Swasan TS- Golden Princess epilogue


Night is so blissful for them. we make love to feed our soul and our mind, to fill a void that is there since a long time. The pleasure of being his forever is unbearable for her. For her there no world, no heaven or hell this moment is truth for her. She smiles; in the beginning he was so nervous for her kiss but now his desires are uncomfortable. He is lost control in passion. Swara cups his face.

Swara: “It’s fine. (She blinks her eyes in assurance.) Sanskaar…”

Shee kissed on his forehead. They are sweating badly. She feels his trembling body. She hugs him.

Swara: “I love you.”

Sanskar: “I…wanna to sleep in your arms Swara.”

She welcomes him, he keeps his head on her chest and sleeps whole hearing her heart beats. Her hand cares his hairs. It is dream come true for her. Now she is his only in all sense. He is the one who won her heart, soul and now her body too. She doesn’t want this night to end.

Next morning

Swara wakes up and finds Sanskar is still sleeping and holding her. She gently places his head on pillow and covers her body with sheet. She comes down from bed and stands near window; looking towards the new sun which brought light in her life. She joins her hands and closes her eyes.

Swara: “God ji. You gave me everything. Thank you won’t be enough to obliged to you. Give him all happiness of life.”

Sanskaar: “Swara.”

She turns.

Sanskar: “Come here.”

She moves towards him and he pulls her in his arms. She kisses on his bare chest. While his hand caressing her bare shoulder.

Swara: “Sanskaar I thanked to God.”

Sanskar: “Why?”

Swara: “Because he gave me you!? I also wished something.”

Sanskar: “And what is that?”

Swara hides her face on his chest.

Swara: “That I can’t tell. If we tells other than it won’t complete.”

Sanskar (smiles): “You are so innocent.”

Swara: “Now get up.”

Sanskar: “Please spend some more time with me. (He removes sheets that was covering her body.) No barriers. We are one Swara.”

Swara: “Sanskaar, I love your touch.”

Sanskar: “For me Swara, it was unable to describe in words. I think even God doesn’t have words to express, what I felt last night. Now I love you more.”

Swara: “Don’t stop loving me, promise.”

Sanskar: “Even after my death my soul will love you.”

Swara: “Don’t talk about dying. (She sobs.) I want to live with you?.”

Sanskar: “You know, your words are enough to make your husband insane.”

She blushes. They sleep.

Kings Court

Today is Sanskar’s Raj tilak. Swara is ready with Thali. But she finds King’s chair missing. Then a big chair for two people is places there. As ceremony starts Swara applies tilak on his forehead. Sujata makes him wear taj. All cheers Swara turns to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand.

Sanskaar: “Where are you going?”

Swara: “I have to make food for you.”

Sanskar: “Then who will sit beside me?”

Swara: “Women are not allowed to be a part of court. Even she doesn’t have right to sit with her husband.

Sanskar: “That was old rule now new King wants his Queen to sit beside him. Without you this place is incomplete. ”

Swara overjoy in happiness. His father never allowed her mother to even stand besides him. Swara sits beside him.

“Hurray!!! King, hurray Queen.”

Everything is going smoothly. Swara gets her freedom. But still she never get love and affection from her sisters. Her sisters are gardening.

Swara: “Kavita di, may I help you?”

Kavita: “No Queen, we are your slave order us.”

Swara: “Di why are you saying like this?”

Ragini: “Because you married to that person who is the reason for our father’s death.”

Kavya: “That father who always keep you above all. How could you even let him in your life?”

Kavita: “But she married to him? Give herself to murderer of her own father.”

Ragini: “Di, don’t anything to Queen else King will kill us and our husbands too.”

Swara: “Di, don’t say this. You all are my sister.”

Kavita: “We don’t consider you our sister, we are your slave nothing else. You go with your Sanskaar.”

They all leaves, Swara feels bad. She alone gardening and crying too?. Sanskar comes there and finds her princess crying.

