SwaSan TS …. Ginnie & Sanskuu …. Part 2 {by Kakali}

Hiloooooo EV1..Thnk u all for d response..Silent readers thnks to u all also..
No more patar patar today…. Here we go with d 2nd part……


Sanskar being so tensed continuously rubs d ring…. all of a sudden strange mist starts to appear n from d mist emerged a strange creature…. (*let’s see what’s that)

Sanskar’s eyes almost popped out from his socket… he is looking at her with wide open eyes..?..he doesn’t know what to do n how to react seeing an ANGEL? infront of him in a baby pink cropped tube top revealing her midriff and her navel with sewn-in sleeves for her arms, and matching pants and shoes. With the outfit, her hair is normally tied in a ponytail, held together by two baby pink bands, matching her outfit, and ending with a small swirl. She also has two large, golden earrings dangle from her ears, completely covering them, and a matching necklace….?

BEAUTIFUL is not a word enough to explain her beauty…(*indeed i never got words to explain about Swara n her Devine beauty…).

Spreading her arms wide she rubs her eyes …seems she has wake-up from a long sleep..

Sanskar looks here n there but thank God there is no one to watch this Miracle…..

The girl smiles bright looking at Sanskar n d next moment what she did make Sanskar flushhhhh “Umahhhhhhh”? a tight kiss on his left cheek n says twinkling her eyes several times “Hiloo Jii, Namaste BHAYYA (joining her both hands) m Gennie of this ring(Gem).. u have made me free . Wish what u want.. i will b at ur service… “.

Sanskar has still not said anything. just staring her with open mount holiday his left cheek? ….

Swara blinks her eyes 3 more times n this time pinch him hard “Ahhhh”.. Sanskar jerks from his place rubbing his waist n looks at her astonishing “R u mad or what?”(still rubbing)…

“Hiloo Jii,Namaste BHAYYA.. m Gennie of this ring.. u have made me free.. wish whatever u want.. i will b at ur service”…

Sanskar takes a step towards her n touches her arm poking his finger confirming she is really in front of him or he is just Day Dreaming… but no it was true.. d Divine beauty is standing next to him introducing herself as a GINNIE…

Finding no replies she again repeats those lines … “Areyy bass karo meri maa !! How much u will play ur tuntuna… lemme think 1st… it’s a wish, not MAGGIE to ready in 2 minutes… ”

Sanskar again drives himself into deep thinking where at last he find “Yes, she is a Gennie,who makes our wish come true.. yes yess yesss she is a Gennie.. now my all wish will come true.. wohoooo .. yeii i don’t need to work(monologue- Do i soo??)..” saying this he starts to dance in “Tumnne mari entry yar, Kishmat ki khuli khidki yar. Tenn tennn tennnn?”(*uff it reminds me my SwaSan’s Janam Janam dance .rit Mica?)

Swara is still watching him n his antics with a cute smile n suddenly she also takes part with him doing Garba singing “Ke Dholi Taro Dhol Baje, Dhol Baje, Dhol Baje Dhol… Ke Dham Dham baje Dhol”… (*hilarious)

That was such a sudden n hilarious action that Sanskar couldn’t understand when he started to doing Mujhra in Deewani Mastani Song… (*imagine ev1 imagine)

After sometime both stops n sits over d rock breathing heavily n than brust out into a great laugh….

“Oh God that was soo fun.. m doing this after ummm (lemme count) ummm after almost 75 years.. ” says Swara counting her fingers …

“75 years?(*pupils under ground ,huh let him find himself)”

“Haaa 75 years?”…

“What u were doing there for 75 years n .. n u don’t look like 75 years old…”says Sanskar looking keenly at her deep eyes..

“M not 75 BHAYYA ji”…

“Then? ?”

“M 95 years old BHAYYA Jii”?…


Swara nods giving him a shy expression bowing her head down?..

“BDW what is ur name BHAYYA Jii?”

“Huh stop calling me BHAYYA Jii… my name is Mr. Sanskar Bhalla. In short Prince Sanskar … nam toh suna hi hoga?(u have heard my name rit?)” Says Sanskar with a million dollar smile…

“Saas Saan Saaansar…. ohhooo i didn’t heard this name ever?”…

Sanskar is like ?”Like really, nooo it’s not Saansarr..it’s Sanskarr.. San_s_kar..okkii”..

“Haaa Sarrrkaar,, Sarkar is it ok now?”

Sanskar slaps his forehead “noo.. it’s Sanskarrrrr”…

“Sann Sarr Saar Kar… urgh i can’t take ur name BHAYYA Jii..”Says Swara making faces..

