SwaSan TS : A Beach.. (shot-1)


Hello everyone… Swarmayi is back with her another TS.. I hope you ALL will like it.. I knw I knw.. u all must be waiting for my ffs? So sorry guys I was not well so couldn't post bt now onwards I'll post it regularly. Ok.. now no more bakbak.. let's go on Beach… ?


A mini bus was shown.. Girls are going fr picnic.. A girl was shouting on her frnds to hurry up..

Girl : Shreeyuuuu… Aniii.. guys hurry up.. we r getting late..

( cutie, titi.. here u come.. enjoy.. ?)

Shreeya and Anniya cm there running..

Shreeya : Sorry sorry… Actually na Shanu I wasn't getting my selfie stick.. u know na hw imp it is for us so I was searching it and thats y I got late.. ( smile widely..) ( aww cutie u look so cute while smiling..love u.. ? )

Yes.. the girl is non other than Shan..

( Akka.. here u cm.. enjoy.. ?)

Anniya : And Shanu.. I was searching my badminton racket. We'll play there na.. m so excited.. ( jumps in excitement ) ( titii.. just want to pull ur cheeks..? )

Shan was looking at both of them in utter disbelief.

Shan : You guys will never change.. ( sighs ) where is Rabu and kaku???

A voice came from behind. .

Voice : we r here shanu…

Yes the girls were Rabia and Kakali..

( dii and kakuuu here u cm my darlings.. enjoy.. ?)

Rabia : Shanu we came.. Kaku was keeping her fav pimpom ball in her bag.. ( giggles )

Kakali : ( rolls her eyes ) so what? Don't tease me Rabu.. see na shreeyu.. ( aww my kakuu is complaining.. hw cute * pull kaku's cheeks tightly n run to pluto.. ??)

Shreeya : Rabu.. Don't tease my sweet kakuu..

All laughs.. Kakali pouts..

Shan : Guys.. still 3 imp persons are missing.. Ishu( Ishani ), Sammy ( Shalmali ) and..

All in union : Shonaa ( Swara )…

( guys will keep nicknames fr all – Shanu, Rabu, Shreeyu, Ani, Kaku, Ishu, Sammy and Shona.. )

" Somebody called me??? "

A voice cm from behind.. All turns and smiles..

Ani : Shona.. Thank God u cm.. where were u? We r getting late fr picnic..
Yes the girl is non other than our bubbly swara..

Swara : Sorry guys.. bt u knw abt my musical concerts ryt? So..

Shan : Ya ya.. we knw.. ( suddenly ) offo guys.. where r these two? R they cmng today only or planning to cm tmrw?

Kaku : wait shanu.. I'll go n see.. ( turned to go bt stops seeing smthng ) woww.. think of the Devils and Devils are here.. Gr8!!! Welcome welcome.. what shall I do for you both? Do u want anything? Tea, coffee, snacks, cold drinks??

1 girl : Aww kakuu.. soo sweet of you.. I dint knw u opened ur cafe.. umm.. I'll take 1 Mango juice, 1 cheese sada dosa with extra chatni and ya last mein.. 1 butterscotch Ice cream. Bt plz hurry up ha..

Kaku was looking at her with opened mouth..
( hehe close it kaku.. mosquito will get in.. ???)

2 girl : God sammy.. hw less u eat?? Look at me .. hw much I'll order now.. ha.. kaku.. listen.. 1 pizza, 1 burger, 1 plate samosa, 1 plate wada pav , 1 plate pav bhaji and.. ( cuts her )

Kaku : ( shouts ) STOPPPP… ( smiles evilly ) dont u guys wanna eat spcl dish in my cafe?

Both nods..

Kaku : Gr8… lemme give u then.. ( she bends down n take out her sandals ) here take it.. ( saying this she started to run behind them. . Both started to run fastly ) Sammy.. Ishuu.. wait.. I won't leave u both today..

(Yes the 1st girl is sammy aka me n 2nd is my sweeet cute lil kiddo Ishu.. miss u so much ishu.. I hope u r reading this.. love u.. ???)

