Swasan ts aashiquie by samaira (last part b)

Hey guyss actually left the story there itself as wanted to give two parts of the last part as it would become quite long

Let’s start:-
Scence starts from sanskar passing soup to
Swara- peena zaroori hai ( is it compulsary to drink it) nd laughs
Sanskar- haan
(Sanskar made the soup himself for swara as he didn’t want her to drink the bitter soup of hospital)
Sanskar starts feeding her
Sanskar- how is it?
Swara( makes a yukky face nd then laughs) gud
Sanskar – one more
Swara shows little bit of tantrums then finishes it off

Swara is sitting sadly and watching her and
laksh pics in her mobile while sanskaar went out for some work
Yariyaan iss dard e Dil ki sifarish plays in bg …..
She just see their pics and is teary eyed and stares the pics
Just then Sanskar enters in
Sanskar- swara it’s ur time for medicines …
Swara sees him and hides her phone under the bedsheet sanskar sees it and goes towards her
Sanskar- (while trying to see what she is hiding) wht r u hiding
Swara – kuch nahi and tries to cover up the situation
Sanskar- don’t lie wht happend y r u crying? ( Says worriedly)
Swara- (stammers and says) woh woh nuthing dirt went inside my eyes
Sanskar(sarcastically) really dirt went u know what u r really filmy full Bollywood type now say me what happened
Swara- nuthing everything is fine…
Sanskar then tries to see what she hided – why did u hide there
Swara- nuthing (sanskar comes dead close to her trying to see what happened and she says irritatedly) I said na nuthing

Then suddenly they realise how close they r and
share a deep eyelock just then Sanskar mobile rings and they break the eyelock sanskar moves from her and takes out the mobile
While swara composes herself
Sanskar- yeah hello I will call u later
He then takes swara s phone
Sanskar- oh so aap yeh pictures ko dekh kar devdas bani bethi thi( seeing these pics u were sitting like a devdas
Swara gives him an irritated and unbelievable look and smacks his shoulders nd snatches the phone
Sanskar- wow ur a wildcat too
Swara gives him a wht the hell look
Sanskar- ok fine chill just kidding
Sanskar- do one thing u delete all the pics of u
both and call him and say him all the bad words that come in ur mouth.. u will feel a bit light try it and passes the mobile

Swara gets irritated and says: jab we met is ur
favorite movie na hamesha uss ke lines aur dialouges churate rehte ho na..
While sanskaar just smiles and says- yeah I
know it’s my favorite movie ( takes a chair near her and sits there) it’s really very effective try it trust me u will feel better
Holds her hand and gives it to her
Sanskar- do it
Swara takes it and slowly starts deleting the
pics and sanskaar just looks into her mobile
Sanskar-tht too he shows all the pics to delete
As swara starts deleting she smiles
Sanskar- maza aaraha hai( u enjoying now)
Swara(happily and smilingly) iam feeling much better
After deleting all the pics she deletes the contact of laksh too.
Swara- you know wht it’s so wired but I’m feeling so relived and better ….
Sanskar- pakka(sure)?
Swara- yep and happily says only one last pic is left
( Guys sorry for tht as I said she deleted all the pics but one or two r left as IAM typing on mobile I can’t go back and correct the mistake sorry)
Sanskar just looks at her lovingly
Then he goes out to meet the doctor

Doctors cabin
Doc- thanks to u sanskar swara is recovering very speedily we will fit the prostethic ( a new leg which will be made in labs) leg to her in few days nd then she will be able to walk…
Sanskar- but doctor how many days would it take swara to walk properly on her own feet.
Doc- it actually depends upon number of factors
prostethic leg is just a scientific solution but if the patients will power is strong nd she gets the love of her family and the loved ones she would recover very soon
Sanskar just happily nods….
Doc- and yeah swara is very lucky cause u r there with her…
While sanskaar just blushingly nods…

After few days:
Doctor is fitting the prostethic leg to swara and sanskar nd nurse is standing there…
Sanskar is holding her hand tightly and
supporting her…
Nd swara is seen being feared and worried…
Just as the leg fits swara keeps her leg down doctor nd sanskar holds her hand and help her in walking
As swara takes few steps she was abt to fell down and sanskar just holds her hand tightly leading to a short eyelock between them then
they composes themselves and sanskaar helps her in standing and swara is able to help her stand…..
Swara was able to walk few steps …