“1st plz stop calling me BHAYYA Ji.. m not ur Bhayya(*ha haa we all know what u mean for Swara).. even m not Bhayya of anyone(*except my Simmu)… M a Dream boy n a Prince Charming of every girl… Says Sanskar with a very ravishing killer smile…(*lying on ICU bed)..

Swara smiles n says “Okii I will call u Sanskuuuuuuuuuu. … what’s say Sanskuu?”?

“Better than Sannsarr n Sarkar”..?

Swara smiles sheepishly..?…

“Huh what ur name was? Haa something like Marra or Suwora…

“Arrey noo my name is Swara… SWARAAA…”

“Okk okk Swaraaaaaa(scratching d word)..

“Sanskuu where is ur home? Where do u live?”

“My home there..(pointing towards d direction).. ”

“Swara.. where u live n with whom? I mean mom dad.anyone?”

“I don’t have anybody.. i m an orphan Ginnie.. but i have my best friend, my world my everything”… says Swara with a bright smile..

“Ohh.. but who is she? I guess u love her soo much.. rit?”

“Yaaa … i love him soo much.. he is my world.. i dun have anyone except him.. without him i can’t live even for a single minute…”..

Sanskar’s face hungs? listening her talks n feels deep pain in a corner of his small? heart(*which beats for only our Princess)

Swara doesn’t giving break continuously blabbering but realise something n shouts “O MY GOD.. where is he?”(sweating badly)

“Huh koun?”

“My myy myyy”…(cryingly)

“Ur best friend”

“Haaaaa.. my best friend”…(her eyes starts to fill with tears)

All of a sudden again those strange mist starts to appear n from that emerges Our Princess’s best friend “PIKACHU” wearing a red cap…(*i can’t stop adoring him)…

Swara runs n takes him in her arms “Aww Pichu..where were u? I was so tensed thinking about u? Don’t go anywhere without informing me. .. u know na i love u soo much…” Says Swara rubbing their cheeks..

“Pikkaa wiikaaa chuu.. piccatchuuu..”(smiling)

“Don’t say sorry Pichu.. i know u love me tooo.. ..

While both r busy at their own world , our Sanskar is busy starting them with O? mouth… he slapes himself to confirm but nooo even it’s also true… A Yellow Coloured Cute sa strange Rat having big dough eyes,a small nose n two big cherry red dimples is sitting in Gennie Swara’s head playing with her hair band…

He goes towards them n stares Pikachuu…. “Swara yeh sacchi mei hai?” He asks touching his cheeks… finding his cheeks to soft he starts to poke his finger … “Swara its soo soft”… this time pulls his cheeks…

“Noo Sanskuuu, noooo.. don’t do this ..noo noooooooo(couldn’t complete)…

In next second Sanskar is lying on floor with burning clothes.. all his hairs got straight due to strong electric shock…..

“I told u,don’t doo this.. urghh Pichuu.. what’s this? See what happened to him? Aww bechara electric shock ka maraaa..”

Pikachu gives him a annoying look n turns his face …..

Swara blinks her eyes 3 times n Sanskare automatically gets up n feels like nothing happened to him… Checking himself n hairs he happily blabbers “Yeii… i m alive.. wahhh Swara.. wahh..is this for ur magic ?”

Swara nods… ?


Days are passing like this.. it’s been more than a month Swara(Gennie) come to Sanskar’s life.. now He has changed .. changed a lot.Earlier days he did some of his works by himself but now ufffff he is depended on Swara for every single work….. Swara being an obedient Gennie does everything whatever Sanskar wish… it’s like Swara is AIR n Sanskar is PUNCTURED TYRE.

In these days he has shifted to a new apartment which is comparatively much more bigger than his old sweet home containing all d facilities n luxuries…Simply no hurdles no poverty no need to work… just KHAWO PIYO MAAJE KARO…

Meantime Sujhta also gets to know about Swara n Pikachu.. she was happy indeed but wanted his son to achieve al this by his own.. but no worry now both r happy…

SWASAN is best friends now.. due to spending most of d time with EO both comes soo close… but unaware of their own feelings they never try to figure out what’s going on heart..


One Fine Day,,,

Sanskar-(yelling)Swara,arrey where r u yarr? (Yelling more loudly n rubbing d ring) Swaaaaraaaa…

Swara appears infront of him keeping her hands on waist n glaring Sanskar “Haaa bolooo, why r u shouting?”(irritate)

Sanskar-ufff !! How much time u take yaar? Gimme that remote.. i need to change d channel…

Swara(angrily)-What is this Sanskar? R u mad or what? U was calling me for … for justt d remote.. ?

Sanskar(carelessly)-Haaa.. so what? U r my Ginnie & i can ask u for anything…

Swara keeps on glaring him..

