Swasan TS forgive me part 2(B)

Old lady: beta many trains went now. Now it became dark also. And the one one whom u waiting for is not coming also. How can he do that?? Now last train also went. What will u do now??
Sw: no kakima, don’t blame my sanskar, I think he didn’t see my letter. If he don’t come also, then it is not his fault. It’s my fault, my punishment. (Saying this she sits on bench and covers her face and cries badly. At that time someone hugged her sidewise protectively. She quickly hugged him and cries.
Sw: why didn’t u come early sanskar.
San: (broke the hug and cupped her face) I’m sorry swara.u said a most precious news, but I didn’t believed u. I pushed u too. I am sorry princess.
Sw: no no sanskar don’t blame urself sanskar. U r not at fault. U were drunk and u were in pain. Now don’t drink sanskar (he nodded) did u forgive me.
San: of course princess..
Swara again hugs sanskar
Sw: I love u sanskar
San: love u more Jaan..
After sometimes they broke the hug.
Sw: but this punishment was too much sanskar. U was waiting for u without eating anything. (Old Lady looks at her amused)
San:till now??( swara nodded. Sanskar straightened and looks at old Lady): hey kakima didn’t u give her whatever I gave u?
Old Lady: I gave her everything from puchka to this chaat(pointing the plate near her bench) and u also saw it standing behind her.
Swara’s eyes get widen with this revelation. She looks at him shockingly.
Sw: puchka?? (Then glares at sanskar with narrow eyes) from when u r here??
San: my lovely biwi, I woke up at 9am. After fresh up I remembered everything. I saw ur letter at 9.30 am and I went outside and u know from mm to railway station it takes only..
Sw: 15mins.. U r here from 9.45am???why didn’t u come in front me? She pouted.
San: I want to see ur trust on me swara. Thank u for trusting me and I’m Sor( sw placed her palm on his mouth)
Sw: I can understand u. Iam sorry
Sanskar interrupted: leave the past ( they hugs each other again)
Soon it broke by a voice.
‘ dadi What r u doing here, I was waiting for u outside’
Swasan looks behind. A girl in 20 years stands there.
Old Lady: arohi… I am coming beta. Swara, sanskar u both are incomplete without each other. Stay together always. (She blesses them)
San: thank u for helping us. And u wait I will drop u both(she tried to interrupt, but sanskar said) no I’ll not let u go alone in this night(she said ok. Then looks at swara) swara I will drop u in baadi. Ok?
Sw’: no sanskar I don’t want to go badi. I want to be with u
San: but I can’t take u mm, because of badima, and if ragini get to knw about it??
Sw: I will tolerate everything sanskar.
San: no i can’t let u and our baby to suffer. Ok I will take u to my farmhouse.
They went to car and reached arohi’s house. That is a too small house to live there. Dadi and arohi went inside. It is a Small house there is no room and there is a small partition that is kitchen. Swasan waiting for them. They came back with coffee and biscuits.
San: u live here??
Sw: oh dadi, nothing is here. How can u live here? and sanskar.. Nothing is remaining here them for eating.
Old Lady: beta it’s common to lower class people like us.
San: now I decided that u both will come with us.
Aro: no bhai we can’t come like that. Not only us but arjun is also live here.
Sw: arjun??
Aro: my fiancée, 2years ago without his fault he had to went jail. After he came back he didn’t get any job also.
“I came dadi” a voice came behind.
Aro: arjun….
Sw: (it is the same arjun who helped swara) hey arjun…
Arj: hey swara.. U r here? R u k? How is ur health? What’s ur report says?
San: what’s happening here?(swara tells him everything. Sanskar went to arjun hugs him tightly.) Thank u arjun u saved my life.
Arj: its ok bhai, my pleasure..
San: u saved my life and ur dadima helped her very much today. We owed u all. Now arjun also came. Now all of u come with us.
Ar: no bhai we are happy here.
San: are u calling me bhai from ur heart (arjun nodes) then it is final. U all are coming with us. Don’t take this as our sympathy and don’t think low about urself. Because arjun is going to work with me and u both will take care of my wife.
Arjun hugged him : thank u bhai.
Sw: (turns to atohi) he got a bhai, so u will become my sister ok
Arohi happily hugs her: of course di. I like u from first sight.
Sw: really ( hugged her back).
Everyone smilingly looks at them.
I am tired now. I was writing from morning. Precap of 1st chapter will be in epilogue. Sorry for last part, I know it is boring. Ragini’s punishment also will be in epilogue. Please tell me if u like it.

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