SwaSan TS : A Beach.. (shot-2)


Hello guys.. thanks fr ur cmnts on previous shot.. Spcl thanks to my spcl reader.. umm whats her user name.. ohh ya.. " Forgetmyname ". Thanks to her too.. anyways.. lets go on Beach. ?


At night.. all reached on their resort. All were sleepy except Shan and Swara.. both were almost dragging these 6.. they reached in their room n all collapsed on bed with a thudd..

Swara : Oyy hello.. whats this.. get up.. change ur dresses n then sleep u sleepy heads.. get up girls..

Ani : Aaahh shona.. dont shout yaar.. let us sleep na.. already this snoring voice of Rabu is disturbing us alot.. ( hehehe.. ????) now u dont start again.. ( covers her face with blanket )

Shan : Whats this yaar.. kakuu.. shreeyu.. get up.. ( shakes them ) ohh godd.. Sammyyy.. Ishuuu plz get up guys.. see we r also tired n sleepy..

Sammy : umm.. shanu darling.. plz let me sleep.. ( holds her hand n pulled her on her bed ) n u too sleep.. ( saying this she again went in her dream world )

Swara and shan looked at each other and sighs accepting their defeat.. both went to change and after that slept..

Next day morning –

There were 2 big beds.. kaku, shreeyu, sammy n ishu were sleeping on 1 bed.. n Shanu, shona, Rabu n Ani were sleeping on another bed.. As expected our matured n grown up childs that is shanu n shona wake up first.. n started waking up others..

Shan : Rabuu.. Rabuu.. wake up.. see its morning. We hv to go on beach.. wake up dear..

Rabu wake up smiling brightly. Shan n shona get confused. Bt smiled back..

Shona : Morning Rabuu..

Rabu : Morning Shona. ..

Shona : Rabu.. y were u smiling so brightly..

Rabu : wohh.. nothing.. I saw a dream.. ???

Shaswa : ( smiles n teases ) Hmmmmmmmm….

Rabu : Shut up u both.. n wake up them.. ( turns to Ani ) Anii.. anii.. wake up.. we hv to go on beach..

Ani woke up rubbing her eyes n looked at them in shock : What are u all doing in my house early morning? R u planning to kidnap me?

Swara : ( hits her head ) Oyy dhakkan.. we came fr trip here.. n this is nt ur home.. this is a resort..

Ani : ( bites her tongue ) ohh sry I frgt.. ???

Suddenly Sammy screamed loudly making all hell scared..

Sammy : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……. mummmmaaaaaa…..

All get up and runs to her.. kaku, shreeyu n ishu too get up..

Shreeyu : Sammy.. wat.. wat happened? ??

Sammy : shreeyuuu… b..bb.. bb.. bombb.. here is a bomb.. terro..rist.. run…run
 Mummaaaaaaaa…. ( shouts loudly n starts running )

Ishu, shreeyu, kaku, Ani : ( shocked n screamed loudly running ) BOMB!!! MUMMMMMMMAAAAAA……. AAAAAAAAAAAAÀAAAAAAA

All 5 were running like a mad except Rabu, Shanu n Shona.. They were looking at all with opened mouth. While these 5 were busy in running n shouting.. Swara finally cm back to her senses n shouts..

Swara : STOP!!! ( All stopped n looked at her ) Where is the bomb??

Ani : ( to ishu ) where is the bomb?

Ishu : ( to kaku ) where is the bomb?

Kaku : ( to shreeyu ) where is the bomb?

Shreeyu : ( to sammy ) Where is the bomb?

Sammy : ( biting her nails ) in my dream.. ???

All : Ohh.. ok!! ( suddenly ) Whatttt?

Sammy : ( while running towards washroom ) hehehe.. Sorry it was my dream.. keep thinking.. till then I'll cm after taking bath.. ( saying this shuts the door with a thud )

All : ( shouts angrily ) SAMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY….. ??????

Sammy : ( laughs loudly ) haha.. all r tubelights.. ????

