Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-7)

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Recap: Growing misunderstanding between swasan,swara coming sanskar office to meet him.

Part 7

At office

Swara opened door but seeing next scenario her eyes popped out and filled with tears. She tried to speak but her voice not came out while he also looked at her and tried to say something but she showed her hand and gathered some energy and finally spoke.
Swara: Sanskar I can’t able to believe that ….
Sanskar: (Interrupts her) Swara it’s nothing like that I just..
Swara: What you just seriously Sanskar…. (She not able to complete her words as she started to laugh, she closed the door and moved near him.)
Sanskar: Swara stop laughing or else…
Swara: What else seriously sanskar I can’t believe that Mr great sanskar Maheswari fall down from table.
She again burst in laugh thinking what happened few minutes ago. He just admired her and started to think.

Few minutes ago

She opened door with jerk as she was little nervous thinking about yesterday incidents while he was sitting on table checking some files. Due to sudden sound he stumbled and fall down on floor. His back hits on floor ????.


Now he was sitting on floor rubbing back.
Swara: Really sanskar I came here to talk with you but you made my day. Now I think I should daily come here so I can get these scenarios.
She again started to laugh seeing her laughing he smiled as he missed it so much.
Sanskar: (Monologue) How much beautiful she’s looking. I missed you and your this smile so much. I promise swara now I’ll never allow it fading away. For seeing this smile if I have to fall thousands time also then I am ready. But for now Mrs Maheswari time for giving you little shock. (Thinking it he smirked and looked at her who was still busy in laughing.)
Sanskar; Okay now enough of your laughing session, give me your hand so I can stand.
Swara: Okay but don’t do anything or else you know.
Sanskar: Are you giving or I should call someone for help.
Swara: Huhh ( She gave him her hand for standing before she could realise anything he pulled her, she landed​ on his chest.)
Sanskar: So Mrs Maheswari what you were doing? Now laugh as much you want. (He started caressing her face)
She became nervous, her heart beat started to beat fast due such proximity. He snaked arm around her waist and pulled more closer.
Swara: Sanska.. (She not able to complete as he touched her earlobe with his lips.)
Sanskar: Swara
Swara: Hmm (she was just lost in his eyes and romantically looking at him)
Sanskar: What hmm get from me oh god what type of wife I got? Her husband back is paining and she’s feeling romantic. Mrs Maheswari you have so much weight my light body can’t able to bear it.
He started to scream dramatically, she looked at him with anger and gets up from him but before he could do anything she pushed him and sat on him.
Swara: What you mean I am overweight you Idiot Maheswari just wait and watch.
Saying it she started to jump on him and throws some things on him from near table.
Sanskar: Arre I am sorry I was just kidding…
Swara: Arre no Mr Maheswari have so much weight…(she again picked some paper balls and about to throw on him but he pulled her again.)
Swara: You..
Before she could complete he captured her lips and started to kiss her with so much love. Initially she became shocked to respond but slowly started to respond.
While both were lost in their kiss someone was seeing it with fumes in eyes. That person revealed as ragini, she angrily closed door but it not effect swasan as they were in own world.
Ragini: (Monologue) Dammit again I lost I came here for increasing misunderstanding between them but instead of it they came closer not only closer but romancing openly. First with lot of difficulty I created situation like that only I know how much it was difficult for me to change dadi’s medicine I just did that so seeing swara with nikhil he would throw her from his life but instead of it he stood with her. Then also I not back off, in evening I already noticed swara coming towards study room so knowingly I went closer to sanskar. That time I got some success but now again I failed. Now I have to plan something big so that only by single move I can get sanskar he’s only mine she can’t win over me. Now swara just be ready to lose him. I’ll not allow you both become one yeah maybe you both didn’t realise yet but you are fallen for each other but I’ll make sure that you both can’t confess that.
Her trances broken by some morn sounds which was coming from cabin.
Ragini: (Monologue) What is it, do they are doing that? Oh god now what will happen to my dreams. I should see inside.
Before she could peek inside someone came and pulled her.
Girl: Ragini mam what are you doing? They’re husband wife you can’t go inside like that moreover swara mam strictly ordered​ me that no one should disturb them.
Meanwhile inside cabin, Swara was applying ice pack. He was laying on couch and keeping finger on his lips.

Few minutes ago

After broking kiss he again leaned towards her but this time he really screamed in pain.
Sanskar: Ahh my back.
Sensing seriousness in his voice she stood and help him in standing.
Swara: Can’t be you serious sometimes, seriously if you really had pain you should tell me what was need to act like that.
Sanskar: I am sorry but I thought to handle in funny way so you not feel bad.
Swara: (Imitates him) Funny way, might be that time I not feel bad but now I feeling so bad. Why you think so much about me?
He makes faces and lovingly looked at her.
Sanskar; I missed you so much.
She looked at him, his eyes were filled with tears.
Swara: First let me apply ice pack later we will talk. (Her eyes were also filled with tears but somehow controlling for him.)
Sanskar; But swara we need to talk as I want to clear all things.
She took his hand and held a finger and kept it on his lips.
Swara: First treatment then other things. And I only came here so we can solve our problem.
He nodded in yes and tried to remove his court but not able to do due to pain.
She came forward and removed his court and slightly lift his shirt. He about to speak but she glared and make him quite.
She started to apply ice pack well he was mourning in pain. She was just controlling her tears as she was blaming her self for his condition.

