SwaSan TS : FOREVER ( Shot 3 )

Recap : SwaSan in farmhouse..

It was yet another morning in our SwaSan’s life.. Sunrays fell on Sanskar who was sleeping in his study.. He got up and looked at clock.. It was 9 AM. He quickly freshen up and moved towards Swara’s room.. He peeped inside and saw her still sleeping with tear marks visible on her face.. His heart ached seeing her state.. Though he’s angry on her bt still her tears affects him most.. He moved towards window and opened the curtains and window.. Sunrays fell on Swara and she opened her eyes only to see Sanskar looking at her.. She looked at him painfully n smiled weakly.. Sanskar got straightened n gave cold look..

Sanskar : Get ready fast.. I have to go out for imp work.. I want breakfast.

Swara : Ha.. You go, get ready.. I’ll just come..

Sanskar was going out of room while he heard a painful hiss of swara.. He stopped in middle n closed his eyes not turning back.. He knew, her feets must be paining like hell.. But he made himself strong.. to see her like this.. He left from there..

Swara with great difficulty, got ready and come down.. She went to kitchen and started preparing breakfast while Sanskar was sitting on sofa reading news paper.. She quickly made juice, toasted breads, made aaloo parathas and pudina chatni.. Sanskar’s favourite!

She brought it n kept on dining table. She called Sanskar and started serving.. Sanskar came n sit silently and started eating.. He finished his breakfast and started leaving when swara spoke..

Swara : When will u return?

Sanskar : None of ur business.

Swara : Sanskarrr.. plz.. I’m asking so that I can make lunch for you..

Sanskar : No need.. I’ll be eating outside. Don’t show ur fake care and concern towards me.

Swara : Sanskarrr.. ( b4 she cmplts he left ) When u’ll understand Sanskar.. I really love u.. n m regretting wat I did with u in past. I knw I  made u like this Sanskarr.. I’m sorryyy.. ( cries ) bt plz.. Don’t hate me.. plz forgive me..

Evening –

Swara lights diya in Mandir and prayed.. She heard horn of car and understood Sanskar came. She got happy and went to hall.. Sanskar came inside loosening his tie n sat on sofa. He looked at swara bt turned his face n closed his eyes..

Swara : Sanskar, ye lo.. Paani..

Sanskar looked at her n took water.. Swara smiled..

Swara : Sanskar, wat shd I make in dinner? Shd I make kheer? Or shd I.. ( cuts her in between )

Sanskar : ( Shouts angrily ) Will u just stop ur non sense.. Make watever u want to and eat alone.. I don’t have a damn interest in it.. Understand? Now get out of my sight..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) bt Sanskarrr…

Sanskar : OUTTT!!!

Swara jerked on her place n left from there cryingly.. Sanskar held his head in frustration.


Swara was sitting in her room’s balcony admiring moon n stars.. She dint make dinner for herself too.. Hw will she eat when her Sanskar doesn’t? She sighed finally n went in lounge. She sat on swing and started singing looking at Sanskar’s room’s window.

Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehna..
Muze neend aaye jo aakhri
Tum khwabon mein aate hi rehna..
Bas itna hai tumse kehna..
Bas itna hai tumse kehna..

Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehna..

Sanskar, hearing her voice.. cm near window and looked at most beautiful view.. HIS LOVE, HIS LIFE.. SITTING ON SWING AND SINGING A SONG.. DEDICATING HIM.. She saw him and smiled through her fresh tears..

Kisi roj baarish jo aaye
Samajh lena boondo mein mai hoon..
Subah dhoop tumko sataye
Samajh lena kirno mein mai hoon..

Tear drop fell from Sanskar’s eyes bt he quickly turned his face..

Kisi roj baarish jo aaye
Samajh lena boondo mein mai hoon..
Subah dhoop tumko sataye
Samajh lena kirno mein mai hoon..

Kuch kahu ya na kahu
Tum mujhko sada sunte rehna..
Bas itna hai tumse kehna..
Bas itna hai tumse kehna..
Bas itna hai tumse kehna..
Bas itna hai tumse kehnaaa…

Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehnaa…

Sanskar couldn’t take it n closed the window.. He felt warm tears flowing from his cheeks. He sat on ground and started crying vigorously.

Again.. Again she’s saying about leaving him.. The thought of being away from her, yet AGAIN.. killed his soul.. He just can’t stay without her.. He wiped off his tears and got up.. He was all angry.. He rushed in lounge and hold swara’s shoulders tightly making her hissed in pain..

Sanskar : ( started shouting ) What the hell u think of yourself ha? U think, doing these cheap tricks, blackmailing emotionally u can again gain my trust? My love? My forgiveness?  Then listen MRS. SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI,  I’M NEVER GONNA FORGIVE YOU.. I HATE YOU FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART.. SO IF U WON’T STOP UR THESE CHEAP TRICKS TO GET ME, U’LL SEE THE WORST OF ME.. UNDERSTAND? ????

Saying this he get out of house, take his car out n drive off.. Swara sat on ground crying vigorously..

