SwaSan TS : Age V/S Love ( Sequel ) Part 01 By Goldie

SURPRISE!!!! Hello Guyz SURPRISE fr U All..Laga Jhatka?? Naam dekhkar ??…So Happy?? New Yr Hai so thot to Surprise U all wid A TS of Age VS Love wich was An OS b4..bt since New Yr Approached so thot to Surprise U all wid A Continuation of da OS in da Form of TS..Wanted to Upload on 31st Dec 2016 itself bt TU has A topped Accspting FFs due to New Yr..So Posting it nw…Hope U all like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments n Let me knw ur Valuable Views :)..


Recap : SwaSan Intro…SwaSan Arguement…Sahil Entrance…Swara Kidnapped..Sahil Psycho Revealed..Sanskaar’s Realization n SwaSan Marriage n Consummation..


Link fr The One Shot in case U Missed it 🙂


••••••••Age VS Love••••••••
•••••One Shot ( Sequel,Part 01 )•••••

2 Yrs Later

Shergill Mansion

2 Yrs…A Long 2 Yrs Passed since SwaSan Marriage..Both Lived Happily n infact still Lived Happily Avoiding The Taunts n Gossips of So Called Society..As Dyz Passed Swara was nw A Well Knwn Lawyer after Her Internship Under Sanskaar..Inshort We cn say Swara Shergill is da Next Rising Lawyer of Kolkata after HER HUSBAND…Its been 2 Yrs n da Love n Affection of both Swara n Sanskaar Never Faded infact it went on Increasing making da World Jealous n Burn in Jealousy..

Swara : ( Moarns ) Aaow..Sanskaar.. ( Cutting Vegetables ) Stop na..cnt u see m Cooking.. ( Tries to Divert da Mind )

Sanskaar : ( Bak Hugging n Kissing ) Swara..U do Ur Wrk na..n let me do Mine..Dnt Disturb Me.. ( Kisses Swara’s Nape )

Swara : ( Controls da Moarns ) Ssanskar..Plzz Stop..U r making Me Weak..U knw I cnt Resist U n Ur Touch n dats Y U Purposely do all this hai na ? ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily) Arrey Wah ( Turns Swara towards Him ) My Wife is Soo Clever Haa ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Irritated ) Hw Shameless U r Mr Shergill..The Best Well Known Lawyer of Kolkata is Ignoring His Wrk nw dyz n is Bzy in Romancing..Wat will Ur Clients think abt U Haa?

Sanskaar : ( Pulls Swara Closer ) Nthing..Bas yehi socchege ki jabse iss Lawyer ki Shaadi hui hai He is also gone Mad fr His Wife n Has Lost frm His Lawyer Wife ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar..tum bhi..Kuch bhi bolte ho..Nw Go ( Pushed Sanskaar towards the Door )..U r getting Late fr Ur Firm..main Kaam khtm karke aati hu..then We will together Leave fr the Firm..ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Salutes ) Ok Lawyer Sahiba..Aapka Hukum ( Bows Down ) Sir Aakhoon pe ( Laughs n Leaves )

Swara : ( Laughs too ) Pagaal..bt jo bhi ho ( Blushes ) I Love This Pagaal more dan My Life ( Giggles )

As Sanskaar Left fr Getting Ready, Swara too Completed Her Kitchen Work n Headed towards Her Room to Get Ready while Sanskaar got Ready in His Formal Wears n Strtd Waiting fr Swara Looking His Watch Impatiently making Sanskaar Irritated n Impatient

Sanskaar : ( Chking da Watch ) Offo..Yeh Ladkiyaan bhi na..Kitna Time leti hai Ready hone main? ( Shakes His Head Unbelievably ) Srsly..Whether its A Party or Any Formal Work Ladies r Alwyz Late in getting Late.. ( To Swara ) Swara…Kaha ho yaar? Come Fast..We r getting Late..aur kitna Time logi? ( Irritated )

Swara : ( Shouts Bak ) Haa..Coming…Jst 5 Mins More..Sorry.. ( Gets Ready Hurriedly )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Uff 5 Mins aur? Heyy Bhagwaan Y does Ladies only take Time to get Ready Haa? Itni Mehnat karne ke baad bhi they dnt look Good only..so wats the Use of giving them this much Time fr Getting Ready Haa? ( Makes Faces ) Huh.. ( Calls Swara Agn ) Arrey Swara Jaldi Yaar..M getting Late.. ( Frustrated )

Swara : ( While Wearing Ear Rings ) Offo..Aarahi Hu ( Climbing Down Stairs ) See Aagayi..Abb Khush?

Sanskaar : ( Sighs ) Phew.. Finally..U came..abb chalo Lawyer ( Reaches da Car ) Sahiba.. ( Opens Swara’s Door ) Sit..We r alrdy Late. ( Closes the Door after Swara Sits )

Swara : ( Makes Faces ) Haa Chalo..

Sanskaar : ( Sits on His Seat ) Uff..Srsly Yaar U Girls n Ladies na r Late Latifs..Kitna Time lagati hu tumlog Ready home .Huh..( Strts da Car )

Swara : Shut Up Sanskaar..We r nt Late Latifs..infact U Boys r Late Latifs..Ok? ( Keeps on Arguing wid Sanskaar Cutely )..

Sanskaar : ( While Driving ) Ohh Madam Plzz ( Keeps on Arguing wid Swara too Cutely )

Soon both Reached the Law Firm Happily Arguing n Continouing their Cute Nokh Jhokhs Like Daily Increasing Their Love More Stronger n Un Breakable Making their Collegues n Staffs Jealous n Burn in Jealousy..


