Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-5)

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Swasan resting their heads in each other embrace. He was caressing her hair and thinking something deeply. She was blabbering something but after not getting reply she lifted her head and looked at him who was lost somewhere, she separated from him and make him lie on her lap.
Sanskar: Do you need anything?
Swara: No but I think my husband is worried about something. I am seeing since we return home you’re looking worried so tell me fast.
Sanskar tried to lift his head but she not let him do so.
Swara: Are you telling me or not?
Sanskar: Actually swara I am thinking about ragini (Swara removed her hand and sat straight, he also sat back in straight position) Did we right by bringing her here? I think she needs space so she can move on.
Swara: Do something happen or she told you something?
Both turned towards each other, he held her hand tightly like he is afraid for her upcoming reaction.
Sanskar: Actually swara when we were stuck in lift she told me that she still loves me that time I totally gone blank. (He lifts his head and looked at her who was silent) Swara say something, your silence is killing me.
Swara: I don’t know sanskar how to react on it, it’s just I don’t know how to take it. I can understand we can’t control others feeling for us but you’re my husband now and at some place I am feeling insecure.
He took her in his embrace and pecked her forehead.
Sanskar: We’ll see it later how to tackle it and you don’t need to feel insecure.
Swara: Hmm I know I don’t need to but still I don’t able to control my feelings.
Sanskar: It’s okay leave those things, you tell me do you need any help in becoming ready as I think my wife can’t do anything alone.
Swara: Mr Maheswari thing is that Mrs Maheswari know everything but just she loves to take her husband help.
Both burst in laugh as this was same dialogue sanskar said.
Swara: Jokes apart sanskar, I thought something for her but don’t know she’ll like it.( she told something to him, Initially he became shock but later he smiled proudly)
Sanskar: I think we can try and don’t worry whatever will be result I’ll take blame on me..
Swara(interrupted him): We’ll, not only you.
He nodded in yes.

At 6:00 pm
Both were becoming ready in different room as they were getting late, Someone was also there who was trying best to look.
Sanskar’s side
He became ready in brown Sherwani and white pajma. He about to tie watch at his wrist but someone came and took it from him.
Voice: Let me do it.
Sanskar: Dad you(hehe everytime not swara)
Ram; Yes on marriage I don’t able to make you ready as at some point I was not happy that you’re just marrying for business deal but today I am so happy after seeing glow on your face.
Sanskar: But dad when you both were not happy why didn’t you opposed my decision.
His eyes were moist thinking what mistake he was going to do, unknowingly he was going to hurt his parents.
Ram: I thought you’ll happy so I and your mother not opposed and ragini was not bad so thought to let things go it owns.
Sanskar: Dad now you’re happy I mean I married swara not ragini.
Ram: Yeah, your happiness is most important for us and also our daughter is good. So no complains moreover you both were destined to be together. ( Saying it he smiled and tie watch his wrist and pat his cheeks.) And I am seeing that feeling in your eyes for her which I have for your mother.
Saying it he left from there but sanskar became confuse regarding which feeling he’s talking about but later he shrugged off his thought and took something from cupboard.

