Swasan TS- Golden Princess Part 3

Shot 3

Swara is arranging the clothes and crooning. Sanskaar hugs her from back.

Swara: “Sanskaar see my wedding dress.”

Sanskaar: “Hmm, it’s good but still not perfect.”

Swara: “Why??”

Sanskaar: “Because this is missing.”

He gives her a box.

Swara: “Gift for me?.”

She opens it. It’s a beautiful anklet.

Sanskaar: “I know it’s not too much expensive but I made it.”

Swara: “I love it?.”

Sujata calls Swara.

Sujata: “Swara… Where are you we are getting late?”

Swara: “Ji ma coming… (She looks towards Sanskaar.) Now let me go Sanskaar.”

Sanskar: “promise me tomorrow you will spend whole days with me?.”

Swara(kisses on his cheek.): “Okie?, bye?.”

She leaves.

Swara and Sujata are working in field.

Swara: “Ma.”

Sujata: “Say.”

Swara: “Today, I’ll come home late.”

Sujata: “Why? What happened?”

Swara: “Malik said, he will give more money for extra time.”

Sujata: “Swara, how would you come alone? Thus root is dangerous during night due to wild animals.”

Swara: “Don’t worry ma, Kamla tai will also come with me please ma. If we will arrange money from today than it would be helpful for our future.”

Sujata: “My daughter became too much intelligent.”

Swara(smiles?): “Thank you ma?.”

After work Sujata leaves, Swara engulfs in work she forgets about time. Then she hears voice of footsteps. She became afraid.

Swara: “?Kamla tai… Is that you?”

Then she hears roaring lion voice. With the decreasing distance between her and coming footsteps she became afraid????.

Swara(joins her hand): “Please? God ji save me?, Lion Ji let me marry Sanskaar then kill me.”

Then she hears voice of laughing?. He is Sanskaar.

Sanskar: “Hahah??. (He pulls her cheeks.) So cute”

Swara starts crying and he hugs her, he tries to console her but she is still crying.

Sanskar: “Swara, hush? don’t cry. I was joking.”

Swara: “I was really afraid, what if I died before meeting you.”

Sanskar breaks hugs and wipes her tears. He pecks on her lips.

Sanskar: “You love me this much. (She nodes head. He kisses on her forehead.) My cute princess. Sorry. Come let’s go home.”

Swara: “Little work is left.”

Sanskar: “Okay, I’ll too help you.”

After work Swara takes her wages.

Sanskar lifts her; she hides her face in his chest.

Sanskar: “Someone is too shy?.”

Swara smiles: “No one is shying?.”

Swara looks towards moon.

Swara: “Moon is following us?, Why?”

Sanskar: “He is showing us direction to our home.”

Swara: “He knows our address. Does he have time for us?”

Sanskar: “Yup?, that moon is jealous of my moon that’s why he always follows us.”

Swara: “Who is your moon??”

Sanskar: “You haven’t seen my moon. (She nodes no?.) Come I’ll show you. I love my moon too much.”

Swara: “And me?”

Sanskar: “You will also get jealous seeing my moon.”

Swara becomes sad. Swasan enters inside home, Sujata see them but thought not to disturb them.

Sanskar: “Swara, I’m too hungry bring something for me I’m hungry.”

Swara brings food for him. She feeds him but still sad. After dinner she sleeps in his arms.

Swara(thinks): “Who is moon? Why I never saw her?? Is she pretty than me?”

Sanskar: “Swara where are you lost?”

Swara: “Where is your moon?”

Sanskar: “You want to see my moon.”

He lights the candle and takes her near mirror and points towards mirror.

Sanskar (wishpers): “There. (She looks at her reflection.) Sanskaar don’t get jealous of my moon. She is so special.”

Swara hugs him.

Swara: “I love you.”

Sujata calls Sanskaar.

Sujata: “Lucky came to meet you.”

Sanskaar: “Im Coming ma, Swara I’ll come soon.”


Sanskar: “Is everything ready for tomorrow?”

Lucky: “Yes Sanskaar, after fair King will announce Sahil and Swara’s engagement.”

