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This story starts from swara leaving sanskar after accusing him for laksh’s missing. Swara and others went to baadi. Sanskar is very broken. Whoever he loves very much they left him alone. His badima whom he loves more than his mom is accusing him and his life his love His swara also left him. He went outside. Others went to their room. After sometimes he came back as drunken state. He is even nat able to walk. His PA is holding him. He taken him to his room. At one stage he is about to fall down but his PA tightly hold him and place him on bed. Sanskar looks at his PA

San: aman y are u holding me tightly u can leave me. (He laugh bitterly) Everyone left me I don’t have any one in my life. My life my soul left me. I am not worth to get love. My first and last true love left me alone for her sister. I gave her a warning then also she left me. I didn’t gave her that warning in anger, I wanted her to stop for me. No.. She went.. I didn’t mean any word in that warning and I will never too. Ye I have said her that I broke our relationship. I know she is hurt. But what did she think that our relationship was that much weak!!! Only because of my words it will broke?? She also said to me like this did our relationship break? No na.. Then why? Why now? Why did she left. I know she wanted a large family. But ask her that did she get that happiness that she got from her small family!! Did she get that happiness or atleat 1% of that happiness. No na.. Whenever she unite this family she will lost someone. First she united her family then she lost her so called father and sister. Then she united this family she lost me. Now also she lost me forever.(he laid on the bed)
Mean while in baadi..

Swara and others went to their rooms. Swara went to her room takes her dress and go to wash room. Turn on the shower and she stood there with closed eyes, without changing the saree. She reminiscences whatever happened today. When reality hits her and she opens her eyes suddenly. She sit there with Thud.

Sw(self talk): what did u do swara? How can u do that to ur sanskar? How can u think like that about ur sanskar( she cries bitterly) oh god I messed up everything. I will go to him( about to getup but sits there only). No I can’t go now. I have messed up everything. I can’t go…
Why??? A voice came there. Swara looks up finds another swara there. She taken back and looks in confusion. The voice says that I’m ur soul only.

Swa soul: why can’t u go back. R u doing it for ur so called father and sister. Or are u thinking about his words. Arre he was saying that to stop u. But no u don’t think about him na. In fact u will never think about him.( swara closed her eyes, tears are falling through her cheeks) u only think about others. But what did they give u till now? Only pain na…

Then who healed all that pain? Only sanskar!! Is he a toy for u?.. U wanted a large family. But can I ask u one think, did u get that happiness that u got from ur small family!! Did u get that happiness or atleat 1% of that happiness. No na.. Whenever u unite this family u will lost someone. First u united ur family then u lost ur so called father and sister. Then u united this family u lost him. Now also u lost him forever. U r dong this much. Do they deserve it?. Now u understand everything then also don’t go to him back. U know what even kavita is far better than u.
Sw: I know kavita is better than me. She will not leave him for anyone. I am not leaving him because of family. But because I don’t deserve him. I always grand his love. Now he will hate me and he will not accept me. After laksh comes I will leave everyone.

Swara soul: now also u think about ur guilt only. U don’t think about hi….
Sw: leave I don’t need any advise. Leave….(she shouted. Soul disappears) no swara don’t change ur mind. Ur sanskar deserves best only. This is ur punishment.
Then she fresh up and go to bed and laid on that. But sleep was far away from her…..
Next morning…
After fresh up she went to hall. All are having breakfast. She went to them and sits.
Sho: how are u shona now?

Before she answers daadi interrupted: what happened to her? Her husband is here na. Only my laado is in pain.
Swara looks at her blankly. She silently eats her breakfast. Then she takes her bag.
Sho: where are u going shona.
Dadi: are u going back to sanskar?

