Swasan TS- Golden Princess Part 2

Shot 2

Sanskaar returns back to home. He sees Sujata working on chulas (burner), while smoke is disturbing her.

“Because of him my mother suffers and his daughter will pay for his deeds.”

Sanskaar directly goes inside his room, he sees Swara is eating food.

Swara: “Sanskaar you came?”

Sanskaar: “My mom is working and you are eating like princess?. For this you came in my home.”

Swara: “Smoke was hurting me so ma said…”

Sanskaar: “My legs are paining, give me good massage.”

Swara: “Me?…”

Sanskaar: “Yes you, you are my wife and it’s your duty.”

Swara nodes head. Sanskaar lies down on bed and Swara massages his legs.

Sanskaar: “Don’t your hands have strength… Apply some pressure.”

She again nodes her head and works like a little girl. Sujata enters into room.

Sujata: “Sanskaar, you food.”

Sanskaar: “Ma, why are you doing all work alone? I bring Swara to do work.”

Sujata: “She is my daughter, not servant.”

Swara: “Ma, I’ll do work. You please tell me how to do.”

Sujata: “OK from tomorrow onwards.”

Swara nodes head. Sujata leaves.

Sanskaar (in Stern voice): “Feed me.”

Swara: “God gave you hand to eat, then why would I?”

Sanskaar: “Then go back to your home.”

Swara: “Sorry, I’ll?.”

She feeds him. While eating Sanskaar intentionally bites on her fingers. His mind is thinking only for revenge nothing else. After eating, Swara takes the utensils and he sleeps.

Indraparsta Palace

Sahil gets to know about Shekhar’s decision.

Sahil: “It’s good. Because of Sanskaar I got safe.”

He looks towards Swara’s pic.

Sahil: “Don’t worry Swara, soon you will be in my arms. I told Sanskaar to search you.”

Sahil said Sanskaar to search Swara in return he will give him money. But he is unaware that he was the one who saved Swara.

Sanskaar’s home

Sujata is cleaning the utensil.

Swara: “Ma, I also want to wash it.”

Sujata teaches her how to do. But when Swara touches water she shouts.

Swara: “It’s too cold water ma.”

Sujata: “I told you not to do work. You are not use to of it.”

Swara: “I’ll do.”

Sujata: “Let me first boil water then you clean them OK.”

She nodes yes. She is trying her best to adjust herself and washes the utensils.

Sujata: “Go to your room.”

Swara: “Ma, I want to sleep with you. How can I sleep with Sanskaar?”

Sujata: “He is your husband, (she keeps her hand on her head.) Don’t worry; this day comes in every girls life.”

Swara opens the door and peep inside. Sanskaar is sleeping peacefully. She comes inside and closes the door. She see around the room but there is no place to rest, then her eyes falls on bed, little space is left beside Sanskaar she tries to adjust there but he wakes up.

Sanskaar: “What are you doing?”

Swara: “Trying to sleep.”

Sanskaar: “This is my bed and I’ll not share it with you. You go there sleep on mat.”

Swara reminds her luxurious bed and this mat. She doesn’t argu and sleeps there. Sanskaar tries very hard to sleep but can’t. She is shivering in cold; her voice can’t let him to sleep in peace.

Sanskaar (in mind): “Let her suffer… But what if she died she is not use to. No if she would die how would I take my revenge.”

Sanskaar: “Swara?.”

Swara: “Yes…”

Sanskaar: “Come here sleep with me.”

Swara: “But this is your bed.”

Sanskaar: “Don’t disown your husband. Fit this in your little mind.”

She sleeps besides him but bed is so small for two people. Both tries to adjust but fails. So atlast Sanskaar takes her in his arms.

Sanskaar: “You have to sleep here.”

Swara keeps her head in his chest. He covers them inside blanket.

Swara: “Can I ask you something?”

Sanskaar: “Hmm.”

Swara: “Why talked to me rudely? I don’t like. I promise I’ll do my all work but don’t be angry with me. I know no one likes me.”

Sanskaar: “Who told you that no one likes you?”

Swara: “I’m not allowed to address my father as baba front of people. My all sister don’t even talk to me, they never played with me. They also talk to me rudely like you did.”

Sanskaar feels bad for Swara.

Sanskaar: “I want you to realize our problem that’s why I was rude.”

