Swasan TS: You are my heartbeat and my soul!!! Part 2

Hi guys, I am back with my TS…I am sorry for being really late. I was going to come back in september but then I thought to post the part today as i was free today. So lets start.


Sanskar was turning around just then he felt some weight on him and a hand wrapping his waist. He slowly opened his eyes and saw his love, his wife sleeping peacefully on his chest and cuddling in to him. Sanskar smiled, he hugged her tightly.

Sanskar (monologue): I am sorry swara, I couldn’t save from falling of the cliff. If I would I have saved you then you wouldn’t have to suffer from memory loss. When you went away, I felt as if someone snatched my soul. But still my heart was beating, it means that you were also alive….and see you are here with me, with our family but not remembering anything. But it’s alright my princess, we will overcome this problem also. I am always with you…just remember that. And I am so happy that you remember our love, somewhere in your heart, your towards me is still hiding. But soon that will come out. I love you shona.

Saying this he kissed on her forehead. Swara moves a little and sensing this, sanskar closed his eyes. Swara slowly opened her eyes and find her self hugging sanskar tightly. She was shocked at first but then seeing his hand on her waist, she blushed slightly.

Swara: I don’t remember anything, neither our marriage nor our love. I don’t remember any of our special moments. I don’t know anything about you. I just know that you are my husband and as a wife I should fulfil all my duties. And I also know that you love me lot and I trust you as I can see that in your eyes. I don’t know what I feeling I have, I get lost in your eyes, I feel connected towards you and I blush when you come near me. Durga maa, please help me in regaining my memory, I don’t want to live like this, without any memory.

Swara slowly removed his hands from her waist, and then sits on the bed. She covers sanskar with blanket and then goes to take bath. Sanskar opened his one eye and then opened his other eye. He sighed, “Don’t worry shona, I am always there with you. We will win together win the battle again.” Saying he again went into sleep. Suddenly he heard someone knocking.

Sanskar (shouted a little): arrey year, who’s disturbing my beauty sleep.

Sanskar stood up and went towards the door and opened it. He saw ragini nd Uttara

Ragini: sorry sanskar, for disturbing your beauty sleep
Uttara: Seriously bhai, beauty sleep.
Sanskar: why? Only you girls can have beauty sleep we boys can’t have it
Laksh who was passing by, heard him and said, “bhai, not all boys, only one boy and that is you. Mr sleeping beauty”
Sanskar: lucky teri toh

Saying this sanskar came out his room and started running behind laksh. Then laksh went back into swasan’s room. Sanlak didn’t notice when swara came out the bathroom. Suddenly sanskar dashed with swara and both of them fell on the bed, swara under sanskar. Swara was holding the t-shirt of sanskar tightly with closed eyes. Sanskar was memorized to see swara in wet hairs and in blue saree. He slowly tucked her hair behind her ear. Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar very near to her. Her heart was beating really fastly. They had a eyelock.

Ragini, laksh and Uttara smiled seeing this. Laksh closed ragini’s and uttara’s eyes with his hands and said, “Bhai…there are kids in this house so don’t do romance openly.”
Sanskar and swara came in senses. Sanskar stood up and made swara stand up. Uttara and ragini jerked laksh’s hands and asked together, “You called us kids.”

Laksh gulped his saliva seeing two kaali maata ready to kill him, “arrey meri pyaari Uttara, and my sweet ragini, I was just joking.”
Ragin: really
Uttara: now we will teach you how to joke
Saying this ragutt started running after laksh. Swara giggled. Sanskar gazed at swara and seeing his gaze, swara started to go but sanskar called her.

Sanskar: swara
Swara stopped and turned around.
Sanskar: swara our journey was started from the friendship so I want to start this journey with friendship also…so will you become my friend.
Swara smiled and said, “yes”
Sanskar: but there is rule in my friendship
Hearing this line swara starts to get flashes from past in her mind where sanskar is saying same thing.
Sanskar: no sorry
Swara interrupts, “no thank you”
Sanskar got happy as swara remembers his saying. He was now 100% sure that she will soon regain her memory.
Swara: umm..I will go down stairs now.
Sanskar nodded
Swara went down and helped in chores. Ap, sujata, ragini and Uttara were noticing her and were that swara still remembers some of the things. Parineeta tried her best to talk to swara and ask her forgiveness but none of the ladies let pari go near swara. Like this few weeks went away. Where swara started to feel again for sanskar. She was getting more close to him. She got very comfortable in that environment. One day, from doctor’s consultant, everyone thought to recreate the events but only happy ones. So they decided not to do those events, such as ragini pushing swara in to river and then marrying laksh, then ragini becoming the malkin. They decided to start from the time when swara confessed her love to sanskar in the temple. But swara doesn’s about her family’s planning.