Everyone looks at her shocked.
She: is she saying truth swara?
Swara looked at him shocked. Then controls her tears. Then looks at daadi.
Sw: I am not going back to him. I am going to Temple and then go to music school. I got a job there last week. But because of problems I couldn’t go.
Yesterday they called me and said that I can join now. Ragini areu coming? It will help to reduce ur pain.
Rag: what r u saying swara? Why don’t u understand? I’m in pain, my laksh is missing and do u want me to forget him?? I want to be alone.
Dadi: come laado she will never understand. U come with me. (Then tells to swara) we don’t care, wherever u go?..
They left. Shekhar also left.

Sho: don’t feel bad shona. She is in pain..
Then she went inside. Swara smiles bitterly then go outside. There she saw dida and she is about to go to her but dida went inside and lock the door. Swara stood there shocked. Dida is so much fond of sanskar and she didn’t like that swara left sanskar. So she is in angry with her. Swara smiles on her fate, for whom she left her life they didn’t even considered her existence and the one who always comforts her is angry with her. Then the one who heals her every pain is not with her just because of her stupidity. She takes a sigh and went from there.
Evening, swara is coming from school. She is looking so pale and tired.she felt dizzy and faints in the road. A man passes by takes her to hospital. After sometimes she wake up. First she startled seeing new place then she understood it is a hospital.

Ohh u wake up? A voice came from door. She looks at the door. A man stands there. He came inside and stand beside her bed.
Man: hello I am Arjun, I saw u lying unconsciously on road so I took u here. Dr. Checked u, ur report will after some times miss…
Sw: swara… Thank u for helping me…
Arj: my pleasure. Please inform ur family I have to go urgently.
Sw: its OK. U can go. I’ll inform them.

Arj: if u want any help u can call me.. This us my card.
Sw: OK thank u.
He smiles at her and went. She then takes her phone and calls shomi. But shomi didn’t take the call. Then after thinking she called dida. The call is connected.
Sw: dida
Dida: I don’t want to talk to u(she is about to cut)

Sw: plz Dida don’t cut. I’m in hospital (hearing that Dida’s heart pained) I called maa. But she didn’t take it.
Dida: so u called me. If ur maa didn’t take the call, then u could have called ur sweet sister,or ur sweet dadi or ur beloved father na.
Sw:plz Dida I am all alone(she cried)
Dida: pk which hospital?
Sw: city hospital.
She is waiting for Dida. A nurse came there.

Nur: ma’am ur name plz.
Sw: swara
Nur(writes her name on paper ): OK Mrs swara.. (Looks at her questioningly)
[She didn’t take mangalsutra. She hided it from Everyone]
Sw: Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari.
Nur: ur report will come now.
After sometimes dr. Came with her report.
Sw: what happened dr.

Dr: see it urself.(then she gave report to swara.
Swara looks at report. She can’t believe her eyes. She looks at dr. Dr nodded smilingly.
Sw: that means… I’m.. I’m… Pregnant…
Dr.: yes. (That time dida came there. She heard it. She became happy)
Dida: shoru..
Dida came to her and hugged her happily.
Sw: dida… Dida i’m pregnant.. Me and sanskar became parents.. My.. My sanskar became PAPA.. (She said excitedly) dida I thought I don’t deserve him. After laksh came back I will leave him.
Dida broke the hug and called her in anger.: swara.
Sw: but not now.. I know I don’t deserve him. But now i’ll let my child suffer like me. I’ll not let my sanskar live without his child. I’ll go and convince him. I’ll ask forgiveness.. Come dida we will inform family.
Dida: no not now. First go and convince sanskar.

Sw: why do u think he will not forgive me.?
Dida: that I don’t know. But I will not believe gagodia family.
Sw: OK dida. I will convince him in anyway. Because without each other we r incomplete.
Screen freezes on her determined face…
What do u think, will sanskar forgive her????
I thought to write os but it became TS

Some hospital, swara is laying on bed, beside her a baby is laying on cradle.
Arjun taking the baby in his hand: oh my cute baby.. Hena Dad.. (A man looking at him smilingly. A lady, 2girls and 2older people are there)
Arj: swara ur baby is so cute not like his Khadoos father
Swara smiles seeing her husband.
Sanskar is looking at him in anger(

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