ASSLAM O ALAIKUM beautiful people , how r u all well I am not new here , I often comment on ff but not too regularly this is my first try and there will lots and lots of grammatical mistakes kindly ignore them plzzz and suggest me if u want any changes and if u didn’t like the story but plzzz don’t BASH.
Special thanks to Kaynat api she guided me a lot and she is a wonderful person. And also riddhima di who supported and motivated me love them a lot and yeh plzzz read their stories they are amazing I can’t write like them or like stella di , zaimal, mars ,tanu and many more but I tried now enough of my bak bak lets come to the story……

PART : 1
A bride with a veil was sitting on the bed, it seems like it was her wedding. The room was not decorated yet the room was simple and elegant. She was sobbing.
Bride’s POV:
I am Swara Sanskar Maheshwari today was my wedding with my best friend Sanskar. We are together since our school days he is one of the best persons I ever know I used to like him or u can say love him but I never showed him that I have any such feelings for him because I knew he only considered me as his best friend nothing else. On the last day of our college I got to know that his parents fixed his marriage with his cousin Kavita I was heartbroken but I was happy for him as Kavita was a really nice girl she used to be our neighbor during my schooldays then she shifted from there to another city. He always use to say that he will find a perfect husband for me and I always use to laugh at my fate. But my life turned upside down on that unfaithful day that day took everything from me even the reason of my living also. After that I got to know that Sanskar got married I was sooo heartbroken , unable to take these anymore I went abroad for further studies.(end of the POV).
The door opened and Sanskar walked in. tears were continuously flowing from her eyes and she was nervous.
Sanskar: Swara u must be tired go and change ur dress.
Swara hummed in response and went to changing room.
Sanskar sit on the bed with thud holding his head.

Sanskar POV:
I am Sanskar Maheshwari, one of the famous business tycoons in India. My life is totally a mess this is second time I am entering this room as a groom yes this is 2nd marriage of mine ut the difference is 1st time when I entered I was happy as got married to my love but this marriage although I married to my best friend and I really like her but only as a best friend this marriage happened due to certain circumstances.
His chain of thoughts was broken by knock on the door and a smile appeared on his lips thinking who it might be. He went and opened the door and there she was his life and the most and adorable person of his life HIS DAUGHTER….. KHUSHI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!!!
He smiled at her who was seeing him with her innocent eyes and a teddy in one hand and milk bottle in other hand looking sooo cute Sanskar picker her in his arms and closed the door.
Khushi: papa whele wele u I was mishing u (papa where were u I was missing u)
Sanskar: awww papa’s princess was missing me!!
(Khushi nodded her head quickly)
Sanskar: sorry beta (holding his ears)!!
Khushi: itsh otay but don’t do thish thing athain otay oll I will be velly anthly (its okay but don’t do this again akay or I will be very angry)
She said this while folding her hand up till her chest
Sanskar laughed and started tickling her
Sanskar: acha now u will get angry with me han wait I ll show u and he again started tickling her
Khushi: bash basshh papa otay I will be anthry on hehehe but u have to u to thive me a big big chotolate (bas bas papa okay I will not be angry on u but u have to give me a big big chocolate).
Sanskar: okay pakka (he then hugged her tightly)
This whole scene was witnessed by Swara who came from dressing room after changing.
She smiled and a lone tear escape her eyes that she quickly wiped off.
Khushi who saw Swara standing there squeal in happiness and from Sanskar’s lap and run towards Swara
Swara sit down and took her in a tight hug
Khushi: CUTIEEEEEE!! I mished u (I missed u). u wele looting soo beoti full lite Barbie(u were looking soo beautiful like barbie)
Swara: aww thank u sweety I too missed u and u know what u were also looking like cindrella
Khushi: (shyly) thanthooo (thank u) and I always loot lite cindrella (I always look like cyndrella)
Swara laughed and kissed her cheeks in return Khushi kissed her right cheek tightly….

To be continued….
Phewwww done with this part yaar hats off to those who write its soo difficult to write…
I hoped u like my story and will try to update next part soon .
Thank u…
Take care
Allah hafiz!!! And byy!! 1

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