SwaSan TS …. Ginnie & Sanskuu …. Part 1 {by Kakali}

Hiloooooo EV1… i know m supposed to not to b here.. but being a shameless n shy SWASAN fan i can’t resist myself from coming to this site or writing on SWASAN.. what to do they r my habit… n now u all bear me again with this TS..?


Note- I m extremely sorry for making u all people cry with my previous works.. but this one is not like d other ones.. so don’t worry.. no need of wasting tissue n fav hanky.. i almost become a rodeside appolo patient giving u all my fav hanky..


No more patar patar ,,,Now let’s move inside d story – “Ginnie n Sanskuu”..?


BG Music from d film “Om Shanti Om”…

( Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai )…

A huge shop is shown which is beautifully decorated .may b today is something special… There we can see a couple sitting beside EO ,starting n feeding Panipuri to EO.. seems they r too busy to notice that m peeping through d window …

The boy is lovingly looking at her n feeding Panipuri… one after another.. one more..one moree … n one more… d girl is just gulping without even a break…

(monologue)-“Awww Kavita. U look soo cute when u eat Panipuri closing ur eyes.. but plz at least look at me once,feed me also.. from last 50 minutes m feeding u only.. i want to taste it”.. thinks d boy gulping down his own saliva…(*yh yh that’s our lovely Kavita only.. huh feeling kinda blasting a Panipuri bomb in her mouth?)

This time d girl takes a Panipuri n keeps it near his mouth indicating to open it … he smiles widely n about to do so but “Splashhhhhhhhh”…..

“Panipuri,Panipuri,Panipuri water…” Screams d boy waking up from his dream…He immediately touches his face n licks d water confirming is it Panipuri water or not…

At d next moment his expression changed into ? Yuckky one n says irritatingly “Mom what is this? .. how could u throw Detergent water on me.¿..it’s… it’s smelling yuck….” after a second bubbles starts to come out from his mouth ?….

The lady who was glaring d boy keeps d balty on floor n says “Kitna soyega Nalayak..kuch kam wam bhi kar liya kar..din bhar ghar me betha makkhi marta rehta hai… aur makkhi na mile toh Sapne dekhta rahta hai.. kab sudhrega tu”..?{How much will u sleep u jobless boy.. try to do some work .. all d day just sitting at home n beating mosquitoes or day dreaming.. when will u come to path?}….

D boy makes faces n gets up from his bed in one jump …. “Mom,calm down .. calm down.. morning morning don’t strat ur shout session(Wiping his face)… n waise bhi Sanskar Bhalla doesn’t need ro work .. he is a Prince” …says Sanskar kissing her left cheek..(*yoo yooo that’s our Prince Sanskar n his mom Sujhata only)…

Sujhata is hardly making herself calm but hearing his useless talks , she takes a broom(*imagining Mirna) n stars to beat him….

Sanskar who was again day dreaming keeping a wide smile in standing posture comes to sense n runs to washroom blabbering”Now a days we need to pay tex for day dreaming even.huh… ruthless people..”(stamping his feet)…

Watching her son’s antics Sujhata murmurs “Kuch nehi ho sakta is nalayak bakre ka”(Nothing can happen to this jobless goat)…

Sanskar shouts from washroom “Mom plzz make my breakfast ready, i need to go for interview”….

“Haa haaaa..(keeping d BF on dinning table). tu toh baas (realise something) interview.. what ? When..?” Asks Sujhata with twinkling eyes..

“Haa mom interview(coming out of washroom).hope toady everything goes well”…

“Don’t worry Sanskar, everything will b all rit.. u just give ur best”(feeding him dahi chinni)(*huh if my mom had ever feed me a big bowl of sweet yogurt, i could have brought much good result than this… ?)

“I know i know, n waise bhi Sanskar ko mana karna mushkil hii nahi, namumkim hai?”(saying NO to Sanskar,it’s not only difficult but also yumpossiable).. so u just take a chill pill mom”… Sanskar winks peaking her left cheek n runs from there…

Sujhata keeps gazing him n slaps her forehead..”Kuch nehi ho sakta is nalayak bakre ka”(nothing can happen to this jobless goat)..



Sanskar is coming home,his mood is off coz he was not selected for d job n is cursing that manager saying to let land sliding gulp him alive…

Meantime his gaze falls on a girl who is going through d same road he is going. .. he is soo lost in that girl {BG Music “Tumne mari entry yar,dil mei bazi ghanti yaar.. teen teen tennn”?}..

He is looking at her being lost but comes to sense hearing her giggling sound n finds himself lying on muddy water near d nalla/gutter…?

