SwaSan TS …. Ginnie & Sanskuu …. Part 3 A {by Kakali}

Hiloooooo EV1..Thnk u all for d response on previous parts..Silent readers thnks to u all also…


Link of the last 2 parts-
Part 1
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Here we go with d 3rd part(a)……hope u all like it…… !!


Same Night,,,

@Party Venue,,,

As SwaSan remains at d same position where Sanskar is hugging like never letting her to go away from him for a single second,both comes to sence hearing some noise ..

For d very 1st time they were avoiding EO’s eye contact… “Swara come ,let’s go inside.!! Everyone is waiting for us…”

“Uhuu !! I don’t want to go there.. if u want u can,but i m going home”… Swara says still avoiding eye contact…

“Okkk Baaba wait, we will go together..!! just gimme a second n let me inform Kavita that m going..”

Swara nods..

” I will b back in minute n i want u here,at this place only..Don’t u dare to move a inch ..”Sanskar says cupping her a cheek with care n also in a ordering tone…

Swara again nods n smiles looking at his eyes deeply trying to find d exact emotion she is looking for…

The moment Sanskar left,Swara was being dragged to a lonely corner by an unknown force… She is not shocked with it ,infect she is shivering n sweating like hell.. !! Bcz she is well known about this unknown power… !!

Closing her eyes tight,she murmurs or u can say pleads “Plz leave me.. i have not done anything ! Plzz don’t punish me.. !!! I will not do that again..plzzz plzzzz”..

“That’s better if u remember who are u & for which motive u are here.. Don’t forget u r a Ginnie n my would b queen.. soo”. Says d unknown force suddenly emerging from mist keeping an evil smirk on his face..

” Noo..noo! I know why m here.. ! I know.. but plzzz don’t harm him.!! He is innocent n has nothing to do with u n me..! I will be coming to our(D man glares her) Yoo..yoourr world after three days.. plzzz .. ! Don’t do anything to Sanskar..!plzzzz Sahil..! Plzzz” Again Swara pleads n cries…
(yayaa,He is Sahil only. The king of Ginnie world & also a obsessive lover of our Princess.. He just wants her by hook or by crook..?..)(*some of moron fans want my SWARA’S SANSKAR with someone else n here this mad wants Swara.. goshh both r soo unsafe in Earth… Pluto will b d perfect place for My these two shameless heartbeat SWASAN?)

Grabbing through her hairs Sahil shouts dangerously”Why u love him so much? Haa!! Why? How dare u to love him? Swara u r minee.. only mine.. i have been waiting for u since 100 years.100 years.now if anyone comes to my path,, if anyone comes between u n me.I WILL KILL HIM.. understood.. I WILL KILL EV1.. “(laughing like a maniac)..

Swara winces in pain but doesn’t say anything as she finds the answer of her question which she was finding from many days… “Plzzz!! Leave me it’s hurting”…

Sahil taps her cheek “M leaving u know.but not for long..! I will b back to take u with me forever from this world TO MY KINGDOM..” Declares Sahil n disappears leaving a teary eyed Swara ….


After sometime,,,

Swara comes to that place where Sanskar said her to wait for him.. but now he himself got disappeard.. She is in deep thoughts,her chains of thoughts r broken when someone keep a hand in her shoulder.. she jerks from d place but takes a sigh of relief seeing Sanskar..

“What happen Swara? Why r u sweating?huh ajj garmi hai kya?” Sanskar asks in a full Tammi mood..

Swara smells him “yuuu Sanskuuu, it’s smelling..!did u took wine?”

Sanskar nods no vigorous shaking his head like a kid… “Nope Suuwaaaaraa.. woo toh Rohit forcefully made me drink that yuckk,, U know Suuwwaaara even Detergent water tastes good than wine”(making faces??)..

Swara smiles at his antics n leaves for home..all d way in car he was continuously blabbering something but Swara was too busy at her own world to listen him..


After carefully removing his shoes n covering him duvet Swara is about to leave when Sanskar pulls her towards him holding her wrist.. as a result she lands on his hard tone chest.. before she could react Sanskar cahnge d position n comes on top of her..

Widening big doe eyes Swara stammers “Whha.aat. whha..aat r u doo.iii..ng Sannss..skuu?”