“Bdw Can’t i?why r u getting angry?”(showing his most popular innocent face)

Swara melts seeing his face n hand over d remote “It’s not like that Sanskar.. but why don’t u understand..u can’t b like this.. ”

“Matlab” Sanskar asks carelessly busy watching TV..

“Matlab one day or another.i have to leave na. I need to go from here.. than what will u do?moreover i have only 4 days in my hand” Swara says curiously hoping to get a pleasant reply..

“Soo what , i will keep servants then.. u don’t worry.. now plzz lemme concentrate”.. Sanskar says without realising ..

Getting his reply a lone tear escapes from d corner of her eyes which she abruptly weeps not letting to fall… “Yeah, rit…. how can i forgot that…”(smiles faintly)…


Next Day,,,

“Sanskar shall i come with u? Plzzzz.. !! Listen i will not irritate u.. but plzzzz lemme come with u…”(blinking her eyes with puppy dog eyed)..?

“Okk okkk!! No need of showing ur beautiful eyes.. u can come. But no masti.. otherwise what will Kavita think about me? Today i will impress her anyhow”.. Sanskar says dreaming in his own dreamland..(*lemme kick him to Pluto?)

Swara feels a sudden to urge to burn that Chipkali’s hair..โ™จ. but dunno why… shrugging her all thoughts aside she gets ready in a purple colour floral gown,hanging matching ear rings,bracelet.her beautiful, shiny n long hairs r left open..applying some of dark red lipstick n wearing a pair of black high heels ,she looks like a PRINCESS… Make up is not needed .. she is a natural beauty afterall.. “Ummm m ready”..

There our Sanskar is busy fighting with his blazer but Swara comes n makes him wear … at first Sanskar doesn’t notice her but when his gaze falls on her, he was stunned,awestruck,mesmerized as well as speechless..

Swara is continuously asking how is she looking but words r not coming out from his throat…

Suddenly Sanskar pulls her through waist & place a soft peak in her nose tip “U r looking stunning Swara.”…

Swara becomes shy with his action n bows her head down murmuring “Thnk u”…

Sanskar gets ready in black denim,blue shirt with dark blue jacket…

“Sooo shall we move now?”


Sujhata is adoring both giving her blessing… she thinks something n smiles wiping her tears which is obviously of happiness…

Sujhata goes towards them … Swara who sees her coming asks excitedly “Aunty … look How is this dress?”(Sujhta cuts off)

“Call me MOM beta.. i m ur like ur mom na”… Sujhta says kissing her forehead with lots of love..

Swara couldn’t stop her tears from flowing feeling soo much of love “Yee..sss MAA “.. Says Swara n hugs her tight…

Sanskar also joins them , trio is feeling blessed .. they look like A HAPPY MINI FAMILY… (*huh how can i forgot my Pikachu) he also appears from somewhere n stands in Sanskar’s messing his hairs.. Sanskar makes faces but Pikachu stays in a same position…(*Dream come true)


@ Party Venue,,,

Sanskar gets busy with ev1… where Swara feels bore coz she doesn’t know any of them.. some boys comes n tries to talk with her but doesn’t even giving a damn she moves outside …

After Half An Hour,,,

Sanskar is finding Swara but she is nowhere to b seen… He is continuously rubbing his rings but it’s of no use… His mind strikes at her sentence “Or day or another i have to leave from here na!!”.. now he starts to sweat thinking about Swara going away from him.. tears starts to fill his eyes..

Suddenly he sees Swara n feels like getting a new life … he immediately runs n embrace her for a breathtaking hug showing all his care,concern n LOVE for her.. !!! Breaking d hug he kiss in all her face with lots of LOVE n again hugs her as tight as he can …

Swara doesn’t know what had happened all of a sudden but feels sooo blessed in his embrace… Sanskar comes to sence n asks cupping her cheeks “Where were u Swara? I was calling u from long.. but where were u? Do u know how how scared i was.!! I felt like … likkeeee(with chocked voice) u leeftt meee… “says Sanskar n again hugs her nuzzling his face in her hairs…

Swara smiles wholeheartedly n also reciprocate d hug with equal passion n LOVE…

Precap-Nooo nooooo I don’t care Swara.. i don’t care…(shouting)
This is a modern fairytale..
No wind in our sails
But I can’t imagine a life without
Breathless moments
Breaking me down down down….


#Plzz ignore all my outstanding grammatical mistakes n overwhelming spelling errors..?

Hiloo guyzz !! How was d part..? Do let me know through ur valuable comments…

Thnk u sooo much for reading…
God bless u all.. <3 <3…

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    next wowewwe my pikachu muaahhhhh
    Shona is ginnie haaayeee

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  13. G.Chandu

    OMG!!!kakuu…!! Ash will die if he comes to know that you stole PIKACHU and gave it to swara…!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    1. Kakali

      Chaduuuu !!! don’t think about Ash.. m here to drool over him..okii !! PIKACHU is now Swara’s only..
      Thnk u soo much buddy.. m glad u loved it.. uyii not poem.. it’s a song of Selana Gomez.. !! ;-*

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    Awesome chapter?

