SWASAN TS:- Friends become Life Partner (torture and love) part 1


Hello guys…. i am one of the silent reader,,, i like swasan very much ,,do thought to write an os on swasan,,
this is my first os,,, any mistake please forgive me,,,
so here start my story..
but first of all character are:-
Sanaskar Maheshwari: (22 years) son of Durga Prasad MAheshwari and Aanpurna Maheshwari, lovable brother of Uttara Maheshwari
Durga Prasad:- famous business man love his family alot, father of sanskar and uttara
Aanpurna Maheshwari:- Mother of sanskar and uttara , a house wife ,, also love his family
Uttara Maheshwai:- Elder sister of sanskar (24 years)
Ram Prasad Maheswari:- brother of durga prasad respect his bhai a alot and love hi wife Sujata and father of laksh
Sujata Maheshwari:- wife of RP And Mother of laksh ans also love sanskar and uttara alot
Laksh Maheshwari:- (26) Elder to sanskar and uttara ,, sucessful buisness man and love ragini alot
Gadodia family:-
Swara gadodia:- (22 years) Beautiful ,bubbly and naughty girl love her sister alot
Ragini gadodia:- (24 years) Love his sister , friend of uttara and love laksh alot
shekhar and sarmishtha gadodia dad and mom of ragini love both ragini and swara

so the story is-
A beautiful girl sleep in her bedroom while covering her face ,, her mother come to wake up the girl
Girl mom:- Shona beta please wake up (Yes the girl is none other than swara and her mom sharmistha) beta wake up see today is veri special day
Swara:- Mom ,,,,,, please let me sleep na,,, go please,, ( Shomi smile after listening swara and comes to her sit near her bed and say)
Shomi:- beta uth jao,,, see today laksh and his family come for Ragini Alliance for swara please wake beta.,,,,,,,( After listening this swara wake up and sap her forhead slightly and said to herself how i forget that)

Swara;- thank you Ma for wake me,,, i’m so dumb,,how can i forget that today is very special day for my sis,, thank u mom and love you
Ater that swara gat ready and go to Ragini room for helping her in getting ready,, swara wear A green color chudidar she looking beautiful and also help ragini and ragini ready in red color saree and with matching earing and bengals she is looking also beautiful
( Ragini and uttara are best friend so Ragini went to uttara house for study and uttara also come to ragini house and ther family become good friend,,, Laksh fall for ragini on first sight and sujata also like ragini very much, later laksh prapose ragini and ragini accept this ther told to their family and both family accept there allience beacause laksh is a good boy and also a susscesful business man ,,, sanskar is younger brother of uttara ,, from uttara and ragini friendship he know that swara is ragini sister because swara is her classmate in college and they are college friend ,, here swara like sanskar very much from first day of college and also fall for him,, bur sanskar only like her as a friend,,, sanskar has a girlfriend name Kavita,, sanskar love kavita but he don’t know that kavita love his money not sanskar,,,and swara know about ther relastionship but nothing say to sanskar and always support him in there matter) so back to story-
laksh family cime and is there engagement only gadodiya nad maheshwari family is there ,,,,
swara is looking for sanskar and when sanskar come swara is total lost in sanskar he is very looking s*xy in blue color sherwani and when sanskar come he totaly mesmerised to see swara in gree chudidar and matching ornaments,, but sanskar side her thought and come to laksh and congratulate them
sanskar:- bhai congaratulation for your engagement and bhabhi you looking very gorgeous
Lakash:- oye sanskar bhabhi h teri so stop flirting with her (After listening this sanskar ragini and swara burst out of laughing while seeing laksh jealousy)
sanskar:- oh bhai ,,,,,,,,,,, i’m not flirting with my bhabhi,, so stop being jealous,and comes to swara,,, swara you looking beautiful ,,,
Swara:-( after listening sanskar voice she come in her sense beacuse she lost in sanskar) with shy,,, thank u,,, ar you also looking handsome ,,, wao your sherwani is veri good,,,
Sanskar:- wo to h,, because this sherwani is gift by Kavita ( hear Kavita name Swara beacome sad gave fake smile to sanskar,,,)
Ater engagement the marrige fix after one week but that time sanskar and swara didnot know that a twist come in there life

