SwaSan TS : A Beach.. (shot-3)

Hello frnds. M back with the last shot of this TS. Actually I was thinking not to post today as I was feeling lil unwell bt bt bt.. Now m feeling so much good bcz today I won 1st prize in intercollegiate singing competition. Hehe.. so with a renew energy m gonna start this last part.. I hope u guys will engoy..


Recap : Gang mastii.. & SwaSan 1st meet..???

After sanskar left, Swara runs to their room n gang too followed her.. ( how can u expect that our devil gang will leave swara so easily?? ??)

Swara was standing near window admiring sea.. smilingly.. Gang entered in room and saw her lost in sm thoughts.. They signalled something to each other.  All went near swara..

Rabu : Tum paas aaye..

Ani : Yun muskuraye..

Kaku : Tumne na jane kya..

Sammy : sapne dikhaye..

Swara gave them all death glare and started to leave bt shanu blocked her way..

Shan : Abb to mera dil..

Shreeyu : jage na sota hai..


Swara closed her ears n eyes too.. all laughs..

Shreeyu : ohho.. shona baby.. open ur eyes.. y so shy? ? we r not gonna snatch ur eyes.. we hv ours.. ???

Swara : You guys are really impossible! What nonsense all u r speaking. Huhh.. listen, I don't love him ha.. its just he helped me n we r good frnds..

All : Oooooooooooo GOOD FRIENDS! ( laughs )

Rabu : 1 min.. 1 min.. shona.. when we said that u love him? Why u thought so? We toh only singing song.. u only brought that topic.. Hai na guys?? ????

All : yesssssssss…

Swara : you all are catching me in ur words.. huhh.. I dint mean that.. I mean.. ( cuts her )

Shan : That you both are only GOOD FRIENDS! ( teases )

Swara : Shanu.. you too? Ok yes.. we are only good frnds ok? Now plz u guys too sleep n lemme also skeep peacefully.

All : ( went to sleep on their respective beds.. suddenly all gets up n went near sleeping swara's ears ) la la la la la la.. la la la la la la…

Swara woke up with a jerk.. all laughs.. She shouted loudly : STOPPPPPPPPPPPP…!!!

All took blanket on their faces n slept.. Swara smiled n slept too.. ???

Next day

Swara woke up early n went on beach taking her guitar.. She sat on 1 rock holding guitar.. she closed her eyes, smiled and started singing..

Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara
Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon

(Gusts of wind got upset with the weather today..
As the bumblebees looted the brilliance of flowers
today the way of life has changed little bit
Taking that as an excuse, why I too not make my heart feel better,
Why shouldn't I too pamper my heart..)

Baramade puraane hain, nayi si dhoop hai
Jo palke khatkhata raha hai kiska roop hai
Shararatein kare jo aise bhoolke hijab
Kaise usko naam se, main pukar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon

(The verandas are old, but the sunshine I see is new..
Whose beauty is that is knocking at my eyelids..
The one, who makes mischieves,
forgetting the veils,
How do I call him by name?)

Yeh saari koyalein bani hain aaj daakiyan
Kuhu-kuhu me chitthiyan padhe mazakiyaan

(All these cuckoos have become postmen,
In their cuckooing, they read the letters in jokes..)

Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaaye
Kisne hai likha bataaye,
Uski aaj main nazar utaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon!

(Tell them not to hide,
and tell me clearly who has written [the letter]
I'll remove the effect of evil eye for him..
I'll adorn myself, and my heart..)

She finished the song and opened her eyes.. She gets surprised seeing sanskar standing infront of her keeping his both hands in his pockets n smiling at her..

Swara : Sanskar you???

Sanskar : ( smiles n sits beside her ) I must say swara you are gifted with very melodious voice.. Just amazing yaar.. I loved ur voice so much..

Swara : ( smiled back ) Thank you.. bt you here? This time?

