Swasan TS- Golden Princess Part 1


Shot 1

Whether youre beaten or pampered, fed the best foods or starved, kept in filth or kept clean, a cage is still a cage..

The birds are chirping, celebrating the arrival of autumn. Sun is smiling at the sky, the whole empire is busy in preparation??. She is admiring all this from the window of palace?. She is Princess of Indraparsta Empire SWARA… Every girl in the empire wants to live her life, life of Golden Princess, but she doesn’t want this? Swara is a princess inside a golden cage.

Shomi: “Princess, Are you ready.”

Swara: “Yes.”

Shomi: “Come.”

Swara takes baby step, she doesn’t want to go.

Shomi: “Swara you are Golden Princess, walk like a princess. Pride should stay on your face and no place of fear in your eyes.”

Swara: “Sorry Queen…”

She follows her mother. Swara is not allowed to go out from palace. She is like a doll who is not allowed to wear any simple clothes. Her body has to bear heavyweight of clothes with jewellery. She is always taught that she is a Golden Princess; she should not do this, that… She is in cage of restrictions but for people she is enjoying freedom and convenience…

Shekhar: “Princess, why are you late? Today is a big day you should be punctual. It doesn’t suite to a princess.”

Swara: “Pardon King.”

She can’t say him baba, before world. She doesn’t like these rules, restrictions and soon she is going to tie in one more burden relation of marriage.

Shekhar: “Start the Arti…”

Every work of Shekhar is start from Swara’s hand. She is lucky for him. The day Swara was born, he became King of Indraparsta. But her life caged inside this Golden Cage when Priest did prediction that she will marry against King’s wish. From that day she is not allowed to go out of the place.

After Pooja, Shekhar orders everyone to touch Swara’s feet; he thinks it will bring good luck in family. This is reason Swara’s all sister hates her. She is alone in cage.

Today is Swara’s engagement with King Sahil. Shekhar is ready for this marriage because Sahil promised him that after marriage he will live in this Palace with Swara. In this way fortune will stay with Shekhar. But no one asked her opinion, she never feels good in Sahil’s presence. He always tries to seek a chance to touch her.

Priest: “King, evening time is good for engagement but marriage should happen after one year.”

Shekhar: “Okay.”

Sahil(thinks): “One year is too much, I can’t stay away from Swara. I have to do something…”

Slave: “Long Live King Shekhar…”

Shekhar: “Say…”

Slave: “The weavers came, they wants to meet you.”

Shekhar: “Call them.”

The team of Weavers comes inside.

Man: “Long live King, we are weavers. We went in so many kingdoms, and weave many dresses for Kings but still our dream is incomplete…”

Shekhar: “Why?”

Man: “Because we didn’t weave anything for you King. I and my team want to make best dress of you. This kind of dress has never been made till now and impossible to design in near future.”

Shekhar: “What’s so special in it?”

Man: “The dress would be made by Golden wire and only the wise person can see it. Like this way you can select only wise person as your Army general, minister… (He looks towards Sahil.) Even your son in law…”

Shekhar: “Great starts your work soon. And tell me your name.”

Man: “My name is Sanskar…”

Shekhar: “Sanskaar don’t worry about money…”

Swara: “King… Before engagement I want to go outside please allow me at once.”

Shekhar: “No, I already told you.”

Sanskaar: “My Lord, let her go. King is shadow of God and it’s very auspicious occasion don’t make her sad. She is Golden Princess if she will angry then we can’t make dress for you.”

Sahil: “King I’ll go with her.”

Shekhar: “Okay but return soon and engagement will happen when my dress will get ready. I’ll show the whole world my power.”

Swara doesn’t want to go with Sahil but she got this chance first time. Swara and Sahil leaves, Sahil gets a plan and he sends all soldiers to bring water and food for Swara.

Sahil(thinks): “No no one is here to save her, I’ll forcefully made her mine then Shekhar has to fixed Swara’s marriage with me soon.”

Swara: “This is so beautiful…”

Sahil: “Yes and you are also. (He holds her hand.) I love you.”