After smtym all got ready n left for beach..

It was a beautiful beach surrounded with coconut trees.. A pleasant wind were blowing.. A sweet sound of layers of see water was echoing there.. Swara was awestruck seeing all this..

Swara : Woww.. Its so beautiful..

Shan : Yeah.. really..

Shreeyu : How peaceful here it is.. n our city.. huhh.. only noises n crowd.

Ani : We did right by coming here.. We'll becm fresh..

Kaku : yeah.. Ani is ryt..

Ishu : Btw.. dont u guys think we shd eat smthng.. m very hungry..

Sammy : huhh.. Hw much bhukkad u r ishu.. jst nw we cm here n u wanna eat.. seriously!

Rabu : its ok sammy.. m also hungry.. wait.. I'll bring sm snacks fr all..

Shan : Ok Rabu.. bt dont go too far.. n cm early..

Rabu : yeah shanu.. dont worry.

Rabu leaves.

Rabu took necessary food items n leaves in hurry… suddenly she dashed wiith sm1 n her food items fall down..

Rabu : ohh God.. r u blind.. can't u see while walking.. see u scattered all my things.. cmon now help me ( she said angrily widout looking at his face )

He bends down n helped her..

He : ( while getting up ) M sorry..

Rabu : ( looked at his face n frgt to breath ) Wh..what??

He : I said m sorry.. bcz of me ur things..

Rabu : No no.. its absolutely ok.. infact m sry.. I scolded u alot..

He : ( laughs ) dont be.. I dint feel bad.. u scolded me just like my dii.. can I call u dii??

Rabu : ( hell shocked ) WHAT?

He : I mean if u dont mind.. u make me remember her..

Rabu nodded her head shockingly..

He : Thanks.. ok then..bye Diii.. see u later.. ohh m sry.. I frgt to introduce myself.. m Sanskar.. Sanskar Maheshwari!

So here is our hero.. Sanskar!

Rabu : Myself.. Rabia Sayyed..

Sanky : Ohh.. Nice to meet u Rabia dii.. bye..

Rabu : ( fake smile ) bye..

Sanky leaves..

Rabu gets sad and turns to leave.. bt shocked to see sm1..

Rabu : Ani!!!

Yeah.. it was Anniya who was witnessing all the scene. She looked at Rabu n burst out in laughing..

Ani : ( laughing loudly ) Can I call u diii?? U are just like my sister.. hahahaha.. hahahhaa.. ???

Rabu : Ani shut up.. n dont u dare to open ur mouth infront of our gang..

Ani : ( smiles evilly ) n m gonna do exactly that.. ( saying this she ran frm there.. )

Rabu : Aniii… noooo… stoppppp… aniiiiii.. ( she ran behind her )

Ani reached near her gang.. and told them everything. All burst out laughing. Rabu too reached there n pouts.. ( aww my cute dii )

Swara : So Rabu.. ohh sry.. Dii.. hw r u feeling ryt now?? ???

Rabu : shut up shona..

Kaku : Aww.. my poor diii.. ??

Rabu : stop it na guys.. do I look like a dii? Say na shanu?

Shan : no.. u dont look like any dii.. coz you are a dii.. ????

Rabu : You all are sooo mean..

Sammy : Stop it guys.. y r u all teasing my Rabu.. see no one can call her dii.. except that guy.. hai na?

Rabu : Haa.. ( suddenly ) wait.. whatt??

All laughs.. N went in water to play..

In evening,  all were returning to resort..

Swara : Guys.. u all go.. I'll cm after smtym..

Shreeyu : bt shona hw will u cm alone? U donno road ryt?

Swara : Dont worry shreeyu.. I knw road.

All : Ok.. cm soon.. ( left )

Swara started roaming around the sea coast.. She was humming song n lost in the beauty of nature.. She even frgt where she's going.. Suddenly she heard guitar sound. .. Automatically her legs turned to go towards that voice…

A boy was playing guitar n sitting there.. Swara reached there and get lost in his voice..

