SwaSan TS: Because I Hate You – Part 3 By Duaa


~ SwaSan TS: Because I Hate You ~

Part 3 🙂

Sanskar was sitting in the room he decorated for his baby and was crying while hugging the teddy!
He was disturbed by a call on his phone .. He wipes his tears and then received the call ..

* On Call *

Sanskar: Yes Sharma Ji .. Is there anything important!?

>> Sharma Ji is a middle-aged man and works as a manager for Sanskar!

Sharma ji: Sir woh actually there is a meeting in Mumbai .. Its an important meeting sir! I hope you understand!

Sanskar: Okay Sharma Ji .. Book mai tickets to Mumbai ..

Saying this Sanskar cuts the call and caressed the teddy which was in his hand ..
Sanskar smiles sadly and left to his room .. And started packing his things ..

Sharmi Ji informed him about his flight and he left to the airport and within few hours he landed in Mumbai!
The car was waiting for him .. He sits in the car and left to the hotel ..


Next day Sanskar woke up and gets ready in his formals to leave for the meeting!

He reached the meeting venue and there he meets his business client Mr. Ansh Raichand ..
They had a formal talk .. But they weren’t able to sign the deal because the elder brother of Mr. Ansh Raichand wasn’t available!

Ansh: Sorry Mr. Maheshwari .. Woh actually this time bhaiya usually goes to pick his daughter from school! So he wasn’t able to make up!

Sanskar smiles sadly after hearing about the word ‘DAUGHTER’ ..

Sanskar: Its okay Mr. Raichand .. I understand ..

Ansh: Come On Mr. Maheswari don’t call me Mr. Raichand it makes me feel like an Oldie .. Call me Ansh!

Sanskar: So you also have to call me Sanskar!

Ansh: Done Sanskar!

They have some friendly talk where Ansh invited Sanskar for dinner at their house and after alot of convincing Sanskar agreed!

Sanskar left from there and ask his driver to leave because he wants to stay alone for sometime!
Sanskar was driving the car where he noticed some kids were coming out from the school and parents are waiting for them .. Sanskar stops his car and started admiring the parents and kids ..

When he noticed a girl wearing blue Salwar suit .. Her back was facing Sanskar!
Sanskar’s heart started beating fast .. Some unknown happiness comes in his heart .!

Sanskar move towards that girl when he noticed a little girl of hardly 5 years comes and hugs the girl while screaming mumma!
Sanskar tries to look at her face .. But before that the little girl run towards the car parked behind Sanskar while Screaming Dad!
Her mother turned her face towards Sanskar and smiles ..

Sanskar’s eyes get wide open he was shocked he couldn’t believe what he’d just saw .. Tears of happiness started flowing from his eyes ..

Sanskar whispers: SWARA!

Sanskar quickly looks at the little girl he ran towards the little girl to hug her but before he could reach a man of late twenties the same age as Sanskar’s comes and takes the little girl in his arms .. The little girl kissed his cheeks ..

Little Girl: Dad!! You know today the teacher teaches us how to do addition! You know i did a wonderful work and teacher gives me a star ..

She showed her cheeks where the star was made with Red Pen .. The guy kissed her cheeks ..

Guy: Wow! My baby is so intelligent! So tell me PIHU what you want as a gift!?

Pihu: Chocolates!!!

Guy: Don –

Before he could say Done Swara comes and looks at them with raised brows ..

Swara: No Chocolates! And you Aarav .. Stop pampering her .. Look at her teeths!

Pihu closes her mouth tightly not wanting them to look .. Aarav chuckles while Swara gives an unbelievable look ..

Sanskar was looking at them with teary eyes .. His heart was being stabbed thousands of time .. Sanskar sits on his knees and tears started flowing from his eyes .. He looked at the direction where swara was ..
But he didn’t find them he tries to find the car but that car also left! Sanskar was again broken .. He silently cries and sits in the car and drive to the hotel ..
He was remembering the face of his daughter ..

Sanskar smiles: PIHU! My bachaa!

But his smiles fade away after remembering how Pihu run towards Aarav and hugged him calling DAD!

He remembered how he humiliated Swara! How he ditched her ..

Sanskar shouts while crying: Please Forgive Me Swara!! Please Forgive me!!! Come back to me! I can’t live without you and our baby .. Swara!!!!!

Sanskar was crying badly while hugging the pillow .. He heard the Ring on his phone he looks at the caller ID which shows ..


