Swasan trust me (Prologue)


A Girl is crying bitterly asking Everyone to trust her

Girl:(while crying) maa plzz trust i dont remember anything

But her Mother turn her Face to other side the Girl is shocked that her Mother is Not beliving her she look to her fiance and plead him to listen her but nobody listen to her, her Dadi slaped her many time and accused her for that crime she have done……
Her Baba throw her out

She looked once again to her family and to her in law but nobody trusted her again she try

Girl: crying Baba trust me plzz dont Do this to me where will I go Baba you know how much scard i am in darkness Baba plzzz dont push me on darkness plzzzzz

Baba: get out you are no more for US go to hell and He closed the door

She breakdown completly After listing his fathers Word After a while she stood up and Walk lifeless like a deadbody without a soul on street

Scene 2

A man is driving his car and talking to his friends happily

Suddenly a Girl came infront his car and was hitted by his car…..

He came out with his friend and took her with him to Hospital…

Many question

Who is this Girl
Who is this man ?
Whom hitted He ?

And one finally question to all what do you guys think about trust ? Is something more than trust important in any relationship


  1. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…. Loved it…
    Girl is swara….
    Boy is sanskar
    Ya in every relation trust is main thing….

  2. Simin

    Trust is the pillar of every relationship be it with your parents,siblings,friends,husband,wife,gf,bf,etc
    Without trust there is no meaning of any relation

  3. Shrinjal


    |Registered Member

    Hii..intresting. .cntnu soon..
    If possible do read my ff tujhse hi..
    N is the fiancee lucky??girl Swara n boy Sanky.is it?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.