“Shhh !! Swaraaa !!”Shushing her lips with his finger..

Swara blinks her eyes many times cutely.. waaa our Sanskar is starting her like has seen het for d 1st time…

“Swaraaa !! Can i ask u for something?” Sanskar asks cutely..

Swara nods as it’s his daily routine..

“Can i kiss u?”

“Yeah(without thinking,but realise) Whattttt???”

“Can i kiss u Swaraaa?”

Swara starts to gulp down her saliva due to tension n close proximity which is increasingly coz Sanskar is coming close to her face …

“Whhyy.. whyyy.. all of a. Ss.uu.dden u waant to ki..ss me(again gulps)?”

“Woo !! Kyuki today Kavita n Rohit was kissing at party n i also want to do that.. sooo plzzzzz .. can i also do that” Sanskar says gazing her lips..

“Sans..skuu u .. u .. r noot. In sen..ce . Thats.s. whyy”…(couldn’t complete)

Sanskar place a small kiss on her forehead caressing her cheek…Swara close her eyes clutching his shoulder…

“Swarraa plzzz can i? Promise i will not demand any kiss from u . Just for today..” Sanskar says coming more close, leaving hot breath near her lips…

Swara breaths heavily n close her eyes escaping a lone tear which was probably not seen by Sanskar at all..

The moment she closed her eyes giving him a positive sign he captures her lips for a soft kiss. With d equal respond of Swara it turned into a passionate one .. both don’t want to break this special moment but due to lack of breath they part away…

Swara has still not opened her eyes…!!

“Thnk u Swara for d sweet kiss”Says Sanskar nuzzling his face on her crook of neck cuddling n hugging her tight more… !!

Swara doesn’t move n stays at d same place thinking what she had done just a seconds ago..there is slight blushing in her lips. Soon She also dozes off unknown from d upcoming storm which is gonna change their life.. !! (*Today i wrote a lots of mature content?… kiddos/bacchas plzz stay away?)..


Next Day,,,

Sun rays falls on ur HEAVENLY SwaSan who r still cuddling EO, disturbing our Princess sleep..

Swara rubs her eyes n instantly looks at Sanskar who is sleeping above her like a small kid(*ohhoo does big/mature kid also exists ! See d SMALL KID.. can anyone believe?? Mad me).. she remembers last night incident n blushes hard touching her lips…Her eyes stream with tears .. Her blushing smile make d unshed tears to fall off…

Swara’s POV-

“Sanskuu !! What u have done to me? See na we kissed… i still can’t believe we kissed.. !!I m falling for u more Sankuu… But i know it was not u,who kissed me last night.. it was d affect of alcohol who made u do that .. Though u don’t feel anything for me. but u know this is my 1st kiss n it means a lot to me…!! . ! M just a Ginnie for u.. !! (Caressing his hairs) just a Ginnie.. nothing else.. n you are a human.. !! We can never be one..!! I NEED TO LEAVE SANSKAR, otherwise i will be more difficult to live without u..”.. (peaking his forehead)..

POV Ends….

Swara somehow frees herself goes out of his room.. !!

After half an hour Sanskar wakes up holding his head which is paining like hell..he tries to remember but nothing comes to his mind.. but he was feeling soo happy.but dunno why. his heart is kinda warming soo much but dunno why.. a small curve is not ready to leave his lips but dunno why.. !! Now he is just thinking about Swara..but he dunno why.. he wants to see Swara right now..but dunno why..!(*That’s why people to say stay away from LOVE.. coz “DUNNO WHY” is d 1st side affect of love.. at d end it turns kinda “WHO M I,N WHERE M I… DUNNO WHY).?…

Swara comes to his room n gives him a glass of lime juice…

“Thnk u…
Swara !! where is Mom?”Sanskar asks taking a sip…

“Mom went to market “..


“Sanskuu ek baat puuchu?”(can i ask u one thing)..

“Haaa puuchoo naa.. !! Puchne ke lia tum mujhe pucch kyu rehi hoo..? jo puuchna hai puuchoo..puuchne ke lia tumhe mujhse puuchne ki koy jarurat nehi”..(yaa ask naa.. why r u asking me to ask anything.. whatever u wanna ask just ask .. u don’t need to ask me to ask anything)..?
(*now u all plz don’t ask me anything.. i myself asking what i have asked for)

Swara gives him a blank look?making faces..