She stopped applying pack and caresses his back. Some teardrop fell on his back. He tired to turn but she not let him do.
Swara: Don’t turn then I’ll not able to say anything.
Sanskar: Okay say.
Swara: Sanskar I am sorry always I hurt you by my childish behaviour some time by not trusting you enough and other times by physically hurting you. Actually thing is that I really not deserve person like you. You deserve far better than me who should be mature like you unlike me. And can show equally care for as much you care.
He forcefully turned towards her and sat with wall support and cupped her cheeks. Moves little closer to her and kissed her tears. She was just looking at him with mix feeling.
Sanskar: First stop saying anything about yourself. Now just listen me if you don’t deserve me then no one can deserve me. And who said you’re not mature, you’re mature enough to handle all situation. If still you think you’re not mature than also I only want you in my life. So better not utter nonsense.
Swara: But sanskar yesterday..
Sanskar: About yesterday incidents we both were at fault. It’s just swara that we not able to handle in proper way that’s why it became mess. So not blame yourself and today I not got hurt due to you it just leave that but fix in mind that only you deserve me no one else. You know I always think why we married because we were destined to be together.
She smiled with tearful eyes and keep her hand on his hand.
Swara: Yeah you are right we failed to understand each other emotions. And I am sorry I should understand your situation.
Sanskar: It’s okay but now we’ll work on it. And swara I am also sorry for reacting like that I should also try to understand you.
Swara: Sanskar leave that I know why you reacted like that because you care for me and can’t see if anyone say anything to me and most importantly point fingers on my character.
Sanskar: Right you’re my life partner so I can’t see if anyone say anything about you. Umm and swara actually one more thing I want to clear.
Swara: That there was nothing between you and ragini. I know sanskar you don’t have any kind of feeling so better not give any explanation. I also know yesterday nothing was going between you both.
Sanskar: Then why you went from there?
Swara: If yesterday I asked you explanation it meant that I am not trusting you. And in our relationships trust is more important. Am I right?
Sanskar: Yeah you’re right but there I was thinking you’re angry on me that’s why you are ignoring me. (He makes pout and looked at her.)
Swara: I thought you’re ignoring me. (She pecked his lips looked in his eyes their eyes were filled with guilt.)
Sanskar: Actually I think situation was like that only so we thought we’re ignoring each other.
Swara: Hmm right.
Sanskar: Swara promise me one thing from now onwards whatever be situation we’ll talk immediately rather than thinking anything else or else we’ll again hurt each other.
He forwards his hand, she kept hand on his hands and nodded in yes.
Swara: And one more thing whenever I came in room you should close your laptop. You know I thought to talk you yesterday itself but you were busy with your laptop.
He smiled and pulled her in hug.
Sanskar: Promise and after that we’ll talk very much and fall sleep in each other embrace yeah but after little romance okay my wife.
She blushed little and hit his chest.

Outside cabin

Ragini: How dare you? I think you don’t know who I am?
Girl: Mam I think you yourself don’t know who you’re that’s why asking me. Well mam now you can go or else I have to disturb sanskar sir and swara mam. You well know sir’s nature.

Saying she went from there, Ragini also went from there stumping her feet.

Inside cabin

They were holding each other hands and talking randomly. Just then he got call regarding meeting.
Sanskar: You wait here only after finishing meeting we’ll go together.
Swara: But I’ll become bore, umm let me do one thing I will also sit there please sanskar I promise I’ll not disturb you. (He raised his eyebrows listening her wish.) please my hubby see your wife is first time asking something you should fulfil it. I want to know how you behave with employ, how you handle office situation.
Sanskar: Only now I said you’re mature (she angrily looked at him and about to stand. He pulled her and pecks her lips) but I am liking your this side more. Okay you can see meeting but not from there.
Swara: Then
Sanskar: From here only (He gave her his laptop, he started it. First she became overwhelmed seeing their dance pic as wallpaper.)
Sanskar: From this laptop you can keep eyes on me. Okay shona now I should leave if you need anything just call someone.
She nodded in yes and wished him all the best. He smiled and pulled her in hug.
Sanskar: Thanks now I am sure I’ll crack deal.
Swara: I know you’ll.
She pecked his lips and again wished him. He went from there, she got busy in seeing laptop’s screen which was showing meeting hall.
She became shocked seeing a totally different sanskar, now she understood why she used to hear that sanskar Maheswari is rude. After marriage she jerked all those thoughts thinking it is rumour.
Swara: Oh god I can’t believe that my sanskar is like that. He is not giving even single chance for any question. Well done Mr Maheswari your wife is impress by you. And you know Mr Maheswari I am glad you not behave same at home or else what might happen to sweet girl like me. I am thinking I should also join business so I can learn many things from you also we can spend more time together. Wow swara great idea I am sure your husband will feel proud on you.
She again shifted her gaze at camera, she noticed a girl who was some cilent’s pa looking at sanskar lustily. She fumes in anger and throw paper ball on screen imagining that girl face.
Swara: Huhh one more Ragini but not worry because I know he’s only mine. He’ll not even see her that way in which he sees me.
She smiled thinking about him, thinking about him only turned her cheeks red.
Suddenly she felt hand on her shoulder and saw herself standing there.
Swara(Imagination); Swara why it matters you, you only like him not love so I think you should not care that much. (Swara started to think about this question) Start thinking but yes don’t be so much late in realising your feelings or you better know what can happen.
Saying it her imagination disappeared, swara began to think but not getting any answers. Later jerked her thoughts and concentrate on meeting. After some time she slowly drifts in sleep as she got bore by meeting.

