SwaSan TS: Because I Hate You – Part 1 By Duaa


~ SwaSan TS: Because I Hate You ~

A boy was sitting on his bike and a girl sitting on his lap his gang was standing behind him laughing ..

A Girl wearing Jeans and top was standing between them .. Her face was emotionless .. Tears were flowing from her eyes ..

Boy: So Miss Swara Gadodia .. Now you are single Again ..

Saying this the boy started laughing again .. His gang mates were also laughing ..

The girl sitting on the boy’s lap smirks ..

Girl: Ohh Swara! Don’t cry baby! Sanskar is a hunk of this college .. So now he is with me the Diva! Right Sanky Darling!?

Sanskar tightened the grip on her waist: Absolutely right Ragu baby .. You can never be wrong!

Saying this Sanskar pecks her shoulder!

Ragini: Ohh Baby! Have some shame your Ex GirlFriend is standing just in front of us ..

Sanskar: GirlFriend!!? Naaah Ragu Darling she was never my girlfriend she was just a bet!! I and lucky had a bet that soon I’ll bring this girl to my bed and see i did that!! Soo guys huge round of applause for Me!

Swara was just looking at them and tears were flowing from her eyes ..

Swara (Whispers) : Why you did that Sanskar!? I loved you truly! Why you played with my emotions! With me dig .. ni .. ty (Her voice chokes)

Sanskar smirks: Whatever that was .. But i must say you are really very hot ..

Saying this Sanskar Shamelessly Winks ..

Ragu (with a pout) : More then Me Sanky!?

Sanskar pecks her pout: Not More then you sweetheart!

Laksh: Well Swara! Ragu toh is with Sanskar so why don’t you try me! And you are also no more pure so we can have some fun .. Right!?

Swara shivers in fear .. Sanskar felt like his heart drops in his stomach but he ignored his feeling and puts his hand on Laksh’s shoulder.

Sanskar: Lucky boy! Let this poor girl go .. She is useless now!

Saying this everyone laughs ..

Sahil: Still Yaar Sanskar! We can have her naa!

Laksh: Arayy Sahil .. Why will Sanskar say No! He don’t have any problem! Haina Sanskar!?

Sanskar was having a strange feeling: Aahh! Let her go guys! This was enough for her today .. How many shocks will she bear in a day ..

Saying this everyone laughs ..

Sahil: Haha yeah thats true .. Waise Swara Ji now toh you’ve learnt a lesson naa that never mess with us!

Tears were flowing from her eyes .. And everyone was laughing!

Ragini: Ms. Ex .. Now i hope that you will never slap anyone ..

Ragini move towards Sanskar and Kisses his cheeks ..

Ragini: My Baby! It must be painful naa!?

Sanskar smirks: Naah Darling! But yes Ask Swara that is it paining!??

Ragini Smirks .. Whereas everyone was laughing at her condition and she was just standing still ..

Ragini: I Think Ms. Ex is loving this humiliation!

Swara was looking at Sanskar with teary eyes ..

Sanskar: Swara!! Swara!! Swara!! Why are you standing here still ..

Laksh: Arayy Sanskar she must be ..

Before Laksh could complete Swara ran away from there with tears flowing from her eyes ..


Swara was sitting in her room and was crying ..

Swara: Why you did this with me Sanskar!! I loved you truly!! I gave my everything to you .. And you .. You cheated me .. Your Love was a Revenge for a slap ..

~ Flash Back ~

Swara entered the College Campus with dreams in her eyes .. She was admiring the College campus ..

While she noticed a group of girls and Boys were doing Ragging of some students ..

She move towards them and saw that a guy sitting on a bike and was laughing looking at the freshers who were being ragged ..

The boy noticed Swara and ask her to come to him ..

Swara move towards him .!

Boy: So Ms. Fresher you are bound to Kiss me ..

Swara’s eyes wide opened .. She felt disgusting and slapped him hard ..

Swara: How disgusting you are ..

Boy: How dare you!!?? How dare you slap me .. How dare you slap Sanskar Maheshwari .. You will pay for it!

Swara: How cheap you are .. First you asked me to kiss you and now you are threatening me .. Didn’t your mother teach you how to behave with a girl ..

Saying this Swara left the place ..

~ Flashback Ends ~

Swara was crying Vigorously ..

Swara: You showed your fake guilt to me .. You are a fake human .. I will never forgive you Sanskar .. NEVER!

~ Flashback ~

Swara was sitting in the library .. Sanskar comes towards her ..

Sanskar: Swara! I’m Sorry for that behavior! And now i’m guilty for that .. You were right my morals don’t allow me to do that with a girl .. I’m really sorry .. You’ve opened my eyes .. Thank You So Much for that ..

Swara smiled at him and accepts his apology!

Soon Swara and Sanskar started spending time with each other ..

Swara’s heart was bowing in front of Sanskar but Sanskar’s mind was busy in plotting!