Sanskar wipes his tears and tries to sound normal ..

Sanskar: haan ansh!?

Ansh: Sanskar you haven’t reached yet .. We all are waiting for you .. You come we’ll sign the deal today itself. .

Sanskar: Okay Ansh .. I’ll reach within 30 mins ..

Saying this Sanskar hungs up the call and dressed himself and left to Raichand Mansion.


A beautiful Mansion with White marble work around .. A beautiful garden at the entrance .. And a big aquarium at the corner full of colorful fishes .. The garden was filled with so many flowers which was increasing its beauty .. It was 8 at night but due to the lights around the Mansion made the view of the beauty of Mansion visible ..

Sanskar entered and gives the car keys to the guard to park it .. Sanskar enters the House he was welcomed by Ansh .. Ansh hugged him and gives him a friendly welcome ..
Ansh: Come Sanskar have a seat .. Well bhaiya is up there because its time for buddy’s homework! Ohh well i call bhaiya’s daughter Buddy .. So bhaiya is helping her in homework!

Sanskar smiles and remembers his daughter how she hugged Aarav .. A lone tear escaped from his eyes ..

“Sorry Mr. Maheshwari .. I’m late woh actually my daughter needed my help in her homework so i was helping her in that .. ”

Sanskar turned and was shocked to see AARAV descending from stairs .. His heart drops in his stomach he wasn’t able to digest the fact ..

Aarav comes and smiles at him Sanskar was still in shock but he composed himself ..

Ansh: So Sanskar! He is my big bro Mr. Aarav Raichand!

Aarav gives a professional smile: Sanskar! I think first we should have dinner then we will talk about all the office stuff!!

Ansh: Yeah right otherwise my wife will kill me .. And haan Sanskar don’t talk about any official matter on the table cause Sweety don’t like this ..

Sanskar just gives a smile because he wasn’t in a condition to say or ask anything .. They move towards the table where everything was arranged ..

They sits on the chairs .. A girl wearing simple saree comes out from the kitchen with bowl in her hand .. She looked at Sanskar and was shocked and then looks at Ansh who was happily talking with Sanskar!
Ansh turns his gaze and looks at the girl in saree he move towards her and puts his hand around her shoulder whicg grabs Sanskar’s attention and he was left with guilt in his eyes.

Ansh: So Meet my darling wife Saanchi Ansh Raichand! (To Saanchi) He is our business partner Mr. –


A girl wearing yellow salwar suit comes from the kitchen .. With a jug of water .. Saanchi and Ansh were standing while hiding Sanskar and the girl comes out ..

Girl: Ansh .. I said naa no official talk on dining table .. Aarav please call your little devil for dinner otherwise she won’t eat later ..

Ansh bites his tongue: Sweety i’m just introducing!

Aarav stands and smiles: Let it be Swara! You come and sit ..

Saying this Aarav pulls a chair for Swara near his chair .. In this while Swara haven’t looked at Sanskar she was just arranging the table ..

Aarav drags Swara and made her in front of Sanskar!

Aarav: Swara he is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari! Our new business partners!

Swara looks at Sanskar with terrified face .. Tears started forming in her eyes .. All the past moments flashed in her mind ..
Swara didn’t knew what to do!? What to say!?

Saanchi was also in shock but she composed herself for Swara and she hurriedly move towards Swara!

Saanchi: Swara come with me we have to arrange the table! (To Aarav) bhaiya you both start the dinner .. We will be back ..

Ansh smilingly took Sanskar and made him sit ..

~ Inside the kitchen ~

Saanchi: Swara be strong! Don’t let him spoil your present! You shouldn’t be effected by him okay ..

After alot of try swara composed herself and comes out and they sits ..
Pihu comes running from the stairs and jumps in Aarav’s lap ..

Pihu: Dad!! I completed my work .. Come feed me my dinner ..

Saying this pihu opens her mouth .. Aarav was about to put the bite in his mouth but he puts his bite in his plate and makes a bite for Pihu and gives her .. Aarav wasn’t eating anything he was just feeding Pihu ..
Sanskar was feeling bad seeing this ..
Pihu picks the bite and puts in Aarav’s mouth!

Pihu: Dad you also eat naa! One bite me .. One bite you .. Okay!?

Arav smiles and hugs her .. Swara smiles looking at them she was trying to ignore Sanskar!
Sanskar wanted to confront Swara .. But he wasn’t getting the chance ..

