SWASAN TS:- Friends become Life Partner (torture and love) part 3(b)(I)

thnks guys,,,, next part and last part containing two parts,,,,,,,,,,
So lets start-
after 6 months,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we will see a boy sitting in car,,, have a pic in her hand,,,stare the pic lovingly,,,and and his eyes become moist,,,,( yes it none other than sanskar ,,,, who stare the pic of swara,,,and aske her pic to come bank in her life)…………….
Sanskar POV
swara ………….. my swara,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where are you,,, it become six month when you left,,,after you gone ,,, my life become hell without you swara,,,,,, i search you every where ,,, but tum mjhe khi nhi mili,,,, kaha ho tum swara,,, i miss you,,,and i love u swara,,, yes ,,your sanskar love u alot,, please come back,, while crying,,, please give me one chance to ractify my mistake,,, you know when you left on that day,,, whole day i search u,,, but u no where to found,, ptani kaha ho tum swara,,, i know my mistake in not forgotable,, but please come back to my life,,,, ……………
you know what swara,,,,,,, your sanskar become sucessfull,,, i start my business with laksh bhai and papa ji,,,,,,,,, you also want this na ki m apne career pr dhayan du,, ar reponsible bnu,,, lo,,, m ab ban gya swara jo tum chahti thi,,,, with crying remembering the flashback with swara after engaement of laksh and ragini,,,,
on the last day of there exam,, in college some company and organisation come to campus placement,,,,, after some time,,, swara with happy smile and excitment come to canteen goes towards sanskar,,, and jumps in front of them with hapiness( in canteen sanskar is with kavita)
Sanskar:- oye swara ,,, are you become mad,,,,, why you jump like monkey,, hmmmmm,,,
Swara- you know,,, i get job in campus placement,,, ar tumhe pta h company kaha h,, in delhi,,, yehhhhh,, finally i get what i want,,, and after two month,,, m job start kr skti hu yehhhhhh,,,,,
Sanskar- swara,, why you want to work in another company,, when sekhar uncle have their own company,,,, ar tumhe kam krne ki kya jarrorat h,,, we are rich,,,,,,,,,whe have money,, so what the mater to earning,,,,,,,,,
swara,,,- no sanskar,,, mjhe apne dam pr apni pehchan banani h,,, naki papa ki company m work kr ke,,,,,, and i also want ki tum bhi sucessful ho apni life mein,,ar,,( intrrupted by kavita)
Kavita- swara kya bakwas kr rhi ho… sanskar father and brother are famous buisness man,,, so why he work,,,,and afterall he have huge property and money,,, so he shold live with that why work and all that,,huhhhh,, bekar ki baate
Sanskar agree with kavita,,,- yes swara kavita is right,,
Swara- sanskar,, i’m your best friend and i’m always look for your better,, m nhi chahti ki tumhe age jake pachtana pade,,, so become responsible in life,, ok,,,, remember my words sanskar,,,
(Flashback end)
Sanskar thought interrupted by a call,, and the call was from his father DP,,, sanky pick the call,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sanskar- yes papa
Dp;- sanskar i want you to go to delhi for meeting with Khanna & co. ….. this deal is very important okk
Sanskar- papa………… i don’t want to go ……. you know na here i,,,,(cut by DP) i know ki tum swara ko dhundh rhe ho pr beta,,,, wo agr kolaktta me hoti to mil gyi hoti na ab tak,,, and here laksh is buzy with a project and i also,, and that deal was also important so you go na,,, you know na you are MD of S&S the company,, so its your responsibily,, okk,, sanskar agree with dp and say yes to him,, and ask him when time,, he say now……. directly go to airport…..,, i already arrange everything over there……….. okkk,,, sanskar nods,, and goes towards the airport and Bord the flight to Delhi,,,
in GM
Shomi goes to swara room and crying with hugging her picture … sekhar comes there and console shomi,, ,,, while crying shomi says,,,,,,sekhar,,, how bad mom i was,, i don’t believe my daughter,,, she always says that she didn’t do anything but we dont believe …..an says to hi she died for us,,, why sekhar,,,,, and cry bitterly,,, and sekhar also cry,, and remember swara,,,,
In Delhi,,,,
Khanna & co.