He looks at himself n that girl.. again looks at himself n then d girl who has gone soo far giving him ?yucky looks… “Yuckkk,, morning mom made me bath with detergent water n now this gutter ka water.. chiii(smeels) ..today my FATE is at strike huh”.. murmurs Sanskar giving himself a disgusting look…


Next day,,,


Sanskar- Don’t worry Mehta jii, i will pay d rent in these days..u just give me some time..

Mehta(angry)- How much time should i give u Sanskar.. it’s more than 2 months u have not paid d rent..now it’s enough..give my money in 3 days or leave d house..

Sanskar(tensed)- yeah Thnk u Mehta ji. I will pay my whole rent in these 3 days…. but plz don’t say about leaving this house.. it’s not only a house,but a sweet home for me & mom.. this place is very special for me..u also know that…

Mehta- okk. Lekin jaldi karna(do it fast)otherwise…

Sanskar nods n left d place…



“Sanskar take this money n brings some vegetables” says Sujhata handing over him a bag…

Sanskar makes faces n nods..

@ Market,,,

Sanskar is going to d market when his eyes sight catches a view which made his eyes sparkling with an unknown joy n happiness…. he goes towards that n asks d seller “Bhai sab, yeh kitne ka hai? I want to buy this ring.”…

Seller-It’s of 2000 rs…

Sanskar happily pays 2000 n comes back … suddenly he realized that his mom said him to buy vegetables n some groceries… but allas he has already wasted all d money… having no option he sits near d rock n curse himself n d ring which is still shining… “Its all bcz of this stupid ring.. God .if mom gets to know.. she will chew me alive”(images his mom in kali avtar nd a big axe in hand to chop him).. he starts to sweat n gulps down his saliva…. in all this process he is rubbing his hand n d ring continuously…

After a pause he witness a scenery which made me froze at his place….



SANSKAR BHALLA -“A 21 years old Nalayak Bakra(jobless goat) n Day Dreamer”acc to his mom…
“Prince” according to himself…
Loves to day dream.. doesn’t like to work.. want everything in a short way.. boared from his poor life… loves his mom d most.. always irritate her but he knows his world starts from his mom n ends in her only….

SUJHATA BHALLA- Mom of her Nalayak Bakra… a 43 years widow who has single handedly brought up Sanskar from last 15 years.. Wants his son to do some work n settles himself… but she is not soo lucky enough… always tries to make Sanskar understand to do work but nohooo.. still loves him d most… BOTH R WORLD FOR EO…

SWARA- ufff obviously our princess is a GINNIE here… having many shades but naughty all d time n damn shy? at some particular moment…. (*rest bio data will b disclosed soon?)


I have TWO more Characters to introduce … but not in this part… i will add him in next part if i got good response… otherwise will meet u all in April…

To be continued…….

Hiloooo guyz!!.what u all have decided. shall i continue or end it in next part…do let me know through ur valuable comments…

Thnk u sooo much for reading…
God bless u all.. <3 <3…

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  1. Deeksha

    Kakuuu….!!!!!!!! U r back….!!!!! I loved this nalayak Sanskaar…..!!!!!continue soon and do concentrate on studies…..!!!!!!!!!?

    1. Kakali

      Deekshuuuuu !! Thnk u soo much dear.. m glad u loved my Nalayak Sanskar… yup my full concentration is in study only but for some refreshment i m writing this TS, m missing my SwaSan too.. !! ;-*

  2. Scooby

    Pluto alien continue or i will start my punishment…. awesime… hahaha…

    1. Kakali

      Naviiii… Thnk u sooo much dear.. yup now i have to continue even i want or not.. otherwise u know n ur tooth knows.. ;-*

  3. Srusti

    Hi ? kaku darling ts was awesome u ? should definitely continue and there is no doubt in it dear I mean in this ts swara is human r Jeannie having some powers showing in fiction shows coz these r my doubts plzzzzzzzzz clarify it dear

    1. Kakali

      Hii,Srusti..Thnk u soo much dear for motivating me.. now i will continue it for sure..
      About ur doubt.. Swara is a gennie here having supernatural powers as we all see in fictional shows.. hope m being able to clarify ur doubts.;-*

  4. Nagamanasa

    Awesome kaku dear…Thank his now need to waste our tissues and fav hanky…u remembered me abt pani puri now my mouth started watering huhh…Sanskar hahha naalayak bakre bana dia use…loved it…Thnk u

    1. Kakali

      Manasaa dii… !! .uff dii now u olz don’t talk about Panipuri.. only i know how i have written that.. it was a killing moment for me..
      yup here Sanskar is my Nalayak Bakra for whom i have fallen so madly..
      Thnk u soo much dii.. ;-*