Trio were running here n there.. Finally Swara shouted..

Swara : Stop it guys.. ( trio stopped ) If m not wrong we r leaving fr picnic n we r getting late, aren't we? ( glares at them )

Shan : Shona.. leave them.. I think we shd leave.. or else we'll get late.. we've to reach on resort b4 night..

Rabu : Yeah.. shanu is ryt.. and u guys knw na after lot of efforts our parents agreed to send us alone on trip.. so.. lets start our journey..

Sammy : Yeah.. hw can I frgt.. My mom toh literally gave me 5 hrs lecture.. dont go there.. dont go here.. dont do this.. dont do that n bla bla… hw boring.. ???

Swara : He he sammy ( laughs ) u r really shooo cuteee.. ( sammy make faces ???) I wanna pull ur cheeks.. ( abt to pull sammy went back )

Sammy : ( keeping her both palms on both cheeks ) Nooooo shonaa.. dont.. M seek of dis.. u knw all pulls my cheeks veryyyyyy tightly saying this.. I feel pain.. my poor soft cheeks.. ( makes puppy face )

All laughs..

Swara : So sammy ji..

Sammy : Yes swara ji..

Swara : Shall we leave???

Sammy : Ha toh lets leave na.. when I stopped u guys.. cmon come come.. ( saying this she get inside the bus.. )


Sammy : I heard that.. now cm or else I'll go alone.. ( shouts )

All girls get inside the bus and takes their sits.. their journey starts..

Shanu was reading a novel.. Rabu was sleeping n lil snoring.. ( hehe.. sry dii ????) Ani was playing games on mob n listening songs.. Kaku – Shreeyu and Sammy – Ishu were sleeping holding each other n cuddling. ( aww.. imagine the scene guys.. ) n our princess.. Swara was lost in her own world..

Swara's POV –

What's happening with me??? Why I'm feeling so weird.. As if.. as if something gonna happen in my life.. Something very big which will change my life.. M feeling an unknown happiness in my heart.. what's this?? I knw m very happy coz m going to the picnic with my all besties.. we'll enjoy there alot.. bt we enjoyed b4 also.. bt that time I dint feel like this.. y now?? what is this feeling??? This beach.. that fort.. What will this BEACH give me?? Urrgh.. Swara.. u'll get mad.. I think u shd sleep now..


Done with shot 1
I hope u guys will love it..
There’s much more left guys..
Next shot is on the way..

Stay tunned.. bye bye..

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  1. Sanswa

    Loved it dea..post nxt update soon?

    1. Hey dear
      Can I ask u a question
      When will u post next part of FELL IN LOVE BY MISTAKE
      PLzzz update next part soon!!!

      1. Sanswa

        Well dea…?..I think u didn’t cmmnt on my silver jubilee chappie…?…
        Let it be…?
        Bt will surely update??

    2. When will u post FELL IN LOVE BY MISTAKE

    3. Swarmayi

      Thanks dr..

  2. Awesome dear

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dr..

  3. Nyc and update next part soon

  4. Abirsha

    Awwww sammy awesome…. Amazing…. Loved it dr…. Really its a suprise for us…. Waiting for next part sammy…. Post soon…. Love you… ????

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u akka.. M really very happy that u loved my surprise.. will post next soon.. love u too.. ???

  5. Rabia

    Wowwwwwwww thank God im not di here ????? awesome sammy post soon ???

    1. Rabia

      hawww sammy i didnt snore ever in my life.. u know u never will listen to my breathing sound even hawww hayeeeee ganddii tammyy 😛

      1. Swarmayi

        Hehhehehe.. ???? I knew it dii
        . Thats y I added it.. ?? thanks fr ur cmnt.. love u… ???

  6. wow it was sooooooooooo cute and funny
    but is the cover pic related to the story i liked it very much

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dr.. n yeah.. cover pic is related to story. Even its mine fav too.. dats y keep it .

      1. the cover pic is kind of intriguing

  7. Simi


  8. Miss Swarmayi it will be beter if you stop using that name in your ff
    Another time I read Ishani’s name and I will report to TellyUpdates to ban your account.

