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She found him standing inside the telephone booth,simply staring at telephone.She hadn’t realized that this was the man who she looking for her whole life.She thought he was creepy stranger,on standing on her way to make important call to get her car fix which gracefully stop in middle of the road before it cause some damage to others.She also forgotten her mobile that night,which led her to walk block away from her car to search some pay phone .

Which was occupied by him, the man who looks very rich,handsome guy,what’s need to use pay phone while he holding the costly and s*xy IPhone in his hand,she thought.She waited for few minutes outside the booth,hoping that the man will make quick call.It took few minutes for her to notice he not using the phone just simply staring it with same intensity she thought him as some crazy handsome idiot.
She took a step ahead and knock door which made him realize someone waiting outside.He slid the door open and poke his head out and lost in her simple beauty,his widens eyes made her think what if he drugged ,did she caught herself with some handsome stranger, to make his sense back.
“I’m sorry,but could I use the phone”
His concentration was completely on her,yet he was not saying anything.So she waved her hand ,he blinked his eyes.

Then,his answer surprised her”No”.With that closed the door and turned back to previous task of staring the phone.His act made her angry and thought handsome rich spoiled idiot.

In normal circumstances,she would have let it go,but today she was tired ,cold and some past moments pecked her mind,So she thought she should get back home as soon possible by taking help from so called step father,just name sake.So found herself knocking door once door.

“What” he poked his head out.”Cant you see I’m busy??”

“Oh staring at the phone,well I see that”she replied.” Look I have to make quick call,after that u can continue your looking work,So please will you”

He raised his eyesbrows and smirk formed in his face.In this place she took a good look at him.Brown eyes ,short black hair that looked as if he ran his finger through it thousand of times and well defined jaw structure..Well all can fall him at first sight itself.If he wasn’t crazy and all she thought.

“I’m sorry you Miss,I was waiting for an important call you got it,So big NO”he said and shut the door on her face.

Crazy and rude,she thought.She didn’t like the idea to go around and find some other pay phone at this time.The one which was perfect is infront of her and she will dammed if she wasn’t going to use it.So again this time she literally banged the door which made up of glass due to heavy bang ..Its combined of frustration ,angry and also with attitude.A mixed emotions of herself..Glass left the crack all over corner.which made him turn and shock expression appeared in his cute face.
“what the F*** is wrong with you Miss”

“Just let me use the damn phone man,My car broke down and don’t want to walk around at this time to find other pay phone,So just give damn five minutes ,will come out asap,Now u understand me please man”

He was taken aback listening her each words but not ready to move.She yelled and he yelled back.It continued fairly suddenly she grabbed his arms and he held one hand at booth door .
“you girl,freakishly strong”

“thank you man”

“just let go it.Im waiting for an important call,its really important girl”

“If you just let me earlier,I would have finished and you could have been waiting all night without any interruption you idiot”

“How dare you calling me idiot..you b….”before he complete she started to yell

And it went on and on and on.Finally using all her strength,she made one last tug which brought both them down to the ground.Somehow she found herself lying top of him and both of them groaned in pain.

“what a day”she moaned in pain

“you telling me that”he muttered

Both eyes are meet,unknown emotions ,feeling started to grow between them,which was ignored by both.

As both sat up and dust the dirt off from their cloth.Started their convincing argument which lead way to third person,when both heard shut sound of door.

Both looked at each other in disbelief and after beat,rushed to booth.

“Excuse me we were using that” she cried

“yeah there is line here”he said

A man cradled the phone in his ears ,shrugged his shoulder

“You both were busy in fighting, so its time to grab the phone and now you both wait till we finish” he finished with mock

“Great”she said turned to him who glaring at her”look what you did,its all because of you”

“yeah its coz of you idiot,Just I want to make my car fix or leave this place safe at this time”..she cried out little loud.

Her cute chubby face with some simple charm made him melt and wide smile appeared in his face.

” yeah where is your car,come I will help to fix it but later you have to drop me..will you agree for it”he said with grin face

“why? No need of it”she said with fake angry

There was silence for few minutes.finally she give up.

“ok fine,Deal” she said

He hold her wrist and dragged just little away and both walked towards car.Once reached he repaired engine which he has some knowledge about it.They started their journey unaware of its their new phase of life.Its all started with small introduction of both but she was not ready to open up her personal to some stranger but he quite opposite shared his bio data .