O ho ho ho o o o … o ho ho ho o o o

Saanson ki zaroorat hai jaise
Saanson ki zaroorat hai jaise
Zindagi ke liye
Bas ek sanam chahiye
Aashiqui ke liye
Jaam ki zaroorat hai jaise
Jaam ki zaroorat hai jaise
Bekhudi ke liye
Haan ek sanam chahiye
Aashiqui ke liye
Bas ek sanam chahiye
Aashiqui ke liye

(Just like you need breath
Just like you need breath
For life
I need a beloved
For falling in love
Just like you need wine
Just like you need wine
For intoxication
Yes I need a beloved
For falling in love
I need a beloved
For falling in love..)

His back was facing swara.. She desperately wanted to see his face.. Some different spark she felt in his voice.. Her heart was beating fast..

Waqt ke haathon mein
Sabki taqdeerein hai
Waqt ke haathon mein
Sabki taqdeerein hai
Aaina jhootha hai
Sachi tasveerein hai
Jahan dard hai wahin geet hai
Jahan pyaas hai wahin meet hai
Koi na jaane magar
Jeene ki yahi reet hai
Saaz ki zaroorat hai jaise
Saaz ki zaroorat hai jaise
Mausiki ke liye
Bas ek sanam chahiye
Aashiqui ke liye
Haan ek sanam chahiye
Aashiqui ke liye

(In the hands of time
Is the fate of all of us
In the hands of time
Is the fate of all of us
The mirror is false
The pictures are true
Where there is pain, there is music
Where there is thirst, there is love
But still no one knows that
This is the way to live life
Just like you need a tune
Just like you need a tune
For music
I need a beloved
For falling in love
Yes I need a beloved
For falling in love..)

Swara was smiling.. Listening his song.. his feelings..

O ho ho ho o o o … o ho ho ho o o o

Manzilein haasil hai
Phir bhi ek doori hai
Manzilein haasil hai
Phir bhi ek doori hai
Bina humraahi ke
Zindagi adhoori hai
Milegi kahin koi rehguzar
Tanha katega kaise yeh safar
Mere sapne ho jahan
Dhoondhoon main aaisi nazar
Chaand ki zaroorat hai jaise
Chaand ki zaroorat hai jaise
Chaandni ke liye
Bas ek sanam chahiye
Aashiqui ke liye

(I've met my goals
But still there is a separation
I've met my goals
But still there is a separation
Without a companion
Life is incomplete
Where will I find that companion
How will this journey pass alone
Where my dreams are
I search for those eyes
Just like you need the moon
Just like you need the moon
For moonlight
I need a beloved
For falling in love
Just like you need breath
Just like you need breath
For life
I need a beloved
For falling in love..)

The song get completed.. nd the boy kept his guitar beside him n sighs.. He keeps on looking at silent sea.. swara spks..

Swara : I must say your voice hv some magic..

 Boy jerks n turned back.. He got spellbound seeing an absolute beauty infront of him.. He skips his heart beat.. He keeps on looking at her.. without blinking his eyes.

Swara : ( waves her hands ) excuse me.. m talking to u..

Boy : ohh.. m sry.. nd.. thanks fr the complement.

Swara : ( smiles ) Hii.. I'm swara.

Boy : ( shakes hand while smiling ) Hii.. myself.. Sanskar..

Yup.. the boy is non other than our hero.. Our sanky..

Swara : Can I sit here??

Sanky : sure.. plz.. ☺

Both sits there and talk fr smtym.. Swara liked his free nature..

Swara : Are you singer??

Sanky : ( chuckles ) No.. Its my hobby.. I'm a doctor..

Swara : Are u serious? U r a doctor? Bt u dont look like doctor..

Sanky : ( laughs ) why? Why I cant be a doctor? Bcz I was singing? Doctors can't sing?

Swara : No.. nothing like that.. bt most of the doctors are having strict, rude and reserved type of personality. Their professional talks and their behaviour.. everything seems different. Bt u dont hv any of these qualities..

