SwaSan TS: Because I Hate You – Part 2 By Duaa


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**> Download the Song ‘ Khair Mangda ‘ By Atif Aslam from the Movie Flying Jatt .. As the story will move ahead at the point i will mention to you to play the song and then read the further part .. So you have to follow that it will help you to feel the scene! 🙂

~ SwaSan TS: Because I Hate You ~

Part 2 🙂

Swara was conscious now .. And was looking at Saanchi with fearful and blank expression ..

Saanchi: What happened Swara!? Is every –


Swara: I’m pregnant Saanchi .. I’m pregnant!

Saanchi was shocked after hearing this news she didn’t knew what to say and how to console her ..
Sometimes actions speak more then words .. Saanchi also did the same she Hugged Swara tightly and starts caressing her back ..

Swara: Saanchi .. What have i done!! What had happened? How will i face my parents Saanchi .. What will i do now!!

Swara was crying badly and Saanchi was just caressing her back she also didn’t knew when tears made there way from her eyes ..

Saanchi: Swara bacha!! Listen to me .. Don’t worry okay! Your parents will support you .. They will be by your side at this moment they won’t leave you .. Okay! Now come .. Lets leave to your place! I’ll make Uncle and Aunty understand! Come.

Swara and Saanchi move towards the Parking where Saanchi’s scooty was parked ..
Sanskar noticed them and move towards them ..

Sanskar: Swara listen!

Swara froze at the moment she started shivering .. Before Sanskar could say something Saanchi comes ..

Saanchi: Listen Mr. Stud Maheshwari! Whatever you want to do with Swara you’ve done it .. You’ve spoiled her life .. You’d break her heart into pieces .. You’ve killed her soul .. Now she have nothing so just stay away from her ..

Ragini: Listen you Ms. Low class –


Saanchi: Listen You Witch! If you’ve forgot the slap i’ve given on your face few mins back .. Then i won’t mind to remind you that or will you leave with your boyfriend!?

Ragini stamps her foot and drags Sanskar .. Sanskar was looking at Swara while turning back ..

Swara doesn’t looks at him and just whispers: I Hate You Sanskar! And i will never forgive you ..


Saanchi and Swara reached at Gadodia House ..

Saanchi assured her that no matter what her parents will support her .. May be they will get angry but they will support her ..

Swara move towards the main gate and was stopped by the watchman ..

Swara: Kaka! Open the gate ..

Watchman: Swara bete! Shekhar Sahab had strictly asked us that not to let you enter the house .. We are helpless!

Swara was shocked after hearing it she was just numb .. Saanchi move forward and ask the watchmen to call Shekhar Uncle ..
Watchmen called Shekhar ..
Shekhar comes out from the house in Rage ..

Shekhar shouts: What the hell this girl is doing here!! Doesn’t she get satisfied after ruining my respect! Now what’s left!!?

Swara: Papa listen ..

Shekhar: Your Father is dead!! We have no relation! You are no one to me .. My daughter is dead the moment she spends a night with a random guy .. My daughter is dead ..

Swara begs: Papa please listen to me once ..

Shekhar: I’m not your papa .. And don’t dare to call me Papa from your impure mouth .. Watchmen don’t let this girl enter my house .. She is dead for us ..

Saying this Shekhar move inside the house .. Swara was crying badly after hearing this from her father .. She was broken all again ..
Saanchi was also numb after hearing all this .. She didn’t knew how to react ..

She took swara with her to the College Girl’s Hostel ..


Saanchi took her to the Warden’s cabin ..
Saanchi told about Swara to the warden ..

Warden: Umm Swara Gadodia! Sorry Saanchi beta we can’t allow that girl to stay here .. I’ve heard that she is pregnant! And the father of the child is no where to be found .. I can’t let such girl stay here ..

Saanchi was hell angry before she could reply back she heard the sound of sobs and she turned and find Swara .. Who’d heard everything ..

Saanchi move towards her and consoles her .. And told her that she will stay by her side always!


The news of Swara’s pregnancy had been spread like a fire in a jungle .. Everyone was talking about it ..

Sahil: Haan Ragu! I myself had heard about it from the nurse .. She herself told that Swara is pregnant!

Laksh: And the child is obviously of Sanskar na!

Ragini: Whatever be it .. I had heard that her family had disowned her .. Well she deserves it ..

Laksh: I think we should tell about this to Sanskar!

Ragini: No way!! Guys .. Don’t let this news leaks to Sanskar .. Try as much as possible and keep this news away from him .. I don’t want him to go to that cheap girl ..

Everyone agreed after hearing it and tried to hide this from Sanskar .. They didn’t let Sanskar knew about the truth ..

After some days they came to know that Swara had left the city ..
Sanskar had started feeling guilty for his behavior ..

Maybe this is the start of his realization!


Swara and Saanchi had shifted to Mumbai where Saanchi’s Grand parents lived ..
Saanchi’s parents died when she was just 16 years old! Then her grand parents had taken care of her but two years back her grand father also died and in his memories her grand mother also died ..

They’ve settled themselves in Mumbai .. They were living their lives ..

There was a time when she wanted to abort the baby .. She wanted to kill her baby ..
And she’d even taken the appointment from the doctor but when she visited the hospital and looked at people holding their babies with such delicacy and taking care of it she felt ashame of herself that how can she kill her own baby being a mother.