CEO of the company Mr. Rohit khanna(45 age) call his MD in his office,,,,
MD- sir you call me
Rohit- yes,,, today MD of S&S company come for signing a deal,,,, and here the file go and prepare a presentation in 4 hour,, ok,, i know ,, you make it perfectly,,, ok now go,,
MD- while taking file with rohit,, yes sir,, i assure you get that deal,, now can i go sir,,, ok sir,,,,
While going Rohit calls her,,, swara,,,,, yea she was swara,,,, swara don’t know about the S&S company,………… it established after swara leave the MM,,,,,,,,
Swara- yes sir,,,, Rohit- swara i’m like your father,,, and you are like my daughter,,,, jabse tum yha aayi ho ,,,,, mane tumhe kbhi smile krte hue nhi dekha h…. kyu swara,,,,,,,( yes swara was the MD of the rohit company,, in campus placement the job swara get is that job,,,, but snaskar don’t know the name of company,, also swara don’t know that S&S company MD in none other tha sanskar maheshwari,,,) Swara ,,, that time in college,,, you are very childish and bubbly,, when i select you you jump in hapiness in front of all of us,,, and now you become successful ,,, and you don’t bother to give a smile,, why swara,, what happen,,,,,
Swara:- with sad smile,,,, (Rohit notice that) time has change every thing sir,,,, now i have to go and prepare presentation,,, ok sir,,swara leave the rohit cabin and come to her cabin,,,,, and her eyes become moist,,,,,
Swara:- how can i smile sir,,,,,, i don’t know how to smile,, i forget that all,,,,,,,,,, my own family snatch my smile,,, now i don’t want any thing in my life,, no love,, no friends,,,, not family,,,, every thing i don’ want,,,,,
Later swara compose herself and start doing her work……. suddenly her head start painning,,, that time rohit comes in her cabin to gave him file ,,,, and also want to check weather she fine ar not,,,,, and he see swara and shock that swara hand are grip his head tightly and she scream in pain,,, rohit rush towards her,,,, and open the drawer and gave her medicine,,,a nd start scolding swara,,,
how careless you swara,, you know na you have to take medcine on time but you always skip that and ow your doctor call me said you skip two appontment ,,, how swara,, you are suffering from depression,, ar itni mushkil se tum recover ho rhi ho,,,,, kyu swara,,,,,,, kyu khyal nhi rkhti apna,,,,,,,,,
Swara,,, – sir,, listen,, rohit not listening her and scold her,, swara slightly smile and called her uncle i’m fine na,,, ar sorry next time i take my medicine on time,, now chill,, and go now ,,,, i have to prepare presentation,, ok uncle ,,, now go,,,,,,,,,, Rohit unwillingly went from her cabin,,and swara start remembering last six month of her life,,,,,,,,,,
Swara POV-
after leaving the MM swara comes to Delhi and join Khanna and company,,,,,and engross in her work,,, but all taunts and torchure always comes in mind,, now she become depress and day by day her health and body become weak and pale,, rohit notice her,,,, and one day rohit see her conscious in her cabin and took her and rush to hospital…… and there he shock to listen that swara his in depression and she already risk her life by take extra dose of sleeping pills,,,, now rohit take her to his home,,, he have no children,,, he and his wife,,, took care of swara,, and support her,, now slowly slowly she recover,,,,,,,
Swara POV End
On Delhi Airport
Sanskar flight landed on the airport and he took taxi and goes directly to the Khanna company,,,, while he enter the office he feel strange feeling that there some close to heart is there,,,, he jerked her thought when Rohit PA comes and greet her and he headed towards the conference room along with Rohit PA
In Conference hall
Rohit wait for the sanskar,,, and sanskar come and both shake hand,, now sanskar says to start the presentation,,,,,,,
Rohit: yes of course….. but wait for five minutes my MD is coming,, she gave the presentation and yes ,,, after the deal you have to work with her in this project,, while smile,,, sanskar say yes and sit on the chair,,,,,,,,,,,
Swara comes to the conference hall and rohit says here she come,,,, sanskar stand from his chair and turn towards the door,,,,, and become shock see her,, Rohit says,,, sanskar maheshwari she is MD of over company,,, and swara he is the MD Of S&S company,,,,, now come inside and gave the presentation,,,,,,sanskar muttering the name of swara,, and also having teary eyes and become emotional to see swara,,, and goes towards her,, swara see that sanskar come towards her,,,,,, she don’t know that her past is come in front of her,,, he fell pain in her hand,,,, swara,, greet sanskar in professionally manner and goes toward rohit,, ignoring snaskar,,,, sanskar hurt seeing swara ignoring him,, nut he feel happy that finally he see swara,,, he goes to her chair and presentation start ,,,,,,,,,,,, in presentation swara pain increase,, but she compose herself and finally the presentation is over and deal is final… all goes to her cabin,,,, sanskar wants to talk to swara ,, and goes towards her,, again swara ignore him ,, and goes to her cabin,,,,,,, screen freeze on sanskar emotional and happy face and swara tensed face,,,,,,,,,
so sorry guys,, i told you Ki next part is last ,,but it become to lengthy ,,, but sure,, next part is last part ,, OK guys,,,,,,
Precap- now what swara do,,,,,,, and what sanskar plan to say sorry to swara….

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