9 Hours Later

Shergill Law Firm

5:00pm Evening

Time Passed n its been 8 Hours Swara n Sanskaar were bzy Handling their Own Clients in their Own Cabins Respectively..As Sanskaar was Handling His Clients His Eyes Fell on His Lady Love n was Lost in Her Beauty through da Transparent Glass Window who was jst Bzy in Her Cabin Nxt to Sanskaar’s Cabin making Sanskaar to Gulp His Feelings n Concentrate on His Wrk making His Clients Confused n Feel Weird..

Sanskaar : ( Monologue ) Ahem Ahem Mr Shergill..Control Urself..Its Ur Wrking Time nt Ur Romance Time..Clients kya socchege..Control Plz.. ( Lost in His Own Thots )

Clients : ( Confused ) Ahmm Mr Shergill..( Calls Agn ) Mr Shergill Excuse Me..R u Listening?? ( Taps da Table Lil Hardly ) Excuse Me Mr Shergill!! ( Lil Louder )

Sanskaar : ( Comes In Senses ) Haa.Ohh Haa Mr Verma..Did U say anything? ( Worried )

Mr Verma : ( Rude ) Where r U Lost Mr Shergill? I m Here to Discuss something really Imp abt My Case n U r Lost some where else..R u Interested in My Case Or Nt?

Sanskaar : ( Apologies ) Ahm Really Sorry Mr Verma..Actually I was Lost in some Perosnal Matters..m really Sorry..Dnt Mind..Come Lets Discuss da Case..

Mr Verma : Hmm Ok..bt Mr Shergill let me make U One Thing Clear..this Case is really Important to Me..n i wanna Win it at any Cost..If U want I cn Pay U Double da Amount of Ur Fees bt I jst want to Win da Case at anycost..Get that? ( Arrogantly )

Sanskaar : ( Bossy Tone ) Mr Verma..First Thing..The Tone U r Using agnst Me ryt nw..jst Low it n Secondly I will Try My Best to Win Ur Case wid all da Honesty i cn..n Thirdly I dnt take any Extra Fees frm My Clients..its agnst My Policies.So dnt U Dare to Talk wid Me in such a Tone Agn..i knw its My Mistake n I have Apologied fr it too..bt then still if U think M nt Capable of Handling Ur Case den U cn Leave My Cabin Ryt nw..i dnt Mind..coz Ppl who Show their Attitude to Me Unnecessary r nt Allowed in My Firm..Get it..So Decision is Ur Mr Verma..U cn Leave..I have mny other Clients Waiting fr Me.. ( Arrogantly )

Mr Verma : ( Angry ) Hw Dare U Me Shergill Talk wid Me Like this? U have Done A Very Big Mistake by Rising Ur Voice agnst Me..U r Gonna Pay fr it..n I Mean It Mr Shergill.. ( Attitudely )

Sanskaar : Ohh Plzz Mr Verma..Dnt U Show this Attitude to Me..U Better knw U r Talking Mr Sanskaar Shergill The One of The Best Lawyer of Kolkata..n If I Wish I cn Close Ur Case in a Second n den U knw wat all U Have to Face after this..so Better be in Ur Linits n dnt Cross Ur Linits agnst Me..nw ( Bossy Tone ) Plzz Excuse Me..I have mny Clients to Attend.. ( Attitudely )

As Sanskaar Fired Bak His Client,Mr Verma Felt Insjlted n Left frm thr Angrily while Sanskaar too felt Insulted by Mr Verma’s Words bt soon His Anger Vanished seeing His Lady Love Yet Agn Handing Her Clients Confidently making Him Feel Proud n Mesmerised in Her Beauty n Dedication..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Dnt Worry Mr Sharma..I will Try My Best to Win Ur Case..agr aapka Beta Bekasur ( Innocent ) hai toh No One cn Harm Him..I Assure U ( Assures )

Mr Sharma : Thnk U Mrs Shergill..I will be Gratefull to U if U Prove My Son Innocent..M Ready to Pay Double Amount bt U Plzz Save My Son..Plz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Arrey No Mr Sharma..I dnt need any Extra Amount..maine Kaha na..if Ur Son is Innocent i will try My Best to Safe Him..No need to Worry.. ( Smiles Assuringly )

Mr Sharma : Thnk U Beta..God Bless U.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Uncle..Sorry..woh..Cn I Call U Uncle..( Hesitates )

Mr Sharma : Ya Sure Beta..U cn..Waise Beta if U dnt Mind Cn I Ask U One Thing? ( Hesitates )

Swara : Yes Uncle U Cn..Ask Wat U wanna Ask ? ( Smiles )

Mr Sharma : U r da Wife of Mr Sanskaar Shergill ryt? The Famous Lawyer of Kolkata n da Owner of This Law Firm?

Swara : ( Blushes ) Yes Uncle..Sanskaar Shergill is My Husband..bt Y r U Asking this Question Uncle? ( Confused )

While Swara n Mr Sharma were Talking to Eachother,Sanskaar who was Watching Swara Talking to Mr Sharma fr Long cud nt Control Himself to Meet Swara n Went towards Swara’s Cabin n was abt to Enter bt Stopped Listening to da Conversation making Him Teary Eyes n Sad..

Mr Sharma. Bt Beta if U r Really Married to Sanskaar Shergill dnt U Think He is Really ELDER than U..Dnt take Me Wrong Beta bt aajkal ke Zaamane main Partners ka Age Gap Matters..Pehle Zamaane main baath kuch aur thi..We used Adjust Ourselves according to the Situations Around Us so Age Gap utna Matter nhi karta tha..bt nw Dyz Youngsters like U r really Fast n Impatient..So Dnt U think The Age Gap b/w U n Sanskaar Shergill really Matters?

