SwaSan TS : FOREVER ( Epilogue )


Here is ur most awaited part guys.. I just hope it will reach to ur expectations.. fingers crossed!


3 months later..

A man was sitting on floor taking support of bed and was caressing a girl’s photo.. That man is non other than Sanskar!

Sanskar: Where r u princess?  It’s been three months now …. Three blo*dy months without you…. I know we were separated before also but that time I knew that you were OK but now I don’t have a single clue where are you… How are you…. Are you OK…. Please jaan come back to me… It’s getting hard to breathe each an every moment with this guilt…. I am feeling disgusted on myself….. Please forgive your prince and come back

Saying this he slept on floor only hugging swara’s pic tightly.. Uttara who cm to give him milk watched this n cried on seeing her bhai’s state..

Uttara : ( monologue ) Where are you Swara bhabhi? Bhai is dieing without u.. Everything is messed up.. plz come back soon.. or I fear I’ll loose my bhai.. still I remember his condition when he couldn’t find u that day with Laksh bhai.. He was vulnerable bhabhi.. All broken…

After making Sanskar understand sanraglak went in search of Swara.
They search every possible place where they can find Swara…
Music academy,Mandir where Sanskar propose Swara,Baadi,Her close friends houses but she was nowhere to be found.

Sanskar was all shattered. He was hell worried for his life.. his swara.. It was getting hard for Laksh to console both Sanskar and Ragini.. He somehow managed to take them home..

As soon as they entered MM, all rushed to them throwing questions about Swara… Gadodia’s were also present there…

Shomi : ( to sanskar ) Sanskarr… beta.. where’s shona? How’s she? Haa? ( sanskar was all numb n emotionless ) Sanskarrrrr. . Tell me.. where’s my Shonaaa..? Y r u all silent? Speak something Sanskar… ( asks him while crying and shaking him hard )

Ragini : ( with accusing tone ) What will he say maa? N how? ( showing finger towards Sanskar ) This person.. this person is the sole reason of my sister’s sudden disappearance.. He made her suffer maa.. Ask him maa.. ask him.. what he did to my swara.. Ask him.. ( cries hard bt soon wipes her tears and tells him with venom filled voice ) If something.. wrong happens to my sister na.. den listen.. u’ll be responsible for it.. only u.. And I’ll never forgive you for this.. never ever.. ( saying this she ran to her room while crying.. Laksh followed her )

Sanskar was listening her accusations quietly.. He slowly started moving towards his room.. Shomi break down while Shekhar tried to console her. Ap, Dp, Suju n Ram were crying seeing their children’s condition.. Ap and sujata moved towards Sanskar’s room..

Here at Sanskar’s room –

Sanskar entered in room and 1st thing he saw was his pic with swara.. He smiled unknowingly.. took pic in his hand n caresses it lovingly.. But suddenly it fell from his hand making its several pieces.. He got panic. He sat down quickly n started collecting the broken glass.. blabbering continuously. …

Sanskar : Princess… no.. its my princess’ favourite frame. . How careless u r Sanskar. . U broke it.. now she’ll get so much angry… bt.. bt.. where’s my princess?? ( searches her everywhere in room like mad ) Princess… Princess where r u?? Jaan.. see don’t play with me.. u know na.. I can’t live without u.. haa? Chalo.. cm out fast.. kaha gayi ye… Swaraaaa… Swaraaaaaa. .. plz cm to me.. Swaraaaa.. ( Ap and Suju had tears in their eyes who were standing in door looking at their son’s condition )

Both come near Sanskar n tries to make him realise the situation..

Ap : ( cries ) Sanskar… beta Swara is not here.. she is missing beta… Sambhalo khudko..

Sanskar : ( protesting ) Maa.. wat.. wat r u speaking ha?? I know my princess is here only.. she is just angry on me… dats y hiding n not coming out.. haa.. I knw.. bt u.. u don’t worry.. her prince will find her.. haa.. I’ll find her.. ruko aap.. ( got up from there ) Swaraaa.. Swaraaa a. .. see jaan Mom n badi maa too cm here for u… still u r hiding.. now enough.. chalo.. cm out.. fast..

Sujata who was listening till now lost her control n slapped him hard making him cm to his senses…

Sujata : She is not here Sanskar… She left u, our house… no one knows where’s she, how’s she… N instead of searching her u r behaving like mad.. Hosh mai aao Sanskar! ( shakes him ) Do u even have any idea how much worried are all for her.. Search her Sanskar.. Find out where is our Swara.. we need her.. U NEED HER.. She’s the sunshine of our house Sanskar. . Bring her back..