Sanskar chuckles n giggles looking at her cute face … “okk okk !! Come to d point.. ask whatever u want too.. m at ur service ur highness”..

“Hoo gaya?”

“Haa haa boloo !!”

“Sanskuu how many with u have more? I mean do u want anything from me.. !!”

Sanskar thinks n answers”hmm !! Waise toh i dun want anything now as i have all d things,moreover i have enough money(bank balance) to spend on my basic needs n luxuries without working for whole life..!!”

“Phir bhi.. think na u may have left something…”

“Hmmmm !! I don’t think soo.. if i left even,,, though i have no problem coz u r with me naaa.. soo why to take tension n give my small brain soo much of stress..”

“But Sanskuuu i have NO TIME (couldn’t complete due to beeping Sanskars phone)..

“Just a minute Swara..”


Sanskar receives d call n in next moment it falls down from his hand making a sharp sound..

Swara immediately rushes to him”Sanskuu! What happen? Sanskuuuu(shakes him)..”

“Swara! Momm.. ! Moomm… hospital.. !! Accident.. ! Carr !! Mommm.. ! Phone. ! Hospital.. ! !”


@ Hospital,,,

“Doctor.. how is my mom? She is fine na? Doctor.. where.. where us my mom? What happened to her?” Asks Sanskar grabbing d coller of Doctor fearfully…

“She is not fine.!we r trying our best
.just pray..! Now only a miracle can save her”.. it was d statement given by d doctor .. n it was really enough to break down our Nalayak Bakra Sanskar.. !!

Sanskar sits near d chair crying endlessly … Swara takes a seat beside n tries to console,taking him in her warm embrace “Shh ! Sanskuu.. don’t cry.. everything will b all rit..! Don’t worry”…

Sanskar hugs her n cries his heart out “Swaaraa.. momm.. mommm.. ! See naa.. ! Plzz say her to wake uppp.. !,”

Tears starts to fall from her eyes even..she was lack of words.. don’t know how a console a person/son whom mother is fighting for life n death…

Something strikes Sanskar n he instantly says “Swaraa. U r Ginnie .. naaa.. u can do anything.. !! Plzz bring my mom back. ! Plzz Swara.. ! Do this for me.. ! U have that power .. plzz Swara.. plzzzz.. after this i will not ever wish anything from u..
.promise..!! I won’t ask u anything.. but plzzz.bring OUR Mom back.Swaraaa. i know u can do this.. !! Plzzzzz ” he cries n falls in her feet..

Swara is all numb here.. struggling to say something “Sanskuuu, i can’t.. i can’t… doo this.. ! Death n life is not in our hands.. it’s wish of God.. we can’t do anything Sanskuuu. !!”

“Noo. Nooo Swara don’t say like that.. i know.. i knowww. U can do this.. remember u urself said me that u can make a person Alive.. than why r u lieing? Why ? Don’t u love my Mom? She is ur mom too Swara?how can u say no.. gow can u? ” Sanskar says angrily ..

“That day i was just saying kiii.. ! Kii.. ! Sanskuuu i m not denying..! It’s just if i do sooo i may loose all my”(Sanskar cuts off)

“I DON’T CARE SWARA !! I SO DAMN DON’T CARE WHAT WILL HAPPEN..,, Do whatever u want.. but it’s my wish.i m saying u. bring my mom back.. !!” Sanskar says with rage n left her…

Swara smiles painfully n moves to Sujhata’s cabin… She touches Sujhata’s forehead n blinks her eyes 3 times.. Swara feels dizzy n disappears from there…


After 3 hours,,,

“Mr.Bhalla.. ur Mom is perfectly fine now.. it’s a miracle.. thank to God.. otherwise in these cases Its really hard to save d patient.. ! Ur mom is lucky enough to fight with death.. !! Common my boy, go n meet her..!! I have made d discharge papers ready … sign n take ur mom home tomorrow..there she will recover more fast .. just take care of her meds n food. ”

Sanskar smiles with happy tears n goes to his Mom.. !!,

Precap- Sanskar grabbed for her hand but she slipped from his grasp slam into a wild partition n than bounce onto d hard pavement where she lays emotionless…

[This is a modern fairytale..
No wind in our sails
But I can’t imagine a life without
Breathless moments
Breaking me down down down]……


Hiloo Guyzz… m bit sad seeing d response in last part n i really didn’t want to write .. but As SHAN DI n ARSHAA says,, we should always write for them who support n comment for us .so here m with d part… anyway how was today’s chappy..?if u don’t find it good enough to read Do let me know..!..

