Swasan trust me teaser

Thankyou soo much really for liking and comenting…this is the upcoming teaser…hope you guys liked it…

Sooo here is the upcoming twist get ready for swasan…

Scene 1


San: swara listen to me

Sw: you know what you all man are same there is no diffrent between you n laksh…

San: shut up swara dont you dare to compare me with laksh

Sw: whyyyy shouldnt I…I cant belive sanskar you are soo cheap….

Scene 2

Sanskar is driving car fastly tears were fowlling down from his eyes…
Suddenly a truck came annnnnddd….

Sooo guys what happend between swasan…

Why swara hating sanskar…
What will happend to sanskar…

Here is all epi from trust me…


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  1. Simin

    Shock shock shock

  2. Rabiaaaaa!!!!! What is this?????!!!!
    Amazing dear…continue soon…

  3. Y all of people do swasan separation or die or comaoraccident u Change new something k

  4. Vyshu10

    oh my….swara said she hates sanky…why? scary teaser

  5. Dont Separate them ywr

  6. Riyanjali

    dont seperate swasan

  7. shocking.. update soon.,. i dont want swasan to seperate dont seperate them yaar

  8. so swara fear coming true i think laksh did something so she did this

  9. Kaynatk01

    no no now what haplened between them eager to know

  10. KrsytleS

    Shocking teaser ….. what happened between Swasan …..

  11. Rabia

    rabiaaa im suree u dont want to die with my hands na??? than chup chaap convert this teaser in some twist otherwise i will come to Germany for your murder 😉

  12. Plz don’t seperate them or kill my sanku Im not gonna leave you if something happens to my sanku or if they got seperate plz plz plz ??❤️ Switzerland Germany se ithna door nahi hain ??❤️ Kidding but plz ???

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Ooo??.. Nooo.. I am gonna kill you if you separate swasan, huhhh..

  14. Shocking precap
    Heart attack aa jaega

  15. Mahjabeen

    Nooooo rabia wat u dng..pls dnt make swara to hate sanskar….i will kill u rabi if u du soo..aaahhh dnt separate swasan

  16. Khushiii

    Shocking continue soon

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