Swara : Don’t hate me Sanskar! Plz.. I love you.. plz Sanskar! I can bear everything bt not ur HATE.. I’LL DIE SANSKAR! I’LL DIE.. Plz.. don’t do this.. plz.. ( cries loudly )

Here Sanskar drives rashly and cm to 1 bar.. Swara’s tears, her pain, her words were roaming in his mind.. He started to drink vigorously. Her blamings, how she left him fr her sis.. Hw he left all alone.. all were roaming in his mind.. He was continuously drinking.. After sometime he left for home being full drunk..

Swara was worried for Sanskar. It was so late.. He left 3 hrs back n still dint return.. She called him so many times bt he dint pick up.. She was abt to call him again
Just then she heard door opening sound.. And was shocked to see.. SANSKAARRR!!!!!

Swara was looking at Sanskar with horrified expression.

Swara : Sanskar! You are drunk!

Sanskar : yes sweetheart. M drunk.. pichle 6 mahino se yahi to hai.. jo mere saath hai.. Liver kharab kar deti hai sharaab par dil ke repairing ke liye achchi hai.. Main to kahunga agr kisiko heart problem ho to bypass mat karo bas thodi whisky pass karo.. ( stumbles holding whisky bottle )

Swara : ( cries ) Sanskar!  Leave that bottle.. give it to me..

Sanskar : Naa.. I won’t. Tumhe pata hai.. tumse mohobbat karke maine meri zindagi ki sabse badi galti ki hai.. ye toh uske samne kuch bhi nahi.. Ye toh sirf whisky hai.. Mohabbat se kum risky hai.. cmon.. let’s go to our bed.. ( holds her hand tightly )

Swara : Sanskar!  Leave me.. you r nt in ur senses..Ye kya paagalpan hai.. I said leave me..

Sanskar : ( laughs ) Paagal pan!! Hmm.. you knw wat swara.. Jab zindagi mein mohobbat ya nafrat saare intehaan paar kar de toh paagalpan bann jati hai.. ( chuckles ) Mohobbat toh main tumse karta nahi hoon.. par toot ke nafrat karne par tumne majboor kar diya.. Welcome to the sanskar’s hell, Mrs. Maheshwari! ( drags her to their room )

He was not in his senses.. He was dragging her without even noticing he was hurting her badly.. swara was crying.. begging him to leave her.. bt no use.. He completely lost it.. He pushed her on bed..

Sanskar : You know what.. I gave u sooooo freedom.. never showed or forced my husband ryts on u.. dats y.. u r like this.. bt not now.. Now I’ll show u.. what is me!!

Saying this he jumped over her n started kissing her wildly. Swara was protesting bt he was strong.. Swara was crying.. She never thought her sanskar will do anything like this with her.. She was broken.. YES, FINALLY HE SUCCEEDED IN BRAKING HER.. He was kissing her madly. Her lips were bleeding. He tore her pallu n was biting her neck n giving kisses.. She was pushing him while shouting.. As Sanskar was in alcohol effect he started to loose his consciousness. Taking this opportunity, swara pushed him on bed n ran out of there.. Sanskar fell on bed n drifted into sleep murmuring smthng.

Swara was all numb.. She went in guest room n fell on floor lifeless.. Only tears were flowing from her eyes..

Raah mein roshani ne hai kyu saath chodaa….
Iss tarah shaam ne kyu hai apna muh moda….
Kyu ye har subah ek bereham si raat bangaye…
Hain kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai..
Undekhi unsuni koyi daasttaan hai..
Lagne lagi.. Abb zindagi.. Khaali.. Khaali..
Lagne lagi.. har saans bhi.. Khaali..

Bin tere.. Bin tere.. Bin tere…
Koi khalish hai hawaon mein bin tere..
Bin tere.. Bin tere.. Bin tere…
Koi khalish hai hawaon mein bin tere..

Next day morning –

Sanskar get up holding his head which was paining like hell.. He looked around and saw room all messed up.. He tried to remember what happened yesterday. And slowly he remembered wat he done to swara.. He was shocked.. He was worried for swara and started calling her name while running out of room..

Sanskar : Swaraa… Swaraa..

He got no response. He checked whole house bt dint find her..

Sanskar : ( shouts ) Swaraaa.. Swaraa where r u??? ( monologue ) where will she go? Shit. I dint check guest room..

Saying this he ran to guest room.. He opened it and was shocked to see Swara’s yesterday’s cloth lying on floor which was TORN.. He picked it and thought she is in washroom. He started knocking washroom.

Sanskar : Swaraa.. Swaraa.. are u inside.. plz answer me swara.. look m so.. ( b4 he could complete door got open )

He looked inside bt no one was inside.. Now he got panicked.

Sanskar : Swara is not here too.. where.. where she went? Is she ok? What have u done Sanskar!!! U.. u hurted her so badly.. u.. how can u do this with her.. u tried.. to for..ce.. her.. I’m sorry swara.. really I am.. ( he palmed his face n cries )

He got up suddenly n changed himself and got ready.. He took out his car n drove off..

Maheshwari Mansion –

Ap, Dp, Suju n Ram were sitting in hall chit chatting. While Sanskar cm there running and started to call swara.. All got confused.

Sanskar : Swaraa.. Swaraa.. cm out plz.. Swaraaa..

