SWASAN TS:- Friends become Life Partner (torture and love) part 3 (a)


hello friends ,,,,,, thank u for liking my ts,,,,
this part is second last part of my ts,,,,,,
hope you like it,,
here the story
leap of one month,,,,, it become one month while marriage of sanskar and swara,,,,, nothing change in behaviour of sanskar regarding swara,,, ,,,,,, his work only and only torchure swara,,,, swara become weak nowdays,,,, she become thin day by day,,,,,
after one month swara is in her room standing window side and remeber the things happen in between one month,,,

( that her marriage,,, no one believe her,, all family taunt swara for the crime which she didn’t do,,, only uttara and ragini is support swara,,,making her to eat food on time,,,,,,, now swara feels alone in MM also shomi and sekhar not want talk with her,,,,,,,,,,, she become lifeless,, but hope that someday the truth will be out front of every one,,, nut all her effort gone vain to make herself innocent,,,, sanskar not talk to swara,,,, he only talk to her when he insult her in front of family and friends,,,also said her to gave him divorce,,, everyone in the MM family believe on sanskar word,, and sujata and aanpurna curse swara to destroy his son life,,,, ) Flashback end,,,
present,,,,, swara feel very lonely,, she think about sanskar behaviour towards her in one month
after one week of there marriage,,,, sanskar come home with kavita ,,,,everyone in the house welcome Kavita ,,,,, then sanskar went to his room alon with kavita,,,
swasan room,,,,,,, only swara was there in the room bacause no one is talk with her,,so all time she spent in room,, swara see sanskar come towards room,,along with kavita,, where sanskar one hand on kavita back and kavita head on sanskar shoulder,,,,,,, swara see this and hurt like some stab a knife in her heart,,,,,,
Sanskar:- kavita baby you know after i love you so much,,,,saying while looking at swara,,,
Kavita:- love you to baby,,and kiss his cheek,,,
Sanskar to swara- hey you swara,,,,,,,,, in anger,,, you don’t have any shame ,,,,when a couple is there give them some privacy,,,now get lost from here,,,,,
Swara,, feeling hurt,,,, she stand still ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
sanskar being angry that she don’t move so he shout on swara swara in fear nods her head in goes from there,,,,, outside the room she peep inside the room…. after seeing the scene and become shock,, she storm in rom in anger,, open the widley,,,a nd goes towards kavita and slap her hard,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Swara:- in anger…………….. how dare you kavita,,, how dare you to kiss my husband,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he is my husbandyou don’t any right on him,,,,( yes when swara see that kvita and sanskar kiss each other) turns to sanskar- how could you sanskar,,, you are married,,,, i’m your wife,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

sanskar still in shock what happen in just few minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but become angry after remember that swara slap kavita ,,,come to swara furiously and slap her and drag hr out of of ther room – while jerked her out of the room,,,, tumhari himmat kaise hui kavita ko thappad marne ki,, m koi tumhara pati nhi hu,,,samjhi and next time if one something like that to kavita to mjhse bura koi nhi hoga samjhi… now get lost and slaming door on face of swara,,,,,,, after that swara says nothing to sanskar and goes from there,,, now in this month sanskar come with kavita to mm every day and hurt swara with his rude behaviour,,,spend his all time to kavita not given a glance to swara,,,,
Flashback end(present)
on other side uttara daily follow sahil…. one day she see sahil go towards a man and woman and give them money,,, and all this she recoerd in her mobile,,and become happy that now she proof that swara is innocent and happily goes towards MM