While their continue talking but slight change all talk start with him and end with him just a small words are coming out from her.He is friendly nature ,she was not ready to lose herself to his charm.So she maintain distance from him.Place arrived for him.They bid goodbye with small hand shake both felt bad but she was happy little bit because she don’t need anyone in her life to fullfill her loneliness.she was happy being alone in her whole life.She ignored her feelings towards him but he felt some kind of happiness when he was with her.

Days started to move he was busy with his work for which he came from London and she also in her routine work.Again Fate played his cards .

It’s fine Saturday,she has habit of having morning coffee at her favourite nearby cafe.

She sat down at cushion made of soft spounge and started to have her coffee..she felt some vibration under her butt,it may some object lost by previous customer,she thought.

To her surprise,Its same smart IPhone which she seen with him,but why only he can have this rich phone not others her mind mocked at her.she watched around if anyone were searching it,her vision was clear.All are busy in their own work.Then whose phone,she thought.

Its first time she touching some rich make over mobile.she was well mannered girl though her brought up was not definable.she ignored to use the phone and decided to return when she got any call to rich phone.

After some hours,she was busy in chopping the carrot for much.

Then it rang.

She was starled hearing new tone ringing madly,but music was classic cum rap tone.

She ran into her bedroom, grasping the rich phone which is ringing and vibrating madly.

DANY work, it read.

Answer it or leave it, what she going to tell or how to start,she thought.

She picked up,”Hello”her voice sounds innocent.

“who is this” male voice demanded angry from across line.

“I don’t know ,and its depends on who you are” she said with attitude and smirk on her face.

“yeah you I’m the owner of the phone,you cheap stolen it”he said as angry he can.

“What”she exclaimed.

“Bullshit” he exclaimed .

“mind your tongue ,you blo*dy rascal,what you said I stolen,who need your f**king phone”she said with same angry she can.

“Then why you still holding it ,give it back , it has lot of important contacts and files ,so please tell where I should collect it”he said pleading attitude.

She smiled with smirk and “oh is it so,ok fine come and collect at CITY CENTRE mall ..will be at landmark store,sharp at 6 and if you delay one second,you will lose it Mr.angry ..just mind it and please learn some mannerisms”she cut the call not excepted to hear any reply.

Her plan was different because she not ready to give rich phone so soon to MR.angry.Let him learn manners how to talk to girls.

Its went 3 times,each time argument was went on.finally least but not least.

Phone rang.

“hello” she said

“yeah what’s your problem,will you give my phone back or not,listen I can buy thousand phone like that,but what you holding is precious thing ,my bade papa gifted me,he is no more,that phone is his remembrance,so please girl give back and if you need it. I will buy you new one”he completed in single breath like crying baby.

There was pin drop silence in both ends.

She was broken hearing his words.she can sense he has good family love and care towards him and he is lucky man,she thought.

She spoke up.

“Same place .be sharp at 6,This time no prank or cheating man”she said with truthfulness

He was melted seeing her nature and way of reply each time.Its impressed him lot.He felt bad for using some abuse words and decided himself to meet her this time because last three times he had sent his body guard to collect his phone.

At landmark store,she was sharp and perfect in punctuality, as per dress code simple pink TShirt and denim.she felt someone hands on her shoulder.she turned and was shock.

“you”she said

“you,is it you…girl…steal…my m…mobile”he was blabbering in shock

Both didn’t excepted they will meet each other.Its been one month after that incident.

She and he or both were happy at same extent to meet each other.But not tried to show up those happiness in their face.Atleast he has some formal welcome smile but she gave fake smile because fear started to peck her soul.She don’t want to fall in his charm which she already fallen deeply .

“Err..sorry yeah its me…so its your phone”she said

“yes its mine..so now I learnt manners How to talk to a girl” he said with mock

She smiled.

“oh k Even iam also sorry for rude behaviour…hope u know how is important to me..just in lost …”before he complete

“hey I understand it completely.. So no worries from your side”she said clamly

“So “..he gave look

“So nothing..here your phone..next time carefull..keep safe bye” she said and tried to go away from him as soon.

“yeah sure,..but why bye come I like to have coffee with you..our last meet was not so good..oops even this time also..so please come”he said and dragged her by wrist..