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  19. Radhika..

    Awesome part di
    …. Swara is the ginnie and the way u describe her dress and her coming its amazing its like we r really seeing her.
    And Sanskar not getting it that she is a real ginnie and pikachu entry is amazing sanskar got electric shock
    Bad for him but swara make him all right. Sanskar is so dependent on swara what will happen to him??
    And sujata is dreaming ….. Like sanskar do.
    At last sanskar soehow realise that swara is very important. …what is gonna happen next let’s wait to see….. Waiting for the next part

    Loved it….love u di????

    1. Kakali

      Bacchaaaa !! Thnk u sooo very much dear.. ! i wanted to make that part lively n i guess m successful in it..hehhehe M glad u loved that shock wala part.. !! let’s see what will happen.. i have uploaded d next part.hv a look..once again Thnk u.. !! love u toooo.. !!TC n loads of love.. ;-*

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    1. Kakali

      Samaiaaaa!! both r sooo cute naa.. hehehe three unique pieces indeed..yupp yupp m a die heart fan of Pikachuuuuu as well as SWASAN.. that’s why i made them SwaSanChuu…
      Thnk u soooo much dear.. !! ;-*

  22. awesome .want happy ending

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      Sneha !! as u wish dear… thnk u soooo much… !! ;-*

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    Wow loved it such a sweet epi
    Poat the next part soon

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    Superb..nalayak nahin badla abi tak.U knw i generally dont read fantasy ffs..but i m liking this and i want happppy endinggggg

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      Vyshuuuuuu !! Yeh mera nalayak hai.kabhi nehi badalne wala..!! Thnk u sooo much dear.. huh as u hukum..;-*


    aww.. kaku I too need that ring.. so cute update…โ˜บโ˜บ

    1. Scooby

      But u wont see gini like swara u cn only se devil kakali inside nd she will ask u food always nive…


        ha ha ha.. thn will gv food specially prepared by me..?

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      Niveeeee.. u here.. huh God how could u give me such cute shocks..
      let’s kidnap Sanskar .. u can keep d ring n i will keep him.. waaa dream come true… Thnk u sooo much dear.. !!;-*


        deal… but on one condition u have to tie rakhi in sanskar hand… ๐Ÿ˜›


        navi meant u gng to die… Margaya means dead…

      3. Anjali30

        Nive… is this really you??/ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Haven’tspoken to you in agessss…. how are you ??? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        Miss you soooo much…. .

        haha navi… I see the gang is back ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    4. Kakali

      Niveeee.. if u can plzz stay away from Navi..coz she is affecting u soo much.. ! waaa virus os spreading.. how could u think even tieing Rakhi that to Sanskar koo.. gosh.. better i make u both Navi Nive Hubby-Wife..


        eeee??it’s not navi it’s u a mini virus.. soon hv to find antivirus… or it ll affect u fully… until ll play foot ball with ur lil brain…

  26. Shreeyu

    Awwww it was such a sweet one kaku dii…. Loved it… Kitna funny tha starting mein that song and then garba…. And pikachu u r sooo cute. ….

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Cutieee !! glad u loved it..yup Pikachuuu is cutee indeed.. !! loads of love dear.. !! ;-*

  27. Mica

    what is this ? when you posted it ? uugghh you posted on helly’s birthday ? that why i didn’t see it *too much cake on helly’s bday
    <– pinch pikachu's cheeek & run to next chappy

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Mica. !!
      urgh Thnk God..it’s Pinch, not Punch. !! ;-*

  28. Anjali30

    Wish i had the ring….
    Swara’s dress… WOWOW…. And then our nalayak… I’m sooo in love with him….

    Haha I love pikachu,,,, I love too many pokemon… A huge fan <3 <3 <3

    Awesome update kakkkssss…

    Do you think i can call you that?? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Kakali

      Anjuuuuu !! yup.. May God Grant ur Wish.. !!
      But wish i had this Nalayak Sanskar..omggg i dun want any ring.
      I m also a huge fan of Pokemonbut specially MY Pikachuu.. m in soo in madly love with him…<3..
      Thnk u sooo much Dear.. Yooo u can call me Kaksss…since m calling u Anjuuu without even asking.mad me.. ;-*

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        Love youuu Kakksss……..

        Everyone calls me anju ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› So chill….

        Pikachu’s baeee….

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      Love u 8976 much ..
      Baeeee matlab?

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