Swara : ( Smiles ) No Uncle I dnt think so Age Matters in Todayz Generation too..I Agree Mere aur Sanskaar ke Age kee Beech main pure 12 Yrs ka Difference Hai n We both r Totally Opposite to Eachother according to Our Ages.bt Uncle it doesnt mean We dnt Share A Good Bond or We cnt be A Perfect Couple..We r really Happy together Uncle..In Every Marriage We need Sacrifices n Adjustments chahe woh Love Marriage Ho..Ya Phir Arranged..Ya Phir Age Gap kam ho ya Zaada inn sab main We need Adjustments..n jisme We both r Balanced..In Some Matters I Sacrifice My Wishes n In Some Sanskaar..We both Adjusts According to the Situations around Us..n M Sure Couple having Less Age Gap or Equal Age Gap myt too have Done same things wich We r doing..so Why does it Matter whether da Age Gap b/w da Couples is Less Or More..its jst da Matter of Hw U Adjust n Balance ur Relationship..Isn’t it Uncle? N According to Me One shud be Elder Among Eachother so that if One Commits Any Mistakes or Stumbles the Other One shud be able to Safe da Manages ryt? So Here Sanskaar is da One who will Manage da Marriage like any othera Man does in their Marriage..so what’s Wrong in Our Marriage Mr Sharma?

Mr Sharma : Hmm Agree Beta..Every Marriage needs Adjustments n Sacrifices..bt Beta wat abt Futur Prblm like Health Issues n Other Matters..U cnt Avoid them ryt? I knw I m No One to U n I have No Ryt to Intrefere in Ur Perosnal Matters..bt M telling fr Ur Good..Leave Sanskaar Shergill n Marry someone of Ur Age..it will be Better n ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Angry ) Uncle..Plzx Stop..Who gave U Right to Intrefere in My Personal Life Haa? Jabse M listening U r Trying to Manipulate Me agnst My Husband. U r Right U r No One to Me n U dnt have any Right to Comment on My Relationship wid My Husband.So Stop giving Ur Free Advise.Sanskaar is My HUSBAND n M HAPPY wid Him..U dnt have any Right to Intrefere in My Life..I knw M being Rude to U bt Anyone Commenting or Talking Agnst My Husband or Intrefering in My Personal Life i wont Tolerate..Its My Life..I will Stay According to My Wish..U r My Client so Be Client Only..No need to Intrefere or Suggest Me anything abt My Life..wen My Parents dnt have any Prblm so Y r U Soo Concerned Haa? ( Folds Her Hands ) Plzz Leave..Ur Case will be Strtrd Next Week so till den Bye ( Angrily )..

Mr Sharma : ( Shocked ) Bbt Beta..Ii was jjstt ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Angry ) I said Leave Mr Sharma..h4 I Loose My Patience n Do something Wrong wich is Agnst My Values..So plz Leave ( Irritated )

Mr Sharma : Sorry Beta..woh…I will Leave Me.. ( Leaves )

As Mr Sharma Left,Swara who was alrdy Frustrated due to Mr Sharma was Shocked n Frozen on da Spot seeing Sanskaar Standing infront of the Door wid Teary Eyes n Guilt seen in Every Corner of His Eyes making Sanskaar to Run frm thr all Devastated n Shattered..

Swara : ( Shocked ) SANSKAAR…( Composes Herself ) Ssanskaarr..lleett me explain..dnt think anything Wrong Sanskaar..R u Listening Me ? ( Goes towards Sanskaar bt Shocked )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Swara ( Controls His Tears ) Mm Nt feeling Well..M going Out fr some time..U Go Home Ok ( Leaves infact Runs )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar..Suno..Plzz.Dnt take It Srsly.. ( Shout ) SANSKARR.. ( Worried n Restless ) Ohh God ( Rubs Her Hands in Her Hairs in Restlessness ) Yeh kya hogaya..I jst Hope Sanskaar kuch Ghalat na kar baithe.. ( Teary Eyes ) Bhagwaan plzz Sanskaar ki Rakhsha karna..He is My World Plzz.. ( Cries n Runs Behinds Sanskaar )

Soon Swara who was Equally Shattered n Broken as Sanskaar Runs Behind Sanskaar Brking Her More n all Worried n Restless wid Tears of Restlessness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Hoo Ohooohoo

Ajnabi Mod Hai
Kauf Har Aur Hai
Har Nazar Pe Duan Cha Gaya
Pal Bhar Mein Jane Kya Kho Gaya
Hmmm Aasmaaan Sard Hai
Aahein Bhi Sard Hai
Kab Se Sayaa Juda Ho Gaya

Hmmm Pal Bhar Mein Jane Kya Kho Gaya..


Shergill Mansion

7 Hours Later

12:00am Night

7 Hours Passed n its 12 in da Mid Night since Sanskaae was gone Missing after da Evening Incident all Shattered n Broken..As Time Passes Swara was Shown All Worried n Restless fr Sanskaar since His Missing Pacing all around da Hall in Tension thinking abt Sanskaar making Her More Shattered n Restless..

Swara : ( Restlese ) Heyy Bhagwaan Yeh Sanskaar kaha rehgaya.8 Ghante hogaye usse jaake n He is nt Yet Bak..pata nhi kaha hoga..kaisa hoga..Kuch khaaya bhi ya nhi..Pehle hi His Health is nt Good..N Uper se He has ny taken His Tablets…I jst Hope He is Fine..aapko toh pata hai Bhagwaan Ji Sanskaar is really Sensitive abt this Matter..den Y alwyz He has to Face this Situation agn n agn..Fr Me His Age doesnt Matter all wat Natter to Me is His Love..Care n Support dem Why do We alwyz have to Face this Situations in Our Life..Plzz Mere Sanskaar ki Rakhsha karna Plzz ( Cries ) Agr Usse kuch hogaya toh I wont be able to Live widout Him..Plzz ( Brks Down )

As Swara was Pacing around in Tension thinking abt Sanskaar,Her Eyes Fell on Sanskaar who was seen all Tired n Exhausted due to Weakness n Stress..Seeing Sanskaar in such State Swara who was alrdy Tensed n Worried abt Sanskaar was More Tensed n Hugged Him in A Bone Crushing Hug Showing all Her Pain n Restlessness making Sanskaar too Hug Bak wid Equal Love n Passion..