After hearing Sujata’s words , Sanskar broke down completely in his both mothers arms sobbing hard…

Sanskar : Mommmmmmm. .. I want my swara back mom… plz mom.. tell her to come back to me. . Badi maa.. u.. u tell her.. plz.. I swear I’ll never ever fight with her… I’ll never shout at her.. I’ll never scold her… bt plz badi maa.. ask her to cm… I’ll die without her badi maa.. I’ll die… ( cries bitterly )

Ap : ( wiping her tears n with determination) Wipe ur tears Sanskar. And stop crying. Ur swara will come back to u… u urself will bring her back.. and for that u have to be strong.. not for us.. bt for ur swara at least.. Get a hold on urself Sanskar… And bring our swara back safe and sound…

Sanskar : ( hearing Ap ) Haa badi maa.. I’ll bring my swara back… if she’s stubborn, m also stubborn… I’ll do everything to bring her back.. its my promise…

Ap and Suju smiled through tears..

Ap : Ok.. now cm sleep.. u r tired.. tmrw u need to go to find swara hai na? Cmon sleep…

Sanskar obediently lay down on bed while Ap and Suju caresses his hairs..

Sanskar : Pakka na badi maa? Swara will cm back to me na? ( asks while sleeping in her lap )

Ap : ( sniffs ) Haa beta.. pakka.. now sleep..

Saying this both made him sleep.. And this was all witnessed by Uttara who was having tears in her eyes…

************* Flashback Ends ****************

Like this 3 months passed..

A new day with a new hope for maheshwari family to get their beloved DIL back but for Sanskar a new cursed day without his Princess……
Sanskar’s sleep was disturbed by sun rays falling on his face indicating him to wake up.
He slowly open his eyes and first thing he saw is his princess.
What Sanskar who sleep so late…. Don’t you have office…. Get up now…. And come for breakfast” Saying this Swara get up and was about to go when Sanskar and she land on his chest.
He was going to plant a kiss on her when uttara call him to get up and his beautiful dream was broken. A lone tear escaped from his eyes.. He wiped it and got ready for office..

Everything was same except for the glow of maheswari mansion which has gone somewhere.
 And so it was the gem of the house SWASAN were lost….. Even after being physically present Sanskar is lost in his own world….
This three months he lost the contact with his family.

Hall room
All the elders were sitting when Sanskar come down concentrating on his phone….
He was about to go when Sujata called him and as he  turn he dashed with ragini.

Ragini gave him a disgusting look and started to clean the mess
Sanskar too sat and started to help her but

Ragini: No need for your help…. Do that what you cannot do in all this month’s….

 Saying this she went from there.

Sanskar freeze on spot listening to this.

In this 3 months Ragini  left no chance to taunt him and remind him of his fault and reminding him that he was the reason for which they all loose Swara.
Accepting every word he move out in search of his life as always.

Evening time….
Laksh: Ragini calm down… There is nothing to be scared about….. It’s not even night….
(Said supressing his laughter)

Ragini: Laksh…  It’s evening and already dark…. I Called you coz I am scared but you…. Huh laughing at me… Go I won’t talk to you

By saying this she disconnected  the call.

laksh: Hello.. ragini… (Laugh)  Pagal….

He was moving smoothly but suddenly a lady come in front of his car. In the process to save the lady he dash his car on a tree.

He rush out to check on the lady and found Her lying on the road.

Laksh: Excuse me ( Patting her check)  Aunty… Are you alright? 

It was a less crowded road so none came there.
He somehow carry her till the car and rush to hospital.

After checking the lady doc inform that she was fine and faint because of shock. Laksh thanked doctor..

When Laksh was moving out he saw sm nurses n doc running to ICU.. he moves to there.. n ask 1 ward boy..

Laksh : what happened here?

Ward boy : ( in hurry ) that coma patient’s health is worsening.

Saying this he left..

Laksh was going ahead when he stopped suddenly near ICU window n the scene infront of him shocked him..

Laksh:(whisper) Swara….

He was numb to see the scene in front of him.
Doctors were trying to calm her down .
After a while doctor come out and Laksh rush to him

Laksh: Doctor Swara…. Wo… What happen to her?  She Is fine….

Doc:Mr calm down first….She is a coma patient….Few people brought her here 3 months back…. She met with a deadly accident by god grace she was saved but alas she sleep into coma.

Laksh: when she will be fine?

Doc: We can’t say this…. From last 3 months we are doing our best…. But she isn’t responding. Excuse me

By saying this he went from there while…. Laksh was in dilemma weather to inform other or not.
But remembering his brother’s condition he thought it’s better to inform them.


Sanskar: Lucky I am will call you later… He was about to cut the call when he heard a word which stop him

Laksh: Bhai… Swara….