Next day college-
here we see a girl and a boy kiss each other with passion in backside of college
Boy:- I love you kavita very much,,, you are so hot and s*xy and again kiss her(yes the girl is kavita girlfriend of sanskar but whose the boy) After kiss Kavita Said to boy:- in husky voice Ohhh Sahil baby i also love you so much (yes the boy is sahil not sanskar)
Sahil- you love me then why yo with sanskar come with me na
Kavita- while hugging her,, sahil you know na i don’t love sanskar i love his money so thats why i’m with sanskar and after marriage sanskar we also continue our relation so chill na baby let enjoy
Sahil(in mind) I don;t loose you kavita… for u i do anything ,,,, let wait and watch sanskar what i do to u
After a week On Marriage day
Swara is wearing Golden and Red Lehenga and pacing here and there in marrige preparation becuse less time is remaning for Barrat arrival,, shomi come to swara said to her to go ragini room and get her reday soon,,,, so swara goes to ragini room and her eyes become teary by seeing ragini because her sister leve her in few hours leving her alone so she went hug ragini …
Ragini:- what happen shona why you cry ,,,, i’m here na,,ssssshhhhh chup ho jao
Swara:- while cryng di,,,, you going to leave me….in f,,e,,wwww hours .. i miss you alot
Ragini:- Pull her from hug cuping her face ,,,,, pagal m khi dur thodi ja rhi hu ja man kre tb aa jana milne ,,hmmm now smile,, you look ghost while you crying,,hahahaha
Swara:- di,,,,,,,, today also you teasing me,,, okk see Me not crying but di i don’t know whyi’m feeling est less like something happen …
Ragini:- are baba ,,,, nothing is going to happen and chill now tell how i look…
Swara:- di you looking beautiful,, when jiju saw you he become mad,,, ragini become shy after lishning the comment

After some time Barrat is arrive
Laksh is sitting on mandap and swara come with ragini and making ragini sitting beside laksh,, laksh wispering in ragini ear:- you looking beautiful jaan,,, and Ragini blush listening that
Swara:-(Clearing Throt)mhhmmmmmm.. while having mishchivious smile,,, jiju you have full life for complimenting didi now concentrate on marriage …while listening swara statement laksh become embarrass and all laugh seeing laksh face,,,
Sanskar, Kavita, Sahil, Swara ,Avni(Swara best friend) standing together an marrisge is on going
Sanskar to swara:- Swara yo meet Kavita Already Meet my friend Sahil and sahil she is swara my best friend and ragini bhabhi sister and avni swara friend
Seeing swara sahil plan something in his mind and with smrik hand shake with sahil ,,,swara feel something fishy but ignore it,,,,
sahil take kavita aside and said to her:- Kavi darling … see your makeup being spioled,, hearing that kavita become panick becuase for her makeup is evry thing,,, (hahaha kyuki bina makeup to bhutni lagegi,,hahah) and run to washroom,,,, sahil go towards a waiter and mix somthing on drinks and goes toward sanskar and swara who stand together because vani goes to her jome bacuse is become late ay night,,,
sahil went to swara nad sanskar gave drink to them ,,first swara don’t take it bust insisting from sanskar she take the have it,,,
after having drink both sanskar and swara feel dizzy sahil take both swara and sanskar to room without noticing anyone because all bzy in marriage,,and palce them on bed in that position that sanskar one hand under swara head and other hand on swara bare waist and with the help of lady waiter remove swara duppata and mess her hair and sumdge her lipstick and leave the room while closing the door,, having smirk on sahil face ,,said to herself,,now sanskar how you going to marry Kavita,,,
Later Kavita come from washroom and sahil went to her,,,,, now Marrige is completed Laksh and ragini become husband and wife,, the time of vidai come,,,, and shomi goes to find swara … but swara is nowhere to see and become tense and told to sekhar that swara is nowhere in the hall and both become worried for swara ,,, and on the other side annpurna also find for sanskar … mean tim sahil come smile & goes to aanpurna and said that why she is worried..
Sahil:- Aunty what happen why you look so tensed..
Annu- Beta sanskar is nowhere,, please search him na ,,is time to vidai ..
Sahil- ok aunty i’m going you don’t take tension and goes from here

