Swasan trust me teaser 2

Hey guys I know how much z all love my story thankyou sooo much for that but now its shocking teaser time this teaser will start when flashback scene are over…n why shocking teaser for read my teaser….


Pur: bhei u are going to be soon mamu…

San: whaaaaatttt  (happy no word Hugged purvi thigtly) I am sooo happy thankyou soo much (kissed on her forehaed)

Scene 2

Man: I love u ragini will u marry me…

Rag: I love u too karan n yes I will marry u..


Scene 1

Rag: laksh plzz leave me

Lak: u n sanskar destroyed me now its my turn

Rag: plzzz laksh noo

He pushed her on bed came above on her n start kissing her widely roughly without any marcy…
Lights went off…but the pain n screm were getting louder n louder but soon the silence took over….

Scene 2

Sw: beacuse of u my sister had paid sanskar

San: swara I didnt knew that will happen

Sw: (slaped) u didnt knew that u pushed my sister into beast cage..

San: I am sorry…



Kar: ragini marry me

Rag: no I am Not anymore pure..

Kar: u are pure for me I dont need ur body I need u only plzzz

Rag: I love u

Scene: 2

Sw: sanksaaar ahhhh

San: swaraaaa laksh leave her..

Lak: hahahahah no u all made my life hell now pay…

Sw: sanskaaaaaaarrr…

San: swaraaaaaa…

Both lying in Pool of blood Holding eachother hand thigtly while smiling..

While Hamaari adhuri Khani…Hamaari adhuri khaani…is playing in Background

was this end of their love story or god have something else for them…

Soooo guys this is the end of teaser n my storyy…I know After Reading this u all will be angry😠😠so sorry guys but this is very important for my story…
N one more thinking last time my silient reader told me Not to stop trust me….
My silient reader this for u plzzz if u want me to continue trust me then tell n also to my reader who read that story n gave me lots of beautiful coments…
Plzzzz tell me what u guys want should I end or not beacuse I already have a concept on trust me…if u guys want trust me then I will write trust me season 2…
Its Depends on u guys


  1. bresh

    awsome…omg…plzz post my devil..am waitimg fo that..nd u said u womt diasappear againbut u did 😔😔

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.