Sanskar: “That wont never happen?.”

Lucky: “Yes because before that you will marry his daughter.”

Sanskar: “Yes, after that we will show that Shekhar his real place.”

Lucky: “Yes we will punish Shekhar and made her daughter maid.”

Sanskar: “No Lucky.”

Lucky: “What no? You bought her here for the purpose of revenge only so that you can punish her for her father deeds.

Sanskar: “Yes I bought her here for this but…”

Lucky: “Swara…”

Sanskar turns back and see Swara before he calls her she runs inside the home.

Sanskar: “Oh shit?…”

Lucky: “What happened?”

Sanskar: “Though I thought to take revenge from her, but Lucky she suffered more than us. A bird captured inside a Golden Cage. Her innocence, kindness and loving nature melt my heart.”

Lucky: “So you love her?”

Sanskar: “Yes, ? but now?? She won’t forgive me.”

Lucky: “Then go stupid console her go…”

Sanskaar enters inside the room and Swara is looking outside.

Sanskar: “I’m so sorry Swara, please forgive me?. Earlier I was bad now I really love you. I thought you are also like your father but then I realized how wrong I was. Your innocence taught me the real meaning of love.”

Swara turns back her eyes filled with tears.

Swara: “Baba never gave me love of father, for him I am only source of money. Ma hesitated to love me. Sisters hate me. The palace is world for me, because baba thought it would go out then prosperity will leave his palace. He wants me not because I’m his daughter because of his lure of money.”

Sanskar: “Sorry to hurt you.”

Swara: “You brought me here for revenge. All needs me for their self seeking.”

Sanskar: “I really love you. I’ll bear any punishment you leave me.”

Swara: “After making me fall for you are talking about leaving?, you are very selfish.”

Sanskar: “Swara…”

She hugs him: “You want to stay from you to hurt me more.”

Sanskar: “No?.”

Swara: “I love you and I too forgive you because you did this for your mother.”

Sanskar: “So easily?. If you want you can punish me.”

Swara: “How can I punish my husband?”

Sanskar: “Swara you are really very innocent?.”

Swara: “Sanskaar…”

Sanskar: “Hmm.”

Swara: “I’m your moon. But when sky moon saw I mean that time I was in palace but how can he got to know my changed address. What if he would tell this to baba.”

Sanskar: “Haha?, Swara you don’t know?”

Swara: “What I don’t know?”

Sanskar: “Moons never follows anyone. It’s just an illusion we felt that he is following us but in real he is only revolving around earth. You never saw this before.”

Swara: “How could I know? I never went outside the palace. Today I worked till night then I saw him following me.”

Sanskar feels bad: “Don’t worry, after marriage I’ll show you whole world.”

Swara: “Yepii?.”

Next day.

Sanskar wakes up he finds Swara missing.

Sanskar: “Ma where is Swara?”

Sujata: “He is in the garden.”

There is small garden behind their home. Sanskar reaches there and saw Swara is watering the plants. Butterflies are flying around her.

Sanskar: “Swara…”

Swara: “Good Morning Sanskaar.”

Sanskar comes towards Swara and butterflies fly away.

Sanskaar: “These butterflies don’t love me?. Whenever I come near them they fly.”

Swara: “Call them sweetly they will come.”

Sanskar: “Come here butterfly. (No one comes.) See they are so rude.”

Swara: “You hardly come here; if you come regularly they will love you too. (Swara brings some seeds.) Throw them birds will come.”

He does and lots of birds come there.

Swara: “Birds today I’m going to start new life please bless my Sanskaar.”

Sanskar: “Swara you should pray to God.”

Swara: “God listens our pray when we take care of his creature. So I’ll pray to them they will surely give my message to God.”

Sanskaar: “If you will continue to do these things I’ll surely fall for you more and more.”

Swara: “Then I’ll do??? this.”

Sujata: “Come we are getting late.”

They leave.

At fair.????

Swasan enjoys ride they see circus and finally time come for competition.

“Rule is simple; the couple who will reach at Temple after crossing 1000 stairs will be the winner. But little change man has to lift her wife.”

Swara: “1000 stairs?.”