Swara: “Sahil please leave my hand. (She struggles.) Please.”

Sahil: “No, I’m going to be your husband. So it’s the time go become one.”

Swara: “I’ll shout and complain baba he will kill you.”

Sahil: “After this he has no choice except accepting this relation.”

He tries to force her; she cries and runs from there. Sahil is chasing her.

Sahil: “Swara, no one can save you.”

Just then a man comes in horse?, he hits on Sahil’s head with a big stick and takes Swara with him. His face is covered with mask.

Sahil: “Now what will I say to Shekhar, he will eat me.”

Man takes Swara near a water fall.

Man: “Princess you wash your face.”

Swara: “Who are you?”

He removes his mask and he is none other than Sanskar.

Swara: “You are Weaver?, thanks for saving me.”

Then she becomes quite.

Sanskar: “What happened princess are you angry with me?”

Swara: “I made a mistake, my baba I mean King said not to talk any stranger man.”

Sanskaar: “Hello my name is Sanskaar will you be my friend?”

Swara remains quite…

Sanskar: “Sorry, I’ll drop you to your palace.”

Swara(thinks): “I can’t go there, if I’ll go then I have to marry that Sahil. Baba will never listen to me. Every time I complained against him he took baba in his words.”

Swara: “Okay I’m your friend but you have to do my one work.”

Sanskaar: “Order your Highness…”

Swara: “I want to know how the person in our kingdom lives. Are they happy or not?”

Sanskaar: “You mean you will live our life.”

Swara: “Yes.”

Sanskar: “But princess we don’t have big house, sweet food. Soft bed… It’s nothing before your luxurious palace.”

Swara: “But it would be better than the Golden Cage.”

Sanskar thinks something.

Sanskar: “Okay fine, I’ll take you to my home.”

Swara: “Okay?.”

Sanskaar takes Swara to his home. All people stares them, people are unaware how the princess look because shekhar never allowed comman man to meet her.

Sanskar: “Ma, ma… Where are you?”

Sujata: “I’m making food… (She looks towards Swara.) Who is she?”

Sanskar: “My wife I mean your daughter in law.”

Sujata: “What you married her?”

Sanskar: “Mom, a Rowdy is troubling her and I saved her. Her cruel aunty threw her out of the house so I married her. Sorry ma.”

Sujata: “Wait I’ll bring Arti, my Daughter in Law came.”

She blesses SwaSan.

Sanskaar: “Swara touch her feet.”

Swara: “Me,?.”

She reminds how her sisters and mothers touch her feet. She touches Sujata’s feet.

Sanskar: “You know we should touch our elder’s feets because they give us blessings.”

She agrees.

Sujata: “Swara you take rest. I’ll bring food for you.”

Sujata leaves.

Sanskar: “Princess, go help my mom.”

Swara: “Me, but I don’t no cooking.”

Sanskar: “I know palace people only show their false sympathy but they will never understand our pain.”

Swara: “Don’t be angry, I’ll do…”

She leaves, but Sujata send her back saying that it’s her first day in new home.

Sanskaar goes to Golden Palace.

Sanskar: “My Lord as per Priest, for two month you will not meet princess.”

Shekhar: “What rubbish?”

Sanskar: “Don’t be angry my Lord, the gold that would use in cloth will first touch by Princess hand because she is only reason of this money in this Palace. For one month she has to pray for well being of kingdom.”

Priest: “Yes King, as per your zodiac sign, these two month only weavers can meet princes, no one else if other person will try to meet her than you will lose everything.”

Shekhar: “No I can’t let this happen. I’ll follow your order.”

Sanskar (smirks): “King we will start our work from tomorrow.”

Sanskaar comes out of palace with his friends.

Sanskar: “Now our real work will start from tomorrow.”

Lucky: “Yes, we will not leave this King Shekhar.”

Sanskaar: “I’ll snatch all money from Shekhar and I’ll make her loving daughter maif of my house… It’s time to pay back King Shekhar…”

They laugh…

I hope you like it? If yes then only I’ll continue…

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