Sanskar: (whisper) Swara…. (to Laksh)  Lucky what happen… What about Swara…. Did you get any information about her…. Hello…. Speak up dammit….

Laksh:Bhai….come to Life care hospital….

Sanskar heart drop listening to the word hospital.
All negative thoughts were hammering him he brushed all the thoughts and rushed towards hospital.

Laksh was waiting for him in the reception
Sanskar come running and saw Laksh there and rush to him

Sanskar:Lucky …. Swara.. Where is she?  She is fine right…

Laksh: Bhai calm down… Breathe please look at your condition… U *cut*

Sanskar:(Irritated)Leave my condition…. Tell me where is princess… NOW

Laksh understand his condition

Laksh: first floor right…. ICU no.3 Co..

He didn’t get time to complete his sentence ….. Sanskar run from there.


Sanskar freeze looking his life lying lifeless with support of machines.
He open the door slowly….Tears were blurring his vision.
He forward his hand and caresses her face lovingly… His tears fell on her.. he sat beside her  taking her hand in his.. and finally.. after long 3 months.. he broke down..

Sanskar : ( crying ) Princess.. what.. what u hv done to urself… u.. ( sobs ) Y. . Y r u punishing urself… I.. I knw.. this.. this is all because of me.. haa.. I.. I did so wrong.. with u.. I hurted u.. lot.. I broke u.. completely.. ( sniffs ) but.. but believe me princess… I.. never wanted to see… u.. here.. like.. like this.. u knw.. when I was giving u pain… I.. I was dieing inside.. thousand times… I.. was never happy.. to see u in pain.. Princess. .. never.. ( cries ) Because of me.. only.. we.. we lost our.. baby.. just bcz of.. my anger.. my.. my distrust. . I.. I’m sorry princess.. ( smiled sadly ) I still remember that night.. when we become one…

*************** Flashback *******************

It’s been 4 months Laksh was missing. One Fine day.. Swara and Sanskar got some clue about him and both rushed there.. it was night and they got stuck in jungle area.. It was raining heavily… both were drenched in rain while swara was shivering in cold.. Sanskar.. as always.. can’t able to see her like that.. He took her in his embrace to give sm warmth to her.. He slowly started walking taking her in search of sm shelter.. and they got sm old Hut. . Both got inside it. There they couldn’t control their desires and got intimate… ( I hope now I cleared pregnancy mess of Swara! Sorry for inconvenience guys )

************** Flashback Ends ****************

Sanskar : ( sobs ) I never thought.. Princess. . U’ll land up.. here.. in this state.. because of me… ur sanskar is bad princess.. very bad.. Bt.. last time.. only last time princess… give me a chance.. I promise to make it up to u… I.. I will never let cm even a small fight.. between us.. but plz.. plz come back to ur prince.. plz princess.. plz.. ur prince will die without u… r u hearing princess… plz plz plz forgive ur prince.. plzz… ( cries bitterly )

Whole scene was witnessed by MF and GF who arrived at hospital after Laksh informing them.. All had tears in their eyes…

After some time Sanskar cm out of room and talked with doctor regarding swara’s health and her condition. He asked doctor’s permission to take swara back to home so that she can respond their quickly in presence of her own family.. Doctor agreed and They shifted Swara to MM..

Swasan room
It’s been a month Swara was shifted from hospital to maheswari mansion.
Her health was trying to accept the treatment finally. It was said we can live without food and water for some days but the ultimate thing which is needed to survive is HOPE which help us to survive……

Same applied to her… She lost her hope of survival the day she left her house…. Her sanskar…She was already dead just her body was functioning with the help of machines but her soul and heart was dead…..
Then again her hope come and gave her reason to live…Her Sanskar was back….

Yes she can hear every single thing…..
She can hear her life crying and begging her to get up for him…. To forgive him for what he did…. To punish him but not to sleep like that….His scream pierce her heart thousand times but she was helpless….. She tries to get up…. To console him…. To assure him… But she was helpless……

Like always Sanskar Come from office and sat with her to have his dinner.

Sanskar:(sitting beside her) Hey princess…. How are you feeling…. Better… I know you will and very soon you will be fine too….. (smile)
You know today I am very tired…. There was three meetings without any break…. (look at her face)  ya ya… I know what you wanna say… I don’t take care of myself…. But then it was my fault only na jaan…. I ignored my work and now this is my punishment…. (a lone tear escape) Get up princess…. I am tired…. Now…. I …i want you to be beside me… When I am having my dinner….. After coming from office…. See na…its so boring to eat alone….