    1. Swarmayi

      Excuse me miss forgetmyname.. I think u shd mind ur own business. Who r u to tell me that which name I shd use in my ff n not? I can use whatever name I want to.
      And u r saying as if ur name is ishani? And if it is then also its ur prob cz I keep my sis name there so either u stop reading my story or change ur name.. dont bash me.. n ya abt reporting to tu.. u can do watever u want to.. u cant threaten me like this.. I hope u got me.. So from next time think b4 commenting or I’ll like to say that if u wont comment na then I’ll be very glad..

      1. Sanswa

        Sooooo sorry 4 interrupted bt m very kindly saying dat we have full freedom 2 do anything…?
        N its just a couple of word name ‘ishani’…wat is dere 2 b issued..?…ishani is nt a unique nm..if some1 knows…
        N way kind of threat is dis..???
        Hehe 2 report TU…so funny???
        Swaramayi dea m wid u..don’t listen others n just ignore d person who is feeling jealous of ur amazing work…whise nt hving even dare 2 use real nm..wat kind of is ‘forgetmyname’…nt even remember herself nmnm??…n bothering our lovable writer

      2. Swarmayi

        Thanks sanswa fr ur support..

      3. Shreeyu

        ‘Missforgetmyname’ who r u to interfere in her matter and tell her wat to do it wat not to… U r not even remembering ur name so u shud not talk abt others …
        Well that is wat I can say by seeing ur user name
        BTW I’ll like to give u a free advice that it is better for u to mind ur own business….
        And m pretty sure u must b thinking that who m I to poke my nose in this matter but let me tell u that m here as a friend cum sister of Sammy

      4. Swarmayi

        Love u cutiee.. ???

      5. Hey everybody!!
        Who are supporting this con girl Swarmayi…Iam the same Ishani…Laddoo of TU…SO BEFORE BASHING ME JUST SHUT UR f**kING MOUTHS

    2. Abirsha

      Hello miss “ForgetMyName” first go and remember ur name…. And who r u to say that don’t use “ishani” name??? And ishani name is not an unique name….. If u don’t like ishani name then don’t read…. No one welcomed you to read this ts…… And r u child to complaint to tellyupdate for banning her account??? Or do u think tellyupdate will listen to ur silly things??? Doesn’t they have any work???? And before speaking think for atleast ten times and speak….. If u don’t have any work go and do something useful instead of posting like this…. U don’t have rights to say her to not use this…. Understand…

      1. Swarmayi

        Love u akka.. thanks ! ???

    3. Rabia

      oo hello miss or mr.. r u having a patent rights on name ishani??? or swarmayi is using that name in a wrong way?? why r u becoming like a hot pressure cooker?? and how dare u to threaten her that u will report TU.. wow great ppl like u only knows how too poke their noses in someone’s work.. soo better bee in your limits or elsee we all will report TU and after that u will never be able to comment even with your name id…
      thankuuu not very much

      1. Swarmayi

        Thank u so much dii.. fr ur support. Love uuuu.. ????

    4. Anniya

      First of all thanks for giving your precious time to read it. But if you don’t mind can you keep your mouth shut ?????????
      What is your prblm??? Is your name ishani ??? If yes also then its not her prblm. Yeah if you don’t like ishani name in ff then you can your change it. I don’t mind….
      Sammy if possible use this name in every ff…
      And you ‘forgetmyname’ if you have so much power na then first cmnt by your registered account

      1. Swarmayi

        Sure titi.. m gonna use this name now several times.. just wait n watch..

        N you.. miss forgetmyname! Look at all my frnd cm sis cmnts.. they are also in my story.. bt they dint bash me like you.. infact they lo bcoz they knw I dint misuse it.. n as far as I knw they dont hv cheap thinking like you.. They all loved it.. They enjoyed the scenes.. n poor you.. huhh.. sticking to the blo*dy name.. well.. never mind! Bt remember 1 thing.. M GONNA USE THAT NAME.. EVERY TIME.. IN MY EVERY SS/TS/FF/OS.. AS A RETURN GIFT OF YOUR LOVELY COMMENT. ENJOY..