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR kakali dr omgggg(g ko aur zyada extend krti but simple phn se typing mein haath dukhne lgta hai) so glad n happy by seeing u n ur ff (how can i see u?lol) but den also m very happy welcome pickachu

    1. Kakali

      Parulll…. !! Thnk u sooo much dear… wish u a very happy n prosperous new year … awww u don’t need to extend dear… i can feel ur excitement through ur simple comment only… hahah now b ready to welcome real pikachu soon.. ;-*

  6. Maryum


    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much Maryum dear.. ;-*

  7. Pooja26

    omg omg omg !!!!!! u r back..
    can’t believe it !!!!!
    yaayy my darling…… 😉 love u 😉 😉
    amazing start……
    do come with nxt part soon …….
    post soon……

    1. Kakali

      Hii, Pooja.. Thnk u soo much dear.. yup m back to irritate u all .. hehehe love u too..will continue soon… loads of love dear… TC of urself too… ;-*

  8. Hemanshi

    My Kakali is backkkkk????
    Let’s nachoooo
    Superb kakuuu loved it….Amazing start??
    And I am glad that you are back!!!!??
    Love u so much??

    1. Kakali

      Hemaa Dii, Thnk u sooo much…. nooo naccho.. u say “Let’s make my meal n meds at time”… m glad u loved it … love u dher sara..n loads of love n light hugs for my Angel/Golu.. stay blessed… ;-*

  9. Radhika..

    The story seems imaginary, cute love story something like Chirag and jadu ke aaka and all which we see in films. And continue it di. Its cute story and some how funny and all some light moments.
    A beautiful and lovely and somehow funny story is waiting for us to read .
    I think the conceptconcept as that chirag as ring and all but don’t know about it as my thinking can’t match u so …… Waiting for what is in ur mind to read that next part ….
    Loved it continue soon

    1. Kakali

      Baccha….!! u r rit.. my story is inspired from that story only but i will try to give some twists containing funny n light scenes..n haa it will be a cute love story or not.. let’s see..?..
      I will continue soon my baccha.. Thnk u sooo much … loads of love.. ;-*

  10. Samaira

    Omg again with awsome story ap ki dimag me itni achi story soch kaise jate hai. N ha ha how can anyone dream in day only our uniq peace sanky.
    Awsome di post soon.

    1. Kakali

      Samaira ,, Thnk u soo much dear.. m glad u r reading my stories…d idea just come to my mind so thought to pen down it in a dif way.. n about ideas, u all r much better than me..
      yup coz he is one piece n unique Sanskar na.. hahah.. will post soon dear.. loads of love.. ;-*

      1. Samaira

        Kaki di will u give me the link of u r ss a dream. That my exam was running i only read first 2 parts but now m not able find chapies. Plz ek chutu sa help.

    2. Kakali

      Samaira… here is ur Link dear… http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=A DREAM
      enjoy reading… ?

    3. Kakali

      Sorry dear… those links r not working… Samaira u olz go to my account.. i mean click on my name… then go to post option.. u will find all d parts there… sorry for inconvenience my sis.. but now m not having links…?

  11. wow…kakali di …its just so cool , sanskar is just so cool I love his attitude and character..
    I just loved each part but its so shot di ..want more I am sure everyone will like it because who doesn’t want a good shot like this

    sujatha is too funny to , but this what is happening in all the home where there is a son

    hm must say u are OS / TS queen of TU ….I am glad we are having like u all in TU family di

    overall I just loved the shot to the core and I am waiting impatiently for the next shot
    plz update soon will be waiting eagerly

    love love di

    1. Kakali

      Hii, Dolly..Thnk u soo much dear.. m glad u liked Sanskar here..
      it was just a intro na.. so was short but from next time i will try to write as long as i can..
      yup it’s happening in many people’s house …
      once again thnk u so much for d compliment.. infect m blessed to have u all.. but i seriously don’t want to b called as writer .. m happy being a friendn,Dii n sis here..
      m happy u enjoyed d whole update.. once again Thnk u.. will continue soon dear… loads of love.. ;-*

  12. Awesome kaku i was missing u badly like i am missing swasan

    1. Kakali

      Hii.. dear.. i was also missing u badly since we have not talked after that day…even m missing my SwaSan.. that’s why writing this story..
      Thnk u soo much dear.. now we can talk here without having any problem.. loads of love.. ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much Sus dear.. i guess u r Ashnoor.. dunno but seeing ur logo i feel like that..;-,

  13. Swarmayi

    Kakuuuuuuu… wohoooo..you are finally back with a new dhamakedaar concept. La la la la la la… la la la la la la.. * singing n dancing in happiness. Loved ur nalayak sanskuu so much.. post next soon.. love u.. ???