~ FlashBack Ends ~

Swara: The Day you called me to your farm house for a surprise .. I was jumping with happiness but i didn’t knew that .. That you will ..

Saying this she started crying badly ..

~ Flashback ~

Swara entered the Farm House wearing a knee length blue top ..

Sanskar comes to her and take her towards the gardern area which was decorated with Flowers ..

Swara was mesmerized with the decor .. She was happily admiring the decor .. She looks at Sanskar and found him sitting on his knees with a ring in his hand ..

Sanskar: I don’t know when!? How!? Where!? I’d fallen in love with you madly and deeply! I just can’t imagine my life without you .. You’ve become a beat of my heart .. My heart is now no more mine .. Its all yours .. I Love You Swara .. I Love You So Much ❤❤

Swara was on Cloud Nine after hearing the confessions she knelt down and hugged him tightly ..

Swara: I Love You too Sanskar! I love you too ??

Sanskar smiles .. Swara touched her forehead with his .. Sanskar looks at her lips and pulled her into a passionate kiss, his tongue was tracing her bottom lip, causing her to part her lips for a moment .. He took this as a chance and slipped his warm tongue in her mouth ..

He pulled back and pecks her lips ..

Swara was blushing hard .. She hides her self in Sanskar’s chest due to shyness!

Sanskar: Swara .. You belong to me now! Will you allow me to mark you mine forever! Only if you trust me!

Swara looks at Sanskar with lots if Love and trust in her eyes ..

Swara: Sanskar i love you with all my heart .. With My Soul and i trust you more then myself! Im all yours Sanskar!

Sanskar was looking at her with unknown desire in his eyes .. He picks her in his arms and takes her towards the room ..

The room was decorated with scented candles and Roses ..

Sanskar puts her on bed and comes on top of her and nuzzled his nose in the crook of her neck ..
He move towards her lips and he kissed her deeply ..
They were kissing and Sanskar’s hand move towards the zip of her dress and soon the clothes were scattered on the floor ..

And the room was filled with uneven breaths and pleasurable moans ..

Both become one PHYSICALY but their hearts weren’t One still ..

It was one sided Love Making from her side but from his side it was just his Desire of which that poor soul was unaware!

~ Flashback Ends ~

Swara: I gave my everything to You Sanskar and what you did with me!! You played with my emotions .. You took my everything!! My everything! What was my Sin!? I just slapped you and you .. You ruined my life Sanskar! I can never forgive you .. Never!! I hate you Sanskar .. I hate you ..


Its been two weeks since that incident and Swara haven’t shown up yet ..

Swara had locked herself in the room .. Her parents are worried for her .. But she is not in a mood to come out of the room .. She only used to cry and remember her time with Sanskar and the fact that it was all fake it hurts her to the core ..

On the other side .. Sanskar was restless with Swara’s absence .. He used to wait for her .. He unknowingly looks at college gate expecting her to come ..

His heart was slowly moving towards her .. But his mind .. His mind wasn’t allowing him to accept the fact that he’d fallen for her ..

He was restless with her absence wasn’t this enough to prove that he love her ..

No this is not enough to prove that he’d fallen for her ..

Cause still He used to make fun of her in front of his friends! They all used to call Swara STUPID!

And he is a guy who isn’t respecting a girl like Swara .. Infact calling ger stupid cause she’d been trapped!

And they are absolutely Right! Swara is a Stupid Girl .. Like how can she believe Sanskar!? How can she devote herself to the creep like Sanskar!? Though Swara was unaware of his intentions but ..

Yeah right! What can she do .. She loved him selflessly .. She devoted herself completely to him .. Just because she LOVE him ..

And its HIS loss .. He’d lost a pure girl like Swara! Its his fault he’d done a mistake by playing with a girl’s feeling!


Sanskar and his Gang was sitting on their bikes .. And as usual Ragini was sitting on Sanskar’s lap and was rubbing her hand on his chest ..

Ragini: Sanky Baby! What are you looking at the entrance!?

Sanskar looks at Ragini and smirks: Ragu Darling! Im looking for my Bet Girl ..

Laksh: Bet Girl Or Bed Girl!??

Saying this everyone laughs .. But Sanskar was looking at the Entrance and was feeling irritated cause Swara hasn’t shown up yet ..

Sahil: Aarghh Swara haven’t came yet yaar! I thought that today toh i will bring that mere girl to bed ..

Sanskar was hell angry before he could punch Sahil .. Swara entered the college campus wearing a full sleeves Top and jeans ..

Swara’s eyes were swollen due to continuous crying .. She’d lost her charm .. The million Dollar smile was missing from her face ..

Sanskar felt bad ..

Ragini (bit loudly) : Guys! Listen Up! Now adays girls are so shameless that after being played by a guy still they didn’t leave the chance of luring guys! I mean how cheap!

Tears made their way from Swara’s eyes ..

Ragini smirks: And those crocodile Tears .. Arghh! I mean how cheap and low class the girls are ..

Swara move towards the class .. And settled her stuff in the class ..