Sanky : Yeah.. I like to roam around in early morning. Especially around sea.. It gives some unknown happiness n peace..( looked at her and smiled )

Swara : Hmm.. ( sanky keeps on staring at her.. )

Sanky : vaise.. u r looking good in my blazer.. I think u liked my blazer so much.. ( gave teasing smile )

Haha guys.. swara frgt to return his blazer. While cmng on beach she brought it with her.. ( I donno y.. ask her only! ) when she cm there it was still cold so she wore it.. Again!!!

Swara : ( embarassed n stammered ) N..no..no.. vo.. I brought it with me to return you.. bt I felt cold so.. I wore it.. againnn.. ( avoids eye contact ) ek min.. lemme give u.. ( started to take out )

Sanky : ( stopped her ) Arey arey.. cool swara.. I was just teasing you.. keep that blazer with you.. I don't want it.. u need it most.. as its still cold.. I think u dint like my teasing.. m sorry..

Swara : No no.. nothing like that.. n plz dont be sorry.. we r frnds ryt..? And in friendship,  there's no sorry n no thank you…

Sanky : Kya baat hai Miss Gadodia! Friendship main bhi rules.. not bad..

Swara : Aadat daal lo Mr. Maheshwari! Abb zindagibhar rules hi rules jhelne hai..

Sanskar got alerted with her this statement. He looked at her deeply. Like he was searching something in her eyes.. Swara too got what she just blabbered n bites her tongue. She too looked at sanskar. Both had intense n passionate eyelock.. which was broken by swara..

Swara : umm.. Sanskar. . I shd leave nw.. see u soon..

Sanky : ( smiles ) ok.. bye..

Sanky doesnt knw wat was happening to him.. bt yes.. he started liking her.. He started enjoying her company.. He started liking her talks, her smile, her big big beautiful eyes.. Same thing happened with swara.. she started liking sanskar.. his company.. His charming smile.. and his free nature..Swara started leaving.. sanky was staring at her.. she looked back again.. gave bright smile n bids bye to him.. he too bids bye..
Seeing her sanky smiles widely and scratches his head idiotically, opened his arms feeling the cold breeze n let himself fall on soft soil of sea…

BG Song plays..

At Sanky's side :

Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua… (2)
Esi Chale Jab Hawa
Ishq Hua Hi Hua… (2)

( A commotion is happening, there is a lot of noise..
My heart has been stolen, I've gotten nearer to you..
When the wind blows this way..
it means love has happened.. (I've fallen in love)

At Swara's side :

Swara jumps n ran in water, played with it.. enjoying the soft touch of sea water..

Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua… (2)
Esi Chale Jab Hawa
Ishq Hua Hi Hua… (2)
Ishq Hua Haaye
Ishq Hua Haayaaaeeeein..

(A commotion is happening, there is a lot of noise..
My heart has been stolen, I've gotten nearer to you..
When the wind blows this way..
it means love has happened.. (I've fallen in love)

(love has happened (I've fallen in love)
love has happened (I've fallen in love)…

In these 8 days picnic swasan meet each other several times. They had so much fun. They cm very close to each other.. still they feared to confess..
Sanky n swara respectively imagines each other and dances..

San : Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Rah Nikalti Hai..

(There's path that is drawn from your lashes to your lips..)

Swa : Gujare Na Wahan Se Yeh Teri Galti Hai..

(- it'll be your mistake if you pass through that path..)

San : Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Rah Nikalti Hai

(There's path that is drawn from your lashes to your lips..)

Swa : Rehte Hain Abb Hum Wahan
           Ishq Hua Hi Hua
           Esi Chale Jab Hawa
           Ishq Hua Hi Hua..

(I reside on that path now..
love has happened (I've fallen in love)
When the wind blows this way
it means love has happened (I've fallen in love)

Both hv realised their love for each other.. In these 8 days Gang observed swasan's growing closeness and change in swara.. They also got to knw dat swasan fell in love and they were so happy for both of them.. Bt they were waiting for their confession.

Shreeyu : This is too much now.. Y don't they confess yaar.. tmrw we r leaving.

Sammy : You are ryt shreeyu.. they shd confess today at any cost.. we shd make them confess..

