Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-6)

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Recap: Growing closeness between swasan and their sizzling dance.

                         Part 6

Swara once more checked herself in mirror and praised herself, after some minutes of praising she ascends from stairs and started to look for sanskar, she asked from some servants but not received any satisfied answer.
Well other hand, Sanskar was driving with someone with horrified expression.
He remembered how a single minute changed his entire plan.

With smile and blush on face he was waiting for his swara and as usual laksh was pulling his legs regarding yesterday events. With heavily breathing Ragini came downstairs and informed everyone about Anjali condition being going worst.
Ragini: I think without wasting time we should take her hospital.
While swara and uttara still in swasan room talking to each other. They not able to know what is happening downstairs as swasan room was sound proof.
All immediately agree with her.
Sanskar: Ma let me inform swara and uttara, if they’ll not find us they’ll be worry.
Ragini: Sanskar you all go, I’ll inform them.
First time, sujata agreed with her as this moment her full concentration were on her mother-in-law, she failed to notice smirk on Ragini face.
Sujata: Sanskar, she’ll or other servants will inform them.
Ram also agreed with it not having any option sanskar nodded in yes.
Without wasting even a single second they went from there taking Anjali while Ragini gave some instructions to servants and left for her room.
Fb end

Sanskar reached hospital and admitted Anjali, in these things he forgets to call swara. While a servant came and informed swara that sanskar told directly reach at spot as he got sudden call and others members went temple. For some moment she got doubt why sanskar gave this message by servant, she checked her phone and received his message saying sorry, urgently I got some important work so have to rush. Seeing that message she shrugged all upcoming doubts.
Uttara: Bhabi, if you wants I can come along you.
Swara: I’ll manage, you have college. So go there.
Uttara: Are you sure?
Swara: Yeah darling, now you go or else if I’ll reach late your Bhai will taunt me.
She side hugged uttara and left mansion.

At cafe,
Nearly after travelling of half an hour she reached there and found a table specially booked for her.
She sat down and started to check mobile.
Swara (blabbering) : Why the hell he’s not reaching here, he well knows I need him most at this moment still he’s not here. Let him come I’ll take his class, what if that jerk come before him. Swara be cool down, everything will be fine.
Her trances broken by someone voice and felt her eyes cover by some hands.
Voice: Sorry I didn’t know that you’ll miss me that much.
She angrily stood and turned other side, she slapped that person hard making him and other people who were present there shock.
Swara: How dare you touch me?

At hospital
Sanskar and family members were still sited there with tensed expression. Soon their faces glow with hope, doctor came and told them it just due to stress nothing more, you all can meet her after some hours. Saying it he went from there.
Sujata: Sanskar now you go, swara must be waiting for you.
Sanskar: But ma.. (he tried to protest but she sent him from there saying if they will need him. Then will contact him, without having any option he left from there)
Sanskar’s (monologue, while driving); Oh shit! In all this I forgot to call her. She must be tensed.(He started to search his mobile but later remember how he forgotten it by keeping on sofa) Now no one can save from your wife taunt, she’ll eat you alive. (He chuckled remembering her childish act and complaints whenever he used to reach late.)
Whole way thinking about her, he reached home where his disappointment instead of swara Ragini was waiting for him.
Ragini: How’s dadi?
Sanskar: She’s fine but where is Swara and uttara? They must be worried. What I am asking from you she must be in room and sitting angrily with uttara and planning against me.
He about to go from there but felt her hand on his wrist.
Ragini: They’re not at home, uttara had some important assignment so she went.(She stops for some time and saw towards him who was furiously looking at his hand, she left his hand and stood far from him.) And swara went for meeting with her boyfriend, I told her wait for you but she went away without listening me proper.
Sanskar(Monologue): She even not waited for me? It must be urgent or else she not gone.
Sanskar(to Ragini): okay I am going somewhere if anyone comes then inform them that I had some important work.
Saying it he left mansion, behind him she also left thinking something.