After 2 hours

After finishing meeting he came and saw her sleeping. With baby steps he went near her and sat near there. He lovingly looked at her and side her hairs which was falling on her face.
Sanskar: (Monologue) You know Swara one most amazing feeling I realised yesterday that I don’t like you any more because now I love you. Yes now I fell for you I realised yesterday when I felt that you’re ignoring me that time only I felt like my whole world crashed up and down. I know you also love me but your little brain will never allow you realising your feeling so only I have to work on it. But not worry I’ll love to do it and when our children will come then I’ll tell them that how much their dad has to do struggle for making their mumma realise her love and how their mom used to behave sometimes. Oh god living with you I am also becoming mad.( Too fast ????)
He slowly awake her, she rubbed her eyes and check her surrounding.
Sanskar: Lets leave mom dad must be worried about us.
She nodded in yes and make herself presentable.
Swara; How your meeting went sorry I don’t know how I slept.
Sanskar: It’s okay swara and meeting went well.
Both left for mansion, in way both were talking randomly and as usual enjoying each other company.

Next day, Night

Day smoothly passed without any kind of drama by Ragini. As she was in deep thought how to separate swasan. Her chains of thought finally get stoppage when a idea popped out in her brain.
Well other hand sanskar trying to make swara realise her love but there she was busy in planning to make him aware of Ragini’s truth. As she started to getting fear of loosing him.

A fine day

It was raining outside as well as little storm too. Sanskar not went office as no one was on home expect him and swara. Swara also told not go as weather is not too good. Without any arguments he agreed as there was no chances of his winning.


Both were resting in his each embrace and sited on chair.
Swara: Sanskar if I’ll say something to you without any kind of proofs will you trust me?
Sanskar: Try once.
She turned towards him and took his hands in her hands.
Swara: Soon I’ll tell you that.
Sanskar: Okay I’ll wait.
She about to stood from there but he pulled her and make her sit on his lap.
Sanskar: You can share anything with me never be hesitate.
Saying it he nuzzled his nose in her neck and inhaled fragrance.
Swara: I know, can we go outside? I mean just for walk or long drive. Please don’t deny as rain also stop now.
Sanskar: Surely well I love to be walk, what about you?
Swara: Same here.
After little bit walking in hand in hand they stopped at pani puri stall.
Sanskar: What say swara do competition?
Swara: What really the great sanskar…
He interrupted her and turned towards her.
Sanskar: Now you don’t start that how can great sanskar Maheswari eat street food bla bla…
Swara giggle little as exactly she was going to say this.
Swara: Okay Mr Maheswari I’ll not say but what I’ll get if I’ll win.
Sanskar: Slow down Mrs Maheswari who knows result. Still of you’ll win then I’ll fulfil your two wishes and if I then umm yup I’ll ask later.
Swara: Accepted.

At stall
Both started to eat panipuri, they were giving tough competition to each other.
Both were busy in competing with each other well when he was busy with his eating she slowly threw panipuri without his notice. She continued to do this until he noticed her.
Sanskar: You cheater..
Swara: Arre I didn’t cheat it’s just it slipped from my hands.
Saying it she ran from there, he hurriedly gave money too shopkeeper and started to run behind her.
Sanskar: You just wait today I’ll not leave you.
Swara: First catch then we’ll see.
He started to run behind her, she entered inside park.
Suddenly she slipped but she could fall someone hands wrapped around her waist.
At other place
Laksh was sadly sitting in room and tears were continuous flowing from his eyes.
Laksh: What I have done? Now how I’ll face my family.
Someone kept hand on his shoulder, he turned and started to cry more hugging that person.
Laksh: Bhai will forgive me or not.
That person hugged him and kept silent.
Laksh: Please say something.
Swasan side
Swara: Ahh thank god sanskar you saved me or else what might happen to my back.
Sanskar: Still something can happen to you if you’ll not accept that you cheated and admit that I win.
Swara: I not cheated.
She made pout to melt him but he closed eyes.
Sanskar: Not this time.
Scene end at Swara angrily glaring sanskar, sanskar determined face and laksh crying face.

Precap: One month leap and something shocking coming.

Note: Next part will be after 26 June as you already know I have exams.

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