    1. Kakali

      Shaluu.. Yup m finally back to irritate n tickle u all with my parts.. wait i will also join u..*sit beside Shalu n sing with her..
      yuppp i love this Nalayak Sanskar so much.. even i love u too..?
      Thnk u soo much dear.. will post soon.. loads of love.. ;-*

  14. Shreeyu

    Awwww awesome Kaku Di…. Hehe nalayak bakra….lol…Di is this something to ask …. Obviously u have to continue and I want next part soon… It’s your Cutie’s order… Chalo gotta go…bubyee

    1. Kakali

      Cutieee !! Thnk u sooo much dear.. yup he is my Nalayak Bakra…n appka hukum sar aankhon par.. will post soon dear… TC.. loads of love.. ;-*

  15. Simin

    Waah my kaku
    u are back
    he is prince for sure

    1. Kakali

      Simuuu !!Thnk u soo much dear… yup m back to tickle u all with my updates.. n i want u here next to me in every single part.. okii.. huh he is our prince indeed?.. loads of love.. ;-*

  16. SRSL

    Kaku dii…story is fabulous and haa if you are writing this bunking your studies *beating you with broom… Hehehe…your exams are over..mine is gonna start…stupid exams …they never let us live in peace and one day get us in a graveyard written RIP……I hate studying???upload soon..aur haa he stupid nalayak sanky don’t even eye my shona…go become something then I will hand her over to you…?

    1. Kakali

      Liyaa !! uff my cute sis.. dun worry dear m not writing this bunking my study.no need of broom. it’s just m writing it for refreshment n moreover m missing my SwaSan very much …
      waa my exams r not over.. it will start from Feb only..
      yhh someday my pic will b uploaded in FB with garland in it.. gosh.. but i love study..
      sure dear.will upload soon n will even threaten Sanskar that u r with Swara so no Chance … TC dear.. loads of love.. ;-*

  17. Chanu

    wt is dis?
    WHAT IS THIS????
    u said us b4 u hv exams bla bla bla and nw ur writing ffs!? *serching smtng 2 beat u

    first i nly cm here 2 inform my writers dat im going and see da rplys! then i saw dis as resent post! i ws like 😮 😮
    no no dis is a day dreaming!
    bt i click here and gt 2 knw its u!
    go and study 4 ur exam *with blood shot eyes!
    actually its nt nly abt u bt also me! *smiling sheepishly
    it ws soo hard 2 being apart 4m tu and u r making it more difficult by uploding stories!
    y r u doing dis!? u , mica all f u! huhuu
    y u all r dis much heartless? tell me?! writing lvly cute ffs huuhuu
    my fate *sobing
    if u cn send swara ginnie 2 me! 4 once! ill ask my exams papers 4m her! then i cn read my fav ffs without any prob!

    drl dnt waste soo much tym in tu! it may be affect 2 ur studies! so 2 hrs per day is soo much enaugh 2 read and writing! after dat nly studying. gt da (look who’s talking! she herself ddnt do dat and nw advising others)
    lv u soo much

    1. Kakali

      Chanuuuuu..!! here u come..ufff what to answer u.. yup i have definitely exams…
      hahaha day dreaming.. than u r my Sanskar’s sis..
      ohh God ur blood shoot eyes n frowning face melting me kinda butter…
      yeii i make it more difficult na.. so no problem.. dun go now.. be here with us*drag Chanu towards me n make her sit beside me…
      yup m heartless n u r helpless… so better b u stay here..
      waaa we r same.. even i have d same wish.. but our FATE na..uff..
      No Chanu my full concentration is in study only. m just writing this TS for some refreshment as well as m missing my SwaSan soo much..?n 2 hour is really enough for me to visit TU n writing my parts…hahha Thnk u soo much dear..ADARE OYA.. TC..no bye.. we will meet soon… ;-*

      1. Chanu

        when i bcm my sankus sis???? he is nt my bro bt i think he is ur jiju. 😉
        i also lv 2 stay here and u dunno hw hard 2 be away 4m all f u.. 🙁
        bt my fate.. huuhh * sobing

        hawww… then write ff as heartless kaku and helpless chanu.. 🙁 ;$

        if ur concentration is on study.. i hv no prob.. bt decrees the tym in tu.. :

        nt nly swasan im missing u guys sooo much…

        ok… *singing kabhi alvida na kehena….

        adareyi oyatath…
        my siso…
        take care!!!!