At cafe,
Voice: Relax babes.
Swara: Just shut up Mr Nikhil kundra.
Nikhil sited before her.
Nikhil: Sit, everyone is looking at us.(She glared him) Only your reputation will spoil not mine so better sit here.
She angrily looked at him and sat.
He tired to hold her hand but she jerk it and angrily glare him.
Swara: Just come to point, why you called me here?
Nikhil: Actually swara, I realised my mistake so thought to rectify it.
She thought something, later smiled and held his hand.
At same moment, Sanskar also reached there. He became devastated seeing scenario before his eyes. ( He just able to see as he’s standing little distance from them)
Swara: Really?
Nikhil nodded in yes and tighten his grip on her hand.
Swara: But why you not come that day?
Nikhil: Shona, that time Ragini kidnapped me. So I don’t able to reach at time and when I reached that time everything was finished. So I went away but then I thought once I should talk to you and so we both could figure out solution…
Swara (interrupted him): Wow what a great planning of ragini? I must take some classes from her. ( Nikhil smiled thinking his plan is working but next moment his smile faded away) But why only from her, you too can give classes to me.
Nikhil: What do you mean?
Swara: Oh! god I never thought you both will be such stupid. Seriously guys you thought me that much fool. So I’ll come in your trap. I know everything your friends informed me how you and ragini planned revenge on me. But it seems she not told you that. Well leave that but one thing I must say have you noticed you both wanted to make joke of me but destiny make biggest Joke of both of you.
Nikhil(saw sanskar coming towards them, he smirked and saw lovingly towards her): But shona you can’t make sanskar fool for life long, you can simply take divorce then we can start fresh( swara confusedly looked at him, she doesn’t able to figure out what happened suddenly.)
Before she could react she felt stronger grip on her hand, she looked upward and found sanskar with rage in eyes. Now she understood it was just for creating misunderstanding.
She immediately left nikhil hand.
Swara: Sanskar, it was not like that what….
Nikhil: Shona doesn’t be afraid, we both will make him understand. See sanskar we can explain.
With hurt in eyes sanskar looked at her, seeing his painful eyes she felt like killing herself.
Swara: Sanskar it’s nothing like that, please trust me.
Nikhil: Arre swara now why are you trying to manipulate him. (He turned towards sanskar and held swasan’s hand) See sanskar don’t come between us, please give her divorce and free her from this unwanted relation.
(Sanskar was not speaking anything just looking at Swara.)
Swara: Sanskar please trust me… You well know I can’t betray you as I like you.
Nikhil: Exactly sanskar she likes you but she loves me. You don’t believe then see she wore saree for me, not only this irrespective of your dadi is in hospital she came here. ( Listening about dadi, she became shocked as she didn’t have any information about that)
Before she could react, she felt sanskar loosing grip on her hand. With teary eyes she saw him and tried to cups his face.
Swara: Please trust me sanskar, I..
Nikhil (interrupted): Arre swara, I know we need money but think after divorce we can get more money. Actually sanskar she wants money you know she’s not rich so just became greedy.
( Swara was not giving any heeds to nikhil just trying to make sanskar understand that he should trust her.)
Swara: Sanskar really I don’t..
Sanskar: Enough, not even a single word Swara. You really broke my trust , even in dreams I not thought you’ll be like it.
She stepped​ back and stumbled little, nikhil tried to hold her but she gave strong look to him.
Swara: You think I am like that, I need money and I still love him. Trust me I am not characterless, I..
He angrily held her and raise hand to slap her, she closed her eyes thinking now everything will end but after some moments when she not felt anything just heard some scream she opened her eyes and smiled tearfully.
Sanskar: What you thought I’ll believe your cheap talks about my wife, in this small period I come to know many things about her. And you swara what was that ‘trust me’. Whenever I think you started to know me and we’re perfect for each other then only you proof me wrong. Listen swara trusting not you means trusting not myself. Yeah I admit seeing you here I felt hurt, for some moment I thought you’re cheating on me but then only I remember your words which you said on first night that cleared my all doubt. But I think I failed to win same trust from your side.
Swara: I…
Sanskar: You just tell me, what you thought I’ll not trust you? Why you not slap him or kill him instead giving explanation to me.
She looked down, he went from there not before giving one punch to nikhil.
Swara: Sanskar, please listen me I..
Nikhil: Swara
Swara: You moron, idiot ( saying it she kicked him in between middle his legs) If I have not talk with sanskar then I must show you hell and yeah tell your crime partner or miss duck ( Ragini) stop plotting against me.
She turned to go but again turned and punched him.
Swara: Ragini ji, please admit him in some good hospital. I know you must be here only.
Ragini fumed in anger seeing her plan failed, she too left from there giving strong glance to Nikhil. With help of some people nikhil went from there.

At home
He angrily entered and directly went in his room, she also reached there.
Swara: Sanskar listen, I was just afraid. I know..
Her sentence left incomplete when he pinned her on near wall.
Sanskar: What afraid swara? You were afraid that I’ll trust his words rather than you.
Swara: It’s nothing like that I thought you will misunderstood me as rather than with dadi I was with him. Believe me if I knew..
Sanskar: Again believe me.
Saying it he left her and started to take his clothes.
Swara: You’re reacting more I just..
Sanskar: Yeah right I am reacting more, it was better if I not come there. It was better if I hadn’t trust on you, it was better if I not said anything. I reacting more thanks for making me realise my mistake. From next time I’ll keep it in mind.
Swara: I didn’t mean that.
Sanskar: It’s okay, I understood what you mean. I don’t need any kind of explanation.

