Swasan ts aashiquie by samaira (epilogue)

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Let’s start:-
Leap of 15 days
Both swasan and raglak r doing very well nd practicing a lot for the dance competition
The competition is going to start
Host comes to the stage and starts the program

Host: ladies and gentlemen let’s start with our first performance Mr laksh Kapoor and Mrs ragini gadodia
They both dance on dilliwali girlfriend very perfectly it was just awsm and the audience too enjoyed a lot plus the Judges were also very much impressed

And other 2 performances r done the also do it very beautifully
Host: wow what a brilliant perfomance last but no the least we call out the very special couple Mrs swara verma and Mr sanskar Malhotra ……

(Now I will try to describe the dance)
Swara is laying on ground with a leg above and sheet is covered on her
And sanskar is dancing just then he comes and removes the sheet from swara and then gives her hand it’s like supporting her and hey brother dance like Sankar lifting her up and both r dancing it was just outstanding everyone were adoring their bond

The judges wiped their tears from the corner of their eyes
Swasan come back from the dream world hearing a very loud round of applause and everyone stands up sanskar and swara r having tears in their eyes and the both hug each other tightly ….

Result time:-
Judges come on stage raglak swasan and two more Jodi’s r standing eagerly and hopefully waiting for the results….
Judge1- everyone s performances were worth praising all did amazingly but their was one perfomance which touched everyone s heart ….

Raglak gets happy thinking it’s them swasan also looks on hopefully …
Judge 1 (asking to the other judge) am I right?
Judge 2 absolutely there was one couple who danced dreaming it was just amazing and I think they only deserve the award
Raglak r smiling a lot and swasan were just bowing their head and looks on….

Judge 2- and they are…
(Raglak comes front
Judge 1 swara and sanskar

Jude 2 congratulations
Both raglak s smile vanishes and swasan gets really happy and they both are not Able to believe that they won….
Swara hugs sanskaar in excitement
And then Sanskar supports swara nd they both goes towards the stage
The judges hands over the trophy to them
While raglak r annoyed and makes faces while clapping fakely
Audience r hooting for them very loudly …..

Judge 2 congratulations
Swara- thank u mam
Judge 1 do u want to say something kuch bolna chahoge aap
Swara- yeah…
Nd they both comes towards the stand …and holds the mike

Swara- this perfomance whole credit goes to sanskar ( smilingly and bit stammeringly ) I just don’t know im feeling very emotional right now..
(Cryingly keeps the palms on her face then after few seconds) after my accident I..I just lose my hope ( sobs a bit and sanskar takes his hand squeezes her shoulder to support her) ( swara sidely cups sanskar s face) he supported me .. encouraged me ( words are not coming out of her mouth) aaj ke din mein Jo stage par khadi Hoon it’s all because of him ( today if IAM standing here it’s all because of him) ( sanskar looks at her with full of love) he helped me walk again dance again (swara hits sanskar chest with her elbow joyfully) life enjoy karna seekhaya( teached me to live life)
( While sanskaar laughs a bit)

Swara- (still crying ) IAM really lucky to have him by my side ( looks towards sanskar) (and stammers a bit) I ..I just wanted to say something …. Sanskar just nods
Swara- I..I ..I want to say something which I never told u before..( holds his hand) I really love u sanskar …..
Raglak just get frustrated …..

Swara- I really do .. and just hugs him tightly while all claps
Sanskar-( whispers near her ears) love u too..
And they hug each other very very tightly to never ever leave the support of each other…..
And be with each other till eternity…

Now finally swara found her true love her true soulmate while sanskar got his love …..
Huff!! Finally done sorry if this didn’t reach it expectation iam really sorry…..
I have come up with a new as it u like it then do comment pls …

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    1. Samaira_khan

      Thanku dear…

  1. Mars

    Awww beautiful especially last confession loved it. Swasan is heavenly. Epi was awesome dear

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thanks a lot for commenting iam glad u love it and ovbio swasan is heavenly no one can match up to them…

  2. Hey I just want to tell isn’t this story from pyaar tune Kya kiya episode of season 4 which has vrushika Mehta…..even the dialogues r exactly the same and just the names r changed

    1. Simrah_khan

      Yep ur right but she didn’t copied it actually iam her cousin sis and I love love stories whenever I see or read I write it in my diary … Nd samaira dosent like to watch she didn’t know and posted as she loved this story iam also a swasan and raglak fan tht is y I wrote in names of them in my diary she didn’t know it’s copied she thought I wrote this and posted

      1. I did not wish to hurt u guys but I just said it coz when I read the initial parts I felt that there would be some changes but on reading the epilogue I thought to tell u my opinion…..sry if u felt bad

    2. Samaira_khan

      Thank u dear I didn’t know abt it but do read my two stories which u wrote getting inspired from jab we met and yeh jawani hai deewani with my own imagination

      1. Sry if u felt bad but I just expressed my opinion

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    Nice dear…

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    Awesome confession….

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Loved it..

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      Thanks dear but it’s not my own post it’s copied

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    Guys thanks a lot for ur comments once again but it isn’t my own story it was written in my sis diary which she wrote from a show as her hobby and I just posted it here my intention was not to gain fame but I loved this story nd I wanted u guys to read it…. One more thing I have started 2 more stories which r my own and some wht related to my very 2 favorite films jab we met and yeh jawani hai deewani I will be posting it and I won’t like if someone said I copied because these 2 r my own ideas….

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    Awesome dear really loved it

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    Lovely confession dear. Sorry for not commenting on prev parts.

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