Ani : Bt how..???

Shan : Think abt it guys..

All started thinking biting their nails.. ( ???)

Rabu : Idea..

Kaku : Rabu y do u need Idea's sim now???

Rabu : God! Kaku duffer!! I dont need idea  sim.. Idea means I hv an idea to make them confess..

All : What's that Rabu???

Rabu : ( smiles naughtily ) what if we make them jealous? ???

Sammy : Superb Idea Rabu! M with u.. u knw wat, First tym u said smthng crct.. ???

Rabu gave death glare to sammy.. Sammy smiles sheepishly.

All : we r also with you.. lets make sm plan..

Sammy : No need guys.. we'll play on the spot.. without planning.. ( winks at all.. all smiles n gave hifi.. ) ?✋

Same evening –

All went on beach.. all wanted to play water games.. There's horse riding as well.. seeing that Sammy and Shreeyu ran towards it..

Shreeyu : Sammy.. after a long time.. This horse riding. Whats say? Let's race..

Sammy : Darling Shreeyu.. you knw horse riding is my fav game.. n m well trained in it.. u cant win over me.. n u experienced it several times..

Shan : Yeah.. I too agree with sammy.. she is best in horse riding. No one can beat her..

Sammy signs shreeyu that sanky is cmng to them.. she got her point n started talking..

Shreeyu : hmm.. I think u r ryt sammy.. now I shdnt race with you.. why always me? Its boring no? Today we'll send shona.. She's scared of horses na.. in that case she'll also get rid of her fear.. what's say guys..

Sammy signalled them..

All : Yes.. you are ryt.. cmon shona.. go.

Swara : R u guys out of ur mind? Me nd horse? Not in even my worst nightmare.

Sanky was listening their convo.. he cm there n greets them..

Sanky : Heyy guys.. whats happening here?

All : Hiii..

Rabu : ( dramatically ) Sanskar.. see na.. swara is denying fr horse riding. Now u only tell her .. We r here to enjoy na.. n look at her.. she's just scary kitten..

Swara : Rabu.. m nt scary kitten ok? M very much brave..

Ani : Achcha?  Then prove it..

Sanskar : swara.. see there's nothing to worry.. These horses are well trained.. they won't harm you.. nothing will happen.. trust me.. Just go swara.. u'll enjoy it..

Swara : Bt sanskaarrr..

Sanky : Plz.. for me?

They shared eyelock.. Gang looked at them with teasing smile.. Their eyelock broke bcz of Gang's coughing sound.

Swara : Ok.. M ready..

All : ( shouts ) Hurrrreeyyyy…

Sanskar gets happy and smiled seeing her.. Swara smiled back..

Sammy and Swara sat on their respective horses.. Sammy was confident n our swara was hell scared.. she was sweating.. Sanskar sensed it..

Sanskar : Swara?? R u ok??

Swara : ( managed to smile ) Yeah.. m.. fine..

Sanskar : Swara.. be brave.. dont worry at all.. nothing will happen.. dont get scare..

Swara nods.. Horse riding started.. All cheers for Sammy n Swara.. n encouraged them..
Sammy went too long from swara.. swara's horse was running fast.. She was scaring like anything.. Here Sanskar was seeing it from long that swara isn't comfortable. He thought smthng n he also sat on horse n went towards swara.. Swara's heart was beating fast.. she was shivering in fear.. Her head started spinning. She started loosing grip on belt which was connected to horse.. Sanskar saw this.. She was going to fall in sea water.. Sanskar shouts from back…

Sanskar : Swaraaaa.. Don't leave the belt.. Swaraaa.. hold on.. m coming…

Bt b4 he could reach there swara lost her sense n fell in sea water.. Sanky and all gets shocked.. all were abt to run bt Shan stopped all n showed smthng..

Seeing swara in water.. Sanky too jumped in water to save her.. All gets relief.. Sanky swims in water n caught unconscious swara.. He took her in his arms

and brought near sm rock.. He gently placed her on there.. n started waking her..