Swara : ( Relieved ) Sanskaar ( Runs n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Sanskaar Where were U? I was soo Tensed fr U.. ( Release da Hug n Cupped Sanskaar’s Face wid Teary Eyes ) Do U have any Idea Hw Worried I was fr U? Pata nhi kaise kaise Khayaal aarahe the Mann main.. I was Soo Scared.. ( Hugs Agn Tightly ) Plzz dnt do such things Agn..Plzz..I will Die widout U.. ( Brks Down ) Plzz dnt Leave Me n Go Agn..Plz ( Cries )

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed bt Controls n Hugs Bak ) Swara..Sshh..See m Bak ( Caresses Swara’s Bak ) Kuch nhi hua mujhe..Relax.. ( Assures )

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) Relax? ( Angry ) Relax Haa? ( Hits Sanskaar’s Chest ) U r telling Me to Be Relax Haa.. ( Hits Agn ) Hw cn I? Jah Tum iss tarrah achanak widout Informing Me Chalejaoge n jis Situation main gaye the..uske baad U r telling Me to be Relax? ( Hits More Harder ) Andaza bhi hai kitne Ghante hue tumhe iss tarrah jaake..nhi Na..Pure 8 Ghante..n these 8 Hours U were Out somewhere widout Eating anything n that too in a Broken State infront of Me..n U r telling Me to be Relax..Is it soo Easy fr U Sanskaar? Bhale tumhe tumhari Life ki koi Importantance na ho..bt fr Me Ur Life is more important dan Me..U r My Heart Beat Sanskaar..agr tumhe kuch hojata toh I wud have Died on da Spot Only.. ( Teary Eyes ) Jaan Ho Tum Meri..U r My Life..Samjhe Mr Sanskaar Shergill.. ( Jerks Angrily n Runs Cryingly )

While Swara Ran towards Her Room Cryingly,Sanskar who was Seeing it was More Sad n Upset seeing His Wife in such State n was Feeling Guilty fr Her State..Soon He Went to His Room n was Shocked seeing His Wife Crying Bitterly Hugging Their Marriage Photo All Broken n Shatteted making Sanskaar Feel More Guilty n Sad wid Tears of Guilt Flowing frm His Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Swara..

Swara : ( Sees Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes ) Sanskaar Plzz i dnt wanna Talk to U nw..so Plzz Go.. ( Turns Her Face in Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Sighs n Goes Near Swara ) Swara.. ( Holds Swara’s Hands ) Shona..Listen ( Swara Glares Angrily ) Plzz Suno na..M Sorry..I knw I Overeated on Evening’s Incident..n I Left frm thr widout Informing U..N M Sorry fr that..bt Swara..Main kya karta.. ( TearyEyes ) Everytime I Hear Ppl talking n Advicing U abt Our Marriage..I feel Guilty..I feel I really Spoiled Ur Life..Thr is a Huge Age Gap b/w Us Swara..n Tum Maano ya Na Maano We do have mny Things different in Us..Like Ur Kiddish Nature n My Maturity Nature..The Things wich U like i dnt like those things..n yeh hi Cheez will Create a Big Prblms fr Us.. ( Pats Swara’s Palms widTeary Eyes ) I knw We both have Decided We wont Discuss abt all these agn bt Swara No Matter hw much I Try I cnt Deny da Fact U r 12 YRS YOUNGER than ME..n ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) So What Sanskaar? If We have 12 Yrs Difference b/w Us..its nt a Big Deal..Have U seen in Foreign Counteries..Hw much Long Gap Couples have thr b/w them? Its much more than Us Sanskaar..Dnt they feel da Same wich U Feel? ( No Response frm Sanskaar ) Off Course Nt ..coz they Have Love b/w dem n fr them these Age n all dnt Matter..all wat Matters to dem is their Love n Care fr Eachother..their Understanding..their Support n nthing else..den Y do We r getting Effected by all these Haa? We Love Eachorher..n Caresses too fr Eachotherd den Wat else We want..Hai na?

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Bt Swara..Foreign main da Culture is like that..thr No One is Concerned abt Eachother bt Here..In Our India Ppl r soo Much Interested in others Life ki they jst dnt have any other Wrk dan these..wich ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Thats wat m telling U Sanskaar..Ppl jst Roam around n Intrefere in Other’s Matters.They r nore interested in other’s Matters dan their Own..So Y r We Wasting Our Time by thinking abt them n their Soo Called Low Thinking? Jst Leave them n Let Us Enjoy Our Life na..Inm 2 Saalo main Wen We did nt Care abt other n their Thinking den Y Today Sanskaar? Tell Me..Bhaad main jaaye yeh log..We r Happy together na ( Sanskaar Nodes Yes ) then bas. Nthing else We need ..Ok?

Sanskaar : ( Sighs n Agrees ) I Guess U r Right Swara..Y shud We think abt others wen they dnt Care abt Our Happiness..They jst need to Intrefere in other Personal Matters..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thats Like My Super Smart Husband Mr Shergill..M Happy to Have U in My Life.. ( Hugs Sanskaar Smilingly ) No Matter hw much Old U r dan Me..Ur Love n Support is da thing wich Matter to Me da Most ( Hugs More than )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) n fr Me U..I Promise j will alwyz try to keep U Happy No Matter wat..

Swara : ( Smiles ) N I knw U will ( KissesShekhar’s Cheeks )

Sanskaar : ( Wipes His Tears ) Anywyz..Chalo Bahut ( Wipes Swara’s Tears too ) hogaya Rona Dhona..Tell Me did U have Ur Dinner?

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Hw cn I Sanskaar wen My Life Partner was Missing since Hours? Do U think I will feel like Eating?

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Swara..Hw cn U be soo Careless Haa? U knw U cnt Sleep at nyt widout Having anything den Hw cn U be soo Careless? Khair..Chalo..lets have Dinner..n den Sleep..its quite Late..