Swara was in her room just then ragini comes, “swara, me and laksh have planned to visit a temple near the city then I thought why not you and sanskar come with us .”
Swara: ok ragini, we will come.
Ragini comes out of the room and shows thumbs up to sanlak who standing outside

Swara wore red saree while ragini wore orange saree. Sanskar was ready in a blue sherwani while laksh was ready in white sherwani. Everyone left the house in cars to the temple. They reached the temple and as soon as swara steps down she feels as is she has already came to this temple.

Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: did we ever came in this temple
Sanskar: yeah, we often came here. This is a very special place for us
Swara: for us?
Sanskar: you will soon get to know.

Sanlakrag prayed for swara’s health and her memory.

Swara (monologue): Bhagwan ji, this family is so good. They take care of me so much. And sanskar, he understand and knows me very well. He loves me so much but I…I don’t know anything about us. Please regain my memory…please help.

Sanskar (monologue): God, me and swara always overcome big problems as our love was very strong. You always helped us. Now, we need your help again. Me and my family are trying our best to regain my swara’s memory. Please help us always.

Everyone started to proceed but suddenly they see a girl and a boy wearing similar clothes as Swasan wore in when swara confessed. Both of them were covered with gulaal.

The girl: I love you sanskar…I love you so much

Saying this that girl hugged the boy tightly. Swara gets some flashes of Kavita and sanskar playing together with gulaal and then Kavita sacrificing her love, then swara confessing her love to sanskar. Swara was just staring them. The couple went away. Swara looked at sanskar. Sanskar looked at her. Sanskar took a deep sigh.

Sanskar: This is the place where you confessed your love to me.
Swara (innocently): Really
Sanskar nodded
Swara: but why do I think that there was another girl with us with whom you were playing with colour.
Sanskar held her shoulders and said, “she was Kavita, my ex-girlfriend
Swara was shocked, she widened her eyes.
Sanskar: I used to love her but after I fell in love with you….I realised that I was just attracted to wards Kavita. But Kavita didn’t know that and when she got to know that we love each other, she said us become one and went away.
Swara: oh..I feel sorry for her, she loved you truly but I came in between you two
Sanskar cupped her face and said, “no shona, she wasn’t made for me. You were the only one for made for me. Ok”
Swara (innocently): Sachi na sanskar
Sanskar: Muchi

Laksh: Acha..so should we proceed towards the house as everyone might be waiting for lunch.
Sanskar: Yes let’s go.

Swasanraglak went back to mm, had lunch and went to their respective rooms. Only Adarsh, Dp, Rp and laksh went to office as sanskar wanted to spend time with swara. Slowly time passed, now swara was very comfortable with sanskar and started to fall for him again…and sanskar also repeated many events such as the proposal, their date and many moments after marriage except their suhagraat and uttara’s marriage (hehe guys he won’t do that….you guys can understand why).

One day…in swasan’s room, swara’s saree pallu was tucked and was cleaning the wardrobe just then she sees a ‘ss’ pendant (sanskar hid that pendant in wardrobe to gift it to her later), she sees some flashes of a man making a lady wear this pendant, man and woman dancing, man carrying the woman till the bed and leaning towards her. She was getting doubt that did she and sanskar took their relationship forward. Just then she sees sanskar coming out of bathroom. She quickly keeps the pendant the same place and closes the wardrobe.

Swara hesitantly asks, “Sss..sanskar”

Sanskar was sittign on the couch, busy in reading a file replied, “han swara”
Swara gulped, “Woh…Woh i want to ask something…if..if you don’t mind.
Sanskar looks at swara who was looking nervous. He worriedly put the file down and goes to close and hold her shoulders and asks, “What happened swara? You are not feeling well? Do you want me call doctor? Wait i will just call the doctor.”
Swara: no sanskar…actually it’s about our relationship

For one second, sanskar got fear, he was thinking that what if parineeta would have instigated swara…but then he gains courage and asks, “Swara, what happened…did someone told you something.”

