Swasan TS: – Forced Marriage love Part-I

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Now start the story….
Here we see that a marriage is going on….. Groom was sat on the mandap … But there is no happiness shown on his face…. and side of that a girl was sitting on there in veil… feeling so nervous.. Also cry on her fate…….all the mantra of marriage was stop… Both taking phere… And after the groom fill bride hairline with vermilion and adorned her neck with mangalsutra….
Now Pandit declares that the marriage is done now the swara gadodiya become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…..
A lone of tear escapes from swara eyes and see towards their bhai and bhabhi wo having evil smirk and also look towards Sanskar while he gave her a death glare with that swara gulp in fear

Now Character sketch
Sanskar Maheshwari(28): – A arrogant business man who doesn’t care about anything else but love his family alot… her Ma and sister is his only family…. but love someone ( disclose you later in the story) … His father die when he was 17 years old… and from that age he taking care of his dad business … his dad RAM Parashad Maheshwari
Sujata Maheshwari and Uttara Maheshwari: – Mother and sister of Sanskar…. Love her Son and Bhai alot….
Swara Gadodiya (21): – A beautiful girl… very silent in nature and mature girl… have fear with her bhai and bhabhi who always beat her….. Her father and mother died when she was 15 year old… for that time she only lives with her step brother….
Sahil Gadodiya (35): – step brother of swara… Always beat her… And only wants swara property because his father and mother name all his property on swara name…
Kavya Gadodiya (34): – wife of Sahil …hates Swara the most and treat her as servant
Kavita (26): – sister of Kavya … live with them only … and also torture swara alot
Manju: – Maid of the gadodiya house… loves swara alot only she treats her as her daughter… Also know the intension of sahil… protect swara from them…..

Now start the story….
All the rituals done and now we see that swara sitting on the decorated bed in Sanskar room… and hell nervous and think about now what happen in her life…
While Sanskar was sitting in his study room and drinking alcohol….. His
Eyes become red with anger and think about what happened in few hours ago….. And again drink the glass full of alcohol
Flashback: –
A Barat was arrived on gadodiya mention and all were happy there….
And Sanskar was also happy because he is going to marry his love… his love Kavita (ehehehehe… I know you all are shocked…) all the rituals of barat arrival done…..now Sanskar was sitting on the mandap and waiting for his bride to come…..all were happy except one face that is sujata… right sujata was not happy with the marriage of Sanskar with kavita….
While she was thinking… She feels someone touch her feet for blessing… she jerked and look at the person and very happy to see her…. blessed the person
Sujata: – god bless you swara beta( yes she was the swara,, who having a try in her hand and also wearing simple Patiala salwar and suit and look beautiful….) but beta.. Why you serving… Waiters are there Na… So why you are…… Interrupted by swara…
Swara: – while having a pain full smile…. don’t worry aunty….. I’m fine… You enjoy the function…. okkk…. now I have some work…. okkk bye aunty
Sujata see swara going and thinks that… I want that swara become my daughter-in-law… but now…. nothing is happened… today my Sanskar marriage with kavita which I hate the most… alas! For my son happiness this marriage is happening…..
Now Pandit call the bride for the rituals of marriage…. sahil send swara to the kavita room to bring her… first swara was confused but goes towards Kavita room while sahil having a evil smile on his face,…. after 20 minutes swara come running in mandap says that kavita was not in her room… all were shocked specially Sanskar… he run towards the kavita room and find that the marriage lehenga was on the bed and kavita was nowhere to found…
Now Sanskar eyes falls on a paper which was on the dressing table and read the letter
In letter….
Dear Sanskar…..
I’m sorry I know you are angry with me… but what to do yr… I don’t love you … I know first I love you but now I love raja very much … and I don’t want to do marriage with you…but swara …… she help me.. She said me that….you do drama in front of all and on marriage day you escaped from here with rajat … I helped you okkk… You know what swara has helped me when came to me for saying that Pandit call you and is the right time to run from here…. You want to know ki m ye tumhe kyu bta rhi hu….. So you are my best friend… And bye forever……
From Kavita
… All were gather in the room and see that Sanskar sit on the bed in shock state… sahil go towards the Sanskar take the letter from his hand and read the letter… Become furious and goes towards swara and slap her hard for which force she stumble and about to fall when Manju and Sujata Held her… And swara with teary eyes says…
Swara: – Bhai What happen… why you beat me.. what was my fault and where…. about say something when Sahil again slap her now blood start flow from the corner of her lips… now sujata was all angry and now again sahil try to slap swara but sujata held his hand and jerked her hand …goes towards Sanskar and says what happen…. why you become numb…… say something … and see how sahil behave with swara and where is kavita….
Sanskar not giving any answer to sujata goes towards swara and tightly held her hand for and says while anger…..
Sanskar: – with anger….. Get ready in bridal dress swara… You are going to marry me on this mandap.. Right now… understand…. he says that and sahil smile evilly and Kavya also smile…..and uttara get ready swara beautiful after all she is you one and only bhabhi right….. Also seeing swara with anger and swara don’t understand what happen look towards sahil while sahil gave his death glare and says to her go with uttara…… swara frightened and goes with her
Now sujata is slightly happy but look towards the sahil and Kavya who went from there having an evil smile… Now sujata read the letter… and understand all things…. but thinks that after marriage she find all the proof to prove swara innocent….
And after that marriage was done
Flashback end

