Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-1)

It’s swasan story, as i am swasan and most importantly helly fan. So i can’t even think any other couple. Sorry for raising hope.
And I changed tittle later due to avoid unnecessary pair fight.

Girl’s pov
Today life took drastic change, I Swara shekhwat who has lots of dreams that all shattered in fraction of second. Today was my marriage with mine love nikhil Sharma but at the end moment he ditched me. I just don’t able to understand what was mine fault. My parent angrily glare me as I was adamant to marry him. They came near me and tightly held mine hand.
Shomi: now see swara he left you na. We told you he’s not worth for you but you being adamant not listen us. Now what will happen to our respect? Moreover what will be your future, beta no one marry you. All will blame you only.
I tried to clarify him but truly saying I also broken by it. My father came near me and held mine feet. I shockingly back off and looked down.

Before he could speak we heard some sound from other hall.
Someone came near to my parent and told something in their ears.
Before I could react she came near me and held my hand and drag me there.
There was also some similar scene going but just difference was bride ran.
I unknowingly felt sad for that boy. I mean it’s just I seeing myself in him. Bridegroom father was talking to someone I think he was trying to make someone understand suddenly his face glow with happiness. Before I could understand anything he came near mine parents and join hands.

I just blankly seeing all that not able to understand anything so I choose to keep quiet. After sometime mine father came near me and told me marry that boy. I saw him shockingly I mean how could he say like it. I just emotion less standing there. He and my mother started to emotionally blackmailing me at last I agreed. I saw towards that boy who was also looking at me.
Before we could talk anything our parents make us stand in mandap. Without having any option we started to following ritual. We about to start forth phere but a girl running came and shouted stop it.
She was in bridal get up I understood that she’s actual bride.
Her parents angrily glare her and came near. They slapped her hard, She stumbled little but somehow managed to stand.
Me and that boy was just standing there. I tried to speak something but mine parents came near me and whisper in mine ears that if I’ll open mine mouth they’ll kill themselves here only. Un winningly I kept mine mouth shut.
I just feeling pity for that girl she must have some reason behind it.

After lots of drama I finally married that boy umm what is his name. Yeah sanskar Maheswari means now I am swara sanskar
Now I going to enter in his house in unique style. Yeah unique only because We entry with that girl uff what was her name…Yeah remember Ragini gadodia.
Swara’s pov end
( From here story will be normal, no pov)
Sujata Maheswari came and started to do arti. Both swasan were little interested in it but just keeping fake smile on face.
After it Sanskar make ragini lie in guest room. After keeping her he went from there , Ragini opened her eyes and sat bed.
Ragini: You did not right sanskar, you even not waited for me. I not ran sanskar, I was stuck somewhere. But you choose to marry that lower class girl.
Sensing someone presence coming near her she again lay on bed and closed eyes.

Swasan side
Both were performing post rituals, in ring ceremony swara win. On it laksh started to tease him, sanskar kept blank face and continued it.
Sanskar got some call , he excused himself and went from there.
Swara just sitting there and seeing here there. Laksh came near her and smiled.
Laksh: Well bhabhi I must say my Bhai is lucky.
Swara just passed smiled well she was still in veil.
Laksh: bhabi, I know you’re feeling weird but trust me here everyone are nice. No one will torture you.
Swara: vo ..
Laksh: I am laksh you can call me lucky.
Swara: lucky I ..

Laksh; I know what you wanna speak, you wanna know about Bhai na. Bhai is also good as you both started to know each other you both will become comfortable. Yeah one more thing he can be your best friend also like usually girls dream.
Swara: vo I am tired , I wanna take rest.
She nervously spoke as she still not able to accept this change.
Laksh: ups sorry bhabi, wait let me call uttara she’ll show your room.
Swara: Thanks for making me comfortable, I just need time.
Laksh smiled and went from there.
After it sujata and uttara make her on bed.
Sujata: uttara you go I need to talk to your bhabi.
Uttara angrily went from there as she wanna talk to her.
Sujata took swara hand.
Sujata: beta take your own time, i understand how much it’s difficult for you.
Swara: ji aunty , I’ll try my best to give mine 100 percent to this relation.
Sujata: Well I am happy that you come in his life as I can sense some innocence in your voice. I never liked that girl but I was silent due to my son.
Swara confusedly looked at her.