Swara : ( Wipes Her Tears ) Haa Ok..U get Freshen Up..till den I will Arrange da Table..ok ?

Sanskaar : Hmm Ok.. ( Leaves fr Washroom )

As Sanskaar Leaves fr Getting Freshening Up Swara too goes Down to Arrange da Dinner n Soon both had their Dinner Feeding Eachother Happily n Headed towards their Own Room Happily Hand in Hand Forgetting abt their Recent Bad Incident Leading them to Sleep Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace Smilingly n Cuddling Eachother..


Next Morning

Its Another Beautiful Day wid Yet Another New Hopes n Morning Disturbing Both Swara n Sanskaar who were Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace..As Both were Disturbed by the Morning Rays of Sun,Sanskaar wno was Holding Swara by Waist Protectively Recieved a Call on His Phone Disturbing Both Swara n Sanskaar Even More..

Swara : ( Cuddles in Sleep ) Ahmm Sanskaar..Phone utnao na apna.See its Disturbing My Sleep.. ( Rubs Her Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Giggles seeing Swara’s Antics )( Monologue ) Pagaal.. ( To Swara ) Haa Ruko..Ek Min..( Picks da Call ) Haa Mr Verma..Hmm Ok..U be thr in My Firm in Nxt 10 Mins..I will come thr..Ok ? Ok den Bye..See Ya.. ( Cuts da Call )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar..dnt tell Me U have to go to Firm on Sunday too? ( Pout )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Pecks Swara’s Pout ) Sorry Shona..bt Yes..I have to..Actually U knw na da Case m Handling of Mr Verma..He has something Important to Discuss..So I need to go..

Swara : ( Sad ) Bbt ( Teary Eyes ) Unhad Promised We will go to Movie Today..den Hw cn U go like this ? ( Pout )

Sanskaar : ( Feels Bad ) M Really Sorry Shona..bt Its Really Important n I cnt Deny it..Plz Try to Understand.. ( Tries to Convince Swara )

Swara : Ok Fine..Bt Come Soon..I will feel Bore at Home..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Sure My Lawyer Sahiba.. ( Pecks Swara’s Lips Agn ) n Thnks fr Understanding ( Smiles Naughtily ) n Haa Be Ready.I will Compensate for Spoiling Our Sunday at Night n dat too Full Night ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar.. ( Hits Sanskaar’s Chest Playfully ) Shameless.. ( Gets Up ) Nw Go.n Get Ready. I will Prepare ur Brk Fast.. Ok?

Sanskaar : Ok..15 Mins.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Ties Her Hairs in Bun ) Ok..Waiting ( Leaves )

Soon Sanskaar Left fr Getting Ready while Swara went Down fr Preparing Brk Fast n As soon as Swara Finished Preparing fa Brk Fast Sanskaar too came down n Had His Brk Fast Hurriedly n Left fr His Firm Leaving Swara all Alone in da Mansion making Her Feel Bore n Irritated..


1 Hour Later

Shergill Mansion

Time Passed n its been 1 Hour since Sanskaar Left fr His Meeting wid Mr Verma while Swara felt really Bored Watching TV n Playing Games on Mobile Non Stop Leading to Batter Drain making Her Feel More Bored n Frustrated..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Uff ( Throws da Phone on Sofa ) Iss Mobile ko bhi abhi Dead hona tha..Abb kya karu? Feeling Damn Bored..TV ( Switches dw Channels ) per bhi kuch nhi aaraha..n Uper se all da Servants r on Leave ( Keeps Mobile on Charger in Irritated State ) Sanskaar ko bhi na aaj hi Firm jaana tha..Huh..nw wat to do? ( Pout )

As Swara was Blabbering Herself,She all of A Sudden gets A Call on Her Mobile making Her to Pick da Call in Happiness n Jump in Childishness..

Swara : ( Happy ) Omg..Helloo.. Kavita…Hw are U Yaar? Its been Long Time..kaha job tum? Ohh God ( Excitedly )

Kavita : ( Laughs ) Chillax Swara…N here only…jst came fr My Wedding Shopping to Kolkata wid My Fiance Sahil ( Blushes )

Swara : ( Surprised ) What?? U n Sahil r gonna Marry ? N Engagement bhi hogayi n did nt inform Me also.Hw Mean ( Pout ) dnt Forget it was Me who made U both Realize ur Love fr Eachother ( Proudly ) n U both Forgot Me only..Huh ( Makes Faces )

Kavita : ( Bites Her Tongue ) Sorry Yaar…Sacchi kahu i also did nt knw m getting Married ( Giggles ). Bas Mom n Dad ne Achanak hi Fix kardi Engagement n Wedding ki did nt get Time to Inform anyone ( Pleads ) Plz Maaf karde ( Pleads Cutely )

Swara : ( Melts ) Accha Accha Ok..Jao Maaf kardiya..anywyz tell Me kaha ho tum? I mean kaha Stay karrahi ho? Hotel ya Tere Apartment main?

Kavita : Hotel main Swara..Woh Actually U knw I came bak to Kolkata after a really long time n dat too jst fr 2 dyz fr Shopping toh i did nt want My Aunt to take Stress in Cleaning da Apartment..so We r Staying in A Hotel..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Ohh Accha..waise I wanna Meet U both Yaar..its been Yrs We Met after College.. ( Pout Face )

Kavita : Haa Yaar..wohi kehne I Called U..Y dnt U Join Me n Sahil fr Shopping? Issi bahane We will Spend some Frndly Time together n College ke Din Yaad karte hai ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Chuckles ) Ya Sure..accha Ok Msg Me da Mall Address n Time..i will be thr on Time..

Kavita : Ok Chal..Will Msg U in 5 Mins..Ok?

Swara : Haa Ok Fine..Bye..See Yaa Soon..