now enough ,,,,,,,,,,,, m ar nhi sh skti,,,,,, m bht pyar krti hu sanskar tumse,,,, but in one month all you did to me i’m not forgive at all,,,, m ab nhi rh skti yha,,,,,, m ja rhi hu,, i have to go,,,,,,, POV end
on that day in college
sanskar search for kavita,,, but she was no where to found,,, sudenly he see kavita going towards backward of college,,, so he went behind her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,become shock,,,,,, and tear continously flow from his eyes,,,,,
he see that kavita and kiss each other passionately,,and also her there convo he become shock,,,,,
Kavita:- After kiss,,,,, mmmm sahil baby you knoe i love you much,,,,, but you spoil everything ,,,,,
Sahil,,,- me too baby,, but what i did to get you only,,,
Kavita,, – baby i’m all yours,,, m tobus sanskar se shadi krke uski property le leti and phir hum dono aram se rhte,,,, but you plan a stupid thing and all spiol ,,,,,,,,you made swara sanskar marry each other,,,
Sahil,,- ye i did thid,,, because i don’twant to share my thing,,,, kavita smile hearing that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (then he tell all her plan to kavita how he made them dizzy and bring them to room and all that) kavita smile and said- you know what your plan was superb,,,,, bechari swara,,,,,chu chu chu,,,,,,,,,, use to kuch bhi nhi pta ,,, ar sanskar,,,,,,, usse jayada fool mne aaj tk nhi dekha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you know what sahil from starting i don’t love sanskar i’m with him aonly for his money,,, and that swara bechari,,,, she love sanskar alot,,but sanskar didn’t believe in that
Sahil:- yes it is,,,,, and kiss her,,, wo to h,,, that night i also thretend Avni,,,,,,,,,,,, to gave wrong information to sanskar of swara,,,,,,,,

now sanskar is dishearted after listening this,,,, also hurt for not trusting swara,,,,,, but he closed his fist in anger when he hear sahil
Sahil;- yr Kavi,, swara i real veri hot and s*xy,,,,, and once i want to try her,,, i knoe sanskar didn’t love,, and that i want to give to swara,,,, both kavita and sahil laugh loud,, that was it for sanskar,, he come towards sahil,,, beat her brutly,,, and he become half concious,,, kavita in shoch what happen a sudden,, and she see sanskar and gulped in fear seeing sanskar blood shot red eyes and run from there in hurry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
sanskar sat on his knees on road and brust out cryin g,,,,,,,,,,, why god ,,,why me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that sahil and kavita playing with my emotion,,,,,,,,,,,,,, why,, for them i don’t belive on my best friend and give them punishment,,,,,,sanskar think about swara and get up goes to his car,,, drive towards mm for saying sorry to swara,,, tear are coming from his eyes,,,,,,, remind his tircher giving to swara,,, remind how she plead hi to believe me,,,,, hw he slap hi,,, he tight his grip on staring and crying bitterly and said:- i’m coming swara,, your sanskar is comming,,, i know,, mn bht galat kiya h tumhare sath,, m sab thk kr dunga,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
IN MM both Mf and GF family is there,,, and uttara show them vedieo of sahil where he give money to waiters and confessing there crime,,,,, all become sad and cry for not trusting swara,,,,,,,shomi crying misrebly for not trusting her and ran straight to swasan room …. but for her shock she is nowhere in room,,, shomi search her in room then she find a letter and after reading letter she become numb…
outside mm,, sanskar run out from car and shock to see that both family sitting in hall and cry,,,, sanskar come infront of them and ask what happen,,,,, then Uttara come forward and slap sanskar,,,
Uttara,,,,- kyu sanskar,,why,,,, only beacause of you this happend,,,,,, and gave the letter to sanskar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, after reading letter,,,,,,,,,,sanskar heartbeat stop and his world become upside down,,, in letter:

Swara’s letter
Sanskar,,,,,, i know you don’t believe me,,, pr main sach m kuch nhi janti,,,, i love you so much,,, pr in one month jo tumne mere sath kiya h i can’t forgive you,,,, and also all family,,,,,, i’m sorry uttara di and ragini di ,,,,, pr m ab ar nhi sh skti,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so m ja rhi hu,, app sab se dur,,,and please di,,,,,,,, don’t ever try to find me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so bye,,,,, all of you,,,,,,,,,
after that sanskar cried bitterly for not trusting her and loosing her,,,,,,,,,,, and determine,,,, no swara ,,, tum aise apne sanskar ko chod ke nhi ja skti,,, no never,,,,,, i will found u,,,,,,, and we live together,,, your sanskar is coming swara,,,,, your sanskar is coming.!!!!!!!!!!
so guys this is my second last part,,, i hope you will like it,,,,,, next part in last part of my ts,,,
thnk u

Precap- mission swara finding,,,,,,,,,,,

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