Sanskar: “Swara, why are you crying? Did anyone said anything?”

Swara hugs him.

Swara: “Di, said I’m very bad.”

Sanskar: “Let them say because some people will never change.”

Swara: “But they are my sister’s.”

Shomi comes.

Shomi: “Swara, no need to cry. Your ma is with you.”

Swara: “Ma, do you think same?”

Shomi: “No, Shekhar got what he deserves. They hate you and they need a reason for it. Even when your father was alive they treat you like this only.”

Sanskar: “See now ma is with you. You have, Shomi ma, Sujata ma and me but you are only caring for your sister you don’t love me.”

Swara: “No no, I love you the most. (She holds her ears.) Sorry.”

Sanskar: “I can’t be angry with you Swara?. Come I’m feeling hungry.”

Sanskar sends her sister away from palace because he knows they will again hurt her. The real thing is that they are jealous of her happiness. They want money and power.

Next day?

Swara: “Sanskaar I’m going to take bath. Till then you feed birds they are waiting for us.”

Sanskar: “No.”

Swara: “Why no? They must be hungry. Ok then you take bath I’ll feed them.”

Sanskar: “No.”

Swara: “What is this? Why are you saying no for everything?”

Sanskar: “Because we will take bath together.”

Swara (blushes): “No.”

Sanskar: “Why no? Have you heard the couple who eats together will stays together.”

Swara: “Yes.”

Sanskar: “Same way the couple who takes bath together will stays together. Don’t you want to stay with me forever.”

Swara: “I want, but who told you this?”

Sanskar: “My teacher said?”

Swara: “But my teacher never said.”

Sanskar: “In which school you went?”

Swara: “Teacher taught me in here only, as I wasn’t supposed to go outside.”

Sanskar: “Hmm, your teacher is not much literate. Now come don’t waste time else bird would remain hungry.”

Swara: “Okay if you are saying then it must be true.”

She nodes her head and Sanskar holds her hand. But his bad luck as Sujata comes there.

Sujata: “Swara and Sanskar you both aren’t ready.”

Swara: “Ma, we going to take bath and then come.”

Sujata: “Together???”

Swara: “Yes ma, Sanskaar’s teacher said the couple who takes bath together will stay together.”

Sanskar (in mind): “One day her innocence will take my life.”

Sujata: “Seriously Sanskaar! May I know the teacher’s name?”

Sanskaar: “Ma, I was just joking. Swara you go feed the birds.”

He runs inside the bathroom. Swara is standing there without knowing what happened to him so sudden.

Sujata: “Swara, God made you so innocent. (She kisses on her forehead.) Take care of yourself.”

Swara: “Till Sanskaar is with me, nothing can happens to me.”

With power responsibilities also increases, same happens with Sanskar. He is happy after knowing that he is going to become father he can’t able to give his time to Swara.

Swara: “Sanskaar, please spend one day with me. I feels alone here. I can’t go outside. Even baby misses you.”

Sanskar kisses on her baby bump.

Sanskar: “Papa too misses you both, but today is only for mumma and baby. Happy now.”

Swara: “Yes, super happy.”

There sweet moments disturbs when a slaves come there.

Slave: “King, enemy attacked on village.”

Sanskaar: “I’m coming. (He looks towards Swara.) Sorry.”

Shomi and Sujata come.

Sujata: “We both are here with Swara you go save our people.”

Swara is sad but still allows him to leave.

Sanskar: “Ma is here OK.”

He leaves.

Swara (in mind): “Ma is here, but I need you only Sanskar. Sometimes I feels I’m again captured inside the cage. All I need is your time.”

Sanskar returns at night. Swara is looking towards sky. Sanskaar hugs her from back.

Sanskar: “My princess is angry.”

Swara: “No, it’s your duty Sanskar. (She turns and hugs him.) Normal people life is soo good.”