Swara’s friend Saanchi come towards her ..

Saanchi: Swara! I heard what happened last week! You please don’t stress yourself! I’m with you naa ..

Swara hugs her and crys: Why it happened with me Saanchi!?? Why me!? What was my fault!? Was loving someone is a crime!?

Saanchi console her ..

After a while she noticed that swara isn’t responding she looks at her and finds her unconscious ..

Saanchi panics and ask one if her classmate to help her in taking Swara to the Sick Room ..

They took her to the sick room .. Sanskar noticed that Swara is fainted and a guy was taking her towards the sick room .. He move towards them but in the way he was stopped by Saanchi ..

Saanchi: Don’t you dare go near her!! I will kill you if i’ve seen you near her ..

Sanskar: Saanchi i –


Saanchi: Don’t take my name from your blo*dy mouth .. And stay away from Swara! Its my final warning!

Ragini: How dare you talk to my boyfriend like this!? You –

Before Ragini could complete she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks ..

Saanchi had slapped her hard ..

Saanchi: Listen you [email protected]! Take your boyfriend and don’t show me your witchy face ..

Saying this Saanchi makes her way towards the Sick room ..

Swara was conscious now .. And was looking at Saanchi with fearful and blank expression ..

Saanchi: What happened Swara!? Is every –


Swara: I’m pregnant Saanchi .. I’m pregnant!

Screen splits on the shocked face of Saanchi and a blank face of Swara ..

————– THE END ————–

So this is the first part of my TS! 🙂
You may find this story a common one .. But this isn’t a common story ..
This story is my view over these kind of incidents .. :’)
Hope to see you all giving your views! 🙂


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  1. i alrdy read it in fb..and i cant cmmnt their bcz i m nt in fb…soo i cmmnt here..it ww awsm dear..but little bit disappointed with last part..as a girl pov that was right but as a swasan fan really hurt..but it ws awsm one..and different frm other bet/revenge come love stories..loved it alot

    1. Diva

      Hey sanyukta do you study in QVS..??

    2. Duaa

      I know .. Being a SwaSan fan it hurts but if we take them as a character! Then we can feel the pain and suffering!.:)
      Btw thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I m reading this second time I know whole story but I really want to read again

    1. Duaa

      Awww!! Thank You so Much ..???

  3. Soujanya


  4. Awesome dear…hope soon sanky realizes his mistake..he must regret fr his doings…continue nxt part soon

    1. Duaa

      Sure Mahjabeen! 🙂
      He will definitely regret for his doing! 🙂

  5. Mica

    i read the last part in fb… but really, i still love to read it, ty Duaaa..
    it’s soo awesome

    1. Duaa

      Thank You So much ??
      Keep reading! 🙂

    2. Mystery

      Dear plzz give me the fb link

      1. Duaa

        Well dear its a page on FB names SwaSan – The World of Fan Fiction. There you can find the album of the story you want. Hidden beast is also there and the complete TS is also there ..
        Here is the link Mystery! 😛
        Hope it will help ..

  6. Bushra

    Please do update next part soon

    1. Duaa

      Yeah sure. Next part will be posted tomorrow!.:)

  7. nice..can u lz give me d fb link of dis story?

    1. Duaa

      Ahan! Okay the FB page named SwaSan – world of fan fiction ( https://m.facebook.com/SwaSan.FanFictions.OS/ )
      Here you will find the next two parts if this TS! 🙂
      But yes do read here and comment too! 🙂

  8. Diva

    Wow awesome pls upload the next part soon….and yes it is a common one but I feel that the end will be a tragedy…upload soon dear or else I would have a sleepless night…!!

    1. Duaa

      Haahha!! Well i will post the next part tomorrow itself! 🙂

      1. Diva

        OK…but I quick??

  9. i like your ff.swara should give birth her child.she will take care single parent her child show a girls are not weak girls are handle any situation comparison boy.swara should not abortion because it is not her child wrong it’s sanskara wrong. swara leave her parent go to country to good growth give her child.because any parent are not accept her child pregant before marriage.sanskara come to known truth swara pregant after her left her country. he feel guilty to dead in daily himself life because him pure love left him with him child.swara give good growth her child,then sanskar reaslise him mistake.swara didn’t forgive him easily.

    1. Duaa

      Absolutely correct! 🙂
      Im so happy to see your this much big comment! 🙂
      This really means alot to me .. And i’m so proud of your views .. They are just so pious .. I just wish that everyone should think like this 🙂

  10. nicei like your ff.swara should give birth her child.she will take care single parent her child show a girls are not weak girls are handle any situation comparison boy.swara should not abortion because it is not her child wrong it’s sanskara wrong. swara leave her parent go to country to good growth give her child.because any parent are not accept her child pregant before marriage.sanskara come to known truth swara pregant after her left her country. he feel guilty to dead in daily himself life because him pure love left him with him child.swara give good growth her child,then sanskar reaslise him mistake.swara didn’t forgive him easily.

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