Swasan TS forgive me part 2(A)

Swara and dida went to baadi. Swara went to gagodia house.
Sho: why did u call me? Where were u?
Sw: WO.. Nothing ma. I called u to say I will be late, I have extra class.(shomi noded) maa, I want to be with Dida can I go to her..
Shomi sensing her situation, she said OK.
Dadi tries to interrupt but Dida said: oy marwardiyan she is my grand daughter too. She can live me. Ur grand daughter has u her mother and her father also. Then what’s the need of her.
Ragini tried to interrupt..
Dida: ragini if ur husband left u,(glared swara) then she left her husband for u. She also has pain. U can’t see that, but I can. She will be with me. Come shoru..
Swara and dida went to Bose house. After taking rest swara decided to meet sanskar at night. At that time sanskar will come from office, while everyone else would be busy. Dida also went with her, but she did didn’t go inside. Fortunately there is no one in hall. She silently went to sanskar’s room. But the scene in front of her pained her heart. Sanskar is sitting in the floor and drinking alcohol and tears are flowing his eyes. He is looking at her photo.
San: why did u leave me swara…(he again drinks).
Swara came to him and holds his hand: sanskar…
San: swara (smiles happily ) u came again to leave me. (In drunken voice) why did u always come to me as my hallucinations. Oh my Jaan (bend to kiss her, then stopped) no I will not, u will leave, leave swara now I don’t want u as my hallucinations. (Push her. When his hand touches her shoulder he realized she is real. He became a little conscious but not fully because of alcohol.) U?? U really here?(and stands).
Sw: haan sanskar, I am really here, for u sanskar I am sorry sanskar. Please forgive me u r..
San: why did u come here? Why? Did ur devar…sorry sorry i ‘m really sorry, I forgot that u don’t have any relation with me now na..(he smiles bitterly. She nodes negatively) so why I was saying, did ur jiju came back to ur sweet sister.?
Sw: no sanskar, I know I did a mistake not to trust u? Please forgive me.. Do I’m… I’m here to say something to u sanskar.
San: but I don’t want to hear anything. U only left me, that day itself our relationship ended.
Sw: no no sanskar don’t say that.
San: leave swara I said that I don’t want to hear anything. Just leave..
He turned around.
Sw: please listen to me sanskar.. Sanskar i’m..(she gulped her tears)I’m pregnant sanskar. We are going to parents sanskar. U r going to…(but she interrupted as sanskar turned towards her holds her shoulder tightly)
San: stop it swara. how can u do this to me?. How can u say this lie to me just to coming back to me??
She pushed her backwards. She stumbled a little but didn’t fall.
Sw: no no sanskar.. I am not lying, I am saying truth sanskar. I am ur swara na, ur princess.. How can I lie to u… That too about this…
San: ya my swara can’t say lie to me. But u r not my swara. U r ragini’s sister.. Just leave swara I don’t want to yell bcoz all are sleeping swara.
Sw: please believe me sanskar .. (She cried) please believe me..I am saying truth.. Please forgive me(she is crying vigorously)
San: no swara.. Not this time… U always did this to me. So this time I will not believe u
Sw: sanskar…
San(shouted): LEAVE …
Swara stood there not knowing what to do. Then she silently walked outside the room. Sanskar take another bottle and drinks the alcohol and fall on bed unconsciously.
Swara is walking downstairs lifelessly, remembering their happy moments. She reached main door. She is about to step outside the mansion. She stopped.
Sw(monologue): what r u doing swara. U r going to do the same mistake that u always did. Don’t do this to ur love now. Ur sanskar is in pain and he is so drunk. In morning he will remember everything and he will regret.
She wiped her tears and turned around to go sanskar’s room. But stood there shockingly seeing some one. After sometimes Swara left Maheshwari mansion….
Next morning..
Baadi Bose house… Swara is shown as placing her dresses in bag.she went to hall. There dida is waiting her.
Dida: u don’t want me to come with u??
Sw: haan dida I will manage.. I will call u after that OK. Now I am going dida
Dida: do u think this is correct??