Sanskar: “Why Swara? There life is hard. They have to struggle for food. They don’t have luxurious home like us.”

Swara: “But they are together, with their love.”

Sanskar: “Swara are not happy here?”

Swara: “I’m happy in your arms. Your presence makes me happy not this luxurious room and food.”

Sanskar: “Is baby troubles you?”

Swara: “No, but he kicks sometimes whenever he misses his Papa.”

Sanskar: “Come Swara you are tired.”

She sleeps but Sanskaar is admiring Swara. He knew her mood swings are affecting her. Times flies and they blessed with a boy.

Sanskar: “Our price and future King Surya Pratap Maheshwari.”

Swara: “Our Son is same like you Sanskaar.”

Sanskar: “But he get your eyes Swara.”

Sanskaar expanded his kingdom. But for Swara that small house is best bit she never shows her unhappiness. Before every battle she fears for his life. Every morning she wakes up thinking that this whole day they would be together. Now Shomi and Sujata also left the world. When Surya was small she spends times with him but now he is also grown up. Today Sanskar is giving his responsibility to their son.

Sanskar: “King Surya Pratap. I hope my son will never make our people sad.”

Minister: “King Sanskaar, you are not that much old to leave the throne.”

Surya: “Yes Pita ji. You are the best.”

Sanskar: “I just need a little leave.”

After completing the ceremony Sanskar takes Swara for ride.

Surya: “Ma pita ji come back soon.”

Sanskar: “Surya, now Meera your wife is here, these people here you have take care of them. Take decision wisely.”

Swara: “But we will return soon Sanskaar. Why are you talking like this?”

Sanskar: “We don’t know what would happen in next second? Come Swara.”

He sits on horse and helps her to sit with him and they leave but who thought that they won’t return back. They died when they were enjoying the boat ride and big waves takes them. Whole kingdom sorrow.

After one year

A house is shown near the bank of river. Two people are there.

Swara: “Sanskaar, go take bath then we have to leave for work.”

Sanskar: “Swara, bring my kurta.”

She keeps Kurta on big stone that is kept on side of river. Swara keeps her hand on her waist.

Swara: “You always forget it. Now you are getting older.”

Sanskar pulls her and she falls inside river with him. He kisses on her cheeks.

Sanskar: “I’m not old, it’s my way to get you here.”

Swara: “You are very clever.”

Sanskaar: “You forget the couple who takes bath together, stays together.”

Swara hugs him.

Swara: “Sanskaar you gave me everything in my life. I want this life, with you.”

Sanskar removes her clothes.

Sanskar: “If you take bath with me that day then, you hadn’t need to bear a single separation from us.”

Swara: “Ma, said you lied to me now I’m not stupid like before I know it’s nothing like that.”

Sanskar: “But I love my innocent Swara only.”

After taking bath, SwaSan gets ready. They feeds birds and their cow.

Swara: “Come Sanskaar we are getting late for work.”

She closed the door and locks it. Just then aan comes there.

Surya: “Ma Pita ji.”

He hugs Sanskar. Surya generally uses to come to meet his parents. Only he knows that they are alive. He many times said they to return but Sanskaar refused because Swara likes this place more than that palace. That palace also makes her feels like cage.

Sanskar: “Surya, how’s you son?”

Surya: “I miss you both. I bring these rice and wheat for you and many more things.”

Swara: “Surya, I know you love us but we don’t need.”

Surya: “I know you will never return back to palace but please accept this from me.”

Sanskar takes it.

Sanskar: “I know if we won’t take this, you will also eat food like we ate. Surya, my son now your kingdom needs you. We are always with you. But my Swara wants a simple life.”

Surya: “I can understand your love pita ji.”

He takes blessings and leaves. Later SwaSan also leave for work. Money and big house can’t buy happiness too. Swara wants him completely, she suffered a lot in her life for freedom and got it in the small house. They are happy because their needs are less. Now they are together. Free from responsibilities.

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