Swara’s room
She was becoming ready in white pink lehnga, uttara and some girls were helping her. Swara eyes were closed as they told her and today she was silent as well.
Sanskar knock on door and came inside. Seeing him all girl went but uttara stay back he raised his eyebrows but uttara chuckled and nodded in no.
Swara: Uttara who came?
Uttara about to open mouth but sanskar join hands. Uttara signal him something he again raised eyebrows.
Uttara( Whisper) : Think once again give me your car’s key or door is there.
Sanskar: Uttara please baby.
Uttara: No, just car key or..
Sanskar: okay my mother take it but please now go I want to give something to your bhabi.
She chuckled and ran from there, he closed door and moved slowly towards swara.
Swara: Uttara what happened, who was there?
He not replied anything just kept her staring. He was amazed seeing her, she was almost ready. She stood, her curl hair was falling till her waist and in ear she was simply wearing long earring, neck was decorated with a simple necklace and manglarsutra. He was trying to take snap of that beauty image in his eyes. His trances broken by swara’s voice who was now seems to tensed as she was not getting any reply, she about to open eyes but he safely kept hand there. Sensing different touch she shivered and whispered “sanskar”.
Sanskar: Yeah only me, I sent everyone out. So I can give two things to you.
He removed his hands and told not open it till he’ll not tell her do so, she nodded in yes. She felt like he’s removing her bangles.
Swara trying to say something but he spoke in middle.
Sanskar: Bangles are good but I want something else in your hand.( Saying it he slides kada( diamond bangle and placed sweet kissed at her hand) now open eyes.
She opened eyes and became amazed seeing diamond bangle in her hand, her eyes became watery and shined with it.
Sanskar; Dadi ma gave me for her daughter in law when I was going to marry ragini but that time I lost it somewhere. Only today I got it, now I understood why it lost because like you’re made for me same way this is made for you. ( Swara suspiciously saw him) Vo Actually I not feel like giving her so I act like not remembering it but today when I saw it thought to give you.
She smiled with teary eyes her tears about to fall but he caught it.
Sanskar: Don’t become senti, second surprise is also there but for it you have to wait.
Swara: it’s so beautiful.
Sanskar: yeah dadi ma told me dadu gifted her it on 25th marriage anniversary. You know she even not give to mom as she wants to give my wife.
Swara: your dadu choice is so good, that’s why you also got amazing sense. Well what is my second gift.
Sanskar: Wife don’t be desperate for it.
Swara: Please sanskar( He nodded in no) okay one hint.
Sanskar: Not even a single hint just wait for reception.
Swara: Then what are you doing here?
She stood and push him from room.
Sanskar: Arre.. at least compliment me. See I first became ready.
Swara; Bye and send uttara.
She closed door at face turned angrily. Soon she herself in mirror and smiled seeing bangles.
Swara; (To herself) Waiting for your second gift and you were looking like breath taking I don’t able to remove my eyes from you.