Sw: yes Dida…
She went outside taking bag.
Maheshwari mansion
We can see sanskar is sleeping. After 5mins he wakes up. His head is paining hell.
San: oh god why my head is paining so hell. Why did I drink that much? I can’t remember anything…(his thoughts broke by a knock. He went to open door. It was ramukaka their servant)
Ramukaka: sanskar beta yesterday u drank so much. So this will help u(giving lime juice).
San: thank u kaka I badly wanted this.
He Closed the door and drink that juice. Then went to washroom to fresh up. He went and stood under shower. Water is flowing through his head. Suddenly he remembered everything what happened yesterday night. He quickly fresh up and came to room.
San(monologue): oh god sanskar what did u do that to ur princess? She is saying that she is pregnant and u don’t believed it. He is ur swara na, ur princess.. How can u think how would she lie to u… That too about this… U r going to papa sanskar (he don’t know how to express it, he is so happy and excited. Next moment he frowned on reality). How can u say that sanskar? How can u push her, idlf anything happened her?? Just because of ur stupidity now u again lost her and it baby. (He sat on bed covering his face. Then stands again and think). But why swara why did u left me? Why didn’t u wait for me? U know I was so drunk, then also u didn’t wait. Why u don’t believe… ( but stopped seeing a letter on dressing table. He went and picked it and reads. While reading a smile occurs in his face)
” dear sanskar,
I know sanskar I did a mistake no no a sin that day. I said that in anger. I didn’t mean any of words sanskar. I didn’t take my mangalsutra also. I can’t do that sanskar. I trust u sanskar. U said that our relationship was broke now. I was angry at u sanskar. I didn’t realise what I was saying. I am sorry sanskar please forgive me.. I know whatever u said didn’t mean that. Because u r drunk and u r in pain and also angry with me. I know When u are remember everything in morning, u will regret curse urself. But don’t do that sanskar. Because u r not at fault. But I can’t live here seeing ur hatred, seeing ur ignorance, without ur presence. So I’m going to Mumbai. My train time is at 1pm. I will wait for u sanskar to forgive me and take me with u. U r my life sanskar. I LOVE YOU…
Your princess,
Swara Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar folds the paper and leave outside the room. He met sujatha at hall.
Suj: sanskar where are u going?
San: I am going to office mom..
Suj: office???
San: what?? What happened mom?
Suj: not…nothing…
Sanskar looks at his mother and then left.
Railway station
Swara is waiting on platform bench for sanskar. She looks at her watch, its 10:00 am now. is looking at entrance always. But there is no sign for sanskar. At that their eyes spot on nearby stall. Her favourite”puchka” is selling there. Her mouth watering seeing that. But now her concern is only sanskar so she shrugged it off from mind. But she is looking at the stall and entrance simultaneously. At that time an old lady came to her.
Old lady: beta seeing the way u r looking at stall I think u badly want that. Why don’t u go and buy it..
Sw: I’m waiting for someone. I don’t want it now.
Old lady: no no no I don’t think so, u r so pale and the way u r looking at the stall, it forced me to that, are.. u… Pregnant beta.(Swara looks at her surprisingly. She smiles at her.) OK ok now I understood. U wait here I will go and buy it. (Swara tried to interrupt. But she gone. Swara looks at her surprisingly a labourer who is selling bangles in railway station is helping her. She brought that food to her. Swara is about to eat but she stopped her).
Old Lady: how can u eat like this? I am a stranger for u naa. 1st I will eat then u eat.
Sw: no no kakima I trust u like my sanskar. Waise bhai I don’t want to share my puchka..(she makes her faces)
Old lady laugh seeing her. They both mingled easily. At every one hour kaki gave her snacks/food. Now it is 1pm. Swara looks at entrance worriedly.
Sw: why don’t u come sanskar? Don’t u forgive me now also? No swara I think sanskar is stuck somewhere/traffic. U wait for him, he will come. He loves u so much.(wipes her tears).
Time is running fastly. But there is no sign of sanskar. Now it is 7pm.
It became looooong part. So I divided it into into 2 parts.

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