Dp : Sanskar! You here?

Sanskar : vo Bade papa.. I cm to take swara.. call her plz.. where is she?

Sujata : Sanskar! R u in ur senses? Swara was with u? How will she cm here? N wait.. why r u looking worried?  Where is Swara? Why r u searching her?

Sanskar : Mom.. vo.. Swa.. Swara is not in farmhouse.. She is nowhere to be.. found..


Sanskar : Ragini… I..

Ragini n Laksh entered in house while Ragini cm near Sanskar all angry..

Ragini : What do u mean by she’s missing? She’s not kid Sanskar! Where’s swara, Sanskar? Answer me? What u did with her?

Sanskar : ( shouts angrily ) RAGINI!!! MIND UR WORDS.. SHE’S MY WIFE..

Ragini : ( chuckles sarcastically ) Really? Then y r u treating her like ur TOY, SANSKAR?? hai koi jawab?? Bataiye???

All looks on shocked.. Sanskar was quiet..

Dp : Sanskar.. What is Ragini speaking?  What  is happening in this house? Anyone tell me?

Ragini : I’ll tell u papa ji.. Sanskar dint forgive Swara.. He never accepted Swara as his wife.. He was acting infront of us.. He was torturing Swara.. He just want to take revenge from her n give her punishment for this six month seperation..

All : Whatt??

Ragini : Yes.. Even I dint knw this.. bt that day.. when I was passing through swara’s room, I listened their convo n saw Sanskar’s harsh n rude behaviour towards swara.. I confronted Swara about it.. But she.. Being mad in HIS LOVE was ready to accept his EVERY PUNISHMENT! she thought it was all her fault bt nooo.. U know wat Sanskar,  its UR FAULT! U GAVE HER UR SWEAR.. U ASKED HER NOT TO ENTER IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN.. U SAID HER THAT UR RELATION IS OVER.. Y SANSKAR?  WAT WAS HER FAULT? THAT SHE TRIED TO UNITE UR FAMILY? SHE TRIED TO MEND RELATIONS? SHE SAVED U FROM ADARSH N PARI’S EVIL PLANS? SHE WANTED U TWO BROTHERS TO UNITE AGAIN? SAY NA? WAT WAS HER FAULT?

Sanskar was all quiet n guilty..

Ragini : She united ur family.. sent Parish to jail.. N wat u did?? U just simply forgive everyone in ur family who once troubled u n threw swara out who was the reason of ur being with ur family? U insulted her several times Sanskar.. U even doubted her love because of dat Nikhil.. really Sanskar? U don’t even knw.. bcz of ur this DOUBT u.. u lost ur love’s symbol.. ur.. ur 1st child.. Sanskarr..

This was like a bomb for Sanskar.. He stumbled back in shock while others were just.. numb!

Sanskar : ( fumbles ) ch..child.. wat.. wat do..u mean??

Ragini : ( cries ) yes.. u lost ur 1st child Sanskar! That day.. when u blamed swara n doubted her n Nikhil.. Swara was so stressed n she fainted.. We shifted her to hospital there we got to knw she.. she faced miscarriage due to.. due to lot of stress.. she was 2 months pregnant.. She was all shattered Sanskar. She needed u that time the most.. bt u were so much bzy in ur revenge n punishment ki.. u never noticed her pain.. She dint tell u n even warned everyone not to tell u jst bcz u.. u shdnt feel guilty.. u shdnt feel bad.. n u..  u made her suffer so much Sanskar.. She returned u ur family back with all happiness n u.. filled her life with darkness n pain.. ( cries )

All had tears in their eyes.. Laksh hugged Ragini who was crying miserably. Sanskar was too shocked to react.. He sat on floor with a thud.. All gets sad seeing him like this.. Slowly slowly he started to sob.. his sobs were getting higher.. He palmed his face n started crying vigorously. Laksh ran to him n tried to calm him..

Sanskar : ( crying ) I hurted her badly Lucky.. I.. I killed.. my.. own.. child.. I’m a.. murderer.. lucky.. m a killer.. Swara.. she was always ryt lucky.. I was so blind.. in my ego n anger.. that I.. I did.. so much.. bad with.. swara.. MY SWARA.. Lucky.. she.. she begged me.. she tried all possible ways to.. to convince me.. bt me.. ( started slapping himself ) akways insulted her.. hurted her.. m reason of all this.. m bad lucky.. I shd be punished.. I shd be punished.. ( cries loudly )

Laksh : ( stopped him from slapping himself ) Bhai.. pagal hogaya hai tu?? What are u doing?? This time u hv to stay strong for Swara.. u hv to search her.. n instead of dat u r sitting here n blaming urself? Open ur eyes bhai.. its not ur fault.. not anyone’s. Its written in ur destiny.. now stop crying n get up.. we hv to find swara..

Sanskar : ( wiping his tears ) Ha Lucky.. u r ryt.. We shd find Swara.. I just hope she’s fine.. once I find her, I’ll never let her go anywhere. We’ll stay together.. FOREVER!!! cm, lets go..

Saying this SanLak went out in search of Swara…

Precap : Epilogue

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