few minutes later Sahil come in hall runing,,,,, both family become confused after see him,,,,,, sahil ask them to come with him ,,, both family bcome confuse by his behaviour and went with them… and entering in room,,,,,,,,,,,,,, after entering all become angry and furious seeing the senario,,,,,,,,,,, Ragini and uttara also become shock seeing swara and sanskar in intimating position… shomi goes toward swara and try to wake her up..and sprinkle water on her and sanskar face,, swara come in her sense and open her eye… and sit on the bed while cuo her head in both hand and seeing swra shomi become angery and slap swara very hard hearing sound sanskar also come in sense see all family gather to room,,,( while shomi slap swara uttara sight fall on sahil who having smirk on his face and she become confuse by her behaviour but saying nothing)
Sanskar:- papa while going to durga prasad,,, aap yha kya kr rhe h… and what happen all family is here,,, and what is go,,,,,,,,,,, sankar not complete his sentence while some slap sanskar very hard yes its none othet tha DP… on side of swara
Swara:- While one hand on her cheeks and tears in her eyes says,, Ma,,, what happen why you slap me…
Shomi:- giving another slap to swara,,, tu Mar kyu nhi gyi,, What’s that swara ,,, while doing this you didn’t thought of our respect,,…. kyu swara tune kyu nhi socha hmare bare m ,,,, ehy swara why swara not understand what shomi want to say and get up from the bed having headace and goes towards mirror and after seeing her in mirror she becomes statute,,,her seeing her state,, and tear flows from her eyes and in says to shomi in chocked voice
swara- ma sach mein,, i done nothing wrong ma,,please beleive me,,, papa ,,ple,,a,,sse,,,, be,,le,,iv,,,e me,,, bust in tears,,,

on the other side snaskar with shock see swara and her condition and also understand what happening why DP slap her and misunderstood swara and think that its all done by her when he going to says another word to DP this time Aanpurna slap sanskar,,,,,,,,,, he also become numb because it was first time when aanpurna slap him,, stood at one place on shock condition on other side
swara pleads to evryone but her mom dad not listening her and she broke inside,,,,,,,that no one is going to belive her,,,,,,,, both stand still and both family decide to marry swara and sanskar today itself,,,,,,,,(Kavita become furoius to see that not because she love him,, beacuse now she have to see his new sheep (hahahaha very lalchi,,,)now Kavita become mad come forward and slap sanskar and called him cheep and cheater that he cheat on her ,,,,,,,,,,,, and listening this sanskar heart is broken and sahil smile evily by seeing sanskar condition also see swara evily,,,,, kavita goes from here )………..hearing about marriage snaskar protest said that its all done by swara,,, i’m not doing anything and any mistake,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and also say that swara is cheep I’m not going to marry her,,,,,,, its all her plan to get me and my property
after hear that swara heart broke in million pieaces and shock after listen what sanskar saying about her and sanskar also not belive her and put all blame on her,, now swara become dead body,,,
no one believe on sanskar,,,, and their marrige done……..,, on same mandap,,,
now swara become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… but swara Mom ,dad cut all her ties with her for broking there trust,,
vidai of Ragini and Swara done,, and they both come to MM
In MM Sujata ANd Aanpurana not happy with the marrige of sanskar because in heart they feel that sanskar is right and he is saying truth that all is done by swara,,,,,,,,,
after the ritual,,, aanpurana and sujata drop swara to sanskar room and taunt her for doing this cheep thing for becoming snaskar wife for money and property ,,,,,,,,,, swara become dishearted listening that,,, after aanpurna went uttara come to swasan room ,, seeing uttara swara burst out of crying and hug her tightly
Swara:- Uttara di,, maine kuch nhi kiya,,,please believe me,, please,,, and tears flow from swara eyes
Uttara..:- Ssshhh ,, assure her,, i know Swara you not done anything wrong,,,, please have faith on god ,,,all become fine,,, truth will come out, please,,, stop crying,, beleive on your sister,, i help you to prove yo inosance,,, please stop cry,,, ( in mind… i find out who did this… i see Sahil mix something to drink,,and also smile when all blame on swara and sanskar but without proof no one believe swara,,,,,,,, i have to do something,,)
Swara:- (with sad smile) thank you di,,, believe me ,,maine aisa kuch nhi kiya h,,, and sanskar also thought that i done it intentionaly,,
and di i also dont remember any thing,,,,,,,,
Uttara assure her and go from ther room ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, after an hour sanskar come to his room and swara become shock to see himm…

now what happen ,, how will sanskar react,,, stay tune,,,, this first part of my TS please corporate… and this ts containg two to three part,,,

Precap:- Torture of sanskar..,,and truth come out

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