Swara: “But ma is very sweet. She talks with me politely. Today I washed utensils also. (She looks towards him.) I’ll learn all work but don’t hate me.”

Sanskaar kisses on her forehead.

Sanskaar: “You are not made for hate. (She keeps her head on his chest.) Good Night.”

Swara sleeps. Sanskaar is thinking about her words.

Sanskaar(thinks): “How could her few words is melting my heart towards her? Is she really this much innocent? No Sanskaar you can’t distract from your path.”

He too sleeps.

Next day?


Sanskar and his fellows start working. Shekhar is watching them. They are acting like they are weaving things but in actual they are fooling Shekhar.

Shekhar (thinks): “There is no thread, no clothes then what they are weaving?”

Sanskaar: “Guys look this design is looking good.”

All say yes.

Sanskaar: “Look at this design Lord. How’s it.”

Shekhar (thinks): “If I say, I can’t see the dress then all will think me fool.”

Shekhar: “Wonderful, keep doing your work. I’ll come soon.”

He leaves and all burst out laughing.

Lucky: “Here we will fool him and there you will torture his Golden Princess.”

Sanskaar smiles thinking about Swara. Then they engage in their work.

Sanskaar’s home

Swara: “Ma, where are you?”

Sujata: “I’m going for work, there we grow vegetables and we get money in return.”

Swara: “I also want to come.”

Sujata and Swara leaves for work. All women ask about Swara.

Woman: “Who is she?”

Sujata: “She is my Daughter in law Swara.”

Woman: “So pretty, but you didn’t invite us.”

Sujata: “Everything happened so sudden.”

Woman: “No worries, so your son and her daughter also participating?”

Sujata: “Yes?.”

Then Sujata teaches Swara how to work. Although Swara is not habitual of work but she likes their company. It like bird gets her sky back, freedom from cage and she is happy?.

Evening Sanskaar returns back to home. He smiles seeing Swara doughing floor. Her hands till wrist are dough with it, her cheeks also. She is completely unskilled for this.

Sanskaar: “Swara…”

Swara: “Sanskaar, you came. See I’m doing work. You take rest I’ll make food for you.”

Sanskaar: “Where is mom?”

Swara: “She went to Temple. So I thought to help her.”

Sanskaar: “Wait I’ll teach you how to do it properly.”

Sanskaar holds her hand and simple teaches her how to do it. He adds more floor and finally they did it.

Swara: “Yes, I did it. I mean us.”

Sanskaar: “Now I’ll teach you how to make roti.”

He shows her demo and tell her to do. But when Swara does it completely sticks on rolling board (Chakla.)

Swara: “I can’t do.”

Sanskaar: “Don’t apply too much pressure.”

Swara: “While doughing you said apply pressure now you said don’t?. I got confused.”

Sanskaar pulls her cheek: “Did anyone tell you, that you look too cute when you got confused.”

Swara: “No?, there no one talks to me.”

Sanskaar: “OK, now I’ll tell you again.”

He holds her both hand and tells her, slowly she makes.

Sanskaar: “See you did?.”

Swara: “But it is not round like ma makes?. When I’ll make round chapatti?”

Sanskaar: “Soon.”

Sujata: “Ahem ahem?.”

Sanskaar: “Ma when you came?”

Sujata: “When you were teaching her how to make chapati.”

Swara: “Ma, what’s in the plate?”

Sujata: “It’s vermilion and Mangalsutra. Sanskaar fill it and make her wear this.”

Sanskaar: “Ji ma.”

Sujata: “Wait… (She takes them near Temple.) Now do it.”

Sanskaar without thinking fills her hairline and ties mangalsutra around her neck.

Sujata: “Now you are looking perfect wife.”

Sanskaar: “Ma, I’m feeling hungry.”

Sujata: “OK, come let’s eat.”


Shomi: “Shekhar, what is this? You restricted me to meet Swara.”

Shekhar: “Till my dress would not complete no one meet Swara.”

Shomi: “But it’s now good. How she would spend this long time alone.”

Shekhar: “Don’t raise your wife before me. I’m the King of Indraparsta.”

Shomi: “And she is your daughter, not a pet. Since the time she was born she is locked inside this Palace.”

Shekhar: “Cage? Shomi she is getting everything she wants, everyone wants to live her life.”