He left from there taking his clothes, well someone was there who saw all this and felt bad for them. That person also left thinking something.

Whole day passed like that only, swara tried every possible way to make him realise what actually she mean but no use every time he used to escape from there ignoring her like she not exist in this world.
Family members also noticed tension between them but not said anything as they felt it’s not right to interfere in their private space. But there was a person who was happy seeing all this well she was none other ragini. She went in study room where sanskar was sitting. Swara too went towards that direction as she thought it’s perfect time to talk him.

Study room
Sanskar trying to making himself busy in work to avoid swara.
Ragini: May I come in?
Sanskar: Right now I am busy so kindly you can leave.
He said without looking towards her, even after his denial she shamelessly entered inside his room and sat near him.
Ragini: I know there’s something going between you and swara. I knew it before only she’s not fit for you but…
Sanskar: Whatever going between me and her it’s our personal matter so I think you should not interfere between us. Moreover little fight is common between everyone so don’t worry we’ll solve it.
Ragini (she held his hand and tried to cup his face): But sanskar you still have time to correct everything. You can divorce her think wisely…. (She came close to him he just listening her with close fist as he doesn’t wanted to do something which he may regret later)
Before she could complete swara entered there, seeing them like that she looked down and whispered sorry.
Swara: I shouldn’t come without knocking. From next time I’ll keep in mind, you both carry on I’ll come later.
Sanskar realised his position and immediately jerked Ragini’s hand.
Sanskar; It’s nothing like that, she was just talking..
But his disappointment she went from there without listening him further, Ragini smirked thinking finally she succeed making wall between them. Now she’ll never let them close again. He tried to went behind her but Ragini held his hand.
Ragini: Have you seen? She even not listen you properly just trusted her eyes. If I have been in her place then I must given you chance.
Sanskar: You’re no one to judge her so be in limits. From some days I am noticing you what you’re trying to do before I forget you’re girl come on right path or else I also don’t know what I’ll do.
He went from there leaving her, she still smiled and went from there day dreaming about him.

Sanskar tried to talk her but every time some work was coming between them. So they not getting time to clear each other doubt.
She came in room with jug in hand and saw towards him who was busy with some work.
Swara: (Monologue) I think I should talk him later. (Thinking it she went at bed and slept at her side, he saw this and felt bad that she even not wished him good night.)
He also slept beside her but difference was that both were facing back rather than in each other embrace.

Next morning
They open eyes and became shocked finding each other in embrace.
Swara: Sanskar
Before he could reply his mobile rings​ which forced him seprate from her, her face became pale thinking sanskar is ignoring her. Sanskar was thinking swara is ignoring him after yesterday event.
Sometimes rather than solving problems people just misunderstand situation and blame each other. Same was happening with swasan also, they’re misunderstanding each thinking other is ignoring them.

Unlike usual day they became ready without even teasing or saying anything to each other. This increased Ragini’s hope more.
Sanskar: Ma, I am leaving for office early as I have some work. I’ll be late so don’t wait for me.(He said seeing this swara who was not looking at him.)
He went from there but not before seeing Swara who was busy in her world only this increase his doubt more that she’s not even wanted to see his face.
Swara; (Blabbering) I know he’s avoiding me because of yesterday events but what should I do to make him understand.
Voice: Nothing just talk to him.
She turned towards voice source and found Ram standing there.
Ram: Yesterday I heard you both were arguing regarding something I don’t know whose fault was that time but one thing I am sure if you both will wait for correct time then things will grow apart.
Swara: But he’s not listening me.
Ram: May be he’s also thinking same. (Saying it he patted her head and turned other side) Go to office there he doesn’t able to avoid you there.
Swara: Thanks dad, now you don’t worry I’ll not let him to avoid me.
Smilingly, both went for their work. Someone was there who listened their conversation and fume in anger thinking now her plan will again fail.

Afternoon, office
Swara entered in office, she started to search sanskar cabin.
Girl: Mam do you need anything?
Swara: Where is Sanskar Maheswari’s cabin?
Girl: Wait I’ll take you as I needed sir sign. Well mam who are you? (Both began to walk)
Swara: I am his wife and call me swara as I am your age only.
They reached near sanskar cabin.
Girl; Okay swara ups in these things I forget to bring file. You go I’ll take sir sign later.
Swara: Okay and..
Girl: Don’t worry no will come here until you not come outside Ram sir informed me that you both need to some time so no one will disturb you.
She opened door but….
Precap: Swara on verge of crying.
Sanskar: Swara wait I..

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