After two hours
All guests started to come there and media already arrived as they desperate to know about that ( Swara) girl relation with Sanskar Maheswari.
Ragini also came down in beautiful black gown, all eyes stick on her. Many people became shocked as they were expecting sanskar with her.
Uttara, Sujata, laksh and Ram trying to handle everything as all were asking so many questions. And ragini happily enjoying it as some point she was dreaming that for saving reputation sanskar will introduce her as his wife but soon her day dreaming end when she felt some steps coming down, light went dim and focused in middle of hall. All camera focused there as well.
Swasan were standing there holding each others hand.
Sanskar: Before you all start your question session let me myself tell you.
He turned towards her and looked in her eyes who was hell nervous. She was tightly holding his hands.
Sanskar assured from eyes that everything will be fine, she blinked eyes and smiled.
Sanskar: So everyone must be thinking why I am with this beautiful lady?
All said yes.
Sanskar: She’s my life I mean my wife.
Some reporters come ahead and clicked there pics and some started to throw questions on them which was making her nervous.
Reporter: Why sudden change? We mean as per our source you’re going to marry Ragini gadodia your buisness partner daughter. And mam which family you belong.
Their tone turned harsh, swasan understood what they mean. Sanskar about to answer but she held his hand, assured through eyes she can handle it. She leaves his hand and moved ahead. All became silence seeing her this attitude.
Swara: Well it’s none of your concern from which family I belong but I prefer to answer it as I feel proud on my parents. (Swara’s parents were also there as first they were feeling little uncomfortable but when sanskar assured them that everything will be good they agreed. They were feeling proud on her.) My dad is working in xyz company and mom is doctor. Basically I belong to middle class family but my parents always fulfilled my every demand. I can say I am the luckiest person. And now I become double lucky after getting in laws like sanskar’s parents and husband like sanskar . About our marriage just can say we were destined to be together. So no need to give any clarification.
Sanskar: (came forward and held her hand) Yes and she’s proving she’s best for me and my family.
For some moments all were silent but soon hall applause with clap sounds. Later reporters asked some more question which both answered confidentially. Guest started to give gift and blessings to Swasan. Meanwhile Ragini was trying hard to get attention from sanskar but as he was busy with guest and in middle he was stealing glance of his wife who was with his business partner Arav Arora’s wife Sneha Arora not gave any single heed to her. Ragini followed his loving gaze and noticed swara with sneha. Sneha and ragini use to good friends as sometimes they met in some parties. She thought to take advantage of it. She went near them and interrupted.
Ragini: Hii Sneha
Sneha replied positively and noticed tension between swaragini.
Ragini: Well I think you both are enjoying each other company very well. ( In response of it, swara and sneha smiled)
From far Sanskar noticed it as due to lift confession he slightly felt disliking towards ragini. Now he not at all liking Ragini even near his swara. He thought to go and pull swara from there and take her far away from everyone just he and his swara. He smiled at his thought and moved some step but frozen at his place listening something.
Ragini: ( Act as drunken) Well your new friend told you about her broken marriage or not.( Swara looked at her and tried to handle situation as in front of guest she doesn’t wanted any kind of drama which effect her sanskar) Actually you know guys (she spoke loud and gained everyone attention, all cameras focused on her) Mrs sanskar Maheswari marriage break in mandap. Umm I guess her lover ran leaving her.
All started to gossip and started giving looks to her which was slowly breaking swara. She about to run but sanskar held her hand and pulled her close. He signal something to laksh, laksh went from there and make light more dim.
All eye freeze at them, they were standing in middle of hall and closed to each other.
Sanskar: Where are you going? (Ragini again fumed in anger as again he came to support her)
Swara: Let me go sanskar, All will bad mouth about you as you married girl like me.
Sanskar: Let them I don’t care.
Swara: But I care, I can’t see your reputation going down.
Sanskar: If you’ll go then my reputation will be down, all will think sanskar Maheswari married to that girl who doesn’t has any guts to face situation.
Swara: But sanskar…
Sanskar(interpreted her): You’re my pride. And set one thing in your mind like me you should also not care what others think about us as we can’t change their thoughts. ( She tried to say something but he kept his finger at her lips) swara for sometime they’ll talk about you but when later they’ll get another topic they’ll back to it.( She looked in his eyes and found honesty in it.) Now smile and ready for second surprise. ( She smiled and signal now she’s okay)
Sanskar kneel down before swara.
Sanskar: First I thought to do it in private but now I am thinking some of you may need to know something. ( From corner of eyes he gazed ragini later he turned all concentration on swara) Can I get privilege to hold your hand.
She nodded in yes and forwarded her hand, he gently held it.
Sanskar(continued): I know we married in the worst circumstances but today I sanskar Maheswari accepting you swara shekhwat as my bride in every sense that bride who was in veil ( She smiled remembering her marriage day). I don’t have any kind of problem with your past, I don’t want to know whom you used to love, who used to love you now thing is matter that we’re together. And when I don’t have any kinds of problems with your past I don’t think anyone should have. If anyone still has then they can go from here because I’ll not leave those who’ll try to insult my wife(Ragini stepped back and felt all gaze on her, she tried to smile). Well leave all those things I want to say that will you accept a small ring from my side?
She happily nodded in yes, he slides down it in her ring finger. Laksh came and gave her one ring.
Laksh: bhabi I took it for you as I knew Bhai’s plan so thought to give you so you can make wear Bhai.
She took it from his hand and slide down in sanskar’s finger. He stood and kissed her forehead in front of everyone.
Sanskar: Can I have privilege to dance with my queen.
Ragini’s mouth became wider and remembered something.