After the dinner they signed the deal papers .. Saanchi was cleaning the utensils and Pihu had taken Aarav to her room because she don’t sleep without Aarav ..
Ansh dropped Sanskar till the gate .. Sanskar said that he will manage from there .. Ansh left and Sanskar was coming out where he saw Swara was giving the food to the guard ..
Sanskar take this as a chance and move towards her ..

Sanskar: Swara!.

Swara froze at her place after hearing her name from his mouth ..
Swada turns and looks at him as if he didn’t effected her ..

Swara: Yes Mr. Maheshwari how can i help you!?

Sanskar: Swara please!! Please forgive me .. I will do whatever you want me to do .. But just come back to me please!
Swara was about to leave while Sanskar holds her wrist and pulls her towards himself!
She landed on her chest ..

Sanskar: Please Swara can’t you give me a chance .. Can’t you come back to me!?

Swara: Leave me Mr. Maheshwari.

Sanskar: I Won’t! Swara i know i did a mistake .. But please forgive me for that .. I really want you back in my life .. I really love you .. Please! Come back to me with OUR DAUGHTER!

Swara looks at Sanskar with horror. But soon she composed herself and pushed Sanskar!

Swara: Be in your limits Mr. Maheshwari and yes .. She is my daughter .. She is Aarav’s Daughter!

Sanskar: Ohh really!? Then tell me naa how old she is!?

Swara closed her eyes and then opens it with tear filled in her eyes: She is 4 years old .. She is Aarav’s Daughter! Pihu Aarav Raichand ..

Saying this Swara left from there .. While Sanskar was again broken into pieces!
He silently cries and left to his hotel ..


Swara and Saanchi were in Pihu’s room where Swara was crying while holding Pihu’s hand ..

Swara: Why he came back!? What else he want me!? What if he snatch my Daughter!!


Aarav enters the room and looks at Swara who was crying his heart pinched seeing her like this .. He composed himself and caressed Swara’s hair!

Aarav: No one can take Pihu .. Why you think like that Swara!? And why are you so upset.?

Saanchi decided to tell about Sanskar!

Saanchi: Aarav! You know about Swara’s past naa .. So the guy was SANSKAR!

Aarav was shocked after this confession .. He don’t know what to say and how to pacify Swara .. He just looks at Swara who was crying ..

Aarav: Swara! No one will snatch Pihu .. She is my daughter! No one can take her .. I promise this ..

Swara looks at Aarav with teary eyes and holds Pihu’s hand and slept there .. Aarav looks at Swara .. He holds her in his arms in bridal style and took her to the room .. Puts the comforter on her and left ..


Next Morning ..
Sanskar woked up with a determined face he felt some where in his heart that swara is lieng so he decided to reach Pihu’s school to find about her age ..

He dressed himself and left .. He reached the school and after talking with the principal and using his power he gets the record of Pihu! In which her age was stated ‘ 5 Yrs 4 months ‘ ..

A smile crept on his face and he took the photocopy of it and decided to confront Swara ..

He waited outside the school for Swara .. There he find Swara standing with Aarav and waiting for Pihu .. Sanskar move towards them ..
Swara looked at Aarav while he blinked his eyes asking her to relax ..

Aarav: Mr. Maheshwari you here.? Anything important.?

Sanskar: Mr. Raichand i wanted to talk with Swara .. Can you Please give us a moment!

Aarav: Mr. Maheshwari! Sorry for now we have to pick OUR DAUGHTER! You can talk later ..

Sanskar: Swara its about Pihu! Choice ia yours do you wanna talk!?

Swara looks at Aarav and then agreed and asked Aarav to take Pihu with him .. Aarav took the another car and left his car there so that swara can come easily!!

Swara and Sanskar were standing in the park ..

Sanskar: I know that Pihu is my daughter! You lied to me about ber age ..

Swara was shocked but she composed herself: i didn’t lied i just told you what truth is .. You are no one to us .. No onw to Pihu .. Do you understand that .. No one ..

Sanskar: she is my blood Swara –


Swara: No she is not! The day you ditched me .. They day i was thrown out from my parents house .. The day i decided to abort baby .. It was all because of you Sanskar!! You are no. One to pihu .. Do you understand!!

Sanskar falls on his knees : Swara Please yaar one chance .. Can’t we start our lives again ..please swara ..

Swara: i will never forgive you Sanskar! Never ..