Thnk u sooo much for reading…
God bless u all.. <3 <3…

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  1. G.Chandu

    By the way… You killed us with your mature content…!! 😉

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Chanduuuuuu !! yupo m still blushing hard thinking about my mature content..? !! ;-*

  2. amazing epi dr poor swara jab tak ye sanskar ko chod kar na jaye ise ehsaas hi nhi hota hai ki he also luvs her poor sanskar also

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Parul dear.. !! yup u r rit.. he is such a dumbo..! but hope this time he realizes soon before his Swara leave him.. !! ;-*

  3. Tvisha

    Amazing Di?? (Sorry don’t mind me calling you Di Hope you don’t) Please My swara don’t kill her? ? ? ? and this sanskar should have listened to her? I am a big fan of fanstansy specally stories like Jeannie and Juju or anyone else….. Please continue soon I love this story??? and about the comments the people who don’t comment are probably going to comment?

    1. Kakali

      Tvishaaaa !! yup dear,, u can call me Dii,, i m really glad to get a new sister..!!
      As i u wish i won’t kill Swara,but i have no idea about the evil powers..hahaha evwn i love Genie n Zuzu’s story.. Thnk u sooo much for loving this dear..will continue soon n don’t mind about the comments but since i was lil disturbed soo wrote in flow.. !! ;-*

  4. Swarmayi

    What shd I say????
    Its really very awsm..
    Loved it very much dear..
    N seeing precap.. m sweating.. ??
    Bt I knw u’ll do proper ending which is suitable fr this ts.. I trust u..
    Love u dear..???
    Post next part soon..

    1. Kakali

      Shaluuuuu !! Thnk u soooo much.. huh Beta ji mujh par appka trust dekhkar mujhe bohut jor se rona aa raha hi.. !m glad u loved it..
      love u too dear.. !! will post soon.. !! ;-*

      1. Swarmayi

        Nooooo kakuu.. we cant afford ur tears.. Flood will cm no no tsunami.. n whole world will flow away.. huhuhu..

    2. Kakali

      Hayyy Ram, dekho toh jee chori kitna drama karti hai. maine kab kaha mei Royi,mei toh bass rone hi wali thi..still i didn’t cry.. !! Thnk to me,it’s only Tsunami not BHUSHAL!! huh

  5. Simin

    Awesome kaku
    But what will happen to swasan now

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Simmuuuu !! i dunno what will happen.. !! let’s hope to send them to Pluto.. !! ;-*

  6. Simi

    Awesome update dear..
    Bt what abt our swara?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Simiiii !! About Swara.. heee i seriously dunno.. !! ;-*

  7. Abirsha

    Kaku r u planning to give sad ending ???no no dr don’t do it…. But i have trust on u…. Really this ff is amazing kaku…. Genre is different…. Yes don’t mind about the response…. Its very nice….

    1. Kakali

      Sham diiii !! Thnk u sooo much !! Nope m not thinking about Sad endings .. what to say.. !! ur trust melted me like Amul Butter..
      No dii m not sad bcz of resopnce.. just was sad thinking about the other pairs like u know what i mean.. !! once again TY dii for loving this story. !! ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Sus !! ;-,

  8. Vyshu10

    Superb….kaku swara ko kya hua??? I knw u ll give a happy ending. Aur haan…we ll send all stupid ppl who r anti-swasan to pluto

    1. Kakali

      Vyshuuuuu !! let’s begin our mission.. ! kick ev1 whoever come between our SWASAN.. !! urgh.. !! how can u know me soo well?
      Thnk u sooo much Dear !! ;-*

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  13. Nagamanasa

    Awesome kaku dear…loved it…those who r aganist swasan na i know u will wrap them to pluto..and ha i want happy ending..