Shomi: “You will not understand her.”

She leaves.

Shekhar: “Stupid woman, soon I’ll become powerful among all.”


Swara is not able to sleep. First time she worked too much and that’s why her legs and body is paining badly.

Sanskaar: “Swara are you ok? You are not comfortable here.”

Swara: “My body is paining, my legs???.”

Sanskaar: “What you did today?”

Swara tells him that she went field with Sujata and worked there as a labour.

Sanskaar: “You wait I’ll bring something for you.”

Sanskaar goes inside kitchen and boils mustard oil.

Sanskaar: “Swara show me, where is it paining?”

Swara lifts her saree and points towards knees.

Swara: “From knees to feet, too much pain?. Don’t know why. My back is also paining and my hands. Don’t know why?”

Sanskaar: “You worked too much; your body needs time to adjust. Come I’ll give you massage.”

He give her massage and she feels better than before.

Swara: “You are doctor also, now I’m feeling good.”

Sanskaar: “You sleep here, I’ll sleep outside.”

Swara holds his hand.

Swara: “You are my husband and I get peace in your arms.”

Sanskaar smiles on her childish demand. He takes her in his arms. Swara touches her forehead, she reminds how he filled vermilion.


She remembers when she is getting ready seeing her mother. When she wears bangels she does same, but when Shomi filled her hairline she tried to do same. Then she stops Swara.

“Vermilion is filled by your husband and then you will become his permanently.”

“When ma?”

Shomi: soon. He is the one to whom you should give your heart.”

Flashback ends.

Swara admires Sanskaar who is sleeping. Swara kisses on his cheeks.

Swara: “Love you.”

Later they sleep peacefully???.

More days passed, instead of hating Sanskaar falls for Swara. Her innocence, kind nature melts his heart.

Sanskaar: “Swara, do it fast I’m feeling hungry.”

Swara: “Coming.”

Swara comes with food. Sanskaar gets shocked seeing so many things. Chole?, puri?, kheer?, raita?, mix-veg?.

Sanskaar: “You made this?”

Swara nodes: “Tell me how it is?”

Sanskaar eats and intentionally make faces. Swara becomes sad.

Swara: “Sorry?. I know it’s bad.”

Sanskaar: “It’s yummy???.”

Swara: “Really…”

Sanskaar: “Yup?.”

Swara starts dancing???.

Swara: “Yepii. (She looks towards Sanskaar.) My nake, ma said when wife makes something for her husband then he should give her something.”

Sanskaar pulls her, and keeps his one hand on her waist and other on her cheek.

Sanskaar: “I have one special thing for, I haven’t gave it to anyone else.”

Swara: “Really?, what is it?”

Sanskaar captures her lips and she is not even in a state to react.

Sanskaar (while kissing): “Please respond Swara.”

She responds with equal passion her hands are holding his shirt while his hand is busy in caressing her waist. After kiss Swara hugs Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: “Swara, promise me that you won’t leave me.”

Swara: “How can I? Your arms are my home.”

Sanskaar: “Swara, will you marry this beggar.”

Swara: “I’m already yours.”

Sanskaar breaks hug and cups her face.

Sanskaar: “On coming fair, the couple who win the competition will marry in Temple and King himself does then kanyadan of Girl. Swara, I love you.”

Swara: “I’m yours Sanskaar, but Baba will not allow me.”

Sanskaar: “You will come in veil. After marriage he has to accept this relation.”

Swara: “Then OK.”

Sanskaar kisses on her cheeks and leaves.

As the day passes, Sanskaar and his friends takes nearly all money and gold from King.

Sanskaar’s home

Sujata: “This will suit you Swara.”

Swara: “Ma can I ask you something?”

Sujata: “Yes.”

Swara: “Where is papa? I never saw him.”

Sujata: “This Indraparsta Empire was of my husband Ram, but his minister Shekhar cheated him and killed him and became the King but my friend saved me and Sanskaar. I pray he and his so called Golden Princess will see hell.”

Sujata cries. Swara hugs her.

Swara: “Everything will be alright.”

Sujata: “My Sanskaar would be Prince today but living like begger. Leave this, you take these clothes and I want my Daughter in Law to win in this fair.”

Swara: “Yes I’ll win.”

Swara(thinks): “Baba did this much bad with them, still Sanskaar did this much for me.”

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