Now Sanskar get up from the couch and goes towards his room and walking on stairs and enters in his rooms and sees that swara was crying and standing near the bed… while his back was on Sanskar side… Sanskar with lust full eyes see towards the swara and bolt the door… while listening the noise… Swara with fear eyes saw towards Sanskar… and sensing that he looks towards her with bad eyes…..
Swara: – Sanskar ji….. Pl…eas…se… Listen to me… Once, I have done nothing wrong…. please… I know you are my husband…. but please I ….stop by Sanskar act… Sanskar held her bare waist tightly which are visible in lehenga choli……..
Sanskar while holding her with waist and pressed her waist tightly for which swara hissed in pain and tear are continuously fall from her eyes and shocked by Sanskar words…..
Sanskar: – soooo what… I’m your husband… So what…… what u want … all things you snatched from me…? My love… My happiness, my life everything and now what you want…
Na doesn’t understand that for your bhai reputation on stake I married you…. and clutch swara waist tightly while leaving mark on them…..
No… I married you because I want to take revenge from you for ruining my life and you have to pay for it swara……
You know what you are beautiful… and you also want to marry me that’s why you says to her to continue that drama … you also know that if once kavita flew away your brother reputation was on stake… for that you have to marry me…. right… with anger… you only want this na….
Swara: – while crying having tight grip on her waist….. No….. Sanskar I ….. Please believe me…. (Chocked voice) I have done nothing… try to understand….but stop and shocked by Sanskar who throw her dupatta and start kissing aggressively on her neck to cleavage…… swara don’t understand what is happening … after some time to her sense and push Sanskar …
Sanskar become furious… Came towards swara and slap her hard….swara stumbled but stand there… but Sanskar also slap swara hard and swara fall on the bed… Sanskar come top on her and clutch her here in his fist and swara yelped in pain…..
Sanskar say: -what happen baby…. you don’t enjoy… How dare you push me…? I’m your husband…. you only want this na… with saying that tear the blouse from the shoulder and open the dori of the blouse…. and lick on her cleavage…. Sanskar saw towards her says that…. this is the starting of my revenge swara,…. now wait and watch what happen to you…. now swara…. shivering with fear and beg Sanskar for leave her….
Please leave me Sanskar ji… no…… Sanskar start kissing on her lips… while she try to push him and tears continuously flowing from her eyes…. but Sanskar not show mercy on swara… now he threw swara blouse on the floor while swara try to cover her with bed sheet but Sanskar held her held tightly and pin her hand to the bed and clutch tightly which cause in breaking the bengals of swara,, and blood start flow from her hand….
But Sanskar didn’t pay any attention….. Start kissing on her br*ast above the bra…. Sanskar cry and beg Sanskar for leave her… Sanskar jerked up furiously and slap swara hard three time…. now swara stop begging him and silently cry… because now she understand that it’s no use of it,,,,,
Now Sanskar smirk and start kissing in her nape… and his on hand rub swara waist tightly and leaving scratch marks on that and one hand on back side and open the bra hooked now swara naked from upper portion…. and Sanskar start kissing on her br*ast neck and cleavage and … now Sanskar kissed hardly on the swara lips… And bite her lips… Swara mourned in pain… Blood oozing from his lip…. after some time swara fully naked in front of Sanskar….and Sanskar also remove his all clothes… now swara start begging for Sanskar and push her cover her body with blanket…. now Sanskar become more angry and start beat swara.. atlas swara gave up…. and Sanskar remove bed sheet from her body and start kissing her roughly… and entered into her… swara cried loudly in pain…. because she was raped by her husband…. and Sanskar don’t leave her and swara now leaving all his hope and stop cry and only tear silently came from his eyes…like his fate also cry for her helpless… atlas Sanskar left swara after satisfying his inner lust and sleep on swara …… swara have no strength also sleep in that condition only….. And cursed her fate……
Ending of part 1
Hope you enjoy it….
Thank u…

Precap: – Revelation of kavita truth

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