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      Manasaa Dii,, Thnk u sooo much..!! m glad u loved the part..yup u also know me soo well.. !! huh Happy Ending.. sooo mushkil.. !! ;-*


    kaku its amzing but pls gv us happy ending…

    1. Kakali

      Niveeeee !! Thnk u sooo much dear !! ,,huyii about Happy Ending….omggg feeling kinda going for world war against mom.. !! ;-*

  15. this is really good one are u thinking sad ending i will not let u give plz post soon please”puppy eyes”

    1. Kakali

      Aamias !! Haahah ur puppy eyes melted me dear !! yuppp i will post soon.. !! N thnk u sooo much … ;-*

  16. Scooby

    Awesome lovely chapie.. swasan kiss… but being a ginne he is using her powers nd never cares about her.. hope she disappers and reborn as human and again their love story starts… pluto alien better plan happy ending or else i will surely kick u out of assam accusing u as terrorist…

    1. Kakali

      Naviiiii,,!! seriously m sweating reading ur comment … u want Swara to reborn as human.. then what about SwaSan?what bout Sanskar? he will b an oldie naa.. omggg !! heheheh but still u r having the same idea as me.. i will do something for their love story..
      u Thalla.. !! stop giving me Dhamki.. !! huh illegal blackmailer..!!
      BDW Thnk u sooo much.. !! ;-*

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    Its getting better n better wid each update.. m loving it so much nw..
    Keep writng n rocking girl..??
    Loved it but i dun want sad ending othrwse u knw me ???? m ready to kill u..??
    Srsly i loved todayz chappy alot ???

    1. Kakali

      Arshaaaaa !! Thnk u sooo much dear for loving it !! yup yuppp i know u r always ready to kill me with ur own hands.. !! but seriously i will give happy ending only *cross fingers… !! ;-*

  20. Shreeyu

    Wow Di it was amazing…. This idiot duffer stupid sahil…. Go to hell( can’t disturb Pluto nivasis na by sending him to Pluto..) Di don’t give send ending na… This is such an wonderful story…. Totally different…. Such a great combo of fairy tales and Swasan.. As u r saying at the end of ur update abt this being a modern fairy tale don’t due any ghapla…. Lov uh loads and sorry for commenting late on last part I read it today itself

    1. Shreeyu

      And u shud give a warning before mature content na .. Huh pata nhi kya padhwa diya .. Dharm brashth kar diya mera… Haye ram

    2. Kakali

      Cutieeee !! Thnk u soooo much dear !! nohoooo i won’t do any type of ghapla… but let’s see what Sanskar will doo..! Don’t be sorry .. coz i know u was busy..
      rahi baat mature content ki.. omggg lets not talk about them otherwise i have to bath once again… hehehe Dharam mera bhi bhrast ho gaya.. pata nehi kaha muh dikhaw.. !! ;-*

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    1. Kakali

      Yazzzzz !! i offered ev1 to Pluto.. but dun worry i will kick some of them to Moom… 🙂
      hehhehe power of attorney of Pluto is in my n Pikachu(KaChu’s)name only..
      Awww thnk u soooo much for loving this story.. sis ur golden words means a lot to me.. next is on d way dear !! ;-*

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      Thnk u sooo much Kummuuuu Dii,, !! yup i won’t give sas endings.. !!*cross fingers !! ;-*

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    Awesome part di ….. Sanskar and his confusion for his emotions what will happen to him and his emotions…,
    Sahil ….. Why every time he came to swasan life …… Not good he have to go away na…….how dare he hurt swara….
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    Love u di dunno why?? Loved it????

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Radhuuuu Bacchaaa !! m glad u loved the part.. !! Don’t worry Sahil will go away from their life forever..
      hahhaha it’s Sanskar’s birth problem not to listen anyone’s talk completely n reacting without knowing the whole matter…
      Waaaaa love u too .. but i know why…but i won’t tell u.. but i dunno why..!! ;-*

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      Thnk u sooo much Micaaa !! *drag Mica holding her left ankle n throw in huge ice berg… Too cold.. !! ;-*

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