Kavita : Sure Bye..( Cuts da Call )

Soon Swara Recieves A Msg frm Kavita n Went to get Ready n Headed towards Her Destination Happily..While She was on da Way She Tried Calling Sanskaar bt since His Mob was on Silent He cud nt Hear da Ring n did nt Pick da Call Making Swara Irritated at First bt later Composed n Understood da Matter n Headed towards da Mall Happily n Excitedly..


3 Hours Later

Shergill Mansion

3 Hours Passed since Swara went to da Mall n Sanskaar Returned Home..As Time Passed Sanskaar who was Unaware abt the Swara’s Visit to Meet Her Frnds was Tensed n Worried thinking abt Swara as Her Mobile was too Switched Off making Sanskaar more Scared n Restless abt Swara n Her Safety..

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Ohh God..Kaha gayi yeh Ladki..I hope She is Fine…She never goes widout Informing Me..den wat happened Today..Where is She Today? Ohh God Plzz Protect Her..Plzz ( Restless )

While Sanskaar was Tensed n Restless fr Swara Spacing da Hall,He Hears A Few Laughing Voices..Hearing da Voices Sanskaar Turned Around n was Shockedness seeing Swara Enjoying n Laughing n Entering da House making Sanskaar First Relieved bt Later Angry on Irresponsibility of Informing Him n Strtd Scolding Her Widout Caring abt the Ppl Present thr Making Swara Teary n Embarrassed..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Swara…

Swara : ( Happy ) Sanskaar ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Thnk God U came..( Release da Hug ) See i wanna Introduce U to My ( Points KavHil Excitedly ) Bestest Frnds Ever..( Points Kavita ) She is My Partner in Crime Kavita..n He ( Points towards Sahil ) My Best Frnd Sahil..Actually woh kya hai na We went fr Shopping all of a Sudden n I thot U will ( Intrerupted n Shocked )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) U thot I will come Late n U Planned fr Shopping widout Informing Me Haa? R u Mad Swara? ( Holds Swara’s Shoulders Angrily ) aisa koi jaata hai kya ? U shud have informed Me Swara.Do I knw since Past 3 Hours M Trying Yr Phone by Landline bt U were soi bzy wid Ur Frnds U did nt even think to Jst Chk Ur Phone Once? .Show Some MATURITY Swara? U r nt a Kid anymore..U shud knw ur responsibilities..Do U knw Hw much Worried I was fr U..Meri Jaan nikal rahi thi yaha thinking abt U bt U.. ( Taunts Angrily ) Look at U..( Jerks Harshly )were soo Bzy Enjoying wid Ur Frnds ki did nt even think to Informing Me..ryt?

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ssanskaarr..( Teary Eyes ) Nthing like that..Iii ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Shut Up Swara..I did nt Expect this frm U..I thot U will be Matured Enough to Handle da things after OUR MARRIAGE ( KavHil Shocked ) bt No..U r still Immature..I Forgot dat U r a Kiddo n will alwyz be a Kiddo infront of Me..God knws wen will U Grow Up..Huh.. ( Leaves Angrily )

As Sanskaar Left frm thr Angrily Leaving Swara Shattered n Broken,KavHil who were Equally Shocked seeing Swara,Consoled Her n Confronted Her fr Her Sudden Marrige while Swara Explained Them their Love Marriage n Her Continoues Trying making KavHil More Shocked n Numb..

Kavita : ( Shocked ) Swara..wats all this ? U got Married? N U did nt inform Us also?

Sahil : Haa n dat too to da Well Known Lawyer of Kolkata SANSKAAR SHERGILL who is Much Elder dan Us? U never had Plans to Marry na? Then hw come? ( Shocked too )

Swara : ( Weeping ) Yes Sahil i never had Plans to Marry anyone till I Achieve My Goals..bt da moment i saw ( Teary Eyes ) Sanskaar..I fell fr Him at First Sight..I knw He is da Well knwn Lawyer of Kolkata n Is Much Elder dan Me..bt Sahil Frankly Speaking I dnt Believe in Age Gap n all..Unless U have a Huge Gap..n Mere aur Sanskaar ke beech main sirf 12 Yrs Ka hai..wich is nt a Big Deal..Ppl have much more Gap dan Us..then Our toh its nthing.. ( Teary Eyes )

Kavita : bt Swara..See Age Gap kitna bhi ho..chahe 12 Yrs ya More dan that..Differences hoge..in every Field..like Ur Thinking..Ur Tastes..Ur Nature.n aaj ka hi dekhlo He Scolded U widout Listening to U..Wich is Wrong..Agr aaj tumne apne kisi Age wale se Shaadi ki hoti like Me n Sahil toh Ur Partner wud have Understood U..nt jst Scold n Blame U as A Kiddo n Go ( Angry )

Sahil : Haa Swara..Mana Sanskaar Shergill is a Very Big Lawyer n much Matured too bt it doesnt mean He tell U Kiddo or Irresponsible..( Angry too )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) U Guyz only saw His Anger in da way He Talked to Me..bt U Guyz did nt see da Thing wich I saw in HIS EYES.. ( Smiles Lovingly )

KavHil : ( Confused ) Matlab ??

Kavita : Say Clearly Swara..Wat We did nt see wich U saw in His Eyes Haa?