Like this he finished his dinner while talking with her…. In all this he missed the movement…. Swara made… When he was sharing his pain to her.

Sanskar: Princess…. I will be back OK…

By saying this he from there….
After finishing the night work ragini… Come to check on Swara for once before going to bed….. In this month she took care of Swara…. Like a child…. Whenever Sanskar goes for office work she would be their with her….
It can be seen that she is repenting for her deeds in past……..

She enter swasan and what she saw shock her to core…
Swara was breathing heavily… And her condition is decreasing…

Ragini:(Scream)Swara…… SANSKAR LAKSH come fast….. Swara…. What happen…. Calm down….laksh….

All family member come running there…..
Sanskar and Laksh were the first to come there….

Sanskar: Swara….. What happen to her…. Ragini…

Ragini:Laksh…call the doctor fast….please…

Laksh call doctor and he instruct them to rub her hands and feet to control the situation.
They did and she calm after a while…..
After half an hour doctor come and check her.

Sanskar: (Hell scared)  Doctor…. What happen to her…. Suddenly.. she was fine few minutes ago…

Doctor: She took stress …. And it tires her mind….she is stable now…. Take care… Try not to make her sad….

Saying this he went…. Laksh went with him to drop him till out….

Sanskar look towards her and was about to hold her hand when he was pushed by ragini with full force….
It happened in such a short time that he didn’t get time to think and fall down….

All were shock seeing this….

Sujata:Ragini….what type of behavior it is….
(help Sanskar to stand up) Tu Theek hay na chore….

Sanskar nodded and look towards ragini with shock.

Annapurna:(Angry) Ragini… What is this?

Ragini: ( Angry)  what you want Sanskar….. Tell me clearly…. What the hell do you want???? 

Sanskar:(confuse) Ragini what are you talking about?

Ragini:( angry) You know what I am talking about?  You….Do you want Swara to die….

Sanskar:(Shout)  RAGINI….

Ragini: Don’t shout…. By your action it can be seen…. Didn’t doctor forbid us to not give her stress. …. What are you doing to her….
Today only because of you my sister is in dead bed…. She is a living dead…. Aren’t you happy now….you want to give her punishment for choosing me over you right?  Now…. Happy…. See( point towards Swara)  You Gave her the biggest punishment…. Now go and celebrate…. Should I Bring Your companion….

Sanskar mind blocked…. He agreed that he want to give her punishment…. But this… Not in his nightmare he can think for such a deadly punishment or curse for his Jaan…. His life… For his Swara…. He would have happily taken her place if possible….

How could ragini say all those words…. That he  was happy…. He… The one who is dying with guilt… He …  Who is hating himself and blaming himself For her condition….
How can she even think that he was happy to see his princess lifeless….

Not able to listen any thing he step back and started to leave the place but…..


A sound blocked his legs on the place he was in…..

He turn around and saw…. What he saw was something he was praying with his every breath…

His princess was there…. Awake alive and fine…..
He was about to run to her and engulfed her into a bonecrush hug but stop when he saw her state.

Swara Gave a tight slap to ragini with all her strength she gained after eating all this glucose all this months…..

Her face was red burning with anger…..


All were horrified looking at her…. Specially ragini…

Swara hold her bed stand for support…..

swara: Who… Who are you to say all this to my Sanskar…. Who gave you the right to accuse him…. To talk rubbish about him….

Ragini: Swara… I… ( she hold hand to support her)

Swara:(jerking her hand) Don’t touch me….. What you said he was happy seeing me in this state…… He is the one who is in pain more than me….. Seeing me in this condition…. ASK YOURSELF….  He is the one for whom I Am in dead bed….. DONT FORGET MRS.  RAGINI LAKSH MAHESWARI  you push me into river…. To marry  your love and it was Sanskar who saved me  and brought me back home safely…
Ragini closed her eyes remembering her deeds.

By saying this she sat with a thud on bed… she was breathing hard..
She used all her energy now she is tired.  … Ragini was all shocked n numb to react on her sister’s outburst. She left room controlling her tears.. ( nagini kahiki! Huhh! )

Sanskar come to his sense and rush to Swara….

Sanskar:( tense)  Swara….. calm down…. Please you are not fine….u.. wait.. I.. I’ll call doctor..haa.. u.. u drink water.. here ( gives water ) aram se..

Swara : (Breathing hard) I am fine Sanskar…..  (smile)I am sorry to trouble you so much…. ( cups his face ) I’m sorry… I.. I again made you.. suffer.. I’m. . So..rry.. ( she couldn’t speak proper as she was just cm out of coma and more over she stressed herself so much.. ( bcz of nagini ) she fell on Sanskar’s shoulder taking as support. Sanskar got tense and immediately called doc..  he made her sleep properly on bed n sat beside her holding her hand. Swara was looking at him while smiling faintly..