After a few more days:
With the help of sanskaar s support and her strong will power she was able to walk but not
perfectly without any ones help its like she could walk with someone s support perfectly but not alone
Swasan s bonding grew very strong meanwhile laksh was busy in own world
Sanskar used to tease swara a lot
(Guys I wanna add some scenes ok so back to back iam going to add it)
As swara was laying on her bed and reading novel sanskar just comes back of her and scares her
Sanskar- booo
swara gets scared and starts beating with book to him Continuously… And both laughs
In free time sanskar brings his laptop and sit
besides her and with the earplugs in they used to watch funny videos …… And used to enjoy with each a lot….
During snack time also he used to tease her
As sanskar bought apple which was cut into
small pieces with fork
He used to bring near her and eat it by himself nd swara used to get angry …
Swara- uff (nd then she passed a piece if apple to him and at it by herself)
Nd then both used to laugh wholeheartedly…..
Both were very busy in their world enjoying each other’s company swara never remembered laksh being with sanskar…
Then slowly slowly swara holding the supporting chair used to walk by herself and sanskar used to help her a lot…
( Now starts the drama!!)
Now after a whole 1 month and 15days swara was alright but it didn’t mean tht she would be able to dance not now at least
And swasan again joined the collage
Swara was like laksh never existed in her life she just totally forgot abt him….
They both enters to the canteen sanskar s hand is entangled with swara s nd helping her to walk
* She isn’t completely fine to walk all by herself*
They happily enter canteen
Just then swara sees raglak sitting together nd laughing
Swara s smiles fades and she gets angry and sanskar noticed it….
Swara- let’s go
Sanskar- for rehearsals
Swara- for rehearsals (suprised) what?
Sanskar- (happily) I forgot to tell u IAM taking part in this competition
Swara(feels happy seeing him happy) oh that’s gud who is the lucky girl?
Sanskar-( holds her hand) it’s u
Swara s smile gets a little bit small
Swara-( shocked and surprised ) wht !! R u mad? Do u want to lose the competition or what everyone will make fun of u…
Sanskar(proudly) who will make fun of me I will see them!
Sanskar(stammers a bit but says) swara I just want u to see happy and needs ur support … No one is important for me more than u I..I really like u swara..
Swara feels immense happiness and gets teary eyed she didnt reply anything …..
Just then raglak who were in their own world noticed them….
Laksh(call out) hey swara
But swara ignored him
Swara- so let’s go partner don’t u want to practice ..
Sanskar gets really very happy nd just nods..
And they both walk happily hand in hand…
Leaving a fumed laksh behind..

Practice room:
Swasan r practicing on song tere bin of ek paheli leela
Sanskar supports her nd they both practice they
R doing it slowly
# when they dance during the competition I will explain how they r dancing as u might be thinking the girl who isn’t able to walk herself how will she dance..
As they were practicing swara feels pain and she starts going but sanskar stops her nd holds her and they both dance they were dancing really close and sanskar sees them and fumes…
In canteen:
Raglak r sitting in canteen
Ragini- baby first we will go to mall nd do shopping for me then we will go to KFC
And she was blabbering a lot and laksh was least interested and his mind was just flashing the scenes of swasan dance
# one more thing laksh is not jealous cause he don’t truly love swara he is angry and fuming as he knows swara is the best dancer and if swara is with him then he could easily win#
Laksh gets irritated by ragini s talks
And just moves out of frm there and ragini is full on irritated + frustrated

In ground:
Swasan r listening songs and eating chips just then laksh comes there and stands in front of them after a min they notice him as they were busy in their own world ..
Laksh- IAM really sorry swara
Both swasan remove their ear plugs
Laksh- I realised that I was wrong and human does mistakes right can we again
Just then swara gets up and gets he’ll angry
Swara-what what did u say
Sanskar also gets up
Swara- wht did u say we both together again (laughs a bit) how did u think also that we would be together again.. do u even know the meaning of love
(Looks towards sanskar lovingly and says) being the support of someone in their bad time it is love loving and supporting ur partner with their fault is called love..
Then looks towards laksh- u didn’t even came once to see me u just sended that letter to me right u know what I even don’t want to see ur face..( points her index finger towards him) and dont dare and even try to come between me and sanskar get it she says furiously
Now laksh s ego gets hurted
Laksh- now I get what’s going on between u both ( look towards sanskar) and wht do u think tht u will win with her tht too in this situation only IAM going to win this competition
Iam challenging u both ( looks towards swara) only IAM going to win it get tht!!
And walks away
Just then swara calls him
Swara- listen laksh gud luck and no hard feelings nd sanskar smiles listening her….
Swara then closes her eyes tight then opens it laughing wholeheartedly
Swara(saying to herself) relax showing hands like surrendering herself!!
And they both laughs

# uff wrote a very long part I will post the last part as an epilouge today only it won’t take a lot of time
# so just think wht r they gonna do in such a short span

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