Ragini: Sanskar today only we engage, can we dance together? see every couple are dancing..
Sanskar: Ragini please yr I don’t like these things so better leave it.
Fb end
Swara: I will.
Music started to play( Rabtta from Agent Vinod), he stood and moved closer to her.
((Kehte hain khuda ne is jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai us rab ka ishara maano
Mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaaneN hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah yahi hai marna isi ke liye
Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye))

((They say that for everyone in this world, God has
made someone or the other, for each one
You meeting me is a sign believe me
I am made for someone like you
Some contact is there with you
Some relation is there with you
How should I know, what do I know
Some contact is there with you
You are my partner so why should I worry
This is the reason to live and will die for this))
He slightly pulled her closer and kept his both hand at her waist, she put her hand at his shoulder.
( Some were admiring them toh some were burning in jealousy)
But swasan ignored everyone and saw in each others eyes, they were drowning in it.

((Meherbaani jaate jaate mujh pe kar gaya
Guzarta sa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tere nazara mila, roshan sitara mila
Takdeer ki kashtiyon ko, kinara mila))

((It obliged me while going
A passing moment fulfilled my wishes
I got a view of yours, got sparkling starts
Destiny’s boats got a shore..))

He moved his leg with rhythm, she matched his step. Still they not broke their passionate eye contact. Both were slowly dancing as they were feeling each other fragrance, he flipped her, she rotate and comeback in his arm. She was slightly bending down, he slowly make her stand. Again their eyes met, again a passionate eye lock took place.

((Sadiyonn se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Teri sauhbat mein duaayein hain usi ke liye
Tera milna hai us rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye))

((A life for which I’ve craved for centuries,
In your company all the prayers are for that (life)
You meeting me is a sign
as if I am made for someone like you))

He make her turned and touched his lips with her ear lobe and said sorry.
Swara: You should not
He smiled and slightly kissed her ear lobe, she closed her eyes and feel it.
He slowly lift her, her back was touching to his face. He inhaling her fragrance and kept her like it for some moments.

((Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta))

((Tuu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah yahi hai marna issi ke liye
Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye))