In sense of not allowing her run from him so soon…she felt bad as well happy..she trying hard to control her this kind feeling from her own world.

Both had coffee with simple talk, as he was friendly and joval young business man..who love to talk more and found of friends. He was clever to maintain a friendship with all.Both exchange mobile numbers. Finally he dropped her at place.

she tried to avoid him because of her fear.He is not ready to leave her so easily and loved her company lot.Started to visit her place most oftenly and planned to stay night as a reason she was alone.

He shared his secrets ,outing with girls and parties.He completely told her about his lifestyle in London.His arrival to India was not for the deal to sign just to escape from parents who forcing him to get married soon.So he decided before getting into commitment Let enjoy bachelor life alone in his mother land.He is new to the country and to his company he got her as good friend.

As time passes their friendship got to grow stronger but still she felt to maintain distance from him.He love to go night out parties but she always denied from her side but each parties his stay was at his place..

After two month,he started to stay whole day at her place.She cant stop herself to tell him”stop coming”.yet decided herself to be at certain distance from him.Begin a rich ,very big business young man who like to live and enjoy normal life like others and liked her company well,loving and caring friend,which I need it in my life,she thought.

He noticed her how she had no friends,during his time staying with her.he never once saw her going out on dates .she has coworkers to whom she occasionally talks,but no one close beside him.But he knew there was something about her past which kept her not to believe love because whenever he used to take some love topic she avoided him by telling “Its bed time,I feel sleepy “..he noticed her very well.Now who very curious to know about her past.Perhaps it may be due to her parents past also,who were divorced ,he didn’t know her story coz she still not shared it with anyone.

Four month of their good friendship,in these month,His like change into love ,his eyes shining with love and adoration at her.She had walked into his life that moment she had walked through his door.He helped her whenever she needs it with or without her saying it.Its unspoken agreement.He craved her laugh,her smile and her eyes.He didn’t know what she doing to his mind.

He planned to change their friendship into different word but everything was collapsed by one phone from his place. whatever she wasn’t ready to accept him at any cost .still no one was there to throw her fear of depression.She was happy and had some peace in his stay but not completely.Her fear has been increased in his stay which she was successful to hide it.

Phone rang.

“I need to meet you”he said

“yeah ok come at evening”she said casually

“No.Now I want to meet you.Iam down at your office building.So come out soon”he said with tense voice
she was worried hearing his voice

“ok” she hang up

(From this I planned to use name)

“sanskar”she said

He ranned and hugged her tightly..she was shock by his sudden act,still composed herself patted his head.

“sanskar what happened?? Are u ok”she asked

He break the hug

“All is ok swara..just before leaving planned to see you”he said
She had huge shock in her life,she broken into pieces though she cant accept his love which she can see in his eyes still his presence have her some peaceful moments in his life.After his entry she hate to be alone now she had to return to precious phase of her life.This thought itself gives her painful tears.

“oh what???why sudden”she asked to hide her emotions

He also in same painful state but he has no other option.Now he has to leave her.His parents fixed his marriage with his childhood friend kavitha by next week.while he telling to swara his eyes started to welled up but still he composed himself.She was now complete dead hearing his marriage fixed but tried to act most happiest person for his marriage .

“oh god you idiot,Now you telling me..this late..Anyways im so happy for you “she said and hugged him.

Both compose themselves and being last meet decided to have coffee together because he have fight at evening .They cracked some jokes and some little argument about sanskar wedding dress.After sometime he dropped her at her place and bid goodbye to her.

“bye take care swara” he said

“ok Mr.angry bye…you too take care and will try to attend your wedding as you know next week im leaving to Netherland for company project..will try so don’t mistake me man”she said teasingly

“Er….ok ok be in touch..call me if any emergency .don’t be alone.roam out for my sake” he said

“ok ok will talking like this means you will miss your flight buddy so bye”she said

“ok ok good bye”he said and drove off

She went inside her room.No tears are coming out ,why I should cry ,for what ,Even I wanted this only.its happened now why worries..,she thought

But her heart want to cry out loudly..her past trying to come out.Yeah she felt she was born for some impure soul and don’t want to spoil some pure soul and good hearted person like sanskar.

Now she was happy..her love going to marry some pure soul person.She prayed for his happiness and good future.

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