Sujata: slowly you’ll understand everything. And call me mom as sanskar call.
Swara: okk mom, can i ask you something?
Sujata: Daughter not need any permission, just ask.
Swara: do he loves that girl ? Vo I don’t wanna come between them if they love each other.
Sujata: beta this answer toh only he can give.
Saying it she kissed her forehead and set her Veil. After it she went from there.
After sometime sanskar came he still talking on phone.
He saw towards swara who was sitting on bed. He kept phone and sat near her.
Sanskar: Vo sorry I took major decision alone. First you go and change your dress then we’ll talk.
She nodded in yes and went from there. After some time she came in jump suit.
Sanskar first time saw her properly ,he became amazed by seeing her. She was looking so cute. As it is first time his bride was without Veil.
Swara: vo sorry i am more comfortable in it. So I wore it.

He nodded in understanding manner, she sat on sofa and started to rub hands.
Both were trying to say something but not able to as they were feeling extremely nervousness.
Swasan: we’ll take divorce after 6 months.
Both looked at each other and smiled little.
Sanskar: I thought you’re shy as your parents told.
Swara: they gave me swear, so I was silent. Well sorry for coming between you both, you both can continue your r…
Before she could complete he angrily stood and make her stand also.
Sanskar: listen swara I trying to normal with you it not means you’ll start to advise me. And one more thing I thought to free you from this relationship as it’s unwanted for you also. It not mean I will go back to her. Yes she’s mine responsibility. I’ll fulfill it, I just take her here as you signal me. Nothing more than it.
Swara: I am sorry I thought that you love her and marry me just in anger. That’s why I asked about divorce.
Sanskar: it means you don’t wanna divorce.

Swara: I wanna give chance to this marriage, yeah I used to love may be still love nikhil but I am sure I don’t wanna go back to him. ( She told him everything how she was adamant to marry him to marry nikhil and how he left her)
It hurt him when she said she still loves him as some corner of heart he liked her.
Sanskar: See swara I was just marrying her because of business deal expect it no emotion from my side. So I thinking if you’re okay with it we’ll not apply for divorce.
She nodded in yes.

Swara: And I need time for adjusting myself here. And yeah you hurting me.
She said lowering her head. He immediately removed his hands.
Sanskar: Take your time as I also wanna time. And sorry for my behaviour. Also sorry for hurting you.
Swara: It’s okay I understand.
Sanskar: Acha now let’s sleep I have habit of sleeping early. Also tmrw is meeting…
Before he could complete she shouted..
Swara: I can’t sleep on couch.
Sanskar: What do you mean, see I can’t share mine bed with you.
Swara: I am not abla nari okay who will sacrifice things and behave like obedient girl, I’ll sleep on bed itself. It’s your problem you wanna share or not.

Saying it she jumped on bed, sanskar sees her unbelievably as he not expected it.
She immediately fall sleep as she was hell tired. He just kept looking at her.
Sanskar: how I’ll spend mine whole life with her.
Saying it he slept on other side bed.
She opened her eyes and smiled winningly but later it faded away thinking something
Swara: ( monologue) I’ll never forgive you nikhil.
She closed her eyes and sob little remembering something. Later she opened eyes and show towards him.
Swara: ( Monologue) sorry mom dad if I had listened you then it shouldn’t happened. You went through insult only due to me, I can’t forgive myself for downing your respect. I swear…
Her trances broken by sanskar voice.
Sanskar: now what happened?