Saanchi and Swara both had joined an Office and started working their ..
Swara was now slowly coming out from the trauma .. And was starting living happily ..
She started to talk with people like before but something was still missing ..
Yeah her laugh .. She always gives a smile .. She’d never laughed after that incident!


~ 6 Years Later ~

A big house is shown .. Naah it was not a house it was a mansion .. A beautiful huge mansion ..

Servants were moving here and there ..

A shout was heard from the room ..

All the servants assembled themselves in the hall .. A guy of late twenties comes in the hall .. His face was dull and full of Rage ..

Guy shouts: Who dare to clean my Room!!! Who’d changed the interior of my room!! Answer me dammit ..

All the servants shiver in fear ..

A voice from behind: I changed the interior of the room Sanky!

Sanskar turns and looks at the girl wearing a knee lenght White top hugging her body ..

Sanskar: Enough Ragini .. Don’t dare to call me Sanky .. And who had given you the right to change the interior of my room ..

Ragini: Come on Sanky .. We are getting married next month .. I didn’t like that –


Sanskar: Listen Ragini! Don’t interfere in that .. And i’m not gonna marry you .. Do you get that!!!

Ragini: Why!? Just because of that blo*dy Swa –

Before she could complete she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks .. Sanskar had slapped her ..

Sanskar: Listen Ragini Singh .. Don’t dare to talk about MY Swara like this .. And yes i’m telling you for the last time that i won’t marry you .! Fit this in your brain .. Do you get that .. Leave my house Right Now!

Saying this Sanskar move towards his room signalling his servants to set the things back like before ..

>> Now Guys Play the Song <<

Sanskar entered the room and find the three walls colored in yellow color and in the front wall there was a wallpaper of rainbow ..

~ Flashback ~

Swara and Sanskar are sitting in a park ..

Swara: Sanskar! See see .. (Points at the sky) Rainbow .. You knw i love Rainbow alot .. Its so beautiful naa Sankyy .. You know i will decorate my room like all the three walls of yellow color and the front wall should be with the wallpaper of Rainbow! So that i can see the rainbow daily!! Its amazing naa!

Sanskar: Swara its so weird! I mean look naa you are so big and you want a rainbow wallpaper so childish!

~ Flashback ends ~

Sanskar wipes the tear escaped from his eyes ..

Sanskar: I Know i did a mistake! But I'm repenting yaar .. Please come back .. Where are you Swara!?

Saying this Sanskar move towards the cupboard and find many sharp colored T shirts!

~ Flashback ~

Swara: Sanskar why you always wear this dull colors .. These black Grey brown .. What kind if colors are these ..

Sanskar: Come on Swara i'm a boy!! I should only wear these colors ..

Swara: What's the connection!? You know we should wear sharp color dresses it will make our life beautiful and colorful!

Sanskar (while making faces) : Yeah Yeah!

~ Flashback ends ~

Sanskar: Color full dresses doesn't make the life colorful Swara! It was you .. It was you who'd made my life colorful! Please come back .. I will do whatever you want me to do! Please come back ..

Saying this Sanskar hugs the Picture if Swara!

Sanskar: 6 years Swara!! I've searched you everywhere!! Where are you!? Please come back naa Swara!! Please come back .. I'm dying every day .. Please come back!!

Sanskar was crying while holding the picture while a servant comes and ask Sanskar that the breakfast is ready ..

Sanskar move towards the breakfast table ..
He saw a glass of Milk on table .. A lone tear escaped from his eyes ..

~ Flashback ~

Sanskar: Swara don't force me for this milk .. I hate Milk ..

Swara: Why Sanskar!? You knw milk is so healthy for us .. It makes our bones strong .. And ..

Sanskar (shouts) : shut up swara!! Don't teach me okay! And never order me .. Do you get that!

~ Flashback ends ~

Sanskar makes a fist of his hand due to which the glass of milk breaks in his hand ..

Sanskar : Im punishing myself for hurting you .. This six years i only know how i passed .. I always wished for your safety! Swara! Please come back yaar! I hate myself for hurting you .. I wil never shout on you and will always do what you will say .. Please come back .. Please come back!!

Saying this Sanskar started crying like a child .. He rushed upstairs and entered a room ..

Decorated with a baby stuff .. Colorful walls teddy bears and many soft toys .. Sanskar touched the things ..

~ Flashback ~

Sanskar's gang were sitting on the stairs of the auditorium .. Sanskar wasn't there ..

Ragini: Yaar guys! Im thinking one thing that what had happened to the child in Swara's womb!?

Sahil: Matlab!?

Ragini: Araay her family disowned her naa! And now she is also not coming to the College and moreover that warden had also thrown her out .. So what will happen to her and her child ..

Sanskar waa standing behind them and heard about the child .. His Child ..
He was just numb .. He didn't knew what to do .. He didn't knew ..

Sahil: i had heard that she'd left the city with that Saanchi .. I don't know about their location!

Sanskar was just numb after hearing this .. He'd lost his baby .. He'd lost his Love Swara ..

~ Flashback Ends ~

Sanskar: Meraa Bachaa!! Where are you!? Your dad is Missing you .. Please bachaa!! God please protect my Life and my Baby!

Sanskar was hugging the teddy and was crying like a baby ..

Sanskar: Please come back!! Please come back!!

————- THE END ————-

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