  18. Raina_Riz


    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Rizna dear.. ;-*

  19. Fantastic….Super cute

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much Tani dear.. ;-*

  20. Interesting..continue soon..tc..

    1. Kakali

      Kummu Diii !! Thnk u soo much.. yup will continue soon.. loads of love.. u2 TC…. ;-*

  21. Vyshu10

    superb kaku….yeh naalayak laayak kab banega?

    1. Kakali

      Vyshuuu ,, Thnk u soo much Jii.. !! yeh answer toh only Swara de sakti hai.. ;-*

      1. Vyshu10

        tu yeh jii jii bolna band kar…ajeeb lag raha hai

    2. Kakali

      Haanjii Vyshuuu ji… no more jii jiii… ?

  22. Wow loved it plz continue ❤️

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Romaisa… will continue soon dear.. ;-*

  23. Simi

    Welcome back?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Simi dear !! ;-*

  24. jessica rose

    I think so when he rubbed the ring the ginnie ( ofcourse our swara ) appears n the luv story starts . aww ur ffs r always interesting woahhhhhhhh wait 4 d next part

    1. Kakali

      Jessica !!! yup dear.. u r correct about it… let’s see whether their love story will start or not…Thnk u sooo much for appreciating my work…will post soon.. loads of love dear.. ;-*

  25. Amazing ?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Stg dear.. !! ;-*

  26. Arshaanya

    Nyc kaku

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Arsaaa.. !! ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Anu.. !! ;-*

  27. SNY

    How are u kaku sis….starting was superb sis pls continue…then pls concentrate on ur studies sis??….sis previous ff ur describing skills are awesome….I hope u will make this ff also very special…. I think this time u don’t want any weapon??…take care sis…bye

    1. SNY

      *I think this time I don’t want any weapon to beat u….

    2. Kakali

      Yazzzz !! My sis..m fine dear.. how about u? yup dear.. will concentrate on study fully.. just writing it for some refreshment..hahhaha… no dear.. in this u don’t need any weapon.. it will b a funny one.. no emotional scenes.. Thnk u sooo much dear.. n will continue soon.. u know u r one of strongest reason for whom i have written this TS.. how can i dinay when u said me to start a new one… loads of love dear.. TC sis..;-*

      1. SNY

        Thank u so much sis….sry sis I forgetted to tell this before ….”plz update next one soon sis”???????…

  28. Nice please update soon

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Jahnavi dear… will update soon… ;-*

  29. interesting .post next one soon

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Sneha dear.. will post soon… ;-*

  30. Mica

    NO comment *busy hit Sanskar’s head, how dare he thinking about chipkali Kavitew

    1. Kakali

      Huh continue ur work… m cheering u holding pompom… yeii…
      Thnk u sooo much Mica.. that’s why i said he was day dreaming… ;-*

  31. Abirsha

    Awesome…..loved it kaku….

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Shan dii.. !! glad u loved it.. ;-*

  32. Anshupriya

    NYC post nxt 1 sooooooooooon

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Anshupriya.. !! next has been posted it’s in moderation.. ;-*

  33. Mirna

    woowwwwwwwwwwww kaks welcome back dear. Loved sanky and his carefree nature post the nxt one soonnnnnnnnn orelse dnt forget the punishment dearrrrrrrrr 🙂 awesome chappy dear

    1. Kakali

      Mirna Darlzz !! Thnk u sooo much.. !! m glad u loved Sanksar.. yoo yooo !! i won’t forget ever about ur punishment… .. ;-*

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      Thnk u sooo much Soujanya dear.. !! ;-*

  35. Anjali30

    Awesomeee… Haaaye… Love my sanskaar.. ????
    Sanky ke liye Kuch bhi kar sakti hoon… ??

    Anyways… I hear you have exams… Pls do them well… Hope to see you back soon…

    Also… I was curious… How old are you??

    Bye… Atb ❤❤

    1. Kakali

      Anjuuuuu !! hayee we r same.. This Sanksar can naaa.. ufff .. let’s not talk about him.. ?
      yup dear.. i have exams..
      m 17 Anjuu…
      Thnk u sooo much for ur wishes… TC loads of love … ;-*

  36. Amazing dear… Loved it… Continue soon.. ????❤❤❤

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Vidhi dear…. glad u loved it.. next part has been posted but it’s in moderation… ;-*

  37. Awesome???waiting eagerly to know the story n ur dream ff os awesome…vyshu suggested me…i read all chappies in half day…u made me soo much cry???

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Seebu dear…
      aww thnk u once again for ur appreciation.. it means a lot..
      Upps then sorry to make u cry… !! ?
      hopefully this time it may not happen…
      i will say a thnxx to my Vyshuuuu jii.. ;-*

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