SWASAN TS:- Friends become Life Partner (torture and love) part 2


hello friends,,,,,,my self gunjan,,,,
soorrry for not telling my name on first part,,,
kya kru first time koi fiction likha h na,, so bhul gyi,,,,,,,,,,
, i hope you enjoyed my ts very much,, now come to the next part of my ts
Swasan Room
Swara shock to see sanskar full drunk,, blood shot red eyes with anger and glare at swara on angry mood,,,
Swara:- sanskar what happened to you are you drunk,, (sanskar coming towards swara while bottle in her hand,, swara steb back in fear to seeing sanskar coming towards her with anger,, says him to stop there,, but sanskar step ahead towards swara and pin her to the wall)
Swara:- sanskar ye tum (As she complete her sentence snaskar grip her wrist very tight that her bangle broke in her hand as a result in deep sut in her hand and blood coming out of her wound and swara yelped in pain and tears start flowing from her eyes and try to free her hand from grip of sanskar but failed
Swara:- sanskar leave me ,,, crying,,,, you hurting me,,,
Sanskar:- ohhhhhh,,,, i hurting you,,, no swara ,, you hurting me,,why did you do this to me… you know na i love kavita very much ,,,, why u plan against me ,,,,chiiiiii, i hate you,,,,,, you are not my friend any more,,, i hate you swara ,, i hte you from core of my heart,,,,( having tears in her eyes) jerked swara full force that swara landed on the corner of the table ,,and her head is hurt and its start bleading from her forhead,,,,
Sanskar:- (sittiong in front of swara) now you saw my friendship swara but now you saw my hatered towards you,,,, i make you your evry second of life hell.. just wait and watch,,,
saying this sanskar go from his room left behind swara crying and broking,,,
Swara:- Crying,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but i,,, love you,, sanskar,,,, i don’t know who did to us,, please believe me i don’t want to come between you and kavita,,, i love you sanskar,,, please don’t hate me,,,, pl,,ea,,se,,,,,……
outside sanskar was on road lost in his thought,,………
Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai
on other side swara sitting on the floor crying tearing eyes
Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain
both swara and sanskar lost in there past while swara think about sanskar and her friendship there masti in college,,, on other side sanskar thinking about his love kavita,, friendship between swara and betryal of swara
Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)
both are broken from inside,,,,
Next morning,,,, swara doze off on floor while crying full night ,,, now she woke up by the sound on door knock…. swara wake up but her face become pale and tear strains clearly visible on the cheeks of swara,,, swara went to washroom and wash her face and goes to open the door,,,, swara see uttara standing at the door while having saree in hand … she shock while seeing swara face but not saying anything
Uttara:- swara this saree is for you,, you don’t have any cloth so wear this and come down for doing rituals
Swara:- ji di,, i’m coming
Uttara:- Is sanskar is there,,hearing sanskar name swara eyes become moist but compose herself and says to uttara
Swara:- no di,, he goes out for some work(uttara understand that she said lie so didn’t say anything to her,,, when uttara going she see cut in her hand also see some wound in her forhead which swara hide with the help of her hair,,,,,,,,,, uttara come inside the room and make swara sit on the bed take first aid and aply oinment on her wound swara become shock and her eyes become moist ,,,,,, while applying oinment uttara says)
Uttara:- swara you don’t have to hide anything from me.. i also like your big sister,, okkk ( swara nods hug uttara with sad smile on her face),,,, now smile and come downstair evry one is waiting,,,
When uttara go swara goes to washroom and come out after wearing the saree given by uttara ,,, swara looking beautiful in the red and green colour border saree,,, swara goes to dessing table an wearing mangalsootra and apply vermilion on her head,,that time sanskar also come home and straight went to room ,,,,
he see swara,,became angry and goes towards her furiosly and pin her to the wall ,,,,,,,, swara was shock in sudden reaction of sanskar,,,, now tears bring out from her eyes,,, because sanskar holding tightly swara from shoulder,,,
Sanskar:- (in anger shout on swara ) go from here swara ,,,, i don’t want to see your face,,, just go and give me divorce,, i don’t want that marriage,,
Swara:- (while Crying) why sanskar why don’t you believe me,,
Sanskar:- i don’t believe you,,, because you are a wicked person swara,, for getting your love.. you stoop so low.. i don’t think in my mind that you did thid,,
Swara:- (shock) what are you saying swara
Sanskar:- Ohhh shut up don’t be innocent ,,,, mjhe sab pta chal gya h,,, ki you love me,, you only do this to get me and my property….. hoe could you….
swara become shock after hearing sanskar and question his from where he knows that …
Sanskar:- Avni ,,,,, ye sab mjhe avni ne bataya,, ki tum mjhse pyar krti thi,,, but swara why,, you know na how much i love kavita,,,, no you have no right to stay here,, because i don’t consider you as my wife so just get lost,,,
Swara:- in fear but in determinant voice,,, i’m not going any where sanskar,,,, for me this marriage have value,, so i’m not going to divorce you,,,
after listening swara sanskar through her on floor,,, and swara get hurt and sanskar says to swara:- okkkkkk so you don’t want to give me divorce na,,, so let prepare yourself for my turture,,, i torture you that insticnt that you own give me divorce,, now watch swara,,, and rush to washroom in anger,,, now swara broke in crying,,, but compose herself and goes downstair,,,
aanpurna and sujata is not happy to see swara,,,, ragini is very sad seeing swara in that condition and also hatered towards swara,,, ragini goes to swara
Ragini:- swara are you okk(swara Nods) ,,,,,,,,,, don’t think you are alone swara.. i here foe you okkk,,,( swara smile seeing ragini believe on her) Aanpurana call Ragini for kitchen ritual so ragini goes,,,, both sujata and aanpurana taunt swara and not letting her come inside in ,,, ragini become sad ,,and going to say but swara guesture him no,,,, and run from here and o to terrace and cry,,,,,
In College
Sanskar go to college and take Kavita aside for talk to him and also want to clear misunderstantiong,,,, first kavita acting to not to talk to him but become happy after listening sanskar and hug him tight kiss him on cheeks
Sanskar:- kavita listen i realy don’t know that swara done this to me,, i realy love yo kavita,,,, and i giving divorce to swara,, she is not my wife,,, i love you,, please understand
Kavita become happy and hug sanskar,, and sanskar is also happy that kavita believes himm ,,, he don’t know that kavita is only love his money ,,,, sahil see this from far and getting very angry that all his plan for seperating kavita is fail,,,
now what happen,,,, what happen to sanskar and swara relation,,,
what was sahil plan,,, and sorry for the spelling mistake in first part and also in second part,,,,
thank u,,
Precap:- Same as before

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