can also become doctor” Sanskar asked controlling his laugh.

“Betoz (because) I lite (like) mumma” Khushi said side hugging swara while swara was in aww and hugged  her back.

“Oh God… What will happen to this poor soul, they both teamed up against me…. Oh God why u did this with me…. Why… ” Sanskar said dramatically. ???

“Hahaha papa you ale (are) looting (looking) lite (like) a joter (joker).”

Every one again bursts into roars of laughter

“What????…  Will you call your papa joker haan…  Jao now I am Karti with you” Sanskar said with a pout and showing his baby finger.

“Awww cholly papa I was dust (just)  jothing (joking)????” khushi said running towards  Sanskar and sat on his lap hopping.

“Oh acha so now my princess start joking as well haan??” Sanskar  said pulling her cheeks.

“Hahahaha no no papa I was ..hahahaha.” Khushi said laughing in between.

And they all shared a wonderful time together hearing khushi’s cute and naughty talks.


At night all we’re in their bedrooms sleeping soundly while 2 souls were just turning sides restlessly.

They are our cute swasan,

Suddenly swara sits on the bed and start biting her nails in tension.

Sanskar felt some moment so he to sat on the bed only to see swara with messed up hairs, some of her hair locks were coming on her face from both sides, while she was busy in eating her nails unaware of her surrounding.

“Huhhh… “Sanskar fakely coughed.

Swara snapped out of her thoughts and saw Sanskar giving her a amusing smile.

Swara while having one finger in her mouth gave him a questioning look nodding her head. ???

“I should be asking you that what happened  why are you eating your nails?”

“I am hungry ??” swara said whining like a child.

Sanskar chuckled and hit his forehead.

“Then go eat something why are you punishing your nails? ”

“Urghhh… Woww Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari you know what you increased  my G.K warna how I am I gonna know what people do when they are hungry!!! ” swara said annoyed.  ?

“Exactly….  Wait are you making fun of me? ” Sanskar  questioned.

“IDIOT!! I also know that we eat when we are hungry but the problem is we have nothing in fridge left and I am not going in kitchen to make anything huhhh. ” said swara crossing her arms over her chest.

“And madame will you mind telling  me that why will you not go in kitchen?”

“Areee you didn’t know ???”

“What I didn’t know?? ”

“Today during making evening tea AP maa caught a CHUHIYAAA ???” swara said horrified.

“And you know thanks to God that my ap maa is brave werna who would have made the dinner in fear of that chuhiyaa ?”

“It’s not chuuhya it’s  called mice. “Sanskar said.

“Whatever it’s up to me whether I call her a mice or chuhiyaa, by inserting English words it’s gender won’t change uhhh.. ”

“I…. ”

“And you know I have heard that chuhiyaa also cuts clothes using her teeth.”

“It’s move shona.. And she won’t eat you you are big enough to fit in her mouth” Sanskar said in an uncaring manner.

“You again started your useless talks sanku here I am dieing of hunger and you are still stuck on mice and chuhiyaa… Huhhh.” Swara said irritated.

“Acha baba, sorry no tell me what should I do if you ate afraid of chuuhaa(mouse)”

“It’s not chuhaa it’s chuhiyaa”

“Whatever it’s same na” ?

“Excuse Me who said it’s same chuhaa is male and chuhiyaa is female then how can they be same?? ”

“Are meri maa , forgive me please ??? you win I lost now plzz tell e what will you eat.. ”

“That’s good this is what I want to hear from you.” Swara said grinning like a idiot. ???

“You are just…. Uhhh leave it now plz tell.! ”

“Oh… Yeh….. ”

“But I am not hungry any more, it’s all your fault!! “Swara said with a cute ? pout.

“Will you mind telling me what is my fault.”

“Yess… Due to you only my hunger vanished as you were asking stupid questions.”

“What… Me … You were the one explaining me those idiotic things. ”

“I was just increasing your knowledge. ”

“Wahh…. Thank you soo much madame I can’t imagine what would have happened if you wouldn’t be there in my life.. ” Sanskar said in a sarcastic tone.

Swara’s heart fluttered hearing him. She was seeing Sanskar without even blinking her eyes.

“Back to earth shona. ” Sanskar said waving his hands in front of her.

“Ehhhhh.. What..?”

“Leave it & now sleep quietly! “Saying this Sanskar lay down on the bed showing his back.

While swara also lay down making faces murmuring .

“Mr. Bitter gourd. ”

“I heard that swara”

“Good for you huuhh akdu kahin ka”

Sanskar smiled but said nothing.

Sanskar’s POV:

What is happening to me, AM I FALLING FOR HER???

no no Sanskar you have just gone mad living with swara and it might be due to office stress.

You sleep beta.

POV ends

Sanskar closed his eyes and both drift into a peaceful sleep with a smile on their faces……

To be continued…

Alhamdulilah done with this chapter… Sorry guys if it’s not up to the mark, I sincerely apologize.

So I hope you like the chapter….

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