SWASAN ts – (last part) together forever


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S- lucky..,… Say

L- from the time , I have seen u, I fell for u .. I know u love me too but now I can’t live without you.. I want to make u my better half.. My life partner.. My wife… My first and last love .. Will u marry me???

Swara smiled and
S- yesss….

Sanskaar’s eyes were filled with tears.. He had lost his love .. He moved to go but something stopped him.

S- yess.. Yess … .. How can ragini reject u ,if U ask so sweetly…Of course bhai.. My lucky … Mr. Laksh gadodia.. Of course she would say a big yes… U just gotta propose her tomorrow for sure.. Done na.. Deal… Ohh .. I am so excited.. Ragini.. Sorry sorry.. My bhabi.. O my god ..

L- chup Meri maa.. How much u talk .. U are really my mother in talking..

( that’s my bhai’s dialogue.. Bhai , I love u so much.. ???.. Miss u badly.. ???)

S- accha ohkk.. Let’s go in now..

Sanskaar’s happiness held no bounds .. But he still had to work a lot.. After all he has to solve all misunderstandings between him and his lady love…

Day and night , he followed her , tried to talk her. This all went on for a couple of days.. Finally one day,

Sw- what do u need sanskaar?? Tell me !!! What is ur problem??

Sa- swara .. I really love u.. I promise just give me ur one full day.. I will never trouble after u that.

Swara thought for a while and then accepted his demand.

Sa- then tomorrow we will meet.
To himself- swara, tomorrow will be the best day of ur life.. I assure..

Next day,
Sweet day, sweet memories… In morning at about 8, swara received a letter , ” be ready at 10.. I’ll be there near our college cafe.. – by sanskaar”

( God knows what khichdi is he planning in his brain )

Swara got ready in jeans and crop top with a scarf wrapped round her neck.. She reached the cafe and at the very next moment sanskaar arrived with his bike…

Sa – wow !! U r on time Shona .. I thought girls are late lateef..

Sw – excuse me !! U r insulting girls infront of a girl … And wait !! Wait!! Stop calling me Shona..

Sa – why should I stop?? Shona .. Shona .. Shona.. Shona

Sw- ok then u go on date with Shona .. Because I am swara

Sa – accha sorry.. But did u just say date .. We are going on date… I never said that.. Ha www Shona

Swara bit her tongue when realization struck..

Sw- who said date.. I never said .. Go get ur ears checked..

Sa- ok .. Stop .. All this .. Come sit ..

Swara sat on the bike… When he was about to start the bike, he questioned..

Sa- swara, generally, a girl hesitated to sit on a boy’s bike .. Because he may take advantage of the breaks ..

Sw- no problem .. I trust u..

Sa- If u trust me then why did u say that I am a sort of player who is at the back of u for ur external beauty..

Sw- I am sorry sanskaar.. I don’t know , how those words came out of my mouth.. I am .. I am .. I am sorry

Sa- that means u r not angry at me ..

Sw- yes .. Why will I be angry at u?? And I am sorry .. Because of my words u were hurt.. Accha now start the bike , otherwise the whole day will pass here only..

SANSKAAR drove for about 4 hours and reached a cliff point .. By the time SWARA had slept peacefully on sanskaar’s back holding him quite tightly.. When sanskaar looked back to his sleeping beauty, he couldn’t resist staring the charm at her face.. His hands slowly travelled to her face and tucked a strand of hair back from her face.. Swara woke up and was flabbergasted to see the preparations , sanskaar had made for her.. They were standing on a cliff with a stream at one end .. In middle there was a beautiful panel decorated with red and white curtains and lightnings .. There were a pair of table – chair set up in the mid.. Surrounding this area, were various stalls.. At the end where the stream was there.. Small, colourful group of butterflies hovered there.. The place was ironically pleasent..
SANSKAAR offered his hand to her and swara placed her hand in his .. He directed her to the table and placed in front of her delighting dishes.. He himself made for her pani puri, cotton candy and what not.. They laughed, they danced , and talked and talked .. Time passed by .. Night came and they both slept leaning towards a tree..

Morning when swara woke up .. She saw the most beautiful sight.. She was securely tucked int the arms of her love.. She instantly kissed his cheek.. But then moved back.. She was reminded of something.. She shook with fear.. Her body started shivering.. She realised, she was in love but for her , it was a dream which was going to vanish in few seconds.. She stood up and tried to move but sanskaar held her hands..

Sa- swara .. Where are u going??

Sw- just leave me sanskaar.. Take me back home now..

Sa- swara .. What happen ?? Don’t u love me swara??

Sw- no .. I don’t .. I hate u .. Now get me back home..

And she moved , leaving sanskaar at back..

Sanskaar shouted: Swara .. If u r not there with me , then my life has no meaning .. It’s better to die

And he started moving back toward the edge of the cliff..

Sw- sanskaar.. No..

She came and hugged him tight.. And started beating him vigorously

Sw- u idiot .. U duffer.. U want to die ha.. I’ll make ur life hell .. I’ll not let u die because I love u .. I love u so much dammit..

Sa- calm down, my jungli billi.. Now tell me why are u afraid of love..

Sanskaar felt his shirt becoming wet .. Swara .. Swara was crying.. She was crying badly..

Sa- swara don’t cry pls.. If u don’t wanna tell then it’s okay..

Sw- no sanskaar.. When I was in class 10 .. A boy had a crush on me .. He proposed me and I refused.. He then commited suicide .. All blamed me for his death., people called me onerous for my family.. after that I lost my faith in love.. I started disliking boys .. I couldn’t help .. But then u came and brought a new Ray of light for me.. I promise , I’ll be there with u forever .. Loving u and caring for u.,

Sa- u have promised me .. But u need to give a solid proof to me to make me belief that u will stay with me .. Forever

He chuckled but his face become red soon after.. She was standing on her toes and had her arms wrapped around his neck. He had his arms around her lower back and they looked into each other’s eyes. To her it seemed as if time itself slowed to a crawl when his lips near her. Hesitating for a brief moment he stopped just before their lips met and a faint smile came to him. When they embraced each other she could feel her heart beating so fast she thought it would burst from her chest at any moment, and she finally got to press her lips against his. She had done it, he was hers. Swara kissed him.. Yes .. She kissed him.. First he was shocked .. Then he responded back to her.. They were kissing like crazy.. Like their life depended on it.. His tounge slipped in her mouth, gently but at the same time fierce and demanding. Her body was slowly melting on his touch but thankfully to sanskaar’s arm that she was able to stand.. But that wasn’t enough , she couldn’t hold more .. She fell down on the soft grass with sanskaar on top of her .. Their every inch of body lingering over each other and their mouth firmly planted.. Inhaling the scent of each other’s body , they broke out of the kiss..

Sa- I didn’t know u r such a good kisser.. U should have told me first.. Now I should everyday get my reward in the form of tasting ur honey like lips..

Sw- sanskaar.. Pls ..

Swasan together : I love u..

Swasan : I love u too

They let out a faint chuckle hearing themselves together ..

Swasan: we will be together forever..

And this time they bursted out laughing..


( sorry, I know this wasn’t upto the the mark.. But can’t help.. ???)

Credit to: Riya

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