Saying this swara ran away from there and sits in the car and drives .. Sanskar looks at her and he goes behind her in his car .. He was following her car ..

Sanskar: Swara listen to me .. Swara!!

Swara: Go away Sanskar!!

Swara was driving harshly .. Sanskar was behind her .. Swara didn’t noticed the truck coming from the opposite direction!

The truck was coming and it dashed with Swara’s car ..
Sanskar was horrified with the view .. He quickly move towards swara who was lieing in the pool of blood .. Sanskar quickly took her to the hospital and called Aarav to come and informed him about all ..


Sanskar was standing outside the operation theatre while Aarav, Ansh and Saanchi comes ..

Saanchi move towards Sanskar and slapped him hard ..

Saanchi: Why the hell you returned!? Haan!!?? To ruin her life again .. Can’t you just let her live in peace.
Saying this Saanchi started slapping Sanskar rapidly! Ansh stopped her and hugs her ..
Saanchi was crying on Swara’s condition! Aarav was just numb because doctors had told her that the accident was horrifying and survival chances are very low ..

Sanskar was sitting on his knees: please forgive me Saanchi .. Please!!! I already had asked forgiveness from swara .. Please Forgive me!! I’ve realized my mistake! Please Forgive me ..

Aarav made Sanskar stand .. Meanwhile the doctor comes and told them that the patient have very less time and she is calling all of you inside!

Sanskar hurriedly moves inside ..

Sanskar: Swara!

Swara: (Turns towards Aarav) Aarav .. You were always there with me like a true friend! Like a father for Pihu .. Please take care of Pihu (To Saanchi) You always supported me .. You were by my side when i need someone! You were there .. Thank you Saanchi for being there for me ..

Sanskar was looking all this .. Swara turn her face towards Sanskar and signals him to come to him ..
Sanskar move towards her ..

Swara: Sanskar! I have very less time .. I wanted to say something! Sanskar will you fulfill my wish please!?

Sanskar: swara don’t say like that .. Nothing will happen! And i will fulfil your every wish ..

Swara: Nothing can be changed Sanskar! My last wish is that please don’t come near my Pihu .. You are no one to her and please don’t come in my last rituals! I don’t want you to be the partt of it. I don’t want my daughter to be like you .. Just don’t come near my daughter neither come in my last rituals BECAUSE I HATE YOU SANSKAR!

Swara’s eyes were closed and Saanchi was crying! Tears were flowing from Aarav’s eyes .. Sanskar waa just numb ..

Last words of Swara were ringing in his ears ..


—————- THE END —————-

Tada. This is the end of My TS!
So i hope you all must be waiting for me with so many rotten tomatoes! Because according to you all this is too much .. Haina!?
No this is not too much this is justified for him .. He deserves this .. Girls are not any toy that to put bets on them or to use them and then to dump them .. This is not done!
Swara had Aarav with her .. She had Saanchi with her but there are many Swara who have no one .. And are bearing society taunts .. So this is the punishment! A life long punishment to those who plays with girls!

Kindly share your views guys! If possible avoid giving one word comments! I want your views! 🙂


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  1. Diva

    Quite sad…and cruel yaar…but for a boy with this character deserves this….!!!

  2. poor sanskara.he have punishment but not this much

  3. The end was so sad.. bt loved it..? keep it up..

  4. Duaa seriously??? Swara died. U r crct in ur place bt it was a ts na so happy ending karna tha

    1. Duaa

      Well Swarna .. The end was justifying the title .. And this was what i felt for the story but don’t worry I’ll be back soon with another TS with a happy end just for you guys! ??
      Love you loads. X

  5. The end was sad. But what you said is absolutely correct. Girls are nt toys & these type of men deserve punishments.. You have given a good message though out this.
    Loved it. Do write more. Try to write happy ending wala one.

  6. Mica

    luv it soo much Duaa..
    somehow, i feel sorry for sanskar, he was suffering also..
    but still he was selfish, after he found out swara, he again tried to intrude her life
    we can’t turn back the time rite ? the pain he ever give to swara was unbearable pain

  7. G.Chandu

    It’s soo sad…!! But I loved it…!!

  8. Maha6

    Sad ending but crct ending. Ise logon ke sath isi hi honi chahiye.

  9. Awesome

  10. Vyshu10

    Very sad….

  11. Arunika

    Being a girl I was very sad & my eyes were moist reading this!!!!

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