Swara: No, nobody told me everything….i just want to ask ki…
Sanskar: ki
Swara bowed her head and asked, “did we do that”
Sanskar (confusedly): Do what?
Swara: you know…after marriage that couple does.
Sanskar got that she was asking about their special night. He smiled naughtily and started to go step closer. As he was walking towards her swara, who was already nervous, started to step backwards.
Sanskar (smiling naughtily): What are you talking about shona, I am not getting it.
Swara: Sanskar you know what I am talking, the couple do after marriage…(slowly) at night
Sanskar: Well people sleep at night…even couples sleep at night time.

Just swara dashed with the wall and sankar kept his hands on either side of swara and went little close to swara. Swara started breathing little heavily and blushed a little.

Swara: Ssss..sanskar
Sanskar: hmmm
Swara: please tell na….did we…ma..ma
Just then sanskar cupped her one cheek and started caressing it sensuously, he then kissed her one cheek.
Sanskar: speak na swara….what happened?
Swara (breathing heavily due proximity): Did…we…we…ma…made lo…love.
Sanskar kissed her forehead and leaned towards her ear and said huskily sending shivers in swara’s body, “Yes shona, we did..that was the best night…best moment for me..for us.”

Swara got tears in her eyes and started sobbing making sanskar worried. Sanskar cupped her face and asked worriedly, “What happened swara…did I do something wrong…I am ..i am so sorry i don’t know how i lost my control and..and..”

Swara: nahi sanskar, I am cryign because i am unable to remember any of our moments. You said that it was our best moment and i don’t even remember it. How could it happen.

Sanskar: ssshh shona, you are crying for such a small thing. Don’t worry you will regain your memory.
Swara: but till when sanskar
Sanskar: swara, do you believe me
Swara: more than myself
Sanskar: Then soon you will regain your memory.
Sanskar wiped her tears and to diver her mind he said, “waise, if you don’t mind then we can do that..you know that couples do after marriage.”
Swara widened her eyes and then blushed.Sanskar smiled and hugged her tightly.

Like this days passed. One day, sanlakutt were watching a movie. Just then swaragini comes and at the same a scene comes where a man is standing, holding a woman and pointing gun on her head while another man standing opposite them holding a gun. Swara starts getting sweaty, she starts getting flashes of the seen when she was kidnapped by rajat. Her head started paining. Ragini saw her and shouted, “swara!”

Sanlakutt turned and saw swara fainting. Sanskar ran and held her. He started tapping her cheeks and called, “Swara..swara open you eyes…lucky call the doctor fast.”

Laksh called the doctor till then sanskar carried swara and put her on the bed while all family member gathered in the room. After half an hour, doctor came and checked swara.

Sanskar: Doctor, what happened to my wife, is she ok…why did she fainted suddenly.
Doctor: I think she saw something which related to her past.
Sanskar: but doctor that was last week and we recreated a happy moment..then
Ragini interrupted: one minute, sanskar that scene in the movie which was similar to that moment went swara fell from the cliff. She saw that and I think by seeign that scene, she remembered that moment.
Doctor: If i am not wrong then is that the time when she lost her memory.
Sanskar: yes doctor
Doctor: Mr maheshwari, by checking her i can say that she will regain her memory when she wakes up.
Sanskar (happily): really doctor!
Doctor: Yes…now i have to leave.
Ragini: thank you doctor.

After few minutes, swara slowly opens her eyes and lets out moan, “ahh”
Sanskar: swara
Sanskar helped swara in sitting. Swara got tery eyes and hugged sanskar tightly, “sanskar..i..i remembered everything sanskar..i got my memory back.”

Everyone joyed in happiness. Everyone celebrated this moment. On the same day. Swara got to know that parineeta is repenting as she asked forgiveness from swara. Swara forgave her. As the time passed, family accepted parineeta back and parineeta was becoming that old and good bahu. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

That’s it guys, i know that it was not that good as i typed in hurry. Thank you and take care everyone.

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