Swara : ( Smiles ) LOVE… ( Sees KavHil’s Expressions ) Yes Kavita..U both jst saw His Anger n Rudness bt sid nt see His LOVE…HIS CARE fr ME behind that Anger n Rudness..Sanskaar ne jo kuch bhi kaha in Anger is Out of Love n Care towards Me..He Cares fr Me isiliye He Bursted Out on Me da Moment He saw Me..warna agr koi aur hota on His Place He wud have Waited till U Guyz Go to Avoid Mess or anyother Prblm..bt Sanskaar He did nt Think or Saw anything bt jst Bursted On Me..wich Shows His Immense Love n Care fr Me ( Overwhelmed ) n dekhna abhi He wud be at Some Corner n wud be Crying or Cursing Himself fr Shouting n Bursting Out on Me..Mere se zaada No One Knws abt Him.. ( Teary Eyes )

Kavita : ( Teary Eyes ) Aww..My Bestie is soo Matured..itne se Kam Umer main itna Maturity..Wow..M Impressed ( Giggles )

Sahil: ( Teary Eyes too ) M also Impressed Swara..Sanskaar is Very Lucky to have U in His Life..M soo Happy fr U Swara.i jst cnt Believe till nw da Most Bubbly n Naughty Girl of Our College Times has become soo Matured n Responsible.. ( Emotional )

Swara : ( Smiles n Wipes Her Tears ) Abb bas karo..N Leave..i need to Convince Sanskaar..He is really Angry.. ( Sad )

Kavita : ( Worried ) Swara..if u want ( Sees Sahil ) We cn Talk to Sanskar n see..maybe He will ( Intrerupted )

Swara : No No Kavita..its.ok..i will Manage..i knw hw to Handle Him..N waise bhi He is Angry wid Me so Manane ka Kaam Mera hai..So dnt worry both of U..Jst Go n Take Rest..U guyz have much more to Shop in a Short Time..

Sahil : R u Sure Sanskaar will be Fine ?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Baba..Pakka..Dnt Sorry.. ( Assures ) Nw GO…

KavHil : ( Agrees Unknown ) Ok..Fine..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Dnt Worry Guyz..I will Manage..I knw Sanskaar V well..He will be Angrily fr sometime bt Later He will be Normal ( Assures )

Sahil : Ok Fine..Anywyz We will take Ur Leave..agr koi Help chahiye toh Call ok?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hmm..Sure..

Soon both Kavita n Sahil frm thr while Swara Looked At Her Room Upstairs n Sighed Sadly n Headed towards Her Room wid Fear n Tension.As soon as Swara Reached their Room,She was all Teary Eyes seeong Sanskaar Standing Near A Window All Pale n Anger seen on His Face Clearly making Swara more Sad n Teary..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Ssanskaar..( No Response frmSanskaar ) Sanskaar Plzz na ( Bak Hugs Sanskaar Tightly wid Teary Eyes ) Dnt be soo Angry wid Me..i knw U r Angry wid Me bt Sanskaar Trust Me..it was all Sudden Plan..Actually Kabita n Sahil r gonna Marry soon n they r My Bestest Frnds n they came here fr their Wedding Shopping..n they wanted Me to Meet Me.So i went..n b4 going Ii Called U..Msg U too bt I guess U krpt ur Phone on Silent..( Sobs ) Sanskaar ( Shakes Sanskaar Cryingly ) Plzz Talk to Me..Plzzzz ( Brks Down )

As Swara was Crying Bitterly Back Hugging Sanskaar,He was All Numb n Blank widout any Emotions like a Stutue making Swara Confused n Bewildered..

Swara : ( Confused ) Sanskaarr ( Goes infront of Sanskaar n is Shocked ) Sanskaar ( Cups Sanskaar’s Face ) Kya hua? Y r u Crying Haa? ( Wipes Sanskaar’s Tears ) Plzz bolo kya hua.. ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Immediately n Cries ) Mm Ssorryy..i Shouted at U widout knwing anything…m Really Sorry.. ( Hugs Tightly ) I saw Ur Missed Calls n Msgs nw only..M Sorry..Plzz Maaf kardo..I was soo Angry n Wat all I said to U.U r nt Immature Swara bt i M Immature.I behaved soo Stupidly wid U…Plzz Sorry. ( Brks Down )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar..( Consoles ) No Sanskaar..( Caresses Sanskaar’s Bak ) Shh.U r nt Immature..U r da Most Caring n Loving Husband in da World ( Release da Hug n Cupped Sanskaar’s Face ) Tumhare uss Ghusse main bhi Pyaar Jhalak raha tha Sanskaar..U were worried fr Me n isiliye U Shouted at Me fr My Childishness..i knw I was at Fault..bt Trust Me Sanskaar B4 Leaving fr Mall I tried Ur No Severally Times bt U did nt Pick Up..infact I Left A Msg foo bt den also No Reply..So i thot U were really Bzy so did nt Pick Ur Phone..Isiliye I went Widout Informing U.. ( Teary Eyes ) n den after 2 Hours wen I felt to Try U Agn My Mobile got Switches Off due to Low Battery. N hence cud nt Inform U.. ( Feels Sad ) M Sorry fr Making U soo Tensed fr Me..m really Sorry ( Cries )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Immediately ) Sshh..Relax..No need to be Sorry..M sorry..I Simply Shouted at U Infront of Ur Frnds..M Sorry..n ( Hesitates ) They myt be also Asking U na Y U Married Me? Ryt?

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) No Sanskaar..its nthing like that..Haa Strting main they were Obiviously Shocked bt Later They Understood..They r nt lime other Ppl Sanskaar..Sacchi kahu more dan My anyone I Trust them n they Rrust Me..We r nt jst Frnds bt more dan a Fends..So its Ok..They Understood Later..n nw they r Happy wid Our Relationship..Nw Smile ( Shows Smile Expressions through Fingers )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) I Love U ( Hugs Agn ) n M Sorry agn ( Teary Eyes n Kisses Swara’s Shoulders )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) Love U too ( Feels da Kiss m Hugs More Tightly )

While both were Hugging Eachother Feeling Eachother,Sanskaar All of A Strtd giving Wet Kisses on Swara’s Nape Sensuously n Teased Her Waist Under da Top Making Swara to Feel His Touch n Moarn in Pleasure Enjoying His Teasingness Loosing all Her Senes n Mind State..