He slowly makes her down and placed sweet kisses at her back. She turned all red, he softly turned her towards himself.
Their eyes again met and conveyed their happiness.
( eye to eye talk)
Sanskar: Will you give me chance to cherished your life?
Swara: My each and every second is your.
Sanskar: Do you fall for me?
Swara: Don’t know but definitely I am falling for you more than you your every gestures. Do you fall for me?
Sanskar: I guess I also need some more time but definitely I started to fall for you. When you kissed me I felt like my world stop, when I saw you in room I felt like my heart beat stopped seeing your beauty. When I saw shine in your eyes I felt like keep staring you, When I saw tears and sadness in your eyes I felt destroy everything.
Swara: I think soon I’ll reciprocate your feelings, will you wait?
He pulled her closer and said always.
They smiled and join their foreheads.
Swasan: Soon we’ll madly love with each other.
( Don’t know how they managed to dance in lehnga and which dance form it was???)
All again started to clap and appreciate them, they just with fake smile receiving all greetings.
Ragini went near them.
Ragini; How was my idea? (Swasan angrily glare her) I just act vo I got to know about your plans so thought make you both close by trying to insult her as I know you’ll surely react.
Sanskar: Listen Ragini go hell with your plans from now onwards don’t try to make such nasty plans.
Ragini nodded in yes.
Swasan moved from there and started to attend guest.
Soon a boy entered booker in hand, seeing him two person expression changed. Swara face started shine with excitement whereas Ragini started to hide herself.
Swara: Sanskar, he came.
Sanskar greeted him and welcome with warm hug.
Ragini was trying to understand what is going on there, at last she thought to check herself.
Ragini: Vo sorry sanskar and swara ji.
Sanskar: I think we can talk those things later, first meet him he’s Rohit Agrwal.
Rohit and swara smirked and observed Ragini face.
Ragini: Hii I am…
Swara: (To Sanskar) I think we should give them time, you go I coming.
He nodded in yes and went from there.
Swara: uff Ragini ji, sanskar not make you meet properly. Let me do it, he’s Rohit remember that middle class boy whom you used and throw.
Rohit: Leave swara how can rich people like her remember me.
Swara: Arre but now she should know you as you’re going to her pati paremshwar. So ragini ji start practicing calling Rohit ji.
Ragini: You both middle class…
Swara: Ragini ji not again you yourself saw what was result of trying to insulting me who knows if he’ll listen your good words then he’ll plan honeymoon for me. And definitely you’ll not like it.
Ragini: Happy as much you want but soon it’ll fade away.
Swara: let see whose happiness going to fade and one more thing soon I am going to tell everything to sanskar. Till you enjoy. ( She turned towards Rohit) Rohit make sure mam not again start her planning.
After some hours, Swasan room
Both entered in room and jump on bed.
Swara: You go and change dress till then let me take rest.
He nodded in yes and went from there, after freshen up he came and saw her sleeping on bed in that dress itself.
Sanskar: Swara, change your dress.
She not replied anything, he moved closer to her and sat near her.
Sanskar: Shona, change dress then sleep.
She placed her head in his lap and took his hand.
Swara; Let me sleep you also sleep.
Sanskar(lovingly): Shona
She cutely opened eyes and looked at him.
Swara: You’re very stubborn, I’ll be not going to talk you.
She went and changed her dress. After some time she came slept showing back to him, he smiled at her behaviour and pulled in his embrace.
Sanskar: Mrs drama queen don’t act like angry.
Swara: Mr drama king you always disturb my sleep and yeah what you was calling me shona.
Sanskar: I heard your parents calling you shona, if you not liked then I’ll not call you.
She opened her eyes and adjust herself in his embrace.
Swara: I was just asking, you can call me that.
Saying it she pecked his lips and again slept in his embrace. He smiled and slept hugging her.
They were trying to make each moment special and memorable. Also trying to decrease gap between them which was surely going to vanish soon.

Next morning was blissful for them, both woke up by sun rays which was peeking in their room. They slightly opened their eyes and smiled seeing themselves in each other embrace. No matter how much they need time to accept each other as husband and wife but they never leave even a single chance to come closer to each other. For a change he softly peck her lips, she also kissed back and hide her face in his chest and inhale his fragrance.
Swara: Good morning
Sanskar: Good morning swara, be ready fast we have to go to nikhil.
She nodded in yes but again closed her eyes and hide more in his chest.
Swara: Can’t we meet him later?
He warp his arm around her and caressed her hair from other hand.
Sanskar: Why, Are you afraid?
She nodded in no.
Swara: Just I liking near you.
He smiled and separated her from himself.
Sanskar: Mad girl even can’t lie properly, I know you’re nervous. Just go and ready to face him.
Swara: Huhh I will soon kill you.
Saying she went from there, he also went from there as he also have to ready. She peak from bathroom and called uttara.
Uttara: Bhabi ,Are you sure?
Swara: Yeah, I want it for your Bhai. He said me try Indian wear.
Uttara: But what will bhai do with saree?
Swara : Do Someone said you that you don’t have any sense of humour.
Uttara: I was joking, well bhabi you able to handle saree or not? As you’re going to wear it first time.
Swara smiled and assured her that she’ll handle it. Uttara make her wear light pink saree and make her hair little curved.
Uttara: Perfect bhabi today Bhai will die seeing you.
She playfully hit swara, swara blushed and looked here there. Later swara wear her manglarsutra and applied vermilion.

Precap: sanskar shouting and raising hand on swara. Swara in sanskar office trying to asking forgiveness, she’ll get shock seeing something. ( Guess why she’s asking forgiveness when sanskar shouted at her)
Guys it’s more than 4000 words, now you also give mini os size cmnt na???.
And sorry for delay and boring part.

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