Sanky : ( smiles ) Miss Swara are u making fun of me? Complementing me? Or taunting me?

Swara : ( immediately ) No.. I'm complementing you.. ( sanky looked at her deeply ) I mean you are different..

Sanky : ( chuckles ) well.. Thank you.. btw you dint tell me what are you doing? I mean studying or..

Swara : No.. M a professional singer n besides a fashion designer.

Sanky : ( surprised ) Great.. I would like to listen ur voice..

Swara : ( smiles ) Sure Mr. Sanskar. Bt next time.. Its pretty late now.. my frnds mst be waiting fr me n I guess I frgt my way too.. I hv to hurry up..

Sanky : No problem. Ammm.. if u dont mind.. Can I accompany you miss swara? I mean its quite late now n u r alone too.. I'll help u to search ur resort..

Swara : Sure.. Let's go.. ( leaves )

Sanskar is a doctor.. He too cm on picnic to get relax frm his hectic schedule. Bt he is used to this place cause he cm to get relax once in a month here only.. Swara told him abt her resort.. He got it n now both were heading towards it.. Swara was rubbing her hands continuously as she was feeling cold.. Sanskar looked at her and took out his blazer and offered it to her..

Sanky : Miss swara.. take this.. ( he gives his blazer )

Swara : ( takes it hesitantly ) Thank you.. and u can call me by my name.. no need of ' Miss ' always.. ?

Sanky : ( smiles ) Ok.. bt on 1 condition. You should also call me only sanskar..

Swara : ( smiles ) Okay Sanskar.

Sanky : ( chuckles ) That sounds so better..

Both laughs..

Soon both reached near her resort.. Her devil gang was hell worried for her n waiting for her outside itself.. They saw her with sanky and gets shocked..

Shan : who's that guy?

Sammy : And what is he doing with our shona..

Shreeyu :  come.. let's see..

All went towards them..

Swasan were talking n walking.. suddenly swara's leg slipped from there n she was abt to fall bt sanky hold her tightly in his arms at the nick of time.. They shared a cute eye lock..

Suddenly sm1 shouts Swara's name..


SwaSan get alerted and composes themselves. Swara looked at the voice..

There Ani was standing looking at them shockingly. ( look titi u spoiled there romantic moment.. very bad )

Sanky : Swara.. r u ok?

Swara : Yeah Sanskar. .. Thank you..

Sanskar smiles..

Soon all gang reached there.. Rabu was shocked to see Sanskar.

Rabu : Sanskar you???

Sanky : Rabia dii.. ohh hii.. hw cm you here?

All : Rabia dii?????

Sanky looked at all confused n Ani laughs..

Ani : Guys.. he's the one who called our Rabu as Diiiii..

Swara looked at Sanky shockingly n later burst out laughing.

Slowly slowly all started laughing. N Rabu fumes in anger n left frm there..

Sammy : Rabuu.. arey listen.. ???

Swara : Sanskarrr! Seriously. .. u called her dii..

Sanskar : Y? Is calling sm1 dii is a crime?

Swara : No no.. not a crime.. its a sin! ???

Sanskar : Swara stop laughing yaar..

Swara : Ok.. ok.. sorry.. 1st tell me y u called her dii??

Sanskar told them what all happened.

Sanky : She was scolding me continuously just like my dii so I called her as dii.. wats wrong in dat..

Swara : Sanskar.. u r really innocent n cute.. ( laughs )

Sanskar looked at her intensely..

Suddenly they heard throat clearing sound..

Ishu : Ahm ahm.. thanks sanskar. For helping our shona..

Shan : Yeah.. thank you so much..

Sanky : ( smiles ) No need of thanks.. I can atleast do this much fr her.. as a frnd..

Swara looked at him and smiled..

Sanky : ok then bye.. see u later.. bye swara..

Swara : Bye..

Sanky left.. swara keeps on looking at his vanishing figure and smiled.



Leaves frm there hurriedly.  All laughs..

Precap : Ishq hua hi hua.. ???

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