Swara : ( Closes Her Eyes ) Umm..Ahh Sanskaar..Wwhhatt r Uu ddoiinngg? Its nt Night ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( While Kissing ) I knw Wifey..bt cnt Control Myself after wat all happened Today b/w Us..I jst wanna Feel U n Forget My Behaviour towards U..Plzz ( Still Kissing )

Swara : ( Moarns ) Aahhh ( Tightens da Grip n Blushes ) Bbt First Close da Door na Mr Pati Dev ( Shy )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) As U Say Patni Ji.. ( Giggles )

Read at Ur Own Risk n Kids Stay Away ??….

Soon Sanskaar Closes da Door n Headed towards Swara Smiling Naughtily Unbuttoning His Shirt while Swara Turned Around n Blushed Hard Turning Her face into A Red Tomato Increasing Her Each Heart Beat Faster n Faster hearing Sanskaar’s Foot step..As Sanskaar Reached towards His Swara,He Encircles His Hands Around Her Waist n Strtd Caressing it under Top while His Wet Lips Kissed n Teased Her Nape Sensuously making Swara to Enjoy n Maorn in Pleasure..

Saara : ( Closes Her Eyes n Enjoys ) Umm..Sssansskaarr..Ahh ( Fists Her Hands on Sanskaar’s Hands wich were Bzy Caressing Her Bare waist n Maorns )

Do Lafz Ki Hain, Baatein Kaheen Hai..
Kyoon Darmiyaan Phir, Ruki Ruki..
Keh Bhi Na Paaye, Reh Bhi Na Paaye..
Kyoon Bevajah Hai, Yeh Bebasi..
Tum Mein Hum Hain, Hum Mein Tum Ho..
Tumse Hum Hain, Humse Tum Ho..
Kismaton Se Milte Hain Do Dil Yahaan..

As Sanskaar was Kissing Swara’s Nape,Swara who was all Lost in His Touch Lost Her Control n Turned in a Second n Hugged Sanskaar Immediately Dugging Her Res Face in His Half Bare Chest Blushing Hard while Sanskaar Smiled n Scooped Her in His Arms in a Bridal Style n Headed towards their Bed Admiring n All Lost in His Wife’s Blushness n Shyness making Swara to Blush More..

Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..
Khush-Naseeb Hain Hum..
Jinko Hai Mili
Yeh Bahar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein…

Soon Sanskaar Reached their Bed n Laid Swara on Bed n Came on Top of Her Exposing His Entire Bare Body due to His Unbuttoned Shirts making Swara to Blush More n Leading Sanskaar to Smile n Lean Towards Her Neck Kissing n Digging Himself in Her Crook of Her Neck Kissing n Biting Sensuously..As Sanskaar was Bzy in Teasing Swara’s Neck His Hands Roamed inside Her Top Kneading n Pressing Her B*ss*ms while Swara Blushes n Moarned Pleasurely Roaming Her Hands on Sanskaar’s Bare Mascular Chest making Sanskaar More Crazy n Hungry..

Pyar Na Ho To, Zindagi Kya Hai..
Yaar Na Ho To, Bandigi Kya Hai..
Pyar Na Ho To, Zindagi Kya Hai..
Yaar Na Ho To, Bandigi Kya Hai..
Tujhse Hi Her Khushi Hai..
Tere Dam Se Ashiqui Hai, Jaan Le..
Mil Jaayein Hum To, Sab Kuchh Sahi Hai..
Phir Is Tarah Kyoon Hain Ajnabee..
Tum Mein Hum Hain, Hum Mein Tum Ho..
Tumse Hum Hain, Humse Tum Ho..
Kismaton Se Milte Hain Do Dil Yahaan..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein…

As Both were Bzy n Enjoying their Teasing,Sanskaar Slowly Yet Sensuously Discarded Swara’s Top n Threw it in a Corner while Swara too Discarded Sanskaar’s Half Opened Shirt Fully n Threw in da Same Corner n Strtd Enjoying n Moarning in Pleasure making Sanskaar more Crazy n Wilder in Kissing n Teasing Swara’s Each Upper Exposed Parts making Swara Feel More Heavenly n Completed wid Sweat Dripping all Over Body in Pleasure n Satisfaction..

Tu Mohabbat Hai, Ishq Hai Mera..
Ek Ibadat Hai, Sath Yeh Tera..
Tu Mohabbat Hai, Ishq Hai Mera..
Ek Ibadat Hai, Sath Yeh Tera..
Jab Dil Se Dil Milein Hai..
Phir Kyoon Yeh Faansle Hain, Is Tarah..
Aa Bol De Tu, Ya Bol Du Main..
Kab Tak Chhupaayein, Yeh Bekhudi..
Tum Mein Hum Hain, Hum Mein Tum Ho..
Tumse Hum Hain, Humse Tum Ho..
Kismaton Se Milte Hain Do Dil Yahaan…

While Swara was Moarning n Enjoying Her Spcl Moments wid Sanskaar,Sanskaar too in A Second made each One of Them Completely Naked n Strtd Thrusting Inside Swara Slowly Yet Sensuously n Sucked Her Each Part Calmly Yet Passionately..Soon Both were Lost in their Own Beautiful World Wrapped inside A Single Duvet Hiding their Naked Bodies making A Passionate Love wid Eachother Forgetting their Recent Bitter Moments.Soon both Swara n Sanskaar after A Hell Tiring n A Exhausted Love Making Drifted into A Deep n A Peacefull Sleep Cuddling n Gripping Eachother Tightly Yet Lovingly making them both Look More Heavenly n Complete in Eachother’s Embrace Sleeping Peacefully n Happily..

Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein…


Precap : Love VS Age…Who will Win ??


Tadaa…Guyz here is da Surprise..Hw was it? Hope U all Liked it..Its a New Yr Time so thot to Surprise U all wid A TS wid da Continuation on da OS Age VS Love wich U all Liked it n gave Amzing Response..Hope U all Liked this too..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me Knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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