He noticed her eyes were wet he thought she thinking about nikhil he again felt sad. She noticed his eyes who seemed hurt.
Swara: I just remembered mom dad, I hurt them lot. They’ll never forgive me na.
He sat and looked towards her.
Sanskar: we’ll talk to them tomorrow. And no parents can remain angry from their child for long time.
Swara: hope so, now sleep as you have wake early. And sanskar nikhil is closed chapter in mine life. I seriously wanna move on.
Saying it she slept, he smiled listening it but soon realised that he’s smiling alone. He hit his forehead and slept thinking his life events.

Next morning
All wake up sweet melodious voice, they came and found a girl in saree singing arti.
She turned towards them and came near them.
Girl: Aarti
Laksh: Ragini ji, why you wake so early? And this arti?
Ragini: vo I have habit to do it every mrng. I thought to do here also. Well this thing done by daughter in law but when swara ji not came I thought…
Swara: Vo sorry but I don’t have habit of waking this much early. From tmrw I’ll do it.
Sujata: No need swara..
Ragini smiled but next moment it faded listening sujata next word.
Sujata: She told it’s duty of dil but you toh my daughter na. So no need of change yourself.
Ragini: but ma mrng arti
Sujata: Ragini ji it’s not necessary that arti should happen early only.
Saying it she went from there, ragini fume in anger and also left from there.
Laksh: good morning Bhai bhabi, well how was previous night.
Sanskar glared him while swara looked down.
Swara: sanskar I am going for freshen up.
Saying it she went from there.
Sanskar: Laksh what was need of that? You know na our marriage is not normal, we both were going to marry someone else. And moreover yesterday night she was crying.
Laksh: vo sorry Bhai I didn’t mean to hurt her. I’ll ask sorry..
He about to go but stopped near sanskar ear.
Laksh: you should take her in your embrace na and make her claim.
Saying it he run from there.
Sanskar: you wait, let dad come I’ll complain about you.

Sanskar room
He entered there and found swara sitting before dressing table and trying to tie manglarsutra.
Swara: huhh now what should I do? Should I call ma for help but she must be busy…
Sanskar: Can I help you?
She turned towards him.
Swara: it’s kk I’ll do it.
She again started to try.
Sanskar: you can trust me.
Saying it he took manglarsutra from her hand, he sided her hair and move little closer to her. He tie it and bend little to hook it.
Ragini came there and saw them like that. She fume in anger.
Ragini: sanskar
She shouted.

He separated from her and found ragini there.
Sanskar: don’t you have minimum sense to come in room after knocking.
Swara: it’s ok sanskar, you both talk I am going.
Before sanskar could speak.
Ragini: better unwanted person should go themselves, Moreover I need to talk him alone itself.
She felt bed but choose to keep silent.
Sanskar: one minute swara..
Swara turned him but not looked at him.
Sanskar: Ragini say whatever you wanna say in front of her only as she have right to know everything.
She looked at him, both of their eyes met. Her eyes were little wet while he just convey that she’s not unwanted here.
Swara: but sanskar she ..
Sanskar: I think you forgetten you’re mine wife. So you should listen your husband.
She nodded in yes and stood at his side.
Ragini: I just wanna tell why I was late, I didn’t mean to hurt you and our family members.
Sanskar: correction mine family members and I don’t need clarification . So you can leave…
Ragini: but listen …

Sanskar: I think I should only leave, Swara please make sure she not come in front of me again or else I’ll forget mine promise.
Saying it he went from there.
Ragini angrily glare swara like she’ll eat her.
Swara: ups ragini ji, seems someone badly hurt. It’s kk ragini ji you can tell me I am totally free to listen I’ll also pass msg to mine husband uff sanskar.
Ragini: you blo*dy lower..
She raised her hand to slap her but swara held and twisted it.
Swara: don’t shout Ragini, I also know shouting. And never dare to repeat it again or else I’ll not leave your elegant hands.
She jerked it and about to go.
Swara: one more thing ragini ji , keep distance with my husband.
Ragini: I’ll see you later.
Swara: I’ll wait for you , now you can leave our room.
Ragini went from there, swara smiled.

Precap: wait for next part

Pardon me for grammatical and spelling mistakes

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