Sanskar : ( scolds her ) What was the need to shout so much? Haa? Always wanna do sm stunts na.. Now look… hw tired u got..

Swara smiled while he faked anger n looked at other side..

Soon doc arrived.. He checked her and gave her injection n she slept.

Sanskar : ( tensed ) Doc.. she’s ok na? Nothing to worry ryt?

Doc : Don’t worry Mr. Maheshwari. She’s ok. Bt she’s very weak.. both mentally and physically. So I advice u not to give her any kind of stress or shock.. It can be harmful to her health.. Take care..

Sanskar : yeah doc.. thank you!

After doc left, Sanskar saw Ragini standing there.. He went to her…

Sanskar : I never said a word to you when u accused ME several times. Bt this time, it’s abt my SWARA.. nothing in world is important for me other than HER.. So I just wanna WARN u that, KEEP SAFE DISTANCE FROM HER.. AND FOR GOD’S SAKE, STOP INTERFERING IN OUR LIFE, MRS. RAGINI LAKSH MAHESWARI! IT WILL BE BETTER FOR U.. FOR US.. AND FOR EVERYONE!

Saying this he left from there while all others to left to their respective rooms leaving Ragini alone in guilt.

Sanskar entered in their room and sat beside swara stroking her hairs.. slowly swara gains her sense and both looked at each other.. Sanskar had happy tears in his eyes while swara wiped it softly with her hand.. Sanskar held her hand and kissed it gently.. He made swara sit on bed properly.. n finally… hugged her tightly sobbing hard in her embrace like a kid… Swara too cried while patting his back..

Both broke hug.. and looked at each other.

Sanskar : I’m very angry on u princess… y u did that.. u left me.. alone.. again.. u.. knw na.. I can’t live without u.. I would have die.. ( cuts him placing her palm on his mouth )

Swara : Shhh.. Don’t talk rubbish.. I’m sorry.. I again did same mistake… I left u.. I’m so..

Before she cmplt Sanskar placed his lips on hers..

Tum toh darasal khwaab ki baat ho
Chalti mere khayalon me tum sath sath ho
Milti hai jo achaanak woh saugaat ho..

He was kissing her softly.. showering all his love and care.. she responded back..

Tum toh darasal meethi si pyaas ho
Lagta hai ye hamesha ke tum aas paas ho
Thehra hai jo labon pe woh ehsaas ho..

Teri adaa, adaa pe marta main
Wafaa, wafaa si karta kyun
Hadon se hoon guzarta main
Zaraa zaraa zaraa…

Both were missing each other from last 3 months.. and finally their wait was over..

Tum toh darasal saanson ka saaz ho
Dil mein mere chupa jo wohi raaz, raaz ho
Kal bhi mera tum hi ho mera aaj ho
Kal bhi mera tum hi ho mera aaj ho

Baarish ka paani ho tum
Kaagaz ki kashti hoon main
Tujh mein kahin main beh jaata hoon

After a long seperation they are finally together… feeling each other…

Ho… milne hoon tumse aata
Waapas nahi jaa paata
Thoda wahin main reh jaata hoon

Tum toh darasal ikk naya noor ho
Mujhme bhi ho zara si zara door door ho
Jaisi bhi ho hamesha hi manzoor ho
Jaisi bhi ho hamesha hi manzoor ho

Both broke kiss after some time and joined their heads breathing heavily..

Hota hai aisa aksar
Dil yeh kisi ko dekar
Lagta haseen hai saara shehar

Ab dekh tera hokar
Aisa asar hai mujh par
Hansta rahoon main aathon pehar

Tum toh darasal ishq ho, pyaar ho
Aati mere phasaano mein tum baar baar ho

Inkaar mein jo chhupa hai wo ikraar ho..

Sanskar : Princess.. I’m sorry.. for whatever I did in past.. But now I wanna start afresh.. I promise this time I won’t be doing any stupidity in my ego and anger.. I’ll never ever leave u.. nor  let u go leaving me.. we’ll always stay together.. FOREVER…

Swara : ( smiled through tears ) FOREVER…

Saying this she placed her lips on his and both again kissed each other passionately forgetting the world..


Its over guys.
I hope u like it.
Me and my sweet lil frnd cm sis Divyanshri took lot of effort to write it.. yeah.. Divyanshri- writer of HEARTLESS SANSKAR AND HELPLESS SWARA also helped me alot in writing.. so please guys.. don’t be a silent reader at least for this part..
Shower ur valuable comments and votes..
Love u all.. ???

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