    5. Vyshu10

      Miss ForgetMyName….TU doesn’t ban any account for just using a name…..thank you???

      1. Shreeyu

        Lol Kaku Di …. Achha hai pichhla janam toh had aayega

    6. Kakali

      Waaaa u forgot ur name…huhhh then go n bang ur head with coconut… may b pichla janam bhi yaad aa gayeee… have a good day babe… Ishani is a nice name… but when u write that name in ur comment i felt like SHANI.. !!.hahaha… !!!.

      1. Shreeyu

        Lol Kaku Di …. Achha hai pichhla janam toh had aayega

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Aww, it’s so interesting and cute.. Loved it.. Plz continue dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u so much uma..

  10. Vyshu10

    Wah wah….all devils together…hehe all except swara?? Before u all pounce on me….let me go hiding??

    1. Swarmayi

      Hawwwwww vyshu! U r calling us devils?? Umm.. never mind.. cz we r.. n start running fast cz I saw where u r hiding n I hv hockey stick in my hand.. run..

  11. Soujanya


  12. Wow nice one dear ??????continue

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dr..

  13. I dun know what to say.. !! feeling so blessed to get u all…. even sometime think m i really worth of it or not?
    Thnk u Swarmayi.. Thnk u.

    1. Swarmayi

      Oyy kaku ki bachchi! What nonsense u r talking ha? U r worth of every thing.. got it?? N y so senti today?? N omggg!! U r calling me swarmayi… y y y y y?? M ur shalu na?? U never calls me swarmayi.. wat happened kaku? U r fine na? Is everything alright?

  14. Shreeyu

    It was awesome Sammy ji … Super se bhi uper…. Oye I call u Sammy ji na so add a Sammy ki scene of mine in next part mm. Its a Chotu motu request of ur and kaku Di’s cutie and labia Di and didoo hawww m calling u by ur name…. Loved it Sammy ji …. Just wanna pull ur cheeks *pulling Sammy’s cheeks and with that m dragging her towards the beach….
    And thnkew so much for that smile compliment….
    Lov uh loads ???
    Ufff kaku Di aapka asar aa gya hai c how much I blabber

    1. Swarmayi

      Aww.. thank u shooooo much shreeyu ji aka my cute cute cutie.. n I’ll surely fulfill ur wish.. haww n y u pulled my cheeks.. see hw much its paining.. gandii cutiee..

      Love u too dr.. ???

  15. Simin

    Awesome blossom
    Shalu how much u eat haan
    Kaku love u muaahhh
    Rabia di ehat are u doing
    Shan bare these impossible people

    1. Swarmayi

      Hawwww simuu.. I dint eat too much.. I only order 3 dishes.. Ishu ordered whole cafe.. ?
      Thanks dr fr ur cmnt.. love u.. ???

  16. awesome dear .loved it

  17. Anniya

    Sammy you know when you told us abut surprise na then I thought it may be some os but never thought I will be in it.
    There is not such words which can describe how much I love it.

    1. Swarmayi

      Aww.. tysm titiii.. love u loads.. ??

  18. Nice

  19. Miss Swarmayi please stop taking my name in your ff..
    i am no longer your Ishu…I was till some time ago…to me u r just a con girl…
    i did figure out that very day that no one named Ishaan existed..
    You are fake totally..
    I would appreciate it if u stop taking my name…I am having enough of it now..
    just f**k off man

    1. Swarmayi

      Ohh really.. you knw what.. you are just.. okk.. its all my fault that I made u my sis.. n u r totally lieing.. n I better knw it.. 1st of all stop abusing me.. n for ur kind info my cousin sis name is ISHANI.. bt fine.. I dont wanna creat mess here.. so I’ll not use ur blo*dy name from now on.. got it? N u.. what shd I say.. u dint blv me n frm the hell u got to knw there is no Ishaan? Ha? U’ll surely regret it.. bt I still cant abuse u.. coz I dint make relation fr name sake.. its ok.. Thanks fr ur wonderful gift..

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