Sanskar : Swaraa.. Swaraa.. ( pats her cheeks ) Wake up.. open ur eyes.. Swaraa! ( He gets panicked ) Swaraa.. open ur eyes plz.. ( he put his hands on her stomach and took out all water out of her body ) Swaraa.. swaraa..

Slowly.. swara opened her eyes.. She looked at sanskar. Sanskar hugged her tightly.. n started crying..

Sanskar : Do u hv any idea hw much I was tensed..?? What if anything happens to u?  I think.. I.. I lost u.. Don't do this again swara.. I can't be able to live without u. You are my life.. I LOVE YOU SWARA! ( saying this he pecked her forehead )

Swara was looking at him with mixed emotions.. She was on cloud nine.. Tears of happiness flowed from her eyes.


All gang were present there only.. They heard their confession n were damn happy.. sammy too returned frm riding till then.. All hugged each other in happiness n left frm there to give sm privacy to love birds! ?

Sanskar was looking at swara with love.. Swara gets shy.. both were drenched in water.. Sanskar was lost in her beauty…

BG song plays..

Pee loon
Tere neele neele nainon se shabnam
Pee loon
Tere geele geele honthon ki sargam

(I shall drink the
Wetness of your blue eyes
I shall drink the
Slofege of your wet lips)

Pee loon
Hai peene ka mausam

(I shall drink
Because it is the season of drinking)

Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekaraari hai

(With you love remains successful
With you there is an intoxication
With you there is rest as well
With you there is restlessness)

Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekaraari hai

Tere bin jee nahin lagda
Tere bin jee nahin sakda
Tujh pe hain haare
Maine vaare do jahan

(My heart does not enjoy without you
I can not live without you
I have lost and given away
My both world for you)

Kurbaan meharbaan
Ke main toh kurbaan
Sun le sada
Tera kurbaan

I have sacrificed myself
Listen to the call
I am sacrificed for you)

Sanskar took her in his arms.. without breaking their eyelock.. He keeps on walking..

Hosh mein rahun kyun aaj main
Tu meri baahon mein simti hai
Mujh mein samayi hai yun
Jis tarah tu koi ho nadi
Tu mere seene mein chhupti hai
Saagar tumhara main hoon

(Why should I remian in my senses?
You are shrinked in my arms
You are merged in me as if
You are a river
You hide in my chest
As if I am your ocean)

Pee loon
Teri dheemi dheemi lehron ki chham chham
Pee loon
Teri saundhi saundhi saanson ko har dum

(I shall drink the
Tinkling of your slow tides
I shall drink
Your light breath every moment)

Pee loon
Hai peene ka mausam

Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekaraari hai

Swasan went near 1 shade.. He kept her down.. bt still was holding her from her waist.. close to him.. both can feel n hear each others heart beats.. Sanskar cupped swara's face.. swara closed her eyes.. He kissed on her forehead.. then her eyes..

Shaam ko milun jo main tujhe
Toh bura subah na jaane kyun
Kuchh maan jaati hai yeh

(If I meet you in the evening,
I don’t know why morning
Feel’s bad)

Har lamha har ghadi har pehar
Hi teri yaadon se tadpa ke
Mujhko jalati hai yeh

(Every moment and part of the day
It burn’s me by torturing me
With your memories)

Pee loon
Main dheere dheere jalne ka yeh gham
Pee loon
Inn gore gore haathon se hum dum

(I shall slowly drink the
Grief of burning
I shall drink
From your white hands,beloved)

Pee loon
Hai peene ka mausam

Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekaraari hai

Tere bin jee nahin lagda
Tere bin jee nahin sakda
Tujh pe hain haare
Maine vaare do jahan

Kurbaan meharbaan
Ke main toh kurbaan
Sun le sada
Tera kurbaan..

Sanskar looked at her shivering lips.. N soon he kissed her softly and passionately.. swara respond equally.. Both kissed each other showering their love n care towards each other..



Sorry if its nt reached to ur expectations..
N soon will post IWL n happy ending.
Bye.. love you.. ???

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