Sanskar: “Don worry I’ll do it. (He sees Shekhar is coming. He hides her face inside veil.) Be with me.”

He lifts Swara.

King: “On your mark get set go…”

All couple starts running. Some fall in beginning and some on stairs and some give up. And at last SwaSan win the race.

Shekhar: “Sanskaar you are really very talented?.”

As per the rule they get the price and SwaSan get married before the whole village and even Shekhar and Shomi gives them blessings.

Sahil: “Sanskaar, did you find Swara.”

Sanskar: “Don’t worry, she will come soon.”


“Now our Lord King Shekhar will come in his Royal dress. After that our Golden Princess will marry Prince Sahil.”

All cheers “Hurray!!!”

Shekhar wears Royal uniform.

Shekhar(thinks): “I’m not able to watch this dress but what I say they will think King is foolish.”

So al last Shekhar comes in Invisible Royal dress. In real he is only in undergarments. And when he comes like this all public starts laughing. Woman closes their eyes and small children make jokes of him. Sanskaar is enjoying this. Swara see all this, she can’t able to stop herself.

Swara: “Baba…”

Shekhar becomes shocked: “Swara you here.”

Swara gives him piece of cloth.

Swara: “Baba, why you came without clothes.”

Shekhar: “Only wise man can see this dress.”

All are continuously laughing.

Swara: “Baba there is no dress, someone made you fool.”

Sanskaar comes there.

Sanskar: “It’s his punishment Swara.”

Shekhar notices Swara’s dress and then he realizes the truth.

Shekhar: “You bagger how dare you to marry my daughter.”

People: “Shameless King????.”

Shekhar hides himself in clothes and runs from there.

At kings Court

Shekhar: “You made me fool and marry my daughter. Your punishment is death only.”

Swara: “Baba, don’t he is my husband and I love him.”

Shekhar: “No, he can’t be your husband. You have to marry Sahil.”

Swara: “Baba Sahil is so cheap he tried to force me.”

Shekhar: “So what? At last you have to marry him. It’s his right.”

Swara gets shocked after knowing his thoughts. How can he even say like that?

Shekhar: “Arrest him?”

But instead of arresting him they arrests Shekhar.

Shekhar: “What the hell? I pay to you.”

Sanskaar: “Pay?, Shekhar you are blind. You forgot you spend your all money in this dress. There nothing left. And I gave them money now they will work for me.”

Shekhar: “How dare you to cheat me.”

Swara: “Baba you did same with his father?”

Shekhar: “Who?”

Sanskaar: “Ram… King Ram is my father. For money you killed him.”

Sahil(thinks): “I need to run from here…”

Sanskar: “And please take King Sahil with him, else Shekhar ji will be bore in prison.”

Shekhar: “Swara, how can you let your father behind the bars? You mother will suffer, your sister…”

Swara: “Baba you promise you will not repeat this…”

Sanskaar: “Swara, how can I forgive him…”

Swara: “But he is guilty Sanskaar.”

SwaSan are discussing and seeking chancel Shekhar keeps sword on Swara’s neck.

Sanskar: “Swara… Shekhar leave her…???? else consequences will be very bad.”

Swara: “Baba I’m your own daughter, you said you will change.”

Shekhar: “Nothing change, all I need is money and Respect.”

Sanskar: “Please leave her Shekhar???.”

Shekhar: “Don’t try to move… Else she will die. I know you love her soo much. Give me my money else she will die.”

Sanskaar: “OK…”

Before Sanskaar could moves. Shekhar shouts.

Shekhar: “Aww…”

Sujata kills Shekhar with a sword. She again attacks on him.

Sujata: “This is for killing my husband. This is for snatching my Sanskaar’s place and (she again attacks on him.) This is for hurting my daughter in law.”

Shekhar dies, Swara cries.

Sanskar: “Don’t cry?.”

Swara: “He never loved me, but still he is my father.”

Sujata: “Sujata I’m with you.”

After that, Sanskaar and Swara lives there happily. Shomi ask forgiveness from Sujata